An Ansalonian Gazetteer

The Saga Reborn!

An Ansalonian Gazetteer

The complete campaign guide to the Dragonlance saga. Everything a player needs to adventure in the fabled world of Krynn can be found right here: history, maps, non-player characters, geography, economics, societies, organizations, religions, politics, magic items, spells . . . and lots, lots more! This book also re-integrates Krynn with the core rules of the Dungeons & Dragons game and uses the Third Edition rules to expand the world.

Available completely free now, An Ansalonian Gazetteer is sure to spark your imagination at the same time providing a stable and accurate window to look upon Krynn.

If you ever start one campaign this year, be sure to start a Dragonlance campaign!

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Item Code: DLC21506
Category: Core Rulebook
Release Date: Feb 3rd 2001
Format: PDF files
Page Count: 56
Price: Free!

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  1. was there a second half of this? the PDF doesn’t contain half the material in the index

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    We now have clerics among all the races. Yes, even kender. That was a trying time of our faith. We still don’t know what all is missing.

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