Advocate of Evil to Speak at University

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 17, 426 AC

PALANTHAS – Yesterday, the chancellor of the University of Palanthas shocked both faculty and students when announcing that the guest speaker of the week will be Lady Moranna Shadowbrook. Lady Shadowbrook is a known worshiper of Hiddukel and she will hold a lecture on the nature of evil and its role in the Age of Mortals.

The decision to invite Lady Shadowbrook was met with fierce outrage by the faculty who believe that her visit will serve only to encourage some of the students to follow the path of evil. Eroch Greander, who teaches philosophy at the University, said, “We all know that the doctrine of the Prince of Lies is filled with temptations and dark promises! It is utter madness to invite a worshiper of that dark deity into our fine institution!”

“I realize that this invitiation is controversial, but I firmly believe that Lady Shadowbrook’s visit will contribute to our methods of educating by provoking debates and healthy contemplation about the various forces present in the world in which we live”, said chancellor Trepallas.

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