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  • Plagues of monsters and fell beasts have beset the small village of Firestone. None of the attacks seem to be related, as one day goblins may attack, the next day giants, but they are increasing in frequency. The villagers have driven off the invaders so far, but they are in desperate need of heroes to help solve their monster problem. The monsters are actually being unknowingly summoned by a wild talent summoner who has been unconsciously summoning the creatures to the village.
  • Knights of Takhisis have commandeered a local toll bridge. The authorities are reluctant to oppose the Dark Knights and the Legion of Steel has called a truce in the area. However, the bridge is vital to trade in the area. The local authorities and the Legion is looking for heroes to “liberate” the bridge and drive out the Knights of Takhisis.
  • The local wizard, Rhegor of the Red Robes, has disappeared. As the protector of the town of Portsmith, Rhegor met weekly with the city’s mayor. However, Rhegor has missed his last three meetings with the mayor. The townsfolk are worried and strange lights have been seen in his tower on a large cliff by the sea several miles up shore. The mayor is very concerned. He is willing to pay capable warriors to brave the mage’s tower and discover the fate of the protector of Portsmith.
  • The heroes are invited by the Legion of Steel to join them on a dragon hunt. A loose fledgling green dragon has been spotted in some nearby woods, and the Legion is going to deal with the threat. Unknown to all, the dragon knows of the hunt. She has placed an aurak draconian disguised via alteration as a Legionnaire among the hunting party. This spy will lead the Legionnaires and the heroes into the jaws of the hungry green wyrm.
  • A hill giant moved into the vicinity of the town of Windstroke twenty years from now. The fell beast demanded that fifty of the finest of the finest sheep be given to him every year or he will destroy the village. The tradition has continued for twenty years. This year, however, a mighty warrior named Deacon Firestoke arrived in Windstroke and announced that he would slay the giant. That was a week ago and neither Deacon or the giant has been seen since. The townsfolk are worried and have raised a reward for a group of adventurers to travel to the giant’s lair and discover what occurred.
  • The heroes receive word that an ancient temple of Takhisis exists nearby. The priests all dispersed once their goddess fled from Krynn, but rumor has it that great treasure still lies buried in the temple of evil.
  • Villagers have been disappearing from a town situated near dense woods. No trace of the missing villagers was ever found, and the mayor has offered a sizeable reward for anyone who can discover the fate of the missing villagers and put an end to the threat.
  • A local baron, who had been exiled for years, desires to return to his ancestral home. However, every time he sends his servants to survey the mansion, they are driven mad with fear and flee the mansion before one night ends. Frustrated, the baron is willing to pay brave adventurers to spend one night in his mansion and banish any evil they may find.
  • The heroes are attending an important event, such as the coronation of a king, a wedding, or a knighting, when an enemy from the past appears. As the enemy sneaks out the door and draws the heroes out with him, he disappears. Once the heroes return to the celebration, they find that the guest of honor was slain. One of the heroes’ arrows lies lodged in his chest. Can the heroes clear up their good names discover what is going on or will they be executed for their crime?
  • Several dwarves nearby have struck it rich by finding a vein of steel. They immediately attempt to hire bodyguards, which brings the heroes into the limelight. However, the dwarves soon become the targets of an assassin. The heroes seem powerless to stop the assassinations and whispers of bribes and cowardice have begun circulating. Can the heroes stop the killings and prove their worth?
  • A friend of the heroes, who is a Knight of Solamnia, is fighting in a duel of honor and has called the heroes to him. It seems that one of the soldiers under his command has insulted him and vied for his position. He has agreed to fight a duel of honor, but he can’t seem to find his sword Duskslayer. Duskslayer is a family heirloom and the heroes’ friend cannot possibly fight without it, especially when the challenger also possesses a potent magical weapon. Plus, it is a point of honor. Can the heroes retrieve their friend’s sword in time or will the knight have to face his opponent with a crude weapon?
  • The heroes awaken one day with no idea why they are traveling. They realize that they had a destination and a reason, but they cannot recall it. When they travel onwards, they come upon the ruins of a town. There are burnt husks that suggest buildings, shattered carts, broken armor, and other remnants of society. However, everything is in ruins. The heroes begin to find a few of their old possessions among the ruins when they search. What was this town? Why can’t the heroes recall anything about it? And what happened to the town?
  • A friend of the heroes has been captured by the Knights of Takhisis in Palanthas. He is being charged with slaying a Dark Knight and will be executed in a week’s time. Can the heroes free him, or prove his innocence, without being arrested and executed themselves?
  • The bronze dragon protector of the village of Hampton has always guarded the town against danger. However, the wyrm disappeared several weeks ago, and an army of goblins threatens the town. Can the heroes discover the fate of the protector of Hampton and stop the goblin war band?
  • A rash of killings has been committed in the one of the hero’s home town. The victims have all been young ladies and they were all killed at night. The most recent killing revealed clue to the identity of the killer. A dagger belonging to one of the heroes was found, and now the villagers want to hang him! Can the heroes save one of their own and find the real killer?
  • A strange robed figure was seen entering the Last Heroes Tomb several nights in a row. Several items are missing from the Tomb suspicions are beginning to rise. The people of Solace consider this blasphemy and have begun to blame the sorcerers of Palin Majere’s Academy of Sorcery. The equate any robed individual with the sorcerers of the Academy. Although the Legion of Steel has kept tensions from exploding, they cannot stop the growing anger for long. Can the heroes solve this mystery and ease tensions between the Academy and the townsfolk of Solace.
  • Rumors of a deadly pirate ship raiding and slaughtering all who get in its way has been reported in the Bay of Branchala. However, the pirate ship is said to be manned by the undead and vengefully seeks the people who killed them in life! This skeleton crew of revenants has destroyed several ships and a substantial reward been offered for the destruction of the undead ship.
  • Palin Majere has been poisoned! A magical poison called Magebane was slipped into his supper and now Palin is on the brink of death. The Academy is looking for any available adventurers to retrieve the antidote: a rare herb called Lyllith. Magical healing will not cure this dreaded poison, and the only recorded Lyllith grew in the ruins near Kendermore! The problem is, Malystryx has conquered that land, so getting in and out of the Desolation is a feat in itself. Of course, who knows if the herb still exists, since Malys altered the land and destroyed many species of flora and fauna, as well as creating her own?
  • The heroes discover that someone has slipped a heavy tome into their supplies. The book is titled “The Diary of Astinus Lorekeeper.” The entire book is written in an unknown language, but it could hold untold secrets of the famous historian. Also, the Aesthetics in Palanthas would pay handsomely for the delivery of this tome!
  • The Herald is scheduled to appear in the small village of Willowbirch. People from all over Ansalon have arrived in the small hamlet to see the Herald. However, on the day when the Herald was supposed to show up, he did not. People are starting to worry, since the Herald has never missed an appointment, and several Keepers of the Word have offered a reward for anyone that can discover the fate of the famed bard.
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