Adventure Hooks in Southern Ergoth

The adventure hooks in the ‘adventures in Ergoth’ series were based on the 36 Plots by Loren Miller, one of the most useful articles ever written for the creation of plots in any roleplaying campaign. Each of the seeds below draws upon one of these plots, involves the heroes interacting with Gellidus the White, and assumes any level of play depending on the actual degree with which the White is involved.

Gellidus and the Ogres

Tdarnk’s rule is overthrown in revolt by ogre rebels. The heroes must either broker a new deal with Gellidus or decide whether to help the new governor’s ally with Eastwatch.

Members of a rival ogre family kill one of the brothers of Warlord Thunderbane (Hammerfall or Strokelighting) and draw Gellidus’ wrath as well as that of the wild ogres. The heroes may either turn over the guilty ogre in return for a favor from Thunderbane or smuggle the ogre and his family to safety.

Thunderbane’s sons hate each other and attempt to use Gellidus against each other through a series of lies, rumors and the unfortunately-present heroes.

Gellidus and his Dragons

Shiver, one of Gellidus’ minion dragons, angers him and flees with Gellidus in pursuit. The heroes need to redirect the fugitive dragon away from the town they are in before Gellidus arrives and destroys it.

Gellidus’ minions Shiver and Glacier jockey for position in his favor by seeking out new conquests for their Overlord. The heroes learn of a means to weaken Gellidus’ power base by introducing a conflict between the female whites, but must do so without Gellidus discovering their involvement.

Gellidus claims a mate but a rival (and overconfident) male white wins her favor. The heroes are in a position to use this to their advantage by exploiting Gellidus’ new weakness (his mate) or heading off a potentially ruinous battle between the two male dragons.

A young Knight at Castle Eastwatch falls for a lady Knight who has been promised to a nobleman. He proposes a quest into Gellidus’ territory to reclaim a lost artifact but intends to betray the nobleman to the White, leaving the way clear to pursue his love.

Gellidus wipes out an elven colony on Cristyne and the adventurers must prevent the survivors from heading into certain doom in revenge.

Arlena Plata is abducted by Gellidus’ sly lieutenant Glacier and bound into her human form. Gilthanas recruits heroes to free her before Glacier turns the silver over to Gellidus.

Arlena (or another silver dragon) makes the ultimate sacrifice, exchanging her life for the freedom of the elves from Gellidus’ power. The heroes are swept along in the tragedy and witness it first hand, dealing with the fallout among the knights.

Heroes have to go into Gellidus’ territory to rescue a party of Solamnics captured by the White, and escape before they themselves are caught.

Riva Silvercrown proposes sending a party into the middle of Southern Ergoth to restore the remaining resources of the Tomb of Huma, unaware that Gellidus’ spies have been alerted. Gellidus then sends his own party to Eastwatch while the heroes are gone.

An elven nobleman blames the death of his brothers on Gellidus, but is mistaken. The real culprit is a political rival with command over sorcery, and the heroes must reveal the truth before the nobleman calls out the White and rashly confronts him.

Gellidus’ Fate

After hearing of recently unearthed ruins filled with magical treasures, Gellidus seeks to claim all of the resources of Icereach for his own, out from under the Twins. The Lordcity of Tarsis lies in the middle and the heroes must find a way to change Gellidus’ mind before the dragons go to war.

Gellidus breaks one of his forelimbs and sends his white dragonspawn minions out to capture or recover a mystic or cleric. The heroes just happen to have one…

Gellidus goes insane from the voices of the people he has killed flooding him during the War of Souls, and lashes out. The adventurers can take advantage of his madness and evacuate people, or help Gellidus by sending the souls on their way.

Earthquakes rock Northern Ergoth and there are widespread casualties. Gellidus sees the perfect opportunity to take the northern island and expand his dominion.

Somebody close to the heroes learns of a means of slaying Gellidus for good and reclaiming their home in Southern Ergoth, but makes a fatal mistake. The heroes are left to recover as much as they can from the knowledge their friend possessed before Gellidus and his minions destroy it.

Gellidus becomes the target of Kiri-Jolith, who seeks to eliminate the dragon who claimed Southern Ergoth and Huma’s tomb. The god bestows his power temporarily on a group of heroes, who are then tasked to slay the White. This weakens Kiri-Jolith in the process, however, making him momentarily defenseless against Sargonnas and the other evil gods…

Gellidus is missing. Reports from the thanoi and ogres show that he’s been gone for months, with no indication of where. The heroes may investigate to see if he has been slain, and if his absence opens up an opportunity to find his lair.

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