The Warren, Voice of the Green

by Carteeg Struve

The Warren is one of the Tashramadic Council members and the Voice of the Green Elder Dragon Glastious. The exact identity of the Warren is unknown, even to the other members of the Council. During the early days of the church, the Green Elder Dragon Glastious was never truly accepted by the rest of the church due to his split personality, reclusive nature, and madness. Many meetings of the council were held without the green representative, but on occasion a representative would arrive unannounced to listen and speak. How the dragon knew where and when to send his representative was unknown, but none of the other branches wished to further antagonize the green.

Beginning in 352 AD, without warning the green branch began sending their own delegation regularly, and for the first time the representative the same person from meeting to meeting. The first consistent Voice of the Green was a Scalebound sprite named Lenacea who managed to arrive unseen by those between Glastious Forest and the meeting place. Lenacea inexplicably stopped attending the council gatherings in 373 AD when a brown and gray robed figure arrived in her place. The figure introduced itself as the Warren.

Always covered from head to toe in the thick robe made of plant and animal hides, the Warren never shows his or her face. The robe is sleeveless, and the Warren never has exposed its arms or hands from within the confines of the garment. Beneath the hooded cowl, a half-stone half-wooden mask obscures the Warren’s face. The mask’s design has changed between each council meeting, but it often depicts a visage somewhat bestial and somewhere ranging from human to draconic (along with other animal-like qualities). The expression often mimics the Warren’s emotional state upon the start of the meeting. The Warren’s voice ranges from a tone similar to the rustling of dried autumn leaves to a cold hiss of winter. No one believes these sounds to be its natural voice.

It has been theorized by other members of the council and their close staff that the original Warren who arrived in 373 AD may not be the same one representing the green branch now. Clergy have noticed the figure has noticeably varied in height and bulk a couple of times over the years, sometimes to extremes. The exact voice the Warren speaks with has also changed mildly in time. It is also possible that these alterations were purposefully done to add confusion, for the current Warren seems to remember all comments and decisions made by the council with a perfect memory. The Warren has also stated that its words in the council will guide the actions of the green branch, but it has never clearly said that it was the head of the green branch beneath Glastious.

Many times the Warren has been tailed from the council meetings. Often these trackers were hired by other branches of the church. Those who have tailed the Warren are almost always later found dead or incoherently insane. The few remaining were never found at all.


Gaming Stats

Since the identity of the Warren is unknown and there is a possibility the Warren is a title passed from being to being, there are no consistent gaming stats available for this character. DMs are highly encouraged to make up their own identity or identities if the Warren comes into play.

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