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Large City: Unconventional; AL LN; 12,500 stl limit; Assets 246,500 stl; Population 15,024; Mixed (Human 65%, Gildanesti 14%, Coin Dwarves 12%, Corinesti 5%, Gnome 2%, Others 2%)
Authority Figures: Mayor Kistaynlas Wenzalis, N Female Gildanesti.
Important Characters: Jinayel Morz, Head of the Farmers Guild, NG Female Coin Dwarf; Broebin Warworks, Owner of Dravinite Mines, CN Male Human.
Government: Republic
Religion: Various
Trade: fish, grains, gems, goat products, ore.
Alignment: CG, N, CN, CE

Before the Drowning, Unadesum (Oo-nah-dehs’-uhm) was the capital of FyxZharar. It was a lakeside city positioned at the top of a wide hill near the mountains on the nation’s then-western border (which is now much closer to the southeastern border). When the wave came, the entire city was struck hard. The hill was flattened, and the city was crushed up against the mountainside. The mountain itself cracked and partially collapsed. What used to be a rushing river filling the lake became one of the larger waterfalls in Adlatum, the Golden Falls. The lake reformed beneath the newly flattened cliffs, and the capital had suffered almost total annihilation. The royal family that ruled the kingdom were all killed in moments. Along with the family a set of three small throwing daggers made of starmetal which were a symbol of the royal line were lost.

Many of the survivors of the nearby lands in FyxZharar sought to rebuild their country in the higher grounds of the mountains. A few took the stance that the disaster was a rare occurrence not likely to happen again. Those few took to reconstructing Unadesum around Lake Maestling at the base of the waterfall, primarily on the lake’s southern shore.

Life and Society

Unadesum is much smaller than it was before the Drowning, but it has been thriving well in more recent years. Many of the farmers from the nearby lands come here to do their trading. Also a number of those on their way into the mountains of FyxZharar use the city as a resting point before venturing into the tougher terrain the next day. A number of people station themselves here to make money as guides for those who wish to travel the mountains. The deep bowl of Lake Maestling also hosts a great wealth of fish, another of Unadesum’s major products. The Siolfor River runs out of the lake, running through the hills and farmlands before reaching the sea.

The city’s mayor runs the governing of the town. Each year the landowners of the city and the nearby farms chose whether to keep the current mayor or elect a new one. The same populous also elects a Senator to represent the area in FyxZharar.

Mayor Kistaynlas Wenzalis officially has pledged her loyalty to the Midlands, but she recognizes there are many in the land unhappy with the Lord’s rule. She is also aware her city would be an easy target for the White Elder Dragon should war begin, and so she has quietly been helpful to those in the Tashramadic church, hoping to convince them Unadesum is truly a neutral territory.

Major Features

A majority of the city exists on the southern side of the lake and river, however a number of businesses and most of the city’s elite live on the northern side. Near where the river lets out of the lake, a long arcing stone bridge joins the two parts of Unadesum together. The Golden Falls encourages many travelers to visit the city, and a number of inns line the lake for those who wish to relax and fish in the lake.

The deep bowl-shaped Lake Maestling provides Unadesum with much of its living. The amount of fish living within Maestling gives the city an abundunt supply for both themselves and for trade. Other boats also transverse down the Siolfor River from the Lake to other towns and villages and even out to the sea. The lake itself is over a mile wide and is estimated to be a half-mile deep. Away from the falls, near the shore, several buildings were constructed half-in and half-out of the lake to allow for easier trade between the land-dwellers and the Corinesti water-breathers. The Corinesti had been seeking permission to construct underwater homes within the lake in order to have a local presence. Negotiations were questionable to start off with, but since news of a coming war began to surface the Corinesti have strangely become more adamant in the plan.

Important Sites

Dravinite Mines (Drahv’-ihn-eyet) – Behind the Golden Falls itself a number of caverns are being dug out for the mining of ores, particularly iron but also some silver. Some believe in a rumor that states FyxZharar’s dragonmetal is truly mined from this region instead of the tunnels beneath Karsuhon, however none of the local populous claim to believe it.

The Golden Falls – Named for the golden shine it gives off when the morning light strikes it, the Golden Falls also acts as a tourist attraction for Unadesum. Many come to row out into the lake to enjoy the morning light, and others claim basking in the shine while in the lake cures many ills. For this reason, some boats guard the waters closer to the waterfall to prevent visitors from getting too close and capsizing.

The Navillus – Located on the lake’s northern shore near many of the more lavish manors, the Navillus estate is the home to whoever has been elected to the mayoral seat. In the manor are four floors of expensive carpets, furniture, and other items along with many rooms for many occasions. However the current mayor Kistaynlas Wenzalis is a Gildanesti whose bloodline has almost returned to its pure Corinesti roots. She cannot breath water, but she is not able to remain away from the water for more than a few days. Kistaynlas lives in her smaller home near the source of the Siolfor River. The home, like several other Corinesti trading buildings on the south side of the river, was constructed partially submerged into the water to allow for living in both environments. This leaves the Navillus attended primarily by a staff promoting the upkeep of the manor and the surrounding estate. The mayor does use the manor on occasion when meeting with land-dwellers of great importance, but otherwise prefers to use her own home for more regular matters.

Pathways – Near the cliff sides, Pathways has supplied many travelers with guides to show them the way up the cliffs and through the mountains. Pathways have shown people how to get to Gnomorrah, FyxZharar, and Breenaak. Its employees are one of the few businesses allowed to travel unhindered to all lands within the mountains regardless of domain. Those who hire out the company to get them to their destination however, that is another matter.

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