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Small City: Nonstandard; AL N; 10,000 stl limit; Assets 226,050 stl; Population 8,783; Mixed (Human 75%, Coin Dwarves 15%, Gildanesti 5%, Gnome 4%, Others 1%)
Authority Figures: Gendar Leevay, Mayor of Trebiers, LN Male Hartdar.
Important Characters: Chatellin Mri, Owner of Cosickers Hold, N Male Human; Seratain Misa, Manager of the Auction House, CN Female Human.
Government: Republic
Religion: Diverse
Trade: General Trade, Lumber, Metal Smithing, Wool
Alignment: NG, LN, N, CN, NE

Located on the border between FyxZharar and Tashramada, Trebiers (Trehb-eers’) is located on the major roadway between the two nation’s capitals. The small city is located in a small valley that somehow avoided most of the impact of the Drowning. When the wave came, the rolling hills miraculously seemed to turn the and part the waters, leaving the valley relatively untouched. Only upon the water’s retreat did some of the wave pour through, causing relatively minor flooding damage. Tales from bards claim that some magical force or deed of great good protected the city, but no one has yet to come up with any reasonable explanation. Considering the damage done to the mountains elsewhere, no one can believe that a number of simple rolling hills had turned away such devastation.

Life and Society

Beyond Trebiers’ baffling tale of survival, the city is a common trading stop for many travelers. Most are loyal to the Midlands, but beyond that the populations main concern is continuing with their own lives. So long as nothing prevents the people from making due and living ordinary lives as they have always done, the citizens of Trebiers will be content and not worry too much about the troubles of distant lands. That is not to say that the citizens don’t wish to hear about stories of what is going on elsewhere. Their ears will be wide open to anyone who comes through, and is willing to do some trading during their stop over.

Regardless of the attitudes of the problems elsewhere, Trebiers does continue to send a Senator to represent them in the FyxZharar Senate. Most figure this is the best way to allow the nation to leave them in respectable peace.

The city’s residents elect their mayor during a special town meeting. The mayor’s appointment is life long, so long as he doesn’t do anything to result in the town throwing him out. When a new mayor is needed, the meeting is organized within a few weeks.

Major Features

On the main street through Trebiers, a single large wooden complex can be seen from almost a mile away. Cosickers Hold (Cah’-sih-kers Hold) is the main trading post of Trebiers and the city’s largest source of income. Surrounded by a large wooden wall in order to amplify the fort-like appearance, many travelers tend to enter through the open gates. Carts and carriages are parked to one side as the other half of the courtyard is filled with hawkers and merchants manning small carts and stands hoping to sell their wares.

Inside is not much different beyond being more impressive. The main chamber of the single prominent building within the walls opens up from floor to the ceiling four stories above. Stores, shops, and restaurants line the exterior of all floors with many more peddlers taking positions on the main floor. Within the building one can purchase food, weapons, traveling supplies, kitchen pots, and a large variety of other items.

The Hold’s proprietor Chatellin Mri is a descendant of Kellyn Cosickers, the original designer of the fort 500 years ago. By attracting people via entertainers performing shows on the main floor and gathering most stores in the city into a single location, Mri makes most of his money renting out spots to various other businesses. Although human, the odd-shape of his eyes and face makes many think his father may had been a Gildanesti, but none seem to know for certain.

Important Sites

The Auction House – One of the larger draws in the Hold is an auction house specializing in items traded in by those who could not pay in coinage. Usually twice a week, a listing of to-be purchased items are put up, and interested parties can walk through an almost museum-like set-up showing the items going to be bid on that night. Business for the Auction House has picked up lately with the opening of new neighboring store. Recently a store named ‘Flat-Broke’ was opened that specializes in bartering. No coinage used, only item changes. The store makes money selling its ‘more than fair’ exchanges to the neighboring auction house, otherwise an obtained item becomes the next product to sell.

Mendear’s Hall – Named for the brother of the town founder, the town hall is the oldest building in the city. Although it is questionable how much of the original wood is still present after years of occasional repair and replacement. Mayor Gendar Leevay has been conducting the bulk of his business in Mendear’s Hall for the past thirty years, ever since his father held the post. A third of the building is taken up by a meeting hall that is often rented out on occasion to groups and organizations needing a place to conduct their affairs. Public forums are also held here at least once a year in order for the mayor to keep abreast of public sentiment on current affairs both within and outside the city.

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