Terrabell Drysden

by Carteeg Struve

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Bard 3
Alignment: NG

Terrabell Drysden (Tare’-ah’-behl Dreyes’-dehn) (9/16/364 – 8/20/389) was the second daughter of the Drysden family, owner of the Cosickers Hold in Trebiers, FyxZharar. At first Terrabell’s interests was in music, but when her a thief attempting to rob the Hold’s vault murdered her elder sister, control of the business fell to her.

In her twenties she began to show an interest in Casin Yurile, one of the Hold’s employees. However upon meeting a mysterious wanderer named Sabin Mri, she forgot about Casin. After a brief but romantic affair, they conceived a son. Unfortunately months before the child’s birth, Sabin vanished and never returned. During delivery of her son, Chatellin Mri, Terrabell died from sudden and unexpected blood loss.

Her will specified that management of the Hold would fall to her son when he was of age. In the meantime, control would pass on to Casin Yurile.

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