Sundarin, Kingdom of

by Gerrin

Capital: Sundarin
Population: 130,000 (Sundar 91%, Hartdar 5%, Gnome 2%, Other 2%)
Government: Monarchy
Religions: major – Reorx, minor – Zeboim, Kiri-Jolith, Mishakal, Shinare
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Trade: Gems, Metal Goods, Mercenaries, Ships, Steel
Legions: The Crimson Guard, the Guard of Sundarin, the Magenta Guard, and the Navy of Sundarin.
Alignment: LG, NG, LN, N

The Kingdom of Sundalin was a singular realm that was controlled from its capital city of Sundarin. It existed primarily on the Plains of Uloc and in the southern part of the Brassgrove Mountains. The kingdom bordered Bhadium on the east. The nation was settled primarily along the sea with small villages in the interior parts of the nation. Most of the area to the north of the country was considered wild country and was controlled by tribes of goblins and other creatures. The cities in the realm were connected by a highway but it was underused as most dwarves preferred traveling by ship.

Life and Society

The life in the kingdom centered on the sea and was one filled with danger. Most of the citizens that lived in the kingdom had comfortable lifestyles but were aware of the danger that lurked to the north and in the sea. Most dwarves had some interest in the shipping industry and worked in some area of that field. Many of the merchant fleets of Sundalin worked to trade goods with most of western Adlatum and a few merchants even ventured to the eastern parts seeking exploration and new ports.

The military of Sundalin contained 3 fleets that provided the safety of both the merchant and private vessels. Each fleet was stationed around one of the major cities of Sundalin and concentrated on preventing pirates from raiding the realm. The army was a very small unit that was broken into 2 units. The Crimson Guard protected the city of Sundarin and consisted of 5,000 dwarven warriors. The Magenta Guard protected the northern border of the kingdom and consisted of 15,000 dwarven fighters. This group also inhabited many of the old goblin fortresses left from the Wyvern War.

The legal system of Sundalin was based on the ancient Code of Tandar. This legal system allowed for the Senate of Sundalin to create laws and run the courts. Judges ruled on the cases, while city watches patrolled for lawbreakers. This system was filled with controversy as many viewed the system of courts as corrupt.

The rank of the king was the highest rank and ruled the executive powers of the kingdom. The current king was King Belaek and he had ruled since his father’s death in 383 AD. The king had the right to nullify any law that he deemed unjust and was in charge of the military.


There was no formal religion recognized, but most dwarves recognized Reorx and honor his memory. There were four other churches Zebiom, Kiri-Jolith, Shinare, and Mishakal that had limited power in the kingdom. Since the battle against Chaos, most of these churches have been abandoned. A new religion has spread into the kingdom that is called Mulonic which means heart in dwarven.


The government of Sundalin was a constitutional monarchy. The king controlled a majority of the power but some of the power rested in the Senate. The rank of king was a hereditary position inherited by the oldest son of the previous king, if no son was alive or born it would be inherited to the oldest daughter.

The king had a council of advisors that oversaw much of the land. This council oversaw the shipping, taxation, and law system of the kingdom. They then made recommendations to the king based on their findings. The military answered directly to the king and was under the direction of the Admiral of the Sea and Land.


The Sundalin military was organized under two divisions, the Navy of Sundalin and the Guard of Sundalin. These two organizations acted independently of one another but were both under the control of the Admiral of the Sea and Land. The Navy consisted of three fleets; each fleet contained 30 ships and 7,500 sailors. The Guard consisted of two divisions and contains 20,000 members.

Each fleet of the navy was connected to one of the major three cities of Sundalin and bore that name in their title. The Fleet of Sundarin patrolled the waters south of the city; the Fleet of Portswind patrolled the western shoreline of the kingdom, while the Fleet of Dovestorm patrolled the northern coastal areas. These fleets were the first line of preventing an attack on the kingdom and have been heavily invested into.

The guard was two armies that patrolled the land of Sundalin. The Crimson Guard was stationed in the south and patrolled and protected the capital and its outlying cities. The Magenta Guard patrolled the northern parts of the kingdom and the border with Bhadium. Each unit was under the control of a general.

Magic and Mysticism

Magic in the kingdom was almost unheard of and was rarely seen in public. Prior to the attack by Chaos few dwarves could use the earth magic that the Adlar dwarves possessed. Many of the dwarves that could use magic keep their talent in hiding fearing that they would be treated differently by other dwarves. Following the Chaos War there was no accounts of dwarven sorcery.

The dwarves of Sundalin have embraced mysticism as their chief religion. They have founded Healing Centers in the major cities and mystics travel across the land. The military has recently added a new division to its units and is recruiting mystics to fill as both spiritual leaders and healers.

Major Geographical Features and Locations

Plains of Uloc: These plains cover much of Sundalin in the west. They were broken up by occasional hills and valleys. This area provided much of the farmland of the valley and during the winter months the plains filled deep with snow.

White Mountain: A large mountain that was northeast of Dovestorm. On this mountain dwarven warriors battled and killed a group of draconic eagles. The mountain was considered haunted by the spirits of the dead following this battle.

Silver Mines: These mines were discovered in the foothills surrounding the town of Dovestorm. The mines contain a major source of silver and provide the craftsmen of Portswind with the metal.

Valley of the Eagle: The valley was the site of one of the major battles during the War of the Reefs. This valley contains relics from the battle and has become the home of the University of Sundalin in the town of Rockeagle.

El-Del Narro Fortress: The fortress was originally one of many goblin strongholds found in the southern mountains of Brassgrove. This fortress has been converted into a dwarven stronghold and serves as a training center for new recruits to the Guard.

Regional History

The Kingdom of Sundalin was founded in 76 AD by Uloc Battleheart after the Council of Hollowvasser refused to end piracy. The nation became a secret refuge for the dwarves as they created their new home in the cliffs near the Brassgrove Mountains. The dwarves hoped that their city would remain a secret but a young ship captain betrayed them and informed the Lord Protector of Nordar, Yilan Copperforge. A series of battles resulted as the newly escaped dwarves battled against returning back to Hollowvasser and its horrors. The Hollowvasser dwarves battled the Sundalin dwarves in the Valley of the Eagle in the largest battle of the war. The dwarves from Hollowvasser had hoped to march their men across the plains and attack Sundarton from above. This battle ended in victory for the Sundalinians but it was costly as their beloved leader Tib Battleheart was killed. Also the dwarves of Hollowvasser lost their Lord Protector Yilan Copperforge.

Two years later the dwarves of Sundalin pushed the forces of Hollowvasser back to the Mount Anneghis where they won a decisive battle. Following the battle the dwarves of Hollowvasser had recognize Sundalin as a free an independent nation. The new nation elected to follow a king and chose Uloc Battleheart as there first king.

King Uloc Battleheart quickly expanded the kingdom to the north attempting to build new colonies and trying to capitalize on the abundance of natural resources located there. The nation responded to this as cities in the north grew quickly while the south remained primarily agriculture. Uloc also realized a strong navy was important and created the fleet system that Sundar would use in the future.

In 132 AD a mysterious plague developed in Sundalin which was called the Plague of the Black. Victims of the plague developed a black rash that would spread throughout their bodies and would die within four days. All known remedies failed as the healers struggled to discover a way to contain it.

Believing the plague was a curse sent by the dragon turtle that gave them the courage to take the seas, the dwarves traveled to find her. A group of dwarven adventurers located the dragon and learned that the cause of the disease was the dragon’s old nemesis a group of draconic eagles called the Telniva.

The dwarves then set out to search for the eagles and located them in the spires of the White Mountain. They also located the cause of the disease was a black soot that was produced by the eagles. The dwarven army attacked the eagles and nearly the entire Crimson Guard was killed during the battle or developed the plague after the battle. King Uloc was killed swinging the deathblow that killed the eagle leader, Tol un Holeap. Having contacted the plague two days before the battle, Uloc knew he was going to die and ordered that his son Pick become king.

For many years the Kingdom of Sundalin prospered and established permanent shipping lanes in the sea. The dwarves at also made contact with the Republic of Kedaltol and signed the Sundalin-Kedaltol Pact which gave mining rights to the Kedaltol and trading rights to the Sundalin. This pact was also a mutual defense pact.

In 211 AD the Sundalinian dwarves are attacked by goblin clans who gather under the banner of the Wyvern. These clans become famed for their mounts they fly into battle and become a menace to the safety of Sundalin. The Sundar dwarves counter quickly creating accurate ballista that shoots targets in the air. Neither side can gain an advantage as the goblin strongholds are located in the Brassgrove Mountains and the ballista is unable to be used. The goblins are also unable to re-enter the plains as the ballista has nullified their air attack.

In 247 AD Sundalin activates the recently signed Sundalin-Kedaltol Pact. With the aid of the legendary Kedaltolian Ice Legion, the dwarves of Sundalin are able to drive the goblins to the north of their kingdom. King Pick orders that the goblin fortresses are to be studied and rebuilt so that they can be used by dwarves.

In 350 AD King Helm Battleheart (Pick’s grandson) learns of the return of the true clerics and meets with an elder cleric or Reorx who was a young copper dragon in disguise. This cleric tells King Helm of the danger of the Elder Dragons and the threat they pose to the safety of his kingdom. Not knowing what to do, King Pick orders that clerics preach of the coming danger and to travel throughout Adlatum alerting people of it. Many people would later mistake the message the dwarves were preaching as a foreshadowing of the war against Chaos.

As the war with Chaos begins, the dwarves of Sundalin were unaware of it. They received news of the war from their allies the Kedaltol and immediately joined the forces of Adlatum to fight. The Crimson Guard traveled with King Helm Battleheart and fought against the forces. In this battle the king would be slain and only 500 dwarves returned home.

In Sundalin the Chaos War had much affect as crabmen crawled onto the shores slaughtering dwarves by the hundreds. Belaek Battleheart, King Helm’s son, organizes the evacuation of many towns and cities before the crabmen could strike. The dwarves then counter-attack and drive the crabmen back into the ocean. The cost of victory is high as many of the town and cities were damaged or destroyed.

Following the Chaos War in 385 AD, the Ironvald Empire and its allies attack the Sundalinian city of Portswind hoping to catch the nation off guard. The nation manages to turn back the Ironvald fleet by using fireships that cause havoc to the fleet.

Currently most of Sundalin has been repaired following the Chaos War. Most people have returned to the coasts but a few have elected to remain in the ancient goblin fortresses. Times are prosperous for the dwarves but they are keeping a wary eye to their neighbors and believe that war is coming again between the nations.

Current Events

  • Goblin tribes in the north have recently clashed with the Magenta Guard.
  • Raiders from the Ironvald Empire have recently pillaged the small town of Rockcliff.
  • The shipping industry has recently lost several merchant ships traveling to the north to trade goods with the Teusten.

Major Settlements

Local cities are given noble governors to lead them and they are appointed by the king. All local governors control the city watch and militia.

Sundarin (Large City 24,500): The capital of Sundalin was the oldest city and was founded by Uloc Battleheart. Originally named Sundarton the city was renamed following the Days of Darkness to Sundarin. This city was built into a cliff side and consisted of nine different levels. The top level of the city was a military fort of the Crimson Guard. Level 8 contained the king’s palace and government offices and levels two-7 contained various residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The lowest level contained the docks of the city and was 200 feet below the second level. To travel to different levels dwarves must ride a lift system. The king of Sundalin was the ruler of the city and the current king is King Belaek Battleheart (LG male Sundar noble 7/fighter 6/mariner 2).

Portswind (Metropolis 52,700): The largest city of the kingdom was a major commercial ship building center. With a natural harbor and access to resources the town grew quickly from a small settlement in 112 PD. This settlement has been rebuilt several times over the century and is a city that now consists of one level that is protected by many interior walls. A noble appointed by the king runs the government of the city and the current official is Lord Doget Silverbreaker (NG male Sundar noble 5/mariner 2).

Dovestorm (Large Town 10,600): The northernmost city in Sundalin this city is an outpost city near the frontier lands. This city contains access to the kingdom’s mines and is considered vital for the economy of the nation. The city is a one level city that served as the mining headquarters for the kingdom but also housed a third of the Magenta Guard. The city is run by a noble appointed by the king and the current official is Lady Jewel Ogrehammer (LG female Sundar noble 4/fighter 7).

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