Rafin Veliya

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Expert 9
Alignment: CG

Rafin Fransi Veliya (Raf’-ihn Frahn-seye’ Vel-ee’-yah) (9/27/375 AD – current) has spent most of his life in FyxZharar making expertly crafted weapons, armors, and shields. He has also craft many works with Dragonmetal supplied to him by the Midland Guard. Although he is not a member he has been employed by the Guard for decades, almost exclusively designing and crafting more of his work for them.

Early Life

Born in the back of a merchant’s caravan in Charant Aros, Rafin never had a consistent home until he was twelve. Before then his parents Fransi and Hellyn traveled much of western Adlatum selling various items to people willing to buy. Rafin, along with his six younger sisters (to-be married names: Nanyi Mecoud, Surana Konel, Judane Shaynli, Mirikay Ruzsho, Janri Badali, and Pamla Centafi), grew up on the road learning what they could about how to financially survive in the world. At seven years old, his family had held up in Charant Degalos as the threat of the Days of Darkness descended upon Adlatum. While there he took an interest in blacksmithing and the art of making weapons. Five years later Fransi gave him his blessing to leave the caravan and take an apprenticeship in FyxZharar.

An Expression of Talent

At the age of twenty he personally designed a sword that would never be used. A member of the Midland Guard died defending the monarch of Iveraque from an irate mage. The mage was slain, but Guardsman Qialna died and her sword melted. Full honors for the Guard’s deceased requires that a sword be buried along with her. Rafin was hired to make one. Respects would had only required and type of sword, even a plan one to be made. Instead Rafin put his talents to the test and forged a sword of silver, steel, and pure beauty. After Qialna was buried with the masterpiece, Rafin was hired to produce more such works for the Guard, so long as they proved themselves as functional in combat as they were pleasing to the eye. The Midland Guard was not disappointed. Along with a multitude of weapons, he also supplied them with armor (for both humanoid and horse), shields, and other tools and equipment needed.

Work and Family

In the following years, he began to fall in love with one of his customers, a rising star in the Guard named Noragaen Falecohvo. He had suspected that she was breaking or losing her weapons on purpose in order to return to his forge, and he said as much. She denied it, and from reports of her missions it seems that she had almost comedic luck in regards to holding onto her equipment. However in 406 A.D. Rafin and Noragaen were married, and in 409 A.D. their daughter Dalyang Veliya was born. When Noragaen went back to work for the guard, Rafin continued his business. However he has also been instrumental in the raising of Dalyang. When Noragaen was appointed Second Protector of the Midland Guard, life had little to no change for Rafin. His business and love of the craft and his family continued as before. For the last decade, Rafin has become an avid reader and has bestowed the love to his daughter.

Rarely does he have time to accept work from outside the Guard, but on rare occasions he has done so. He has had a few open disagreements with Noragaen in regards to some of the actions Montegron takes, but their debates do not seem to stress their marriage at all. It should also be noted that Rafin has never been in combat or in a fight. Not once has he ever used any of the weapons he makes against another person. His parents and sisters have continued to visit him from time to time, and he himself has often visited them.

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