Neumari Hiden

by Carteeg Struve

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Fighter 5
Alignment: LE

Neumari Hiden (Noo’-mair-ee Hy’-den) (5/26/394 – current) is a lieutenant and second-in-command of the military personnel posted in Gef-throth, Bhadlum. Serving under Dregan Yoheshi, she serves to protect Bhadlum from the raiders to the north.

It has been a long desire of hers to join the Midland Guard, however all of her requests to join had been turned down due a history of striving more for her own benefit rather than the good of the Midlands. To her mind, she thinks that pure determination will eventually allow her into the Guard. She cannot understand that the Guard looks for service for loyalty sake and not for service for promotion. Lieutenant Hiden also has a great deal of suspicion towards Townsman Merius, a minotaur that appeared to turn traitor against his own kind for the good of Gef-throth. Her suspicions are also growing in regards to those in the town who are closest friends with the new Townsman.

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