Merius, The Blessed Traitor

by Carteeg Struve & Psycha Durmont

“Merius, The Blessed Traitor” by PsychaDurmont.

Male Minotaur
Classes: Bbn 7
Alignment: N

Merius (Meh-ry’-us) (12/10/386 – current) is a minotaur from Sakkaras who betrayed his own kind for the safety of Gef-throth. In 418 AD, he approached the Gef-throth’s defensive wall with his lover Poria and his daughter Lennul. After making attempts to convince the human and dwarven soldiers not to shoot them, he alerted the Fortmaster Yoheshi to the fact that a large group of minotaurs had found a tunnel that lead from Sakkaras, underneath the Bhadlum border, and up again several miles south of Gef-throth. They were using the tunnel to launch a sneak attack from the south.

The three minotaurs were held in custody until the town was able to launch a sneak attack on the advancing threat and force them back. Since then Merius has been viewed by many as a hero. In joyful human, he has also been given the name “The Blessed Traitor”. Furthermore, when Yoheshi recently became burdened with the recent military preparation in the Midlands, Merius was selected by the populous to be Gef-throth’s Townsman, the one selected to deal with the non-military day-to-day aspects of the town. Merius and Yoheshi have never agreed on much. Yoheshi is convinced that Merius is hiding something about why he defected to Bhadlum. That is if he truly did.

In 420 AD Merius and Poria were wed in an official Bhadlum ceremony. Merius had mentioned once that he left behind a brother in Sakkaras, but he has refused to state if he has any other family north of the border.