Meggad Horda

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Ranger 8/Midland Guard 1
Alignment: LG

Meggad Horda (Mehg’-gad Hor’-dah) (7/10/359 AD – ?/?/414 AD) was one of the original members of the Midland Guard directly enlisted by Jermon Cavlin after the Days of Darkness. He was born and raised in Sharathen, capital of Drejor, and married to Tremda Wilsks. Tremda committed suicide via poison a few days before the start of the Days of Darkness. Hours before she was seen screaming in public “The Beginning is coming to bring the End!”

In 401 AD the Great Sovereign Lord assigned Horda to be in charge of one of the squads secretly searching for the Volumes of the Prophet. Second Protector Cavlin was unaware of this assignment until he designed to appoint Horda in charge of Montegron’s security detail. When he discovered Horda was missing, Montegron was forced to inform Cavlin of the search for the Volumes.

By some means yet unknown, those loyal to the some of the Elder Dragons began to suspect Montegron’s forces were taking some action against them. A group of hired mercenaries attacked Horda’s troupe when they were following up a false lead in Mauritand. After taking several casualties, a local soldier rode in and surprised the enemy. After helping turn the tide of the battle, Horda invited her to camp with them for several hours. They talked and conversed well, but at no time did Horda let the young woman, Noragaen Falecohvo, find out they were from the Midland Guard. After she went on her way and Horda returned to ZyxZharar empty handed, he submitted Noragaen’s name for entry into the guard. Four months later in 402 AD, he returned to Mauritand and found the Falecohvo Ranch. He personally delivered the invitation and she accepted before they left.

In 410 AD, Horda failed to retrieve one of the Volumes, although whether or not the abandoned cavern truly had ever housed one of the sacred books is highly debatable. As a trap was set off, a woman of “familiar face” pulled his poisoned body out of the collapsing shrine. He was delirious for six weeks before finally regaining his mind in a backwater herbalist shop in the east. The person who saved his life was long since gone. Being the only survivor of his party, he made his slow trek back to the capital.

The Sovereign was so angered by his inability to retrieve the tome that Horda was removed from duty and sent to remedial tasks for the next three years. Upon the completion of his punishment, Horda quit the Guard. He had stated that he quit in order to remove his own shame from the Guard rather than anger at his penance.

After that he had set out to find the woman who had saved his life. Months later his body was found washed ashore near Mah-Jor, Galachot. The body had been exposed to the seawater for weeks, and various fish had fed off of the corpse. His clothes and wedding ring were the final factors in identifying the body. Throughout his time with the Guard, no one had ever seen himself without the ring.

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