Linilla Asha

by Carteeg Struve


Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Ftr 7/Rog 2
Alignment: NE

Linillae Asha (Lihn’-ihl-ay Ahsh’-ah) (1/1/361 AD – 5/5/385 AD) was the first Grand Servant of the Midland Guard. Suggested by Montegron for her valiant bravery and skill during the Days of Darkness, Jermon Cavlin appointed her his second-in-command of the Guard while it was still being formed. Asha was a woman of strong desires who saw the chaos brought about by the Days of Darkness as an opportunity to rise in power, so long as she could stay near the right people. She recognized Montegron as one such person.

In the following year, she conducted many duties for Montegron that the Lord Sovereign did not wish Cavlin to know about. Some of these duties included assassination of court advisors, blackmail of government officials, and theft of documents. Asha did anything she could to bolster Montegron’s hold in the Midlands by using the techniques that Cavlin would never have allowed. No doubt she hoped to eventually replace Cavlin, figuring that Montegron would tire of his friend’s views of nobility and good for all. If she had lived longer she no doubt would had been disappointed.

Almost two years after the Days of Darkness, Asha was officially sent by Montegron to patrol the Ason Coast in order to bolster Tashramada’s faith in the Guard and in the Lord Sovereign’s reign. Out of the water a dragon attacked her and her troupe. The Grand Servant was killed when hit by the dragon’s breath. Of the few that survived, none could agree upon what the dragon looked like or what type of breath weapon was used.

Cavlin Jermon soon appointed Morgram Haspright to be the new Grand Servant following Asha’s death.

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