Kistaynlas Wenzalis

by Carteeg Struve

Female Gildanesti
Classes: Ranger 6
Alignment: N

Kistaynlas Wenzalis (Keest’-ayn-lahs Wehn’-zal-ihs) (11/4/342 AD – current) is the Mayor of Unadesum, FyxZharar. Although Gildanesti, her human lineage is so distant the Corinesti heritage is almost pure. She cannot breath water, but she is not able to remain away from the water for more than a few days. As such, she lives in her own small home near the source of the Siolfor River instead of the traditional home of the mayor, The Navillus. Her own home mimics the style of other Corinesti trading buildings in Unadesum in that part of the building is submerged into the water, allowing living environments for both above and below the surface.

Early Life

Kistaynlas was born outside of the Midlands on one of the islands in the Sargassi Sea. Her mother Oceayna discarded her when she found out her daughter and lover weren’t pure Corinesti. Soon after Oceayna got her revenge against her former love Mercuos by framing him for the murder of a drowned body she found near a vessel capsized by a recent storm. Mercuos was hung, and Kistaynlas was raised by loving adopting human parents.

Her new parents raised her as best as possible. However the strain became more difficult as they aged while her own youth continued to progress slowly. She forced herself to abandon some of her childhood in order to be able to head out into the world sooner than most elves would consider doing so.

The Conflict of the Midlands

While traveling both by herself and with friends, she slowly began to see the Midlands as it rebuilt itself from the devastation of the Days of Darkness. While she felt unsure about too strong of a centralized government, she appreciated the rebuilding effort that the added security bestowed. She was also happy to learn that the magical influence of the Tashrama clerics was no longer bound to be near regions close to their respective Holy Lands. Over the years, she had friends and allies who sided with one side or the other and sometimes neither. This came to an end when two of her closest friends, one seeking to join the Midland Guard and another secretly hoping to join the Scalebound, met and fought sword versus spells. Kistaynlas tried to stop the conflict, she but was accidentally stabbed by the Midland Loyalist. Horrified by his own actions, Vorn Preevan instantly moved to help her. But before he could act, his opponent instantly struck him down. The friend who supported the Tashramadic Council, Aynal Teralshall, was quick to stop Kistaynlas’ bleeding, and Kist’s life was saved. Their long-standing friendship however was over. Upon Kist being delivered to a local healer, Aynal departed.

Remaining on the Fence

Seeing that both the Sovereignty and the Tashmaradic church were gaining in power and that both claimed overlapping regions as their own places of influence, Kistaynlas new war was going to be inevitable. She got in contact with Preevan’s cousin Broebin Warworks, who ran the newly discovered Dravinite Mines in Unadesum. As metals were being extracted from the site, the two of them began to skim some of the more precious gems. In five years, they had managed to hide a sizable stockpile deep within the twisting maze of caverns the mines interconnected to. With these funds she and Broebin secretly began assembling those not solidly aligned with either side. This organization has been purposefully given no name in order to help keep its existence secret. However members have referred to it by a large number of inferences: the organization, the associatives, our friends, and so on. The last thing Kist wants is to simply become another faction.

The goal of the organization is to aim for a mutual weakening of the Sovereignty and the Tashrama while insuring both remain strong enough to protect the Midlands from threats foreign and domestic. Although she wants both sides to remain strong enough to prevent a collapse of civilized society, she believes any war between them will result in more damage if both sides gain in strength. The organization has the added need to not let one side gain too much of an advantage or loose too much ground on the other. If one side begins to take control, she believes that the losing side will become victim to a massive slaughter.

Upon learning her old friend Aynal Teralshall had achieved the post as head of the White branch of the Tashramadic church in Breenaak, she began sending people out hoping they would find ways to infiltrate both camps. This has worked to mixed success. In the meantime, Kistaynlas was promoted in her more public duties of running business negotiations with the Coralinesti entering Unadesum to becoming mayor of the city. Running both the organization and the city has become more than a full time job, but she remains highly dedicated to both. As mayor, she does what she can to put up the front that Unadesum remains solidly behind the Sovereignty while secretly giving support to the Tashramadic church. At this point in time, both sides believe they have her unwavering support.

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