Jurana Foles

by Carteeg Struve

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Com 2
Alignment: CG

Jurana Foles (Jur-ahn’-ah Foles) (2/22/331 AD – 6/21/383 AD) was taken during her younger years by a group of bandits and sold into slavery after her family was killed. She soon wound up working in the manor of Delijol Kamir in Vjenor. When Kamir began to use her to satisfy his own sexual desires, Jurana succeeded in fleeing the manor. But within two months she was captured by Derenta Cavlin, a bounty hunter hired by Kamir. On the trip back to the Kamir Estates Derenta began to fall in love with Jurana, and soon after being returned to her owner, Derenta used almost all of his own money to purchase her for himself. Unlike Delijol, Derenta showed nothing but kindness to her. Soon they were wed and living together in Gef-throth, Bhadlum. She quickly gave birth to their first son, Jermon Cavlin, who might actually had been Kamir’s child. Four years later she gave birth to their second son, Miklam Cavlin.

Jurana was known to have a flighty personality, sometimes rambling off on a stream of consciousness that made no sense. Yet most of the time she caught herself and turned the ramblings into an odd or obscure joke. In truth her suffered from a mild insanity she was usually able to keep hidden or in check.

In 381 AD, Derenta was killed during a raid against the town by minotaurs. Miklam, who had not only inherited Jurana’s mental problems but in whom it had developed much further, tricked Jermon into handing ownership of Jurana to him. It turned out that in all of these years, Derenta had failed to complete the process of granting Jurana her freedom from slavery. Miklam exploited that by giving Jermon their father’s horse for “what was left in the kitchen.” At that time, Jurana was standing in the doorway. When Jermon left to argue his point in front of the town’s Fortmaster, Miklam beat Jurana and then cut off her left leg, which was outside the doorway and not in the kitchen at the time. Her son then took his possessions, including her, and fled Gef-throth.

Over the next two years Jurana was treated far worse than Delijol Kamir had ever treated her. She was regularly abused in just about all fashions until Jermon was finally able to locate the two of them during the Days of Darkness. By this point, her mind had completely rejected the outside world. She was in a mostly catatonic state.

Before Jermon could rescue her, Miklam grabbed Jurana and threw both himself and her into an attacking shadow wight. Both Miklam and Jurana were killed and all memory of the mother and son were wiped from existence.

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