Jinayel Morz

by Carteeg Struve

Female Coin Dwarf
Classes: Druid 7
Alignment: NG

Jinayel Morz (Jin’-ay-el Morz) (5/6/273 AD – current) is the head of the Farmers Guild in and around Unadesum. She also works within Kistaynlas Wenzalis’ secret organization with aims to dampen the severity of any conflict between the Sovereignty and the Tashrama.

Early Life

She was born and raised outside of Unadesum. As more and more people began fleeing to higher grounds after the Drowning, Jinayel’s grandparents saw an opportunity and used the moment to take control of much of the destroyed and abandoned farmland in the eastern hills and plains. After much effort, sweat, and period of hunger, the Morz family was able to heal the land. A lot of the acreage was solid off over time to other people who wished to farm relatively close to the reconstructed capital, and Morz family founded their wealth both through selling the land and working the farms themselves.

In 273 AD, Jinayel was born into wealth but did not truly realize how much of a forturn amassed. Her parents and siblings never tried to glorify their riches. At most the equipment on the farms were kept up to repair, the livestock were always made sure to be healthy, and several of the Morz children were given parcels of land to begin their own farms and families. Although her aged parents focused on the land as a means to a good life, Jinayel truly felt a connection to nature as she watched the plants grow, the animals populate, and both provide her family with everything they needed.

Growing Up

During her younger days she traveled, hoping to see more of what Adlatum had to offer. In more places she saw suffering and starvation, and she came to realize what good her family truly did bestow in their corner of FyxZharar. At one point she came to join up with a band of druids who she thought also respected nature in the same fashion she did. They accepted her for a time, but after much of her training they began to realize they held wildly different view on a number of important details. The druidic circle believed the Drowning was sent by the Gods to cleanse Adlatum of civilization, which they believed was inherently corrupt. Jinayel had already come to see Unadesum as a means in which developed society can help people who would not survive out on their own. This particular circle also believed that killing animals for food was an evil, whereas Jinayel thought the eating of animals was a part of nature as well. In time arguments began, and rather than continue a pointless fight, Jinayel parted ways.

Her parents were happy to see her return home in 373 AD on her centennial birthday, and Jinayel used her knowledge to help the farmland in the coming years. Tragedy struck the family in 383 AD when her parents died during the Days of Darkness. In the end, her father died saving an old once-prized cow. Her mother passed on moments later from both grief and heart trouble. Several others of her extended family and siblings were also killed, but many did survive. Of the survivors, she was the only Morz not with her own property. Her remaining siblings agreed that their parents’ land would be hers.

Working the Land

After the Days of Darkness she repeated what her parents did. She spent much of her time repairing the land damaged by the recent horrors. After helping not only her family but also many others living outside of Unadesum, she was appointed head of the new Farmers Guild. She continues to run her own farm but allows much of her animal stock to roam free. Since her own crops are fenced off and her has enough land to let the creatures wander without them ever leaving her land, there has yet to be a complaint by anyone about her methods.

As head of the Farmers Guild, she brought up the issue of the continuing militarization she was sensing in the Midlands with Mayor Wenzalis. Her primary concern was if war were to break out, what would be the consequences for the lands around their homes. Her concerns were responded to by an invitation to work for a small covert organization hoping to minimize the damage brought on by conflict between the Sovereignty and the Tashrama. Since then Jinayel has spent most of her time focusing on her duties as a farmer and head of the guild, but she has also used her druidic talents to gather information from distant places by use of the wild free roaming animals. She never sends the creatures into dangerous areas, but she is willing to pass along whatever information comes her way.

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