Jermon Cavlin, The First Second Protector

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Ftr 6/MdG 10
Alignment: LG

Jermon Cavlin (Jer’-mon Cah’-vlin) (1/8/357 AD – 12/25/420 AD) was the founder and first ‘Second Protector’ of the Midland Guard. Under the Great Sovereign Lord Montegron, he collected the most skilled, patriotic, and loyal members of society to form an elite force that would insure the safety of the Midlands under Montegron’s rule. Cavlin hair was light brown in his youth. He was 5’11” with green eyes and was heavily tanned. He only family was his son, Evtra Cavlin.

Early Years

Jermon’s father, Derenta Cavlin, was a skilled warrior and mercenary who took whatever jobs he could get in order to make a living. Jermon’s mother, Jurana Foles, was an escaped slave from a well-to-do merchant family in Vjenor. Eventually she was recaptured by Derenta and returned to her abusive master, but shortly thereafter Derenta purchased Jurana and took her to Bhadlum where they were wed. Seven months later Jermon was born.

Although Derenta had suspicions that Jermon may had truly been the son of Jurana’s former master, Deljol Kamir, he raised his son in love and dedication. To keep an income Derenta gained employment as a protector of their town of Gef-throth (Gehf-thrawth’), helping fight of repeating attacks by the minotaurs. Jermon’s brother Miklam was born when Jermon was four. Around this time, Derenta began to teach his son everything he knew about both the sword and dedication to family and home. Miklam’s skill with the sword proved lacking, and the younger began to resent the elder. In time Miklam came to resent his entire family for the pride they showed to Jermon. He also came to resent himself.

In 381 AD, Derenta was killed during a minotaur raid. Miklam faked civility during this time as their father’s possessions were peacefully distributed between the two. While with legal witness, Miklam tricked Jermon into letting him take ‘what was left in the kitchen’ in return for Derenta’s horse. Jermon did not realize that this included their mother, who was still legally a slave and also standing in the kitchen doorway. Before the situation could be rectified Miklam took his things, Jurana included, and disappeared, leaving Jermon their mother’s left leg, which was outside of the kitchen door when the agreement was made. Jermon gathered his things and began to hunt Miklam down.

The Days of Darkness

He caught up with them two years later. As the hordes of Chaos swarmed, Jermon was focused only on rescuing his mother from his brother’s hands. In the end, Miklam threw both himself and his mother into a shadow wight, destroying themselves and Jermon’s memories of them. The purpose of Jermon’s hunt for the last several years of his life was erased.

Stunned by the events he couldn’t remember, the wight turned upon the injured Jermon and struck, intending to deliver him to Oblivion. In that moment, a large warrior attacked the wight with a blessed spear. With no ability to comprehend his own actions for the several years, Jermon swore to help the hero who had risked his own existence to save him. In the heat of combat, Jermon Cavlin and Lord Montegron became both friends and allies.

The Time of the Prophet

In awe of Montegron’s determination to defeat the forces of Chaos and bring stability to the Midlands, Jermon began to travel the land and gather those men and women who would sacrifice everything to bring the land back together. Believing that the destructive enemies from across the borders would take any sign of weakness from the Midland nations as an invitation for invasion, he was able to bring the greatest heroes of the war together within a single organization dedication to the security of the land under the reign of the greatest hero of the war, Montegron himself.

The first acts by the Guard were to secure several of the nations that had fallen into disrepair and riot. Under Montegron and Jermon’s direction, the Guard helped re-secure the rule of several national leaders who were at risk of being toppled. As Montegron’s popularity and strength grew, more and more nations accepted the reign of the new Great Sovereign Lord. If they did not accept him, they were coerced or forced to submit for the greater good. In the following years, no subject was more loyal to Montegron and the Midlands than Jermon. Regardless of what was done, he saw no evil or wrong in his friend’s actions.

In 399 AD, Jermon became betrothed to Teransa Hathstone, a human officer of the Guard rumored to have the blood of the Sundar in her veins. She was slain in 400 AD when an assassin seemingly missed a shot aimed at Montegron. The bakali assassin was killed within minutes of the attempt, but it was too late for Teransa. Jermon’s only blessing was that the quick action taken by nearby spellcasters allowed her body to be preserved long enough for his son Evtra to be born a fortnight later. As Evtra grew, Jermon imparted to him the same sense of dedication to the Midlands as he had. However Evtra did not grow with the physique necessary to follow his father into the Guard. Instead his interests turned to the mysticism taught to him in secret by one of his father’s housemaids. Jermon is unaware of his son’s developing talents.

After decades of insuring the strength and stability of the Sovereignty, Jermon began to notice his Lord becoming more nervous about events, but when he inquired to his Lord about his behavior, he was met with mild hostility. From that point on Jermon held his worry to himself. Even with his closest of friends, including the mysterious Avanesti Prophet, he said and showed nothing of his inner doubts. During this troubled time he focused on the job of recovering the lost Volumes of the Prophet.

Months before Montegron was ready to launch his war against the Elder Dragons, Montegron ordered that only dwarven and human citizens would be allowed into the Midland Guard. Jermon was disappointed since he was eyeing a Corinesti who swore loyalty to the Midlands for membership. Only for the briefest of moments, in front of Montegron his face showed disappointment in his Lord’s order. Face and voice quickly returned to deference, and Jermon obeyed. A few days later, the elderly Jermon was found in his bed, having passed on from heart trouble. Before the year was out, Montegron appointed Noragaen Veliga to fill Jermon’s position as Second Protector. Since the wake Evtra Cavlin has not been seen.

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