Hannean Mavaire

by Carteeg Struve

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Exp 5
Alignment: CG

Hannean Mavaire (Han-neen’ May-vair’) (10/28/374 AD – current) is the eldest of the Falecohvo daughters. She currently owns and manages the Falecohvo Ranch in Josal, Mauritand, and is married to Golaviers Mavaire.

From a very young age Hannean Falecohvo showed a love of horses and horse riding. During her teenage years she became an expert rider, and her father Gosma began to teach her the ins and outs of horse breeding, trading, raising, and caring. After her sisters left for a life of adventure or a career in the Midland Guard, Hannean remained dedicated to the Falecohvo Ranch. Her talents in the breeding and trading aspects of the business allowed the ranch to grow further. When her sister Noragaen rose to the highest ranks within the Midland Guard, the ranch began to make more and more sales of their various breeds to the Guard itself.

In 401 AD, Hannean married one of her father’s employees, a money manager named Golaviers Mavaire. When her father retired recently, he handed ownership of the company to Hannean. Before her the company had always been handed down father-to-son. Since then Hannean has focused on the breeding, training, animal care, and riding lessons aspects of the job, Golaviers has been focusing on the trade and supplies portion of the company.

Hannean and Golaviers had been trying to have children since they married, but so far they are without luck.

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