Gorsholtz Kamir

by Carteeg Struve

Male Gildanesti (Midlander)
Classes: Nbl 3
Alignment: LE

Gorsholtz Kamir (Gore’-sholts Kah-mihr’) (8/14/366 AD – current) was born into slavery with the name of Moran. His mother Cenya was a Gildanesti woman owned by Delijol Kamir in Vjenor. Delijol was known to use his female slaves for his own amusement, but as the merchant began approach his later years, he decided to select one of his progeny to be trained as a successor. Delijol chose Moran and officially adopted him as his son even though he technically was by blood. He also changed Moran’s name to Gorsholtz. The eight-year old did not know why he was chosen over the many others, but he also did not question it. Realizing the only real opportunity he had in his life, he did nothing to risk his position. This unfortunately meant that when Delijol decided to sell his mother to another home, he could do nothing to try and stop it. All he could do was take in his father’s lessons.

When the manor was attacked during the Days of Darkness, Delijol was almost killed. The head wound Delijol received put him into a coma for several months. The cost of caring for him mounted, and Gorsholtz decided to apply his father’s logic to the situation. In the end he reasoned there was no cost-benefit to caring for him. He terminated care for his father and let him die.

Since then he has run his business as ruthlessly as Delijol had, but he has also spent much time and effort to find out what happened to his mother. Apparently Delijol did not keep many records in order to better hide many of his dealings. Due to this he has no idea about his possible relationship with the founder of the Midland Guard.

Although his father was human and his mother partially so, Gorsholtz took after his mother’s lineage enough to still be considered Gildanesti. Gorsholtz has a strong bluish tinge to his skin showing his Corinesti roots, but he also has his father’s deep brown hair. He is 5’8″ and has his mother’s violet eyes.

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