Evtra Cavlin

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Mystic 3
Alignment: CG

Evtra Cavlin (Ehv’-trah Cah’-vlin) (6/19/400 AD – current) is the son of Jermon Cavlin, founder of the Midland Guard. Before he was born, his mother Teransa Hathstone was pierced by a poison arrow during her wedding. The arrow was believed to had been intended for Lord Sovereign Montegron, but the bakali assassin was killed before it could be questioned. Teransa died instantly, however Montegron’s mages were able to use magics to preserve the eight-month old child inside of her. By some miracle, Evtra was born two weeks later. Although his skin was more sallow than normal, he appeared to be in perfect health. His wife stolen from him, Jermon used all of his resources to raise his son right.

As he grew older, Evtra showed not to have the physique that his father had. Although of wide shoulder and lean body, his coordination was not at a level required to become a soldier. Yet Evtra grew up with a love for the Midlands. Then one day one of his father’s housemaids told him in confidence that she had a talent with a type of magic that she was willing to impart to Evtra, the only price was that the teaching must go on in secret. Evtra agreed and began his studies in mysticism. With this education, Evtra began to learn skepticism in the Lord Sovereign’s rule. After all, was is not his father’s Guard that kept the Midlands safe and not the egotist on the throne?

In his late teens, Evtra was horrified to discover his father dead in his bed one morning shortly after Jermon momentarily showed disappointment in one of the Lord Sovereign’s decisions. Never believing his father died naturally, he escaped from public view immediately after his Jermon’s wake. His current whereabouts is unknown.

There is a possibility that Evtra may have been showing signs of the same subtly building insanity his uncle Miklam suffered from. However since Miklam was killed by a shadow wight, there is no way for anyone, especially Jermon, to recognize the pattern.

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