Dregan Yoheshi

by Carteeg Struve

Male Hartdar
Classes: Fighter 5
Alignment: LN

Dregan Yoheshi (Dree’-gan Yo-hesh’-ee) (9/28/296 – current) is the Fortmaster of Gef-throth, Bhadlum, and a major in the Bhadlum military. He has held the position since 411 AD and has done what he can to protect the town and the border from minotaur attacks. Yoheshi was given the position as an honor for his long years of service to Bhadlum. Before the job of Fortmaster of Gef-throth was meant to be a post of disgrace, but since the founder of the Midland Guard, Jermon Cavlin, was born and raised there, the post turned into one of respect and challenge.

In 418 AD, a small family of minotaurs approached the town’s north wall. The father of the family, Merius, warned the town that his people had found a cavern that leads from his side of the border to south of Gef-throth. He told them that they were moving to attack the town from the rear. Dregan sent a scout to investigate, but when he didn’t return by the appointed time Dregan marched the town’s forces southward against the approaching minotaurs. The scout was discovered by the bodies of two minotaur scouts. The scout died while taking his attackers with him. Dregan led the attack against the minotaurs at the mouth of the tunnel. Surprised by the attack, they were forced back northward to Sakkaras. Dregan had the tunnel collapsed, and the town accepted Merius and his family as their own. Dregan however is still skeptical of Merius’ motives for turning against his own people.

Later on Dregan began to receive reports of the Midlands preparing for massive military operations and could no longer handle the day to day aspects of running Gef-throth. The townspeople appointed Merius to be their Townsman for this time, much to the annoyance of Dregan. The two rarely see eye to eye, and suspicions run high between the two.

Dregan Yoheshi’s second-in-command is Lieutenant Meumari Hiden.

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