Dragon’s Noose

by Kranar Drogin

Capital: None
Population: Unknown
Government: Unknown
Religions: Unknown
Languages: Goblin, Hudieran
Trade: None
Legions: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown

Land Overview

Most of the information surrounding the mysterious islands of the Dragon’s Noose has come from stranded sailors who have been able to escape being marooned on the islands. Sixteen major islands make up the Dragon’s Noose, with many, many tiny islands that hold no life at all. The islands are covered in jungle, with no discernable civilization can be see from the ocean. Most that land here though never return, making it a haunted land to most sailors who steer clear of them. Most of the islands have two or more races living on each one of them.

Those that have returned, talk about a brutal society of goblins living on one of the islands. They are the Zukatm, who live on the island of Garamesh. Nothing is known about these goblins, other than that they are very territorial, and kill anyone who encroaches upon their lands.

Humans also live on the islands, those of southern Adlatum who were trapped there when the Drowning occurred. The island of Keroshic holds the most humans on it, but the exact numbers or where on it they live is unknown. Most of them speak the languages of old, and live in the ancient cities and villages. Similar to the humans that were in those lands prior to the Drowning, they are isolationists.

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