Delijol Kamir

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Nbl 4/Rog 1
Alignment: LE

Delijol Kamir (Dehl-ee’-jole Kah-mihr’) (10/12/319 AD – 10/22/383 AD) was a wealthy merchant from Vjenor. In the spring of 356 AD, a slave girl of his Jurana Foles, fled from his estate after Delijol physically indulged himself with her. In order to reacquire his property back, he hired a free-lance mercenary and bounty hunter named Derenta Cavlin. Within two months, Jurana was captured and returned to Kamir. After bestowing Derenta the reward money, the hunter offered to purchase Jurana for four times the reward amount. Kamir accepted the offer and bestowed Jurana’s ownership to Derenta.

Some believe that the future son of Derenta and Jurana, Jermon Cavlin, was actually fathered by Delijol. However since Jermon had a much greater resemblance to his mother, there was no way for the fact to be confirmed or discounted. Either way, Delijol took no interest in the Cavlins after the sale was made.

Delijol had several other children with a number of his slave hands, but he had only officially adopted one of them, Gorsholtz Kamir. The rest of his children he allowed to remain as slaves, even selling some of them if the proper deal presented itself. Gorsholtz on the other hand was raised to take over Delijol’s trade business.

During the Days of Darkness, Delijol was injured when the manor was attacked. He remained in a coma for several months until Gorsholtz followed his father’s logic for business and determined that to keep caring for the invalid was a waste of resources. Gorsholtz stopped care for his father, who soon died within a few weeks.

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