Damrye, Arm of the White

by Carteeg Struve & Joe Mashuga

Damrye (Dahm’-reye) (4/14/397 AD – current) is a young Oguna who was recently made head of Heriacious’ armed forces both in Breenaak and abroad. Damrye is just short of seven feet tall with broad shoulders, and he is very handsome in face for an Oguna. He has dark hair and tends to dress in human styles. By all accounts, he has both skill and luck in great supply during battle.

Born in an Oguna tribe in the Broken Lands, Damrye adapted to the hard life with great skill. He was only six years old when he slew two full-grown savage minotaurs, moments after they killed his parents. He took one by surprise by stabbing it in the back of its neck without them realizing he was there, and he was likely lucky to avoid being cleaved by the other before slipping a dagger into its ribs. However, Damrye gain the respect of his peers after the battle was over, and his turned his regret over the loss of his parents into a love of conflict.

The luck that allowed him to survive his youth stayed with him long after he became a man. When tragedy struck, it was little more than a short-term loss that soon resulted in a long-term gain. From fourteen to sixteen years of age, Damrye’s skill and luck were responsible for the success of at least eighteen different raids into the minotaur-held land in Sakkaras, including the seizure of an ore mine which was quickly used to forge more weapons.

On the nineteenth attack, his mount was killed when an arrow pierced its eye. He fell from his mount and disappeared into a ravine. By unknown means he awoke in a cave in the mountains of northern Hudiechia with no injuries. After hours of exploring, he came upon several chambers built into the rock that looked to be made by a magic user long since gone. In these quarters he came upon an amulet of red and black stone. Touching it wracked his body in pain, and moments later a mirror revealed his face to be much more appealing. He was still obviously Oguna, but his few battle scars were gone and the blue-grey coloring of his skin now was consistent and smooth in shade. He came to find out that his own ability to speak in the Midland tongue had greatly improved. Near where the amulet vanished, he found a tomb. When he opened it and looked at the words, he discovered he could understand the script and was compelled to read everything. Hours or days passed, and the knowledge seeped into his head. By the end, his mind absorbed years worth of lessons in formalized combat techniques. The tomb’s pages were now blank.

Further searching revealed to him not only a strangely fresh supply of food and water, but also a map to a structure hidden deep beneath the mountains. He followed the map’s directions for several days and found a temple to some forgotten religion of the past. Near the altar, he came across a flail of great power. When swung around over his head in one direction, his body shone like the most brilliant daylight for a short time. When swung around in the other direction, a short-lived vortex appeared above his head that swallowed any and all light and heat in the vicinity. After claiming the weapon he named Eclipsing Star, a figure appeared from nowhere and cast magic upon him. Before seeing blackness, Damrye could only make out the figure to be a thin-cloaked form near to his own height. He soon woke up on a hillside above ground in the southern Midlands.

Damrye spent years traveling the Midlands, trying to learn the local customs in order to survive. He took nothing of his old life for granted and did everything possible to understand how one gained power and control in this more complicated society. Soon he figured out that many traits of his days in the north still worked, however there were only specific situations and times in which they would be allowed. He began work as a bounty hunter, tracking down criminals who were wanted dead or alive for various crimes. He also took jobs for a variety of clients who did not wish to get their own hands dirty. Although an Oguna, his skill, luck, tongue, and face earned him respect from many who knew of him, especially women. He combined the fighting techniques learned from the book and the occasional Midlander with the directed rage and aggression he learned in the north. His growing reputation enabled him to gather his own small band in order to complete jobs he would not have been able to do on his own.

Soon after completing an assignment for one of the more influential noble women in Charant Aros (with whom he had been having an affair), his name had circulated its way to Karsuhon and the Great Sovereign Lord Montegron. By an odd happenstance, the fact that Damrye was an Oguna was lost in the circulation. Using several intermediaries, Damrye was hired out for numerous assignments the Great Sovereign Lord did not wish directly tied to him if they became public. Damrye completed them with great swiftness while keeping his own people in the dark as to who was their true client. In time, Damrye realized that other than payment, there was no large benefit to his current employment by the Midlands. He began to consider himself a part of the larger Midlands infrastructure and had dreams of eventually succeeding the aging Lord. Luck again turned in his favor as one of his contacts suggested to Montegron that Damrye might be suitable for the Midland Guard, or at least one of the more secretive subsets of it. Making sure that the head of the Guard Jermon Cavlin was not informed, the Lord agreed. Damrye accepted the invite and traveled to Karsuhon.

In a private chamber, Damrye was allowed to finally meet his employer for the first time. When Montegron laid eyes on him, he was angered that he had not been informed of Damrye’s race. In the conversation that followed, friction built between the two and Damrye let slip that he was from the Broken Lands to the north. Montegron’s anger peaked, and he ordered Damrye arrested. Seeing his chances for more power squashed, Damrye jumped for the Great Sovereign Lord. He came within an inch of grabbing Montegron’s neck before the Lord’s guards dog-piled on the Oguna and disarmed him. Ironically, he was dragged out of the room screaming his loyalties. His luck did not abandon him long. That night in the dungeons, just as his death warrant was being signed up above, a figure appeared out of nowhere in his cell. Damrye recognized it as the robed figure from the underground temple. It tossed to him Eclipsing Star and quickly started to cast a spell, but Damrye lunged at the form and this time he reached his target. Magic covered him and the world started to disappear around him. Before the figure disappeared, Damrye thought he saw the face of a bakali. The world reformed around him, and he was in a massive cavern with a massive white dragon. Heriacious, stunned at Damrye’s sudden appearance, stared down at him.

Surprise was likely the only thing that stopped the White Elder Dragon from instantly killing the intruder of her lair. She demanded to know who he was and how he got there, and he quickly recounted his tale. Heriacious knew of Damrye and was very well aware he, via his jobs from Montegron, had been a noticeable harassment for her movements, but she saw an opportunity. Her military forces were recently without a leader, and the ability to steal one of Montegron’s own foolishly discarded assets pleased her greatly. She offered Damrye a deal. If he could complete to her own satisfaction a number of challenges which would test both his own skills and ability to lead, she would place him in charge of her own military forces.

Damrye was no fool. He knew it would be difficult, but he also could feel the hostilities between the Sovereignties and the Elder Dragons. He figured if he could not succeed Montegron he would instead best him in the coming conflicts, and perhaps take the throne by force. Damrye was also well aware if he turned down the Elder Dragon’s offer he would either be killed or re-jailed. He accepted.

By the end of 420 AD, on the same day Noragaen Veliya became Second Protector of the Midland Guard, Damrye took control of the Breenaak forces. Using what he was able to learn about Karsuhon and the Midland Guard before his meeting with Montegron, he is revamping the armies to be better skilled against his new enemies.


Gaming Stats

3.5 Edition


Damrye, Arm of the White

CR 13

Male Oguna ranger 3/fighter 6/legendary tactician 3
NE Medium humanoid (ogre)
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Listen +5, Spot +5


AC 23, touch 13, flat-footed 21 (+6 armor, +1 deflection, +2 Dexterity, +1 natural, +3 shield)
hp 111 (6d8+6d10+48)
Fort +15, Ref +8, Will +9


Spd 30 ft.
Melee Eclipsing Star +19/+14/+9 (1d8+8) and
+1 light darkwood shield of bashing +16 (1d6+3)
Ranged mwk composite longbow +16/+11/+6 (1d8+4/x3)
Special Attacks direct troops, favored enemy (humanoid [minotaur] +2), inspire courage (+2, 2/day)


Str 21, Dex 15, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12
Base Atk +12; Grp +17
Feats Combat Expertise, Endurance, Improved Disarm, Improved Shield Bash, Leadership, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Self-Sufficient, Track, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (flail), Weapon Specialization (flail)
Skills Climb +8, Diplomacy +11, Handle Animal +10, Heal +5, Hide +9, Intimidate +9, Jump +8, Knowledge (history) +10, Knowledge (nature) +9, Listen +5, Move Silently +9, Ride +12, Sense Motive +8, Spot +5, Survival +12 (+14 above ground)
Languages Common, Hudieran, Ogre, Trejori
SQ leadership bonus +2, wild empathy +6
Combat Gear elixir of hiding, elixir of sneaking, potion of cure serious wounds (2), thunderstone (2); Other Gear +1 mithral breastplate, +1 light darkwood shield of bashing, ring of protection +1, Eclipsing Star (+1 cold iron flail), mwk composite longbow (+4 Str) with 20 arrows, short sword, healer’s kit


Weapon Eclipsing Star is a +1 cold iron flail of unknown origin that has been crafted with a cold-wrought iron head and a darkwood haft. The wielder gains a +4 insight bonus to Will saving throws as long as the Star is worn. Once per day, if the wielder swings the flail clockwise over his head (as a standard action), he shines with a brilliant light that extends out to a 20-foot radius for 5 rounds. This light dispels any darkness effects that it comes in contact with, and causes 1d6 points of damage per round to all undead creatures within range.

If the wielder swings the flail counterclockwise over his head (which can also be done once per day as a standard action), a dark, swirling vortex appears over his head for 5 rounds. This vortex dispels any light effects within 20 feet, and also extinguishes nonmagical fires within this area. The wielder is also protected from fire and heat, effectively gaining fire resistance 10 while the vortex is in effect.

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