Clamora Teralshall

by Carteeg Struve

Female Gildanesti
Classes: Fighter 8
Alignment: CG

Clamora Teralshall (Klah-more’-ah Teh-rahl-shahl’) (5/4/356 AD – current) is the identical twin sister of Aynal Teralshall, head of the White Branch of the Tashramadic Council. Child of Glann and Lilan Teralshall, she was born a few minutes after Aynal. Later on her brother Poul was born.

When Lilan died from a lung infection during the middle of winter, Aynal disappeared in the middle of the night. Clamora spent years searching for her with her father, but they came up with no leads. Soon Glann returned home depressed and buried himself in his farm work. Clamora refused to give up.

During her travels she was often distracted by others who needed help of one sort or another. When the Days of Darkness came she defended a number of school children from the attacking creatures. Her adventures also brought her to the lands in the east across the Sargassi Sea. Only when she finally returned did she learn her sister was now leading the Tashramadic Council’s branch in Breenaak. She made her way there and met Aynal. The two made amends and continued to have contact with each other long afterwards. Clamora returned home to inform the rest of their family. Her father was happy and even went to meet his daughter on a subsequent visit. Poul however wanted nothing to do with Aynal.

Clamora continues have a life of travel and adventure even though her sister was found. She grew too used to it to give it up afterwards.

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