Chatellin Mri

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander) ?
Classes: Fighter 3
Alignment: N

Chatellin Mri (Chat-ehl’-lihn Mreye) (8/20/389 – current) is the owner and manager of Cosickers Hold in Trebiers. The Hold had been passed down through his family for generations even since its founding by Kellyn Cosickers 500 years ago. On his eighteenth birthday control was passed onto him.

Chatellin’s mother Terrabell Drysden died while she was in childbirth with him, and his father was disappeared month’s before his birth. Not many knew about the relationship between his parents, and even fewer knew much about his father at all. The most Chatellin came to know was that his father went by the name Sadin Mri and that he appeared human. However as Chatellin grew older, his own face grew more angular and his eyes developed on odd alluring shape to them. Most in town theorize that Sadin was truly a Gildanesti in disguise, but Chatellin never had an interest in finding out. While living at the town orphanage focused on the family business and did what he could to keep the Hold running well. In order gain an eye as to how things worked in the Hold, during his younger years he worked in the Hold’s security, keeping the businesses safe. Only when he came of age did control pass from family friend Casin Yurile to himself.

Chatellin is a wide-shouldered man of 5′ 10″ with dark brown hair and a thick but close-cut beard and mustache. His eyes are violet in color and have a slightly elongated shape somewhat similar to the elven almond-shape. Recently Chatellin has been trying to deal with the apparent interest that the owner of the Hold’s Auction Hold has been having in him. However Chatellin is wary of Seratain Misa, who he knew at the orphanage, and believes she is more interested in gaining access to his family’s wealth. Beyond his constant presence overseeing Cosickers, Chatellin tends to keep his life very private.

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