Rafin Veliya

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Expert 9
Alignment: CG

Rafin Fransi Veliya (Raf’-ihn Frahn-seye’ Vel-ee’-yah) (9/27/375 AD – current) has spent most of his life in FyxZharar making expertly crafted weapons, armors, and shields. He has also craft many works with Dragonmetal supplied to him by the Midland Guard. Although he is not a member he has been employed by the Guard for decades, almost exclusively designing and crafting more of his work for them.

Early Life

Born in the back of a merchant’s caravan in Charant Aros, Rafin never had a consistent home until he was twelve. Before then his parents Fransi and Hellyn traveled much of western Adlatum selling various items to people willing to buy. Rafin, along with his six younger sisters (to-be married names: Nanyi Mecoud, Surana Konel, Judane Shaynli, Mirikay Ruzsho, Janri Badali, and Pamla Centafi), grew up on the road learning what they could about how to financially survive in the world. At seven years old, his family had held up in Charant Degalos as the threat of the Days of Darkness descended upon Adlatum. While there he took an interest in blacksmithing and the art of making weapons. Five years later Fransi gave him his blessing to leave the caravan and take an apprenticeship in FyxZharar.

An Expression of Talent

At the age of twenty he personally designed a sword that would never be used. A member of the Midland Guard died defending the monarch of Iveraque from an irate mage. The mage was slain, but Guardsman Qialna died and her sword melted. Full honors for the Guard’s deceased requires that a sword be buried along with her. Rafin was hired to make one. Respects would had only required and type of sword, even a plan one to be made. Instead Rafin put his talents to the test and forged a sword of silver, steel, and pure beauty. After Qialna was buried with the masterpiece, Rafin was hired to produce more such works for the Guard, so long as they proved themselves as functional in combat as they were pleasing to the eye. The Midland Guard was not disappointed. Along with a multitude of weapons, he also supplied them with armor (for both humanoid and horse), shields, and other tools and equipment needed.

Work and Family

In the following years, he began to fall in love with one of his customers, a rising star in the Guard named Noragaen Falecohvo. He had suspected that she was breaking or losing her weapons on purpose in order to return to his forge, and he said as much. She denied it, and from reports of her missions it seems that she had almost comedic luck in regards to holding onto her equipment. However in 406 A.D. Rafin and Noragaen were married, and in 409 A.D. their daughter Dalyang Veliya was born. When Noragaen went back to work for the guard, Rafin continued his business. However he has also been instrumental in the raising of Dalyang. When Noragaen was appointed Second Protector of the Midland Guard, life had little to no change for Rafin. His business and love of the craft and his family continued as before. For the last decade, Rafin has become an avid reader and has bestowed the love to his daughter.

Rarely does he have time to accept work from outside the Guard, but on rare occasions he has done so. He has had a few open disagreements with Noragaen in regards to some of the actions Montegron takes, but their debates do not seem to stress their marriage at all. It should also be noted that Rafin has never been in combat or in a fight. Not once has he ever used any of the weapons he makes against another person. His parents and sisters have continued to visit him from time to time, and he himself has often visited them.

Kistaynlas Wenzalis

by Carteeg Struve

Female Gildanesti
Classes: Ranger 6
Alignment: N

Kistaynlas Wenzalis (Keest’-ayn-lahs Wehn’-zal-ihs) (11/4/342 AD – current) is the Mayor of Unadesum, FyxZharar. Although Gildanesti, her human lineage is so distant the Corinesti heritage is almost pure. She cannot breath water, but she is not able to remain away from the water for more than a few days. As such, she lives in her own small home near the source of the Siolfor River instead of the traditional home of the mayor, The Navillus. Her own home mimics the style of other Corinesti trading buildings in Unadesum in that part of the building is submerged into the water, allowing living environments for both above and below the surface.

Early Life

Kistaynlas was born outside of the Midlands on one of the islands in the Sargassi Sea. Her mother Oceayna discarded her when she found out her daughter and lover weren’t pure Corinesti. Soon after Oceayna got her revenge against her former love Mercuos by framing him for the murder of a drowned body she found near a vessel capsized by a recent storm. Mercuos was hung, and Kistaynlas was raised by loving adopting human parents.

Her new parents raised her as best as possible. However the strain became more difficult as they aged while her own youth continued to progress slowly. She forced herself to abandon some of her childhood in order to be able to head out into the world sooner than most elves would consider doing so.

The Conflict of the Midlands

While traveling both by herself and with friends, she slowly began to see the Midlands as it rebuilt itself from the devastation of the Days of Darkness. While she felt unsure about too strong of a centralized government, she appreciated the rebuilding effort that the added security bestowed. She was also happy to learn that the magical influence of the Tashrama clerics was no longer bound to be near regions close to their respective Holy Lands. Over the years, she had friends and allies who sided with one side or the other and sometimes neither. This came to an end when two of her closest friends, one seeking to join the Midland Guard and another secretly hoping to join the Scalebound, met and fought sword versus spells. Kistaynlas tried to stop the conflict, she but was accidentally stabbed by the Midland Loyalist. Horrified by his own actions, Vorn Preevan instantly moved to help her. But before he could act, his opponent instantly struck him down. The friend who supported the Tashramadic Council, Aynal Teralshall, was quick to stop Kistaynlas’ bleeding, and Kist’s life was saved. Their long-standing friendship however was over. Upon Kist being delivered to a local healer, Aynal departed.

Remaining on the Fence

Seeing that both the Sovereignty and the Tashmaradic church were gaining in power and that both claimed overlapping regions as their own places of influence, Kistaynlas new war was going to be inevitable. She got in contact with Preevan’s cousin Broebin Warworks, who ran the newly discovered Dravinite Mines in Unadesum. As metals were being extracted from the site, the two of them began to skim some of the more precious gems. In five years, they had managed to hide a sizable stockpile deep within the twisting maze of caverns the mines interconnected to. With these funds she and Broebin secretly began assembling those not solidly aligned with either side. This organization has been purposefully given no name in order to help keep its existence secret. However members have referred to it by a large number of inferences: the organization, the associatives, our friends, and so on. The last thing Kist wants is to simply become another faction.

The goal of the organization is to aim for a mutual weakening of the Sovereignty and the Tashrama while insuring both remain strong enough to protect the Midlands from threats foreign and domestic. Although she wants both sides to remain strong enough to prevent a collapse of civilized society, she believes any war between them will result in more damage if both sides gain in strength. The organization has the added need to not let one side gain too much of an advantage or loose too much ground on the other. If one side begins to take control, she believes that the losing side will become victim to a massive slaughter.

Upon learning her old friend Aynal Teralshall had achieved the post as head of the White branch of the Tashramadic church in Breenaak, she began sending people out hoping they would find ways to infiltrate both camps. This has worked to mixed success. In the meantime, Kistaynlas was promoted in her more public duties of running business negotiations with the Coralinesti entering Unadesum to becoming mayor of the city. Running both the organization and the city has become more than a full time job, but she remains highly dedicated to both. As mayor, she does what she can to put up the front that Unadesum remains solidly behind the Sovereignty while secretly giving support to the Tashramadic church. At this point in time, both sides believe they have her unwavering support.

Broebin Warworks

by Carteeg Struve

Male Human (Midlander)
Alignment: CN

Broebin Warworks (Bro’-bin War-works) (3/2/368 AD – current) is owner of the Dravinite Mines in Unadesum, FyxZharar. He is also the founder, along with Mayor Kistaynlas Wenzalis, of a relative small organization dedicated to minimizing the damage to come from a Sovereignty/Tashrama war.

Broebin has practically lived his entire life in and around Unadesum. His closet friend was his own first-cousin Vorn Preevan, who grew up next door to him. Soon after the Days of Darkness, Vorn heard about Jermon Cavlin’s hunt for the greatest warriors in the land to form the Midland Guard. Vorn went off to try to become one of these elite knights. Broebin did not support his cousin’s decision and became bitter over his closest friend’s departure. News later he learned Vorn was slain in combat by a supporter of the Tashrama named Aynal Teralshall. Broebin’s dislike of either of the strengthening powers reached a point where he wanted to do something, but he did not know what.

The answer came when a small tremor altered the caves behind the Golden Falls. Upon becoming lost, Broebin discovered a large amount of ore and metals within the rocks of a newly accessible chamber. He confided his discovery in Kistaynlas Wenzalis, the woman who had informed him of his cousin’s death, and the two began to plot. First he traveled to the capital of Karsuhon in order to get mining rights without people from Unadesum realizing what was going on. Next, he quietly hired a few extra workers who would mine veins separated from the main deposits. By paying them more, they kept the fact that Kistaynlas and Broebin were hiding portions of the gems and metals away from other ears. Together the two of them used this money to begin an organization dedicated to mutually minimizing the strength of the Tashrama and the Sovereignty.

Later on he learned the identity of the head of the Tashrama’s branch in Breenaak was Vorn’s killer Aynal Teralshall. In order to calm his anger, Kistaynlas agreed to finally put their people into motion and attempt to infiltrate into both camps. Although this did stop Broebin from doing something openly foolish, it also resulting in his frustrations to build. Broebin is not a patient man and to see the killer of his best friend has been weighing much on his mind. His temper has built to a point where his wife of eight years, Melanna left him recently due to fear for her own body although he had never physically threatened her. This further pushed him deeper into depression. Kistaynlas is currently worried Broebin make take some drastic action on his own.

Jinayel Morz

by Carteeg Struve

Female Coin Dwarf
Classes: Druid 7
Alignment: NG

Jinayel Morz (Jin’-ay-el Morz) (5/6/273 AD – current) is the head of the Farmers Guild in and around Unadesum. She also works within Kistaynlas Wenzalis’ secret organization with aims to dampen the severity of any conflict between the Sovereignty and the Tashrama.

Early Life

She was born and raised outside of Unadesum. As more and more people began fleeing to higher grounds after the Drowning, Jinayel’s grandparents saw an opportunity and used the moment to take control of much of the destroyed and abandoned farmland in the eastern hills and plains. After much effort, sweat, and period of hunger, the Morz family was able to heal the land. A lot of the acreage was solid off over time to other people who wished to farm relatively close to the reconstructed capital, and Morz family founded their wealth both through selling the land and working the farms themselves.

In 273 AD, Jinayel was born into wealth but did not truly realize how much of a forturn amassed. Her parents and siblings never tried to glorify their riches. At most the equipment on the farms were kept up to repair, the livestock were always made sure to be healthy, and several of the Morz children were given parcels of land to begin their own farms and families. Although her aged parents focused on the land as a means to a good life, Jinayel truly felt a connection to nature as she watched the plants grow, the animals populate, and both provide her family with everything they needed.

Growing Up

During her younger days she traveled, hoping to see more of what Adlatum had to offer. In more places she saw suffering and starvation, and she came to realize what good her family truly did bestow in their corner of FyxZharar. At one point she came to join up with a band of druids who she thought also respected nature in the same fashion she did. They accepted her for a time, but after much of her training they began to realize they held wildly different view on a number of important details. The druidic circle believed the Drowning was sent by the Gods to cleanse Adlatum of civilization, which they believed was inherently corrupt. Jinayel had already come to see Unadesum as a means in which developed society can help people who would not survive out on their own. This particular circle also believed that killing animals for food was an evil, whereas Jinayel thought the eating of animals was a part of nature as well. In time arguments began, and rather than continue a pointless fight, Jinayel parted ways.

Her parents were happy to see her return home in 373 AD on her centennial birthday, and Jinayel used her knowledge to help the farmland in the coming years. Tragedy struck the family in 383 AD when her parents died during the Days of Darkness. In the end, her father died saving an old once-prized cow. Her mother passed on moments later from both grief and heart trouble. Several others of her extended family and siblings were also killed, but many did survive. Of the survivors, she was the only Morz not with her own property. Her remaining siblings agreed that their parents’ land would be hers.

Working the Land

After the Days of Darkness she repeated what her parents did. She spent much of her time repairing the land damaged by the recent horrors. After helping not only her family but also many others living outside of Unadesum, she was appointed head of the new Farmers Guild. She continues to run her own farm but allows much of her animal stock to roam free. Since her own crops are fenced off and her has enough land to let the creatures wander without them ever leaving her land, there has yet to be a complaint by anyone about her methods.

As head of the Farmers Guild, she brought up the issue of the continuing militarization she was sensing in the Midlands with Mayor Wenzalis. Her primary concern was if war were to break out, what would be the consequences for the lands around their homes. Her concerns were responded to by an invitation to work for a small covert organization hoping to minimize the damage brought on by conflict between the Sovereignty and the Tashrama. Since then Jinayel has spent most of her time focusing on her duties as a farmer and head of the guild, but she has also used her druidic talents to gather information from distant places by use of the wild free roaming animals. She never sends the creatures into dangerous areas, but she is willing to pass along whatever information comes her way.

Clamora Teralshall

by Carteeg Struve

Female Gildanesti
Classes: Fighter 8
Alignment: CG

Clamora Teralshall (Klah-more’-ah Teh-rahl-shahl’) (5/4/356 AD – current) is the identical twin sister of Aynal Teralshall, head of the White Branch of the Tashramadic Council. Child of Glann and Lilan Teralshall, she was born a few minutes after Aynal. Later on her brother Poul was born.

When Lilan died from a lung infection during the middle of winter, Aynal disappeared in the middle of the night. Clamora spent years searching for her with her father, but they came up with no leads. Soon Glann returned home depressed and buried himself in his farm work. Clamora refused to give up.

During her travels she was often distracted by others who needed help of one sort or another. When the Days of Darkness came she defended a number of school children from the attacking creatures. Her adventures also brought her to the lands in the east across the Sargassi Sea. Only when she finally returned did she learn her sister was now leading the Tashramadic Council’s branch in Breenaak. She made her way there and met Aynal. The two made amends and continued to have contact with each other long afterwards. Clamora returned home to inform the rest of their family. Her father was happy and even went to meet his daughter on a subsequent visit. Poul however wanted nothing to do with Aynal.

Clamora continues have a life of travel and adventure even though her sister was found. She grew too used to it to give it up afterwards.

Kaplin Longharn

by Carteeg Struve

Kaplin Longharn (Kap’-lin Long’-harn) is the name of a human guise an unknown black dragon used in the latter 4th Age. It is believed he is a servant of the Elder Dragons who learned through either his own or others abilities in divination that the young Gildanesti girl Aynal Teralshall would be key to the Elder Dragon’s victory over a coming enemy not yet in the Midlands.

After locating Aynal begging on a street corner, he scoped her out for several weeks using different appearances. Right before a hurricane hit, he offered to give her shelter. With nowhere else to get protection from the elements, she went with him. He took her to a manor home he had procured and set off to teach her about the Divine Bureaucracy and the Elder Dragons. He also began to subtly teach her how to achieve the mental state (for prayer purposes he claimed) in which she would be able to cast the magic available around the dragon lairs without her realizing it.

Aynal was not the only one ensnared. For unknown reasons, Kaplin quickly fell in love with the Gildanesti girl. The two became lovers, and Kaplin was swiftly addicted to the bipedal intimacy and Aynal’s passion. However he did not reveal his true nature to her.

Seasons later Aynal perceived Kaplin was hiding something and confronted him over dinner. He admitted that his taking her in was not a random act of kindness. “Divine magics pointed me to you. I have watched you under many faces for weeks before using the storm to bring you to me. You are important to us, Aynal. How is uncertain, but the one detail of the future is clear. You will be one of the major key players in a coming conflict between the Dragons and a coming enemy. We need you for victory.”

She tried to escape from the manor, but Kaplin restrained her. She slashed his neck with a steak knife from the dining table and was almost killed in his smaller weaker form. Instinctively, he began to revert back to his natural form. Breaking out of the building, he hunted for Aynal and found her. However a band of adventurers came to her defense. Still weakened by the brush so close with death, he flew off.

Although Kaplin has never been seen again, it is theorized that the black dragon may watching or hunting for Aynal in another form. It is also possible he is already close to her again. Another theory, one not many are willing to believe in, is that Kaplin was not only a supporter of Divine Bureaucracy but in fact Xyvren, the Black Elder Dragon himself.

Terrabell Drysden

by Carteeg Struve

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Bard 3
Alignment: NG

Terrabell Drysden (Tare’-ah’-behl Dreyes’-dehn) (9/16/364 – 8/20/389) was the second daughter of the Drysden family, owner of the Cosickers Hold in Trebiers, FyxZharar. At first Terrabell’s interests was in music, but when her a thief attempting to rob the Hold’s vault murdered her elder sister, control of the business fell to her.

In her twenties she began to show an interest in Casin Yurile, one of the Hold’s employees. However upon meeting a mysterious wanderer named Sabin Mri, she forgot about Casin. After a brief but romantic affair, they conceived a son. Unfortunately months before the child’s birth, Sabin vanished and never returned. During delivery of her son, Chatellin Mri, Terrabell died from sudden and unexpected blood loss.

Her will specified that management of the Hold would fall to her son when he was of age. In the meantime, control would pass on to Casin Yurile.

Seretain Misa

by Carteeg Struve

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Rogue 3 / Sorcerer 3
Alignment: CN

Seretain Misa (Ser’-ah-tayn Mee’-sah) (7/25/395 – current) founded the Auction House in Cosickers Hold at the age of 18 after coming upon a collection of gemstones. She is a tall lanky woman of 6′ 3″ with long straight light brown hair and hazel eyes, and she is known for her bubbly and light-hearted personality. She is also a highly skilled appraiser who can with a quick glance spot most fakes of gems, jewelry, sculptures, or most other items of seeming worth.

Born and raised in a Trebiers orphanage, she initially turned to a life of thievery in order to support herself. Later on she earned enough coin to pay for private tutelage in spell casting. Soon afterwards her purse dried up again and she quickly returned to her old work, but this time employing her new skills.

In her early teens she began to adventure with a number of friends she made, and during her travels Seretain made sure to take an interest in ancient relics and magical devices. Her skills in spotting true treasures grew. In time she was able to decode a scroll one of her friends had and figured it to be a treasure map. After memorizing the map, she snuck away from the group and found a trove of gems hidden somewhere in the mountains of Terragrym. She returned to Trebiers and used the money to begin her own business, figuring it was much easier to let people sell her items they didn’t know the true value of instead of constantly risking her life.

Seretain is an extremely intelligent and friendly woman, but trying to figure her aims out tends to be futile. She has been known to be very generous at times and then suddenly very scheming and selfish. It is rumored she has either a physical or emotional interest in Chatellin Mri, but it is unknown whether this is true or if she is attempting to worm her way into Cosickers’ finances. So far Mri has been keeping a professional distance from her.

Sabin Mri

by Carteeg Struve

Male (race unknown)
Classes: (unknown)
Alignment: (unknown)

Sabin Mri (Say-bin’ Mreye) (??/??/??? – ??/??/???) first appeared in Trebiers, FyxZharar in 386 AD. Initially he had passed through the city and purchased a number of supplies before departing. Sporadically, in later years, he would return and do the same. Often he would talk with others about events, both local and across Adlatum, before going on his way. The most people remembered about him was that he was kind, a human very pleasant of face, and tended to travel around heavily robed, usually with the hood up. The color of the robe changed from year to year, sometimes blue or green or orange, and many noted his voice to be smooth and almost intoxicating. Reports of his hair color tended to vary between dark blond and a light brown. His eyes were said to be green. Memories as to what accent he carried are inconsistent.

In 388 AD, while he was in Trebiers, he began to converse with Terrabell Drysden, the manager of Cosickers Hold. Instead of not appearing for another year or two after his departure, Sabin returned a month later. The next time a fortnight had passed. With each appearance he spent more and more time with Terrabell. By early 389 AD, it became public knowledge that Terrabell was pregnant. Then, without warning, Sabin’s repetitious visits to Trebiers stopped, and he was never seen again. Later that year Sabin’s son Chatellin was born. Terrabell died turning delivery.

Gendar Leevay

by Carteeg Struve

Male Hartdar
Classes: Commoner 5
Alignment: LN

Gendar Leevay (Gen’-dahr Lee-vay’) (1/14/315 – current) is the mayor of Trebiers, FyxZharar. In 390 AD he was elected to the post for life. Prior to his election, the office was held by his own father, Mayor Drosimar Leevay, who had died earlier that same year.

For the last thirty years, Gendar has attempted to keep business in Trebiers clean, lawful, and honest. Since his father had run a number of underhanded dealing, attempting to rook money out of other towns and cities, and given a cut of his profits back to the city, Drosimar became remembered as a political hero to the people of Trebiers. Gendar on the other hand is not showing himself to be as successful due to his attempts to play fair. No doubt if he did not have the support of Chatellin Mri, owner of Cosickers Hold, Gendar would had been pressured out of his seat by now.