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Large City: Conventional; AL CE; 5000 stl limit; Assets 761,395 stl; Population 24,090; Mixed (Human 80%, Gildanesti 6%, Dwarves 5%, Gnomes 5%, Corinesti 2%, Others 2%)
Authority Figures: Heriacious, CE great wyrm white dragon.
Important Characters: Damrye, NE male Oguna; Aynal Teralshall, CN female Gildanesti.
Government: Theocracy
Religion: Tashrama
Trade: Barter-based
Alignment: N, CN, LE, NE, CE

The mountain of Breenaak (Bree’-nahk) is the home of the White Elder Dragon Heriacious and many of her loyal followers. Not only are the mountainside and the interior tunnels home to Scalebound, many others who view Heriacious as one of the True Gods of Krynn take residence here.

The town is under the protection of the dragon’s personal army, lead by the Oguna Damrye. The white branch of the Divine Bureaucracy is lead here in Breenaak by Aynal Teralshall, a Gildanesti Scalebound who uses powerful illusions in public to cover her altered appearance.

Life and Society

Many of those in the city of Breenaak believe strict communal assistance among the general masses will build a stronger force ready to carry out their Goddess’s will. Many barter services and goods instead of using coin, and each home and place of work is a shrine.

Few in Breenaak do not try to praise or help Heriacious in at least some fashion every day. A majority of the populous see themselves as one of the most blessed for living in the city of one of the Elder Dragons. A large number of faithful do hold respect for the other Elder Dragons as well as Heriacious, although they hold most of their reverence for the White.

Not all of Breenaak is fanatically loyal to Heriacious. There are groups who reside here solely to share in (or steal) the Elder Dragon’s power and hopeful success. Being this close to her and the core of her followers, such people are not too open with their more secular view of the white. They know enough to keep their mouths shut enough at the right times and saying the correct words at the right moments in order to better their standing both with the local populous and the great dragon.

Major Features

The small city that has shares the name of the mountain was constructed outside of the lair’s main gates. The city rests between two other peaks, Conralis (southeast) and Savenfall (northwest), each to either side of the city. Although it is not a structural marvel compared to Karsuhon, the perpetually snow and ice covered city was put together using magic that shaped the buildings and columns from the rock and ice itself. Much of the city is stylized in a manner fitting to worship all of the Elder Dragon Gods, although the Goddess Heriacious is praised most of all here.

Brief History

Although for centuries many in Breenaak were unaware of the Elder Dragon who was living within the massive cavern complex beneath their feet, those faithful to the Tashrama worshipped exactly as how the clergy directed them. The city grew and prospered as more and more people came to live in a communal setting of a simple life and faith.

During the Days of Darkness, the city was attacked by creatures of flame and smoke. A beautiful creature had earlier emerged from the cavern and took to the air, and when the monsters began to swarm into the region through rents in the sky, the sleek beast assisted the city in its defense. After the assault, the creature disappeared back into the cavern. Many debated the beast’s identity, and several whispered it to had been one of gods taken flesh to save them in their hour of need.

Decades later, when Montegron’s announcement that dragons controlled the Tashrama church reached the population’s ears, many did not believe it. But when Heriacious stepped out into the Courtyard of Celestial Ice to reveal herself to the world and declare her divinity, a large number of people remembered her fighting for them almost 40 years before. Those people bowed in worship. The others who felt deceived tried to leave the city, claiming that Montegron had revealed the truth. The gods they had worshipped were only monsters. Heriacious’ army slew them as they tried to depart. Only the faithful remained, and now the White Elder Dragon enjoys being worshipped directly and openly.

Important Sites

The Courtyard of Celestial Ice – Before the sizable opening into the mountain cavern, two walls of rock coated in ice reach around a courtyard where the faithful gather for special occasions, especially when Heriacious wishes to say something to her subjects. This area is usually used by the faithful who kneel and pray towards the dragon cavern.

Hall of the Divine White – Near the Courtyard of Celestial Ice, the grand hall acts as the official front of the Tashramadic Council’s activities in the region. For those who have issues or other needs to interact with the church, they come here to conduct their business. High priestess Aynal Teralshall makes an appearance here every so often to insure things are run properly, but the greatest decisions of the Heriacious’ part of the church are made within the lair where Teralshall spends most of her time. On other occasions she travels in order to confer with members of the other branches within the Tashramadic Council.

Heriacious’ Lair – The inside of the lair is also a work of magic. Ice sculptures and marble statues line the cavern walls that have been shaped into scenes depicting the glory of the Elder Dragons. Inside there are many side rooms and chambers dedicated to research of how to manipulate the magic gifted upon her faithful. Shrines have also been set up for the faithful to meditate and rest. Many of the Scalebound who have sworn their lives and souls completely into Heriacious’ service also reside here. Only after a long travel down the massive center cavern will the passage open up into the chambers of Heriacious herself.

Behind the main chamber of Heriacious, she has additional chambers she uses to her liking, whatever her needs and plans are at the time. Additional tunnels that are heavily secured also lead down the mountain into the vastly unexplored ruins that were discovered only just after the Drowning. Heriacious has a number of followers, but not more than she can afford, hunting through the dark passages, trying to find out what lost relics remain down below. The general public of Breenaak has no knowledge of what has so far been discovered, if anything. But since their Goddess does not wish to share her progress, the masses dare not ask.

Needle Spires – Needle spires allow the faithful and members of Heriacious’ army to keep watch over the single northeast pass out of Breenaak in case the heathens of the Midland Guard chose to attack. Spires also line the main roads leading to the gates of the Elder’s cavern to allow watch to be kept over the city as well.

The sides of the spires are covered in the mystical runes which helped form each of the structures from the rock and ice of the land. The base levels of each of the spires act as stations for the army. The armed forces of Breenaak are fairly de-centralized with the exception of Damrye’s offices being located in the complex of Heriacious’ Lair.

Magic is being prepared to build new spires on the mountainsides of Conralis and Savenfall. It is hoped these new towers will allow Breenaak to have a better watch over the nearby lands closer to Karsuhon.

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