A Treatise on the Town of Gateway

Gateway was a community founded during the turbulent years following the Cataclysm. This community is south of the legendary town of Solace and is situated on a crossroad. From its early days to present day one thing has made Gateway a place to visit, the Market. Every resident of the community can speak of the market and what it has done for the community.

Families in Gateway made their fortunes in the Market and also lost them there. From long standing families such as Wheeler, Riggings and Tolin to the departed merchant moguls of Shatterstone, the market has been their lifeblood. For some people like the Shatterstones the market cost them their fortunes and reputations forcing them to seek other communities.

The market of Gateway was a destination for traveler’s and even organizations such as the Seekers. During the years prior to the War of the Lace, the Seekers provided the security to the day to day operations of the market. It wasn’t uncommon to see a robed individual roaming among the stalls carefully watching those about. The market was not only a source of revenue for the community but also contained needed information about the rumors of wars afar.

Even in the town’s darkest hours during the War of the Lance when it was razed to the ground, the Market still operated. It became a place in the days following the destruction that held needed supplies and information that could be bartered. With the end of the war the town of Gateway continued its rebuilding process. It enjoyed a level of trade it had never experienced as travelers from all over Ansalon were moving with freedom not felt since before the Cataclysm.

This Golden Age would not last long as the land would once again be swept up in war and the loss of the gods. In the aftermath of the Chaos War, Gateway struggled to achieve its previous level. With the Dark Knights controlling the elven forests and Dragon Overlords about, the market began to shrink. Market days became more infrequent and the town itself began to suffer.

Through the years leading up to the War of Souls the community of Gateway struggled to maintain its place in the region. With a lack of goods coming out of the elven forests, many travelers chose to stay more in place. The lack of travel in the area nearly caused the Market to be shut down as it was limited to only one day a month of trade.

After the destruction of the Dragon Overlord and the aftermath of the War of Souls, Gateway found itself once again in danger. With the elven nation fleeing and hostile creatures entering the area the town found itself with little hope. Reaching out to the north the town council asked that Solace assist with their protection. The move to include Solace as its protectorate was intended to be a temporary move until the town was back on its feet.

The community of Gateway as of 435 AC is still struggling to regain its height of power in the years post War of the Lance. With the loss of the elven community in the south the Market finds fewer and fewer merchants traveling there. While still a destination for those seeking the rare and exotic item the crowds have also thinned. For a community that depends upon its market to sustain it, hard times have fallen on Gateway.

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