A Timeline of Gunthar (Sancrist)

The following is a timeline for the nation of Gunthar (Sancrist).

1775 PC- The Vision

In the Whitestone Glade, Vinas Solamnus is sent a vision from Paladine, Kiri Jolith and Habbakuk to form a great forced dedicated to the gods of Good and who embrace the idea of honor. From the vision Solumnus lays the foundation for the organization who are called the Knights of Solamnia.

993 PC- The Building

In the forested sections of the isle, an engineering company of the Knights of Solamnia came across the location of a strong defensive position. This location would allow immediate response to any potential invasion of the isle and being on a river allowed for supplies to be easily sent to the site. The knighthood approached the Wistan family who after visiting the site agreed to pay for the construction of the castle. Once completed the Wistan family would occupy the castle until the death of the last of the line, Gunthar uth Wistan in 392 AC.

1 AC- The Cataclysm

As the rest of Ansalon was left in ruins following the Cataclysm, the isle of Sancrist found little in change. When the residents of the villages and castles begin to explore the land after experience the shaking of the world, they discovered that some of the coast had risen into steep cliffs. The Knights of Solamnia sent ships to the mainland of Ansalon to learn more about the events.

4 AC- News of the World Changes

The ship, The Blooming Rose, returns from Palanthas with tragic news. As many had suspected in the years following the Cataclysm the world had indeed changed. The ship’s captain brought the news of the changes in the shipping lanes and that many of the vessels that left had run aground on uncharted reefs or been lost at sea. Others were reported attacked by bands of pirates. News from Palanthas was not good as the Knights learn about the destruction of Istar and the upheaval that it had caused.

351 AC- The Whitestone Council Meets

The Knights of Solamnia form the Whitestone Council which meets for the first time on Sancrist. During its first meeting the five leading nations of the world cannot come to an agreement concerning the Dragon Armies. Instead the discussion becomes bogged down by past feuds and petty squabbles. The council leaves Sancrist with no resolution.

352 AC- The Whitestone Council Meets Again

Meeting in the Whitestone Glade, the representatives of the remaining governments of Ansalon meet to discuss a possible alliance against the Dragon Armies. This council is led by the Knights of Solamnia and focuses on the immediate collapse of the nations of Good. The nations during the second council are able to reach an agreement in which the Whitestone Army is formed.

353 AC- Gunthar is Born

After being elected officially as Grand Master, Gunthar uth Wistan returns to his hereditary home of Castle uth Wistan. Once there he is greeted by the Grand Circle of the Knighthood who inform him that in his honor the Isle of Sancrist was renamed Gunthar. Although met to be an honor, many knights and residents still call the island by its original name of Sancrist.

392 AC- The Olive Branch is Extended/A Dragon Arrives

Castle uth Wistan: In hopes of combining forces to deal with the threat of the Dragon Overlords, the Grand Master, Gunthar uth Wistan invited the Knights of Takhisis to meet. Arriving at Castle uth Wistan, they are led by Mirielle Abrena, Lord of the Night. It is during the meeting that Gunthar is killed in a hunting accident and that Mirielle attempts to seize power. A battle ensues that cements a lasting hatred between the two organizations.

Mt. Nevermind: The dragon overlord Pyrothraxus arrives to take over the island. Unfortunately the mountain range he has chosen to become his lair was occupied by the gnomes. Even though he is a threat to all occupants of the island the dragon overlord has found himself a captive to his own desires.

421 AC- The New Whitestone Council Forms

Under the leadership of Sir Goddard Tasgall a council meets in on the isle. It is formed to fight the forces of Mina. While this council champions the cause of Good, it leaves the Isle of Sancrist and the leaders of it reside in Solamnia.

424 AC- The Death of a Grand Master

Grand Master Liam Ehrling dies in Castle uth Wistan. His loss signifies the last possible attempt to reunite the various factions of the knighthood that had seized control of various parts of the mainland Solamnia. He is buried in the crypts below the castle and his death is mourned by the entire island.

425 AC- The Grand Circle Meets

The Grand Circle of the Knighthood meets to elect a new Grand Master. While there is clear support of Goddard Tasgall for becoming the next head of the order, the circle cannot elect him since he has refused to leave Sanction. Frustrated by the situation the circle resolves without officially electing a new head.

427 AC- A Grand Master Elected

Meeting once again the Grand Circle of the Knighthood has elected not to elect Tasgall as he has refused the summons for the last two years. Instead the circle chooses Ehrling’s aide-de-camp, Michel Cataya as the new Grand Master. Shocked liked many of the younger members of the knighthood , Cataya accepts the position and immediately begins to promote many of those knights.

429 AC- Death of a Dragon

With the dragon Pyrothraxus continuing to slip into deeper madness the Grand Master Michel Cataya fears the worst. Within the last few months the dragon had begun to experience a steady loss of sanity and had begun to delve into the realms of experimentation. Fearing that the gnomes would become a twisted perversion of the themselves, he ordered General Jackson Kalkwarf to lead an expedition to slay the dragon. Wielding a dragonlance, Kalkwarf personally slew the dragon after discovering the lair in which he had started to make changes to captured gnomes. Sickened by the news of the changes to many of the captives Kalkwarf pledges to quest to find a cure.

433 AC- The Great Migration Begins

With the order of Solamnic Emperor Jaymes Markhem to the the loyal knights and citizens of Solamnia to swear off the knighthood or leave, the first ships leave to reach Sancrist. Meeting the refugees on the docks the Grand Master weeps openly at the sight. These people set up camps outside of Gavin and Markennan as they wait for lands to be available.

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