A Kender’s Pouch

A list of 100 things one might find in a kender’s pouch. The DM should roll 1d100 (percentile dice) for the item(s).

1- Uncle Tas’ Belly button lint
2- White chicken feather
3- Silver spoon
4- Three polished river stones
5- Five steel pieces
6- Ring of Teleportation
7- Piece of wood that resembles a minotaur (but it isn’t carved)
8- Orange stockings
9- Rat skull
10- A dead rat
11- Sea shell
12- Lock of griffon hair (actually horse hair)
13- Fossilized frog skeleton
14- Magic Glasses of True Seeing (such as Tas used in Dragons of Winter Night)
15- Handle of a dagger (minus the blade)
16- Unicorn horn
17- Three pages of a Knight of Solamnia’s War Journal
18- Vial of acid from a black dragon
19- Jar with an insect inside
20 -Two rubies
21- A mug from a respectable tavern
22- A hammer (a work hammer not suitable for battle)
23- Holy Item (DM’s Choice)
24- Piece of deer antler
25- Piece of untanned leather
26- Minotaur hoof (it’s really just a cow hoof)
27- Keys to an unknown jail cell
28- A piece to a Khas game
29- Half a deck of cards
30- Wizards and Warlocks piece (a pewter miniature)
31- Magical Snowball that doesn’t melt
32- A piece of blackroot
33- Horse shoe
34- Seven leaf clover
35- Four leaf clover
36- A rabbit’s foot (actually it’s only a cat’s paw)
37- Whale bone needle
38- Completely unraveled fishing line
39- Fishing hook
40- A red feather
41- A toe nail claw from a Kyrie
42- A fish skeleton (with attached head and eyes)
43- A love letter that belongs to someone else
44- Small jar of invisibility salve
45- Small bag of acorns and seed
46- A piece of “Space Rock” (it’s really just a normal rock)
47- A beaded necklace (non-magical)
48- A baby’s rattle
49- Rattle snake tail
50- A wanted poster of someone
51- A wanted poster of the kender who owns the pouch
52- Moldy cheese
53- A boiled egg
54- A sun dried cricket
55- A small tin with wax in it
56- A boot lace
57- A piece of sky (it’s just a piece of a blue paint chip)
58- A miniature hoopak made from tooth picks
59- Half of a Solamnic Knight’s moustache
60- A funny hat
61- Monkey’s paw
62- Cow bell
63- A bottle of tree sap
64- Candle
65- Candle stick
66- A child’s doll
67- Tavern menu
68- A fork
69- Part of a bee’s hive
70- A cork to a bottle
71- Gnomish tool set
72- A bit of wool from a sheep
73- A bit of flesh from a zombie
74- A vampire’s tooth
75- Seventeen dead rollie pollies
76- A dead butterfly
77- A piece of cactus
78- An old cracked smoker’s pipe
79- Broken sling shot
80- Small shriveled up octopus tentacle
81- A small star fish
82- A flute (rumored to once be owned by Uncle Trapspringer)
83- A paint brush
84- Four marbles
85- An apple
86- A half eaten carrot
87- A slice of jerky
88- A salt shaker (full)
89- A pepper shaker (empty)
90- A green ball of slime
91- A live ferret
92- A twelve sided die
93- A potato peeler
94- An artist’s chisel
95- A deed to someone’s house
96- Cooled lava rock
97- A mushroom
98- Nothing (the pouch has a hole in it)
99- Another kender’s pouch (roll again)
100- DM’s choice

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