A Death Mass Song

Kender roasting on an open fire,
Hell hounds nipping at your gnomes,
Black Robed wizard impaled on a spire,
His death curse sealing off my home.
Everybody knows Takhisis and her minion horde.
Plan to kill Solamnic Knights.
Tiny dwarves stuck with kender who’re bored
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know a mountain’s coming down
To kill a Kingpriest and to make all Istar drown.
A cataclysm is no treat.
Except for kender who think it’s really neat.

And so I’m offering some sound advice,
For elves from 6 to 902.
Don’t kill yourselves: it is not very nice!
There are others to do it for you.

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    I have sinned enough against the world. Teaching magic to a kender would ensure my damnation.

    — Raistlin Majere, Dragons of Summer Flame