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Merry Christmas!
Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays! We have a lot of cool stuff planned for the new year, so keep watching!

Larry Elmore on Great Day Live!
Hey, gang, thought I’d let you know that Larry Elmore was on TV recently on Great Day Live! He talks about his Kickstarter, his art, and the strong women that he paints.

Otik’s Spiced Potato Cook-Off
Otik, owner of the Inn of the Last Home, has come down with gully dwarf fever. While he is recovering, he has asked you to take over the inn. If you think you have what it takes, then check out Otik’s Spiced Potato Cook-off!

Happy birthday Tracy Hickman!
Happy birthday to the father of Dragonlance, Tracy Hickman!

Stan! leaves Wizards of the Coast.
EN World is reporting that Stan! has left Wizards of the Coast. The news announcement includes links to a 3-part article posted by Stan! about the situation.

Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us at the Dragonlance Nexus, we wanted to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

The +5 Crossword of Slaying – Part 17
The +5 Crossword of Slaying has a healthy dose of Dragonlance clues in it this week. Test your D&D knowledge here.

Elmore Kickstarter Stretch Goal – DL Cover Prints!
From Larry Elmore…”Once we hit one hundred thousand, I will include three limited edition 8″ x 10″ prints of the three original Dragonlance Book covers — Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning — in every contributor’s package.” To contribute, check out his Kickstarter project.

Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook
Larry Elmore has a new Kickstarter going where he is going to be selling a new art book: Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook. It’s 256 pages of his artwork, as well as a bit of a history of the man himself. The video explains it better. Be sure to check out that sweet ride of his, too!

DL Character on io9’s 10 Dorkiest Characters
io9 has just posted its list of 10 Dorkiest Characters (Who are Undefeated Badasses). On the list is none other than Fizban the Fabulous!

Ramblings by the Fire
The Palanthas Herald presents the first of a series of online articles.

Ramblings by the Fire

Kender (Pathfinder Conversion)
Looking for some Pathfinder content for your Dragonlance game? Look no further! I got the bug to give my hand at some Pathfinder content, and what better way to start than with Dragonlance’s version of halflings. Check out the kender Pathfinder conversion!

Dragonlance God and Goddess in the new D&D Next Playtest
Dragonlance is back! In the new playtest for D&D Next, there is a section on Deities located in the Cleric section. In it, two gods, the Lifebringer and the Protector are said to correspond to the Dragonlance deities Mishakal and Paladine, respectively. You can check it out here.

Greg Bilsand on Dragonlance and D&D Next
Check out this blog by Wizards of the Coast developer, Greg Bilsand, on his Dragonlance game using D&D Next. Head on over to the Wandering Bard for Part 1 and Part 2.

4E Ritual – Scribe Scroll
Member Raistlinrox has provided us with a new ritual for D&D 4E, Scribe Scroll. You can check it out here.

The Life of Soth
This month’s Dragon Magazine is featuring an article about none other than Dragonlance’s own Lord Soth! Check out the Dragon Magazine #416 for more information here.

New Recipe – Hearts of Chislev!
Dragonlance uber-fan Brett Deaton has passed on a great new recipe – Hearts of Chislev. Give these cheesecake stuffed strawberries a try!

Wandering Monsters: Minotaurs
Wizards of the Coast posted an interesting article on the Minotaur from D&D. The article makes special mention of the Krynnish Minotaurs from the Dragonlance setting. Check the article out here. Make sure to vote in the polls!

D&D Next Dragonlance Quick Start Rules
Want to use the latest D&D Next Playtest to play a Dragonlance game? Check these quick start rules out here. You can join the playtest for the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons here.

Secrets of TSR
Hey, gang, check out the Secrets of TSR panel from PaizoCon! Lots of great TSR tidbits, including some Dragonlance stuff. Panelists include Jeff Grubb, Pierce Watters, Rob Lazzaretti, Dave Gross, Wolfgang Baur, and Stan!

Dragonlance Canticle #54 – Lord Soth
Chuck argues that Lord Soth is a series of wasted opportunities for Dragonlance. Tristan argues that Lord Soth is totally awesome just the way he is. Trampas moderates. Astonishingly, a conclusion is reached by all three parties! All of this in the latest episode of the Dragonlance Canticle!

Channel Divinity: Chauntea and Silvanus
Wait, hold the phone! This is a Dragonlance site, right? So why are we reporting about a Forgotten Realms article on Chauntea and Silvanus? Because there are notes on adapting the material in the article to the Dragonlance campaign. Enjoy!

Tinker Gnomes in Pathfinder?
If Pathfinder is your game of choice for Dragonlance and you’re looking for rules on tinker gnomes, then you may want to check out the new Advanced Race Guide. There’s a gear gnome racial subtype and a master tinker alternate racial trait. Check it out!

Dragonlance Canticle #53 – Two Non-Dragonlance Novels
In the latest episode of the Dragonlance Canticle, Tristan reviews the latest Weis and Hickman novel, Rage of the Dragon. Then author Steven Henry talks about his novel Ember of Dreams.

The Drive Home #98: Dragonlance!
Brett Deaton was kind enough to send me this YouTube video he did. In it, he talks about his love for Dragonlance, and gives some love to the Nexus and Canticle. Be sure to check out The Drive Home #98!

WotC Posts Mariner Theme
Looking for a way to play a mariner in your 4th edition game? Need to make your wizard into a sea mage? Then check out the new mariner theme posted on WotC’s site (subscription required). Cool stuff in it, including roles on a ship and a sample ship, the Osprey.

Poll: How should the mystic be represented in Pathfinder?
Many Dragonlance fans have made the switch from 3e to Pathfinder. Yet there is no mystic class for Pathfinder. We want to know how you would represent the mystic in Pathfinder. Vote here!

Dragonlance Nexus News #63
We have just released our latest issue of the newsletter! Be certain to check out the Nexus News.

+5 Crossword of Slaying, Part 9
Well, it has been a while, but DL is back… in the crossword puzzle. After a bit of a hiatus, the new +5 Crossword of Slaying, Part 9 contains two clues from Dragonlance. Check it out here.

Dragon Submissions Open – For Dragonlance!
Wizards of the Coast has opened up submissions for Dragon and Dungeon magazines. According to Greg Bilsland in this article, WotC is interested in seeing more Dragonlance submissions. Are you up for the challenge?

Wizards of the Coast Announce 2013 Dragonlance Product Schedule!
The Lance is back, though some of the products are surprising. Check the upcoming Product Schedule!

The Kender Herald
Help….I have been captured by kender and they have over taken my office. I am currently locked in my closet and forced to listen to their endless prattle.

Kender Herald

Dragonlance Comic Blog
There are still folks out there critiquing Dragonlance. Check out this blog about Issue 32 Sword of the Kinslayer pt. 3.

Minis Game
An interesting take on a Dragonlance battle using Zulus and British. Check it out here.

Remembering Gary:
March 4th is a difficult anniversary for many in the hobby industry as it marks the passing of Gary Gygax. Please remember Gary in this time of year and what he did for our interest.

Dragon’s Eye View
Today, if you were to visit the main D&D website, dailydnd.com, you would see the cover art of Dragons of Mystery (also the cover art of the War of the Lance sourcebook). The article this is for is talking about iconic D&D art, and iconic DL artists Larry Elmore and Matt Stawicki are front and center. Check the article out here.

+5 Crossword of Slaying, Part 5
The latest edition of +5 Crossword of Slaying is chock-full of Dragonlance references, including a reference to Margaret Weis and her nameless cohort. Check it out here.

Tika’s Cookbook: Mebuddhist’s Wicked Cheesey Dip
Tika just added a new recipe to her cookbook – Mebuddhist’s Wicked Cheesey Dip. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald #3
The February edition of the Herald is out. Please take a look at the newly revised edition of Palanthas Herald. If you would like to leave your feedback about the e-magazine you can do so on this thread.

Dragon Mound Review by: Richard A. Knaak
Dragonlance author Richard A. Knaak released his latest book Dragon Mound and the early reviews are positive. If you would like to leave your feedback about the series or ask Mr. Knaak himself a question you can do so on this thread.

D&D Future Products
Mike Mearls and the crew give some much needed information about the future D&D products in this video.

Does Dragonlance Have Only One Story?
Chris Perkins has posted his latest editorial for Dragon in which he announced that the Forgotten Realms would be the main focus in the next year. Also in his editorial he wrote his thoughts about Dragonlance which can be found here. This has spurred quite the discussion here also on the forums.

News from DDXP
Dave Chalker lets us know about his experience with the new edition of D&D. He attended the D&D Experience and gave us a recap.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying System
Our friends at Margaret Weis Productions have been working in secret on their new gaming system called Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and have been releasing previews of the new product. . To discuss this new product check out this thread from the forums.

EN World’s Morrus – “Let’s Forget the Forgotten Realms”
EN World’s Morrus posted an editorial that makes some interesting points – Let’s Forget the Forgotten Realms. In it, he suggests that the Realms shouldn’t be the 5e default setting, and that Greyhawk should. He also mentions how Dragonlance should be their first adventure path. Agree or disagree? Feel free to discuss the topic on our forums.

Palanthas Herald January 2012 #2
The Palanthas Herald is returning for the new year. Sit back, relax, and enjoy issue #2 of the Palanthas Herald.

Palanthas Herald January 12

New Edition of D&D Coming
Wizards of the Coast announced today that they are working on the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons. You can see the announcement here. Also in the same link is the sign up for the open playtesting for the new edition. Take this opportunity to be a part of D&D history and sign up. Who knows, maybe they will consider Dragonlance this time around. Time will tell!

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