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4E Cosmology in Dragonlance
Looking to figure out how 4th edition’s cosmology works in Dragonlance? Then check out Zarvox’s article on 4E Cosmology in Dragonlance. Check it out!

Mystics of 4th Edition
For those of you wanting to play a mystic using the D&D 4th edition rules, we’ve got a treat for you. Presenting Mystics of 4th Edition, a how-to guide that will enable you to create a mystic character with the rules as written. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
From all of us here at the Nexus, I want to wish you a very merry Christmas! Now where’s my Santa hat?

“Strange Theft,” A Fan-Created Module Using the Pathfinder Rules
LionAzure, a relative newcomer to the Nexus online fan community, has written a Dragonlance module using the Pathfinder rules. Inspired by another fan-created adventure, “Traded Dillemna,” LionAzure’s “Strange Theft” is written for a party of four to five second level characters in mind. It’s set in the city of Sanction during the Age of Dreams. We hope that all of you Dragonlance/Pathfinder fans will enjoy this adventure!

Chronicles Omnibus Cover
The Margaret Weis Productions website has posted a sneak peek at the cover of 2010’s re-release of the Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The art, by Matt Stawicki, is all-new.

AD&D Designer Q&A!
We have a very special treat for all you fans of the AD&D era of Dragonlance gaming. AD&D designers Colin McComb and Tim Beach will be joining us on the AD&D Designer Q&A Thread. You can ask about some of your favorite AD&D products that they worked on, and get some insight on the world of Krynn at the time. Feel free to join in!

Morinesti, Darkwatch Elves
For those that have ever wanted to play drow in Dragonlance in a way that didn’t go against the setting, we’ve got a treat for you. Presenting the Morinesti (Darkwatch Elves), a group of elves corrupted to darkness by Morgion.

Dragon Codices Series shortened
Jeff Sampson kindly posted on our forums to advise that the Dragonlance Codices (Young Readers) series has been cut short. Originally 10 books were planned in the series (1 for each dragon type), but it has been reduced to 7, with Gold Dragon Codex the last planned release. You can talk about it on this thread.

Draconomicon 2 Preview: Draconians!
Wizards of the Coast has posted a draconian preview from the pages of Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons. Check out the baaz and sivak draconians, and see some info on all the draconian types, including three new draconian types – adamaaz, ferak, and kobaaz.

Lexicon: Temple of Luerkhisis, Immolatus and more!
Gang, I’ve been knocking out a few articles recently, particularly from material out of Brothers in Arms, and some based around the War of the Lance. A few notables are: Antimodes, Immolatus, Temple of Luerkhisis, Harkiel the Bender, Harrawell Dracart, Wyrllish Parkane. If there are any articles you are searching for, please contact the Lexicon team so we may add it to our list.

The Devas of Godshome
Think that the new races introduced in the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition game have no place in Dragonlance? Think again! Presenting The Devas of Godshome, an article that showcases how devas can be used in Dragonlance. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!
Hey, gang, thought I’d let you know about a couple of fun Halloween treats we have for your Dragonlance goody bags. Darcwulf has been kind enough to write up Fangorsting’s Monster and the Mate of Fangorsting. Plus, Kender Undead by Kipper Snifferdoo. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Draconians from Draconomicon 2
Want to see what the draconians are going to look like in Draconomicon 2? Then take a gander at this thread for details. According to Wizards of the Coast’s website, they will have a preview article about draconians on November 6.

We’re Back!
Hey, gang, we are back! The move to the new server is done, and after going through a gnomish committee, we’re back in action. Thanks to our local resident aesthetic, Uziel, for his hard work getting us going again. Let’s get back to all the fun!

Fan Rules Updates
Hey, gang, thought I’d let you know that we have several new items in our fan rules section. Enjoy!

Dragons of Despair 4e Conversion
Hey, folks, check out this 4e conversion of Dragons of Despair.

Dragonlance Canticle #19: Live Interview With Richard Knaak!
We have just released episode #19 of the Dragonlance Canticle, featuring an interview with Richard Knaak. Richard is on tour promoting the Legends of the Dragonrealm compilation.

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist – Hourglass Mage Give-Away
Hey, folks, check out Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, which is giving away copies of Dragons of the Hourglass Mage.

Margaret Weis Blog Tour
Margaret Weis will be going on a blog tour. For more information, check out this thread. For additional information, see WotC’s Blog Tour page.

Book Reviews Posted
Hey, gang, thought I’d let you know that there are several new book reviews that have been posted, including several by our friend Beezer. Thanks to Beezer and our other contributors for the reviews!

Herald’s Report: The Treatian Manuscript
The Herald’s Report brings you an alternate take on the events of the Third Dragon War – The Treatian Manuscript. It was acquired through unusal circumstances and portrays Magius as the true hero responsible for banishing the Queen of Darkness during that troubling time. Is this a work of fiction? Is it an act of wish fulfillment on the part of wizards? Or is it some artifact from an alternate timeline? You decide.

Iryl Songbrook, Student of the Seven
We have just posted a 4th edition conversion of Iryl Songbrook, bard of the isle of Schallsea, chronicler of the Citadel of Light, and Student of the Seven. Enjoy!

The Old Man with the Canaries
In WotC’s recent September Previews, there is an excerpt from Draconomicon 2 called The Old Man with the Canaries. This excerpt can easily be adapted to your 4th edition Dragonlance games.

New Fan Rules Submission!
Dungeon Masters who are trying to run Key of Destiny using the 4th Edition rules should check out our newest fan rules submission. Sephzero’s awesome update of the infamous Blade of Betrayal will save any DM some of that pesky conversion work!

D&D Podcast Talks Dragonlance and GenCon
On the latest episode of the D&D podcast, the hosts talk about GenCon, the Dragonlance 25th anniversary celebration, and the winner of the “Ultimate Dragonlance Fan” contest, Justin Mitchell (sp?). Congrats to Justin!

Kudos to Tal on his Speech!
I wanted to say kudos to our good friend Tal, who was invited to speak about Dragonlance fandom at the Dragonlance 25th anniversary celebration. From all reports, it was a masterful speech, one that brought tears to Margaret’s eyes. Way to go, Tal!

Marriage Proposal at GenCon
Margaret Weis reports in this thread about an amazing marriage proposal at GenCon. It’s an amazing story. Congratulations to Larry and Katie, from all of us here at the Nexus!

Dark Sun for 2010
There has been a lot of hype about what the 2010 D&D setting is going to be, and many fans have speculated it may be Dragonlance. However, Wizards of the Coast just announced at GenCon that the 2010 setting will be Dark Sun. Check the link for a stunning cover to the campaign guide! You can follow the discussion on this thread.

Margaret Weis Q&A Document
Board member Dalamar_the_Dark has compiled over 400 questions asked to Margaret Weis on our forums. Be sure to check out the Margaret Weis Q&A Document! Props to Dalamar for his hard work.

Wrathful Avenger of Sargonnas
We’re proud to present a 4th edition conversion of a 3rd edition prestige class – the Wrathful Avenger of Sargonnas paragon path! This is a perfect option for avengers in the Dragonlance campaign setting.

Ultimate DL Fan Winning Essay Posted
Wizards of the Coast has posted the winning essay for the Ultimate Dragonlance Fan contest. I would like to extend congratulations on behalf of the Dragonlance Nexus for the winning essay. Keep watching the Nexus, as we will be posting some of the other entries for the contest in the near future.

WotC Releases Monster Builder Beta!
Wizards of the Coast has released the Monster Builder Beta! A D&D Insider subscription is required. This is a fun little tool, and we’re giving it a test spin on the forums. To give you an idea of what Monster Builder Beta can do, we present the Icewall Tiger and a 4th edition conversion of the autognome.

Facebook: Wanderlust #2
We’ve updated our Facebook page with a new blog post in Wanderlust #2, where we talk about alternate realities and the Magocracy of Ansalon timeline.

Herald’s Report: Theories of Mysticism, the Kamatlan, and the Deva of Godshome
The Herald’s Report returns with more of the latest news from the world of Krynn! Iryl Songbrook sends this missive to the Herald detailing a new monster, strange beings called deva in the City of Godshome, and Cassandra Renay’s theories on the true nature of mysticism. The Herald’s Report originated in the pages of Legends of the Lance, and lives on here! Check it out!

Dragonlance Comics on Hiatus
According to the Devil’s Due Website, the various D&D comic books, including the Dragonlance comics, have been placed on hiatus. You can talk about it on this thread.

Dragonlance Canticle #18: Lost Episode!
Hey, podcast fans, be sure to check out the lost episode of the Dragonlance Canticle. Gerrin and I have a discussion of 4th edition arcane magic in the world of Dragonlance. Enjoy!

Hourglass Mage Review!
Be sure to check out Talinthas’ review of Dragons of the Hourglass Mage, and see why he gives the final novel in the Lost Chronicles series five out of five stars! Note that there may be some spoilers.

Hourglass Mage Sample Chapter, DL Guide, and Wallpaper!
Wizards of the Coast has posted a sample chapter of the final novel of the Lost Chronicles trilogy, Dragons of the Hourglass Mage. An illustrated Dragonlance Guide can also be downloaded along with the sample chapter, and be sure to check out the Hourglass Mage wallpaper!. Be sure to order your copy of Hourglass Mage through the Nexus and support the site!

New Fan Art – Ertaç ALTINÖZ
I’ve just added some fantastic new artwork from a few different artists to the Fan Art section. We treasure the artwork that makes our site look wonderful, and I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to one special artist in particular who has submitted four remarkable pieces of work: Ertaç ALTINÖZ. I strongly encourage everyone to enjoy the visual feast of Raistlin, Death of Sturm, and Kitiara, in particular.

Products Section Up To Date
Folks, thought I’d let you know that the Products Section has been updated. Among the products is the final installment of the Lost Chronicles trilogy, Dragons of the Hourglass Mage. Remember that you can order Hourglass Mage and the products through the Nexus, which helps to support the site.

Draconians in Draconomicon II
Wizards of the Coast confirmed in their latest Ampersand article (subscription required) that draconians will be making an appearance in Draconomicon II: Metallic Dragons. Included are new draconian breeds…Adamaaz (adamantine), Ferak (iron), and Kobaaz (cobalt). The article also has stats on an aurak draconian (level 8 controller[leader]) and a sivak draconian (level 8 skirmisher).

2009 Origins Awards Winners
The 2009 Origins Awards winners have been announced. Unfortunately, Lost Leaves From The Inn of the Last Home did not win in its category. However, we wanted to wish our friends at Margaret Weis Productions our congratulations on winning in the Role-Playing Game Supplement category with Serenity Adventures. Congrats, MWP!

New Fan Rules Submissions – A DL Rogue’s Gallery
Every game of Dungeons and Dragons needs good villains to bedevil its heroes. Here are a few 3.5 and 4E baddies created by our fan community as a part of the 2008-2009 Villains Challenge. Meet Cal, Leaz-ei, Tamas Rhaal, and Halkor. Your players will hate them (but in a good way)!

Lucien Soulban No Longer Writing RPGs or Novel Tie-Ins
According to Lucien Soulban’s Facebook Page, he will no longer be writing for RPG books or novel tie-ins for those RPG worlds. Renegade Wizards marks his last foray into the realm of fantasy fiction. UPDATE: Lucien gives the Dragonlance community a personalized farewell on this thread, and he has some pretty cool things to say too! From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, we want to wish Lucien the best on his career.

Fate of Thorbardin Cover Spotted
Board member Phoenix555 has spotted the cover of Fate of Thorbardin.

Music of the Lance – A Glimpse Into the Making of a Soundtrack
Karl Preusser, composer of the music for Dragons of Autumn Twilight, recently posted a link to a video on YouTube that provides a glimpse behind the scenes of the creation of the soundtrack for the animated movie. You can find the clip HERE! The video itself isn’t new but the link to it is provided here for those of you who haven’t seen it.

Happy Father’s Day!
From all of us here at the Nexus, I wanted to wish all you dragon-dads a happy Father’s Day!

Various DL Titles Go Out of Print
Margaret Weis made a note on the forums that authors are receiving letters saying that various DL novels are going out of print. Among the ones she mentioned are Doom Brigade, Draconian Measures, and Annotated Chronicles. For more information, please visit this thread.

Dragonlance Miniatures!
We’ve seen a few Dragonlance miniatures of late. You can check out the aurak and sivak draconians on this page. You can also check out the Male Human Paladin, who bears a strange resemblence to a picture of Ariakas. It seems to be the Tanis/Free League Ranger thing all over again! Available soon in the Monster Manual: Legendary Evils miniatures packs.

New Fan Rules Submissions!
If you’re a 3.5 Dragonlance DM who’s making heavy use of dark dwarves in your games you’ll want to check out our latest fan rules submissions! daperdepa has created a new spell, imbue replica, for creating a deadly construct called a replica. These seemingly non-descript objects are fearsome guardians that are sure to give your players a nasty surprise. Check them out!

Ultimate Dragonlance Fan Contest!
Wizards of the Coast is having an Ultimate Dragonlance Fan contest. Are you the ultimate Dragonlance fan? Check the link for official rules and good luck to everyone!

Sean “Kipper Snifferdoo” Macdonald interviewed by Kobold Quarterly
Former Whitestone Council member Sean Macdonald was recently interviewed by Kobold Quarterly.

Out-of-Print Titles — May 2009
Wizards of the Coast has released their May 2009 update for their out-of-print books, which includes several Dragonlance titles.

5 Million Hits and a Facebook Page!
Folks, it is with great pride that I announce that the Nexus has exceeded 5 million hits! On behalf of the Nexus staff, I wanted to offer my thanks to everyone for their support over the years. To celebrate, we have created the Dragonlance Nexus Facebook Page! If you’re on Facebook, become a fan and network with other Dragonlance fans. Plus, exclusive content! We’re kicking it off with the first issue of my Dragonlance blog, Wanderlust.

The Gargoyle King Cover!
Ravenmantle has just spotted the cover of The Gargoyle King on Amazon. It’s stunning! Remember, you can order your copy from our product section.

David Eddings Passed Away
The Dragonlance Nexus would like to offer its condolences to the family and friends of fantasy author David Eddings, who passed away earlier this week. Eddings was perhaps best known for his Belgariad and Mallorean series.

Character Builder Updates
For those who are a subscriber to the D&D Insider, you will find that the latest update to the Character Builder now includes 4th edition stats and a portrait for Raistlin, and two portraits for Tanis. Check it out!

Villains Challenge Winner Announced
Although competition in the 2008-2009 Villains Challenge was stiff there is finally a winner! Please congratulate clarkvalentine on his victory for creating an unlikely heroic foil, paladin of Mishakal Tam Streetpreacher, on this thread. Feel free to discuss the other entries as well. Congratulations again to clarkvalentine!

Minotaurs in Player’s Handbook 3!
The cover of the Player’s Handbook 3 is out, and on the front, it depicts a minotaur charging into action. That’s right, the minotaur now appears to be joining the ranks as a PHB race come March 2010. Thanks to Sallis the Silver Blaze for the scoop. Check out why fans are saying that the minotaur looks like it comes straight out of a Richard Knaak novel on this thread.

Farewell Uziel
It is my sad duty to report the resignation of Uziel, who has been functioning as our webmaster, head moderator, and as a Lexicon scribe. For more information and to offer Uziel your well wishes, please visit this thread.

New Fan Rules Submissions
Sephzero has given us a plethora of material, old and new, for use in your 3.5 games of Dungeons & Dragons. Converted from the classic modules Mists of Krynn and World of Krynn are the grey elven wizardess Stevie and the dread Rod of Elemental Fire. Then, those adventurers in the Age of Mortals who wish to follow in the footsteps of the famous Herald should consider joining the Keepers of the Word. Enjoy!

Finding the Heart – Volume I of the Heart of the Righteous Adventure Path
In 2005, a group of fans got together with the express purpose of producing a new adventure for Dragonlance. The Adventure Portal Design Team worked for over a year to put the adventure together. However, real life reared its twelve ugly heads and the adventure was never completed. For nearly three years it has sat on the hard drives of several stalwart individuals who kept the project alive but never could bring it to fruition. Recently I took a fresh look at the adventure and realized that it wasn’t doing any good hanging around on my hard drive, so I made the decision to break the adventure up into several adventures and make an adventure path out of them. I got motivated and managed to motivate several of the old Adventure Portal Design Team members and together we have knocked out this first volume in the Heart of the Righteous Adventure Path. Without further delay I give you Finding the Heart.

War Wizard of Ansalon
We are happy to present a 4th edition update to a 3rd edition classic. It’s the War Wizard of Ansalon.

D&D Test Drive
If you’re wondering what all the hubbub of 4th edition is about, then check out the D&D Test Drive, which includes a free copy of the Quick-Start Rules and Keep on the Shadowfell. Check it out!

WotC Tribute to Dave Arneson
Wizards of the Coast has posted a D&D Alumni article on Dave Arneson, co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons game. We, here, at the Nexus are saddened by his passing. It is through his efforts that the D&D game was born, a foundation that would eventually lead to the creation of Dragonlance.

Lost Leaves Nominated the 2009 Origins Awards!
Jamie Chambers of Margaret Weis Productions has reported that Lost Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home has been nominated in the Best Non-Fiction category in the 35th Annual Origins Awards. For more information, check out this thread.

Scanion Ribtickler Converted to 4th edition
Now that Uziel has driven away the gnomes (thanks, Uzi!), I can now tell you that we’ve converted Scanion Ribtickler, an afflicted kender druid from the Citadel of Light. It’s a new edition with new ways at looking at old favorites. More conversions are on their way!

Darn Gnomes!
Apologies on the lack of updates on the main page of late folks. We’ve had a few problems with gnomes in the system of late. However I’ve driven them off with my trusty Dragonlance, and we’re back on the air! Stand by for updates. Incoming!

Dragonlance Canticle Podcast Returns!
It’s the return of the Dragonlance Canticle, the voice of the Dragonlance Nexus! This episode is actually a special episode of Fear the Boot, where I talk to the ‘Booters about building fan sites, and in particular, the Nexus.

Ansalonian Herald, issue #174 for Brookgreen 15th
That’s right dear friends, it’s time for another issue of the Ansalonian Herald. This week’s crop of articles come to us from Caergoth, Kalaman, Palanthas, and Solace. First from Caergoth we received word of two factions of the Knights of Neraka battling over the right to rob a caravan carrying artifacts. My how the mighty have fallen. Next, from Kalaman we were told about an ominous storm brewing in the Northern Wastes. This reporter hopes it isn’t like the one that touched off the War of Souls. Then, from Palalnthas we were treated to an interview with the man financing the investigation of the mage duel that occurred nearly four months ago. Sounds like there is more to this story than even we at the Herald thought. Finally, in Solace gnolls are terrorizing outlying settlements. Read all about these articles in this weeks issue of the Ansalonian Herald.

Dragonlance Gaming On-Sale in MWP Online Store
If you’re looking for a good deal on Dragonlance d20 material, now’s your chance as the folks over at Margaret Weis Productions offer their remaining stock of Dragonlance material at a reduced price. So head on over to THIS thread on our forums and read the announcement.

Renegade Wizards Sample Chapter!
Wizards of the Coast has posted a sample chapter of book 3 in the Tracy Hickman Presents series, Renegade Wizards. Discussion of the sample chapter is going on in this thread.

Ansalonian Herald, issue #173, for Brookgreen 9th
Read All About It! This week we bring you articles from Caergoth, Celaton, Good Bay, Long Ridge, and Solace. First, in Caergoth there was a prison break in which several high profile prisoners including the infamous Brad Smith escaped. Most were recaptured, but Smith remains at large. Second, in Celaton it is discovered that the mysterious intruders are actually a new breed od undead shadows. Next, in Good Bay a nine year old boy kills his father. Then, in Long Ridge the Mayor surrenders the town to the Dark Knights and reveals himself to be their leader. Finally, in Solace authorities narrowly avert a lynching. Read all about these stories in this week’s Ansalonian Herald.

Lexicon Articles 6999, 7000, & 7001: Daltigoth, Losarcum, Palanthas Towers
The Lexicon team has been hard at work and have reached another milestone. We are proud to bring you the Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth, Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum, and Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas. If you would like to discuss the new articles, follow the link HERE.

Dragons of the Hourglass Mage Cover!
Margaret Weis has passed on a link to the cover of Dragons of the Hourglass Mage, courtesy of Tracy Hickman’s Dragonhearth site. You can discuss the cover on this thread.

Author Biographies
Following a bit of tinkering (hacking & bashing) by my good self, the Nexus now has a new section featuring images and full biographies for the authors of the Dragonlance Saga. Hope you enjoy this new resource of the Nexus, which you can find here: Author Biographies.

Ansalonian Herald, issue #172, for Brookgreen 1st
Its time once again for another issue of the oft imitated but never duplicated, Ansalonian Herald. We strive to bring you news from the far reaches of Ansalon. This week we bring you articles from Caergoth, Good Bay, Nightlund, and Solace. First, from Caergoth, we received a story involving undead so cold they sucked the heat from everything. Next, in Good Bay, a bard was arrested for corrupting the minds of the youth and not in a good way. Then, in Nightlund, a small town is being terrorized by mysterious intruders who break in and trash the place. Finally, in Solace, the Steel Legionnaire captured last week is liberated by elven windriders. Read all about these articles in this week’s issue of the Ansalonian Herald.

Ansalonian Herald, issue #171 for Deepkolt 23rd
Greetings Valued Readers. This week’s Ansalonian Herald is now on sale. This week we bring you stories from Good Bay, Kalaman, The Ruins of Magius’s Tower by way of Caergoth, and Solace. First, in Good Bay a shadowy organization strikes at a school for teaching aspiring bards. Next, in Kalaman, the suspected raider is confirmed to be a gnomish scientific experiment, Then, in the ruins of Magius’s tower; a ghost story begins to unfold. Finally, in Solace a Legionnaire is captured by the bad guys. Read all about these articles in this week’s issue of the Ansalonian Herald.

Ansalonian Herald, issue #170 for Deepkolt 17th, 432
This week the Herald brings you news from Caergoth, Kalaman, Palanthas, and Solace. From Caergoth we are told that the site of the supposed ruins of Magius’s tower was the site of a battle between various factions including the Dark Knights. In Kalaman, arsonsists attempt to set a supposed pirate ship a blaze, but are prevented. In Palanthas, Emperor Markham announces the re-establishment of outposts in Taman Busuk. Finally from Solace, dark dwarves are discovered and are rumored to be allies of Robber Baron Samuval. Read all about these stories in this week’s Ansalonian Herald

Cover Art for Renegade Wizards and The Forest King
Fantasy artist Dan Dos Santos has posted the cover art for Renegade Wizards and The Forest King on his site, The Art of Dan Dos Santos. You can find both pieces in THIS thread on our forums!

Weis and Hickman Road Show goes to Boston!
If you’re in the Boston area, you can meet Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman on February 24 and 25. For more information, see this thread.

Ansalonian Herald, issue #169 for Deepkolt 9th
This week’s Ansalonian Herald is now ready for your reading enjoyment. This week we bring you articles from Caergoth, Good Bay, Ironrock, Kalaman, and Solace. Enjoy.

The Ansalonian Herald, issue 168, for Deepkolt 1st
That’s right folks, you saw correctly. The Palanthas Herald is now the Ansalonian Herald. The recent events in Palanthas involving the Blue Partisans help to dislodge the anchor tying the Herald to Palanthas so now we are free to roam all over Ansalon reporting where the mood takes us. Many of the writers have decided to set up offices in new locations some of which have never been featured in the Herald before. Oh sure we’ll still report the occasional story from Palanthas but there’s a whole continent of news just waiting to be captured out there. That said, this week’s edition of the new Ansalonian Herald is ready for your reading pleasure.

Shattered Lands Preview!
Nael and the Shattered Lands team have been busily working away on producing content on this exciting new continent they are developing for the Nexus. The team have produced the first preview for the Shattered Lands which is available now. Check out the wonderful Argonesti Ice Elves.

Publishing Order Spreadsheet Posted
A member of the forums, Eplekongen, has been kind enough to put together a spreadsheet of the novels published for the Dragolance setting. The novels are ordered by year of release and each series has been given a specific color. Check out the spreadsheet HERE.

Palanthas Herald, issue #167 for Newkolt 25
We’re back after a week of rest and ready to bring you news from our fair city and around the world. This week’s articles ae now ready so check them out in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

4th Edition Knight of Solamnia Quick Start Guide
For those wishing to play a Knight of Solamnia in 4th edition, be sure to check out the Knights of Solamnia 4th Edition Quick Start Guide. This handy little guide will give you the basics for playing any role within the Knights of Solamnia using the materials found in existing 4th edition sourcebooks. Enjoy!

Character Sheets!
Hey, gang, check out our Gaming Utilities section for some new character sheets! Ema’s 3.5 Dragonlance sheets are now directly hosted here. Plus, Mad Irishman was kind enough to supply us with character sheets for 3.5, Castles & Crusades, and the SAGA system. Thanks to Ema and Mad Irishman for their amazing work.

Herald’s Report: The Truth About Vampires
Think you know all about vampires? There are truths largely unknown about them in the world of Krynn, revealed for the first time in a brand-new Herald’s Report.

Palanthas Herald, issue #167 for Newkolt 12th
Not much in the way of news this week. The Palanthas Herald is in the process of moving their main office back to Palanthas; however we will be keeping the office in Gwynedd open as well. This week members of the Caergoth Lions were rounded up and questioned concerning allegations that their jobs were phony. Meanwhile across the New Sea, Solace is burning. An unknown arsonist has already set 13 fires and the authorities have few leads. Read about these articles in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Lexicon: Emperors of Ergoth Illustrated!
Our prolific artist Darcwulf has been illustrating the many Emperors of Ergoth, from the Quevalins to the Redics and everything in between. Come check out some of his fabulous portraits, which I’ve just added to the Lexicon in the last few days. And don’t miss out on some of his other brilliant artwork, like his rendition of Sylvyana.

Palanthas Herald, issue #166 for Newkolt 5th
Just a few articles this week. First, Emperor Markham announced his plans to reform and reconstitute the Senate. Second, the true identity of Lady Harriet Walter has been reveal. Finally, the White-Robed wizard who believes she discovered Magius’s tower narrowly avoided being kidnapped. Read all about these things in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

The Sellsword Wins Award
Tia Nevitt, author of a blog called Fantasy Debut, recently posted her 2008 award list, and Cam Banks’ debut novel, The Sellsword, was on it! You may be amused by the category that it won. Congratulations to Cam on the award. To join in on the discussion, feel free to visit this thread.

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