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Lexicon: Daltigoth & more Taladas articles
The Lexicon team have been at it again (those crazy kids!). Uziel and Ambro have poured out a few more major articles, such as: Minotaur Fleet, Legions of Eragas, Ambeoutin, and Daltigoth. If there are any articles you are searching for, please contact the Lexicon team so we may add it to our list.

Dragonlance Nexus News #61
I have just posted the latest issue of the Nexus News, the Nexus’ own newsletter! Check up on the latest in the world of Krynn.

Palanthas Herald, issue #165 for Frostkolt 25th.
Merry Christmas from the Palanthas Herald! This week we are bringing you some articles designed to spread some holiday cheer. Read all about them in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Merry Christmas!
From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! Be sure to check out this thread for some of Kendermage’s signature Christmas goodness.

More Four(e) and Pathfinder Goodness!
We have a few little updates over in the Fan Rules neck of the woods. Clive Squire has graciously provided some help on DL Clerics, Mystics, and Sorcerers in Pathfinder. In addition, Delazar has given us his 4th-edition conversions of Caramon, Flint, Goldmoon, Raistlin, Riverwind, Sturm, Tanis, and Tasslehoff in their 1st-level days. Check ’em out!

Palanthas Herald, issue #164, for Frostkolt 16th
Happy days are here at last! Rebel forces have succeeded in reclaiming the Emperor’s Palace and the true Emperor is back on his throne. Now begins the daunting task of cleaning up the mess caused by the Blue Partisans. The Wizard’s Conclave will do their part in the clean-up by trying Grayson Halliwell as a renegade. Speaking of renegades, Lady Harriet Walter got into a running battle with the famed assassin Shayd which spread throughout Palalnthas; leaving both participants wounded and tired, but still wily enough to escape justice. In other news, Yarus is planning to keep all kender out this Yule after the horrible event that occurred last year. Finally, a defense pact was signed in Inglewood, but was marred when the delegate of one of the signatory races was assaulted. Read all about these stories in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Kronin Thistleknot, Kender Warlord
I thought I’d give a try at converting Kronin Thistleknot over to 4th edition. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald, issue #163 for Frostkolt 8th
That’s right kiddies, we’re back with another hair-ripping issue of the Palanthas Herald. This week a magical storm struck Palanthas killing most of the former senators and causing lots of damage. Speaking of killing, rumor has it an assassin is stalking the Blue Partisans and it isn’t the real Emperor Markham this time. Over at the Great Library, the Orders of High Sorcery have finally showed up to investigate the theft that occurred several weeks ago. If you ask me they are hiding something. IN other news a white robe of the aforementioned Orders of High Sorcery claims to have discovered the ruins of the Tower of Magius. Those wacky mages are just full of surprises. Read all about these stories in thsi week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Palanthas Herald, issue #162 for Frostkolt 1st
Lots of news this week. It turns out Lady Walter is indeed a traitor and is now on the run from the rightful protectors of Palanthas. In a bizarre turn of events the former Monitor Prime was rescued from Partisan custody reported by the Empress and a group of Jolithan clerics. This comes on the heels of the true Emperor Markham naming a new general of the Palanthas Spears after the previous one passed away due to injures. That said it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Spears this week as they lost 17 men in a trap set for them by the new Monitor Prime who wanted to send a message. Message received. Meanwhile in Inglewood, a hero of the conflict was laid to rest. Read all about these stories in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Dragonships: Bones of the Dragon Preview!
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are venturing onto new shores with their new Dragonships series of books. Check out a sample chapter of book one, Bones of the Dragon!

Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us here at the Nexus, I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Spare the turkey; eat some ham!

Happy Birthday Tracy!
From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, we wanted to wish Tracy Hickman a very happy birthday!

Palanthas Herald, issue #161, for Darkember 26th
This week in Palanthas the fake Emperor Markham removed and replaced Grayson Halliwell as Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans and Lady Harriet Walter was attacked by an angry mob bearing fruit. In another part of Solamnia, the Dark Knights are seeking to build an embassy; what’s more it looks like the residents of the town actually want it built. Finally, Inglewood managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when it was discovered that the dissolution of the coalition was just a ploy. Read all about these articles in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Thankgiving Dinner!
You mouth will surely salivate over these Thanksgiving goodies. First we have your standard wild turkey. It’ll feed about 4-6 people. But if you need to feed a small army, then perhaps you should hunt one of the dire turkeys. However, if you want the ultimate butterball, look no further than the king of the turkey’s Lord Tomnus the Gobbler. Now get out there adventurers and land yourself a Thanksgiving Dinner you’ll remember for years.

Congratulations Tal!
From all of us at the Dragonlance Nexus, I wanted to give our congratulations to our good friend Tal on his wedding this weekend. May you and your new bride have a wonderful life of wedded bliss together. To offer your congrats to Tal and to see a couple of really nifty photos, please visit this thread.

Hourglass Mage Cover?
Board member Palin~Majere spotted what appears to be the cover of Dragons of the Hourglass Mage. Is it the real deal? Discuss on this thread. UPDATE: Margaret Weis has posted saying this isn’t the cover. Still, a nice-looking piece of art!

Palanthas Herald issue #160 for Darkember 18th
This week’s Herald is now ready for your reading pleasure. This week the general of the Palanthas Spears was released as a result of the meeting last week between Spear’s Colonel L’Inshere and the Monitor Prime; however she was in very poor condition. Lady Harriet Walter was spotted conspiring with one of the Blue Partisans; or was she? The Blue Partisan was later discovered dead, so the truth of the matter remains a mystery. In other news , the body of the elf killed in the mage duel at the Great Library has vanished leaving no clues. And the Inglewood coalition is dissolving just as the forces arrayed against the town are making their move. YOu can read all about these articles in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

WotC Posts Cyan Bloodbane Art From 4e Draconomicon
Wizards of the Coast has posted art for the 4th edition rendition of Cyan Bloodbane, who will be featured in the upcoming 4th edition incarnation of the Draconomicon. You can see the picture and discuss it on this thread.

Palanthas Herald, issue #159 for Darkember 9th
Greetings True Believers! It’s time once again for another thrill packed issue of the Palanthas Herald. This week we learned lots of things. First we learned, that Spears Colonel L’Inshere and Monitor Prime Halliwell had a little chat, but no one is saying what they talked about. Second, we learned that Emperor Markham’s spokesman Lord Amstern Chesney was outed as a Steel Legionnaire. Lastly, we learned that the Blue Partisans may have a more powerful benefactor than a few dopplegangers. In other news, those crazy Shinareans tried to jinx the new sanctuary of Sirrion in Ironrock by burying one of their vestments in the foundation. And Inglewood continues to have more than its share of troubles; this time the Kingfisher feeling the brunt. Read all about these stories in this week’s issue of the Palnthas Herald.

Palanthas Herald, issue #158 for Darkember 3rd
Just a short update this week folks. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder where the Blue Partisans were concerned, a force of rebels discovers an underground laboratory operated by a blue dragonspawn. Several prominent townspeople were held prisoner there for who know what sinister purpose including the Emperor’s Spokesman Lord Amstern Chesney. In other news Inglewood is now surrounded by the forces of Venom. Read about these two articles in this weeks’ Palanthas Herald.

More Major Lexicon Articles
Many new important articles have been added the Lexicon as of late. Articles such as the Lost Battles, Riva Silverblade, Knights of the Divine Hammer, Knights of Balif, and the Maelstrom. If there are any articles you are searching for, please contact the Lexicon team so we may add it to our list.

Sample Chapter: The Survivors
WotC has just posted a sample chapter for the next installment of the Tracy Hickman Presents series – The Survivors. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald, issue #157 for Gildember 31st.
Happy Halloween everyone. I intended to write more monstrous articles but time and real life didn’t give me a chance, This week things were pretty tame on the home front, The IMPS gnomes took out their creations being used by the Blue Partisans at heavy losses to their membership and the sea monster guarding the harbor was taken out; several volumes in the great library were damaged by thieves and a mage duel erupted leaving one of the mages dead. In other news, a vampire is stalking the Lord Mayor of Solace. Read all about these stories in this week’s edition of Palanthas Herald.

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween Folks! Just to get us all in the Spirit, I bring to you stats for Lord Kryl Shadestalker. Enjoy

Dragonlance Movie Soundtrack at the Grammy Awards?
From Karl Preusser: ‘I am very pleased to announce that my score soundtrack for DRAGONLANCE: DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT on Lakeshore Records, is on the first ballot for a Grammy Award in three separate categories, including Best Score Soundtrack, Best Song in a Motion Picture (“Qualinesti Hymn”), and Best Engineered Album Non-Classical!’ For more information, please see this thread.

New Recipe: Kender Traveling Toast!
Tika shares a recipe she got from Tasslehoff. Perfect for kender on the run. Presenting Kender Traveling Toast.

Excellent Cover Art for The Sellsword
While surfing the internet, we’ve stumbled upon a large version of the cover art used for The Sellsword, a Dragonlance novel written by Cam Banks. You can find the cover art as well as a discussion thread for it HERE.

Palanthas Herald, issue #156 for Guildember 21st
Sorry the Herald is a day late this week, but several of our delivery boys had a spot of trouble smuggling the issues into the city. This week the Spears Colonel issued a demand to the Monitor Prime for a meeting. No word has yet been heard. Those members of the Spears involved in last weeks attack on the Palace won’t be charged. The IMPS gnomes are working up the means to counter their own weapons, and the White Lady and the Assassin help the dwarves of Compound fight off a Blue Partisan attack force. In other news the forces of Venom are mobilizing near Inglewood. Read all about these stories in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Lexicon Article #6,000 & #6,001: Magius & Kang
The Lexicon team has been hard at work the past six months since article 5,000, thanks in large part to Uziel. Here are Magius and Kang, articles 6,000 and 6,001. Artwork will be added for them both in the near future. If you would like to discuss the new articles, follow the link HERE.

Palanthas Herald, Issue #155 for Gildember 12th
This week it all comes out. Emperor Markham is a phony! A pair of daring thieves made the discovery that the Emperor is in fact a doppelganger. Rebel forces assaulted the Palace buying they thieves time with their blood, much to the chagrin of some in higher authority. The Blue Partisan’s pet creature ate a ship in the harbor (didn’t they remember to feed that thing). In other news, the Sirrionites are building a new sanctuary in Ironwood (another one?) and Venom, the spawn of Sable is following in her mother’s footsteps. Read all about these things in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Palanthas Herald, Issue #154 for Gildember 5th
Things are coming to a head in Palanthas. This week the Blue Partisans are all over the place. First they released a monster into the Bay of Branchala, then thanks to a kender they arrested two white-robed wizards, and finally Emperor Markham recalled all Blue Partisans to the Palace. Something is up. But hey just cause life in Palanthas is going to pot, lets not neglect the rest of the world. This week in other news, the representative of Haven to the Inglewood Summit was briefly lost then found. We hope you enjoyed receiving your paper this week. It cost a pretty penny to have a wizard cast that many teleport spells but our readers are worth it. Enjoy this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Venger in Dragonlance!
For those of you who are fans of the Dungeons & Dragons animated series, we have a treat for you. Presenting Venger, Force of Evil. Not only has Venger been converted to 4th edition, he has been given the Dragonlance treatment. UPDATE: Had a couple of math errors, but they’re fixed now. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald, issue #153 for Reapember 28th.
The crisis in Palanthas continues to grow. This weeks the Asssassin struck again and killed someone close to the Emperor. The Herald is now banned in Palanthas, and the Blue Partisans continue to bring misery in their attempts to make Palanthas safer. Fortunately the Spears are not laying low, but are out there on the street sticking up for the little guys, and the Flaming Sword is on the high seas giving the powers that be what for. Read all about these stories in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

The Blue Partisans
Fresh from the pages of the Palathas Herald, I bring you the Blue Partisans. Everything you alwasy wanted to know about this shadowy new orgainzation on the block

Palanthas Herald, Issue #152, for Reapember 20th
The muse fired one hell of an arrow at me tonight and I cranked out the Herald in record time. That’s right folks, all the news fit to print is ready for your reading pleasure; a day early too! This week the city continues to chafe under the new management; however this time the good guys get a word in. An assassin killed a Blue Partisan (Whoo-hooo!), the Flagship of the Palanthas Navy went AWOL, and the Palanthas Herald gave the Emperor the finger. In other news, a heroic minotaur was laid to rest in Caergoth and a former senator murders his family then himself. Read all about these exciting stories in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Warlocks of Dragonlance
I’m baaaaack! I’ve been busy moving the last few months, but now I’m back with a new article for your 4th edition Dragonlance games. Presenting Warlocks of Dragonlance, an article on how to use warlocks and their pacts in the Dragonlance setting. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald – Issue #151, Reapember 14th
Here you go folks. The next exiting issue of the Palanthas Herald. This week the senators were released, the Song of Life was raided and the White Witch rebuffed. Read all about these grim tidings in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Palanthas Herald, Issue #150, Reapember 7th
This is it folks, Issue #150. I never thought I’d see the Herald make it this far. There have been many starts and stops along the way but here we are. That said, do we have an action packed issue for you. That’s right kiddies, its all news from Solamnia this week and all of it surrounds Emperor Markham’s decision to disband the Senate and unveil his new secret police force – the Blue Partisans. So instead of bogging you down in the particular’s I’ll let you read about them for yourselves. Without further delay, I give you the 150th issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Dragonlance Canticle Podcast Posted
The latest episode of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast has been posted. Discussion includes Phil Athans’ statement that Dragonlance would continue for another 25 years!

Palanthas Herald, Issue #149, Paleswelt 31st.
Welcome True Believers! Can you believe it? The Herald is actually out early for a change! What’s more we have a full bracket of articles. This week the Emperor dissolved the Senate, a clockwork golem was stolen, and a monster ran amuck on Schall Sea. Read all about these articles in this week’s Palanthas Herald. One more issue to go until issue #150!

Palanthas Herald, Issue #148, Paleswelt 28th
This is a short issue this week since I completely forgot. We have two articles for you reading pleasure. You can read both of them here. Enjoy.

Warlock Pacts in Dragonlance
For those fans who are looking for some help with 4e warlocks, you might check out an article by Cam Banks. Be sure to check out Warlock Pacts in Dragonlance. Enjoy!

DL Spellcasters – Pathfinder Style
I just posted a conversion into Pathfinder RPG of some of the main Dragonlance spellcasters. It contains information for playing DL clerical domains, the mystic class and mystic spheres as well as a more DL-centric sorcerer and sorcerer schools. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald, Issue #147, Paleswelt 20th
“Its Wednesday. Welcome to issue #147 of the Palanthas Herald. The online publication about life in Palanthas and a little bit more. Running time for this issue is five articles Enjoy this week’s crop of articles.

Long Live the Lance!
My friends, I’m very pleased to report that Dragonlance novels are continuing past 2009 and that there will be a Dragonlance 4th Edition!!! Details are sketchy at this time, however this information comes straight from the folks at GenCon. Thanks to our man-on-the-street, Kranar Drogin, for reporting this information. Say it loud, say it proud. Long Live the Lance!

Dragonhearth – The Future of Dragonlance!
Tracy Hickman will be podcasting an extra special episode of the Dragonhearth podcast today from GenCon, with guest Phil Athans (from WotC’s book department) ! Phil is going to be talking about the future of Dragonlance. Discuss the podcast on this thread. CORRECTION: This will NOT be live, but will be up for download later tonight.

Fan Rule Updates
KenderBryant has graciously updated his Seafoam Kender with 4th-edition-compatible rules. In addition, daperdepa adds some new life to an older module with his Monsters from Wild Elves. Check them out!

Palathas Herald, Paleswelt 13th
This week’s Herald is now ready for you reading pleasure. It was a slow news week; as such, we have only two articles to bring you. You read both of them here.

Palanthas Herald, Paleswelt 4th
Flying goblins, traitorous noblemen, and a doppleganger. Read all about these things in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Death March Sample Chapter
Wizards of the Coast has just posted a sample chapter of Death March, book two of the Stoneteller’s series. Remember that you can order your copy from our product section.

Blue Crystal Staff for 4e
Whoisrube has been kind enough to send us a 4th edition conversion of the Blue Crystal Staff.

[4e] Kitiara’s Floating Head!
If you’re a fan of the Dargaard Keep adventure in DL16 World of Krynn, be sure to check out SephZero’s conversion of Kitiara Uth Matar, The Fallen Lady.

Renegade Hunter Paragon Path
The Red Wizard, a member of our message boards, has sent us a conversion of the Renegade Hunter, a prestige class originally printed in Towers of High Sorcery. Thanks to The Red Wizard for the submission and to Carteeg Struve for the stellar layout job.

Palanthas Herald, Fierswelt 21st
Disgraced minotaur causes scene at Funeral. Golem goes amok. City buried in snow by freak summer blizzard. Read all about these stories in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Dragons of the Hourglass Mage Scheduled for Summer 2009 Release
Wizards of the Coast have announced that the long-awaited conlusion to the Lost Chronicles trilogy, Dragons of the Hourglass Mage, is scheduled for a summer 2009 release. The announcement can be found HERE. The announcement is discussed in THIS thread on the Nexus forums.

4e Minotaurs
Thought I would give a shot at 4th edition minotaurs. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald, Fierswelt 16th
Its a bit late, but this week’s Palanthas Herald is now ready for your reading pleasure.

4e Races Conversion Document
We’ve posted a playtest version of Cam’s D&D 4e conversion guide for Races of Ansalon. Check it out here. We would very much like your feedback so feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions on the Nexus forums.

Tracy Hickman Presents Discontinued
From Margaret Weis: ‘I have just received word that the Tracy Hickman Presents series is being discontinued. All books currently set to release will be released, but no new books are being contracted.’ Discussion of these events are being held on this thread.

Mystic (4e Cleric Variant)
We have just posted a mystic variant of the cleric class for 4th edition, including two builds: Citadel Mystic and Legion Mystic. Check it out!

Palanthas Herald, Fierswelt 8th
Yes folks, It’s me your beloved Editor. I came back from assignment because some kender ran off with my boarding pass for the N.M.S. Challenger. Lucky me, because the ship blew up shortly after take off. Thanks little guy. Anywhoo, I am back and refreshed and ready to bring you all the news worth reading about. So without further delay here is this week’s Palanthas Herald.

We’ve had a horde of spam e-mails go out through our contact forms here at the Nexus. You may have also received some spam e-mail that erroneously lists my e-mail (trampas at dragonhelm dot net) as the sender. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this and it is out of our hands. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kingfisher Paragon Path
We have just posted a conversion of the Kingfisher from Knightly Orders of Ansalon. Presenting the Kingfisher paragon path for the 4th edition wizard. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald: Kendermage on Assignment
The Palanthas Herald editor, Kendermage, is out in the field on assignment, sending us the headlines from all across Ansalon! This issue, we present a group of renegade mages working with gold dragons, draconians are inhabiting Skullcap, and Emperor Redic himself addresses the issue of an arsonist in Ergoth! All this and more in the latest issue of the Palanthas Herald.

4e Character Conversions
I’ve started the ball rolling on character conversions for 4th edition with Pike Oakbone, a pregenerated character from the DLE modules. If you want to help contribute to the character conversions, be sure to check out this thread on our forums.

4e Kender Conversion
I’ve just posted my 4th edition kender rules. Be sure to check it out. More 4th edition goodness is coming down the pike, so stay tuned.

New Moon Tracking Chart
Board member Nightwalker has created an online moon tracking chart program that is really useful for Dragonlance games. Be sure to check it out!

Adlatum Updates for 4th Edition
New contributor Caruman has graciously provided us with his ideas on converting the Adlatum Fan Sourcebook to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Check out the converted races and converted feats!

Lexicon: Taladas Series
Uziel has been steadily working his way through everything with Taladas for the Lexicon. He has completed the trilogy, and moved on to the sourcebook and comics. Here are a few of his newer articles that have been added to the Lexicon: Bilo Gnomes, Glass Sailors, Disir, and Alan-atu.

Happy Father’s Day!
From all of us here at the Nexus, have a happy Father’s Day!

Adlatum Sourcebook Chapters Posted!
As an extra service to our fellow Dragonlance fans, we’ve posted the individual chapters of the Adlatum sourcebook. That means that you can now download each individual chapter instead of the whole sourcebook, should you so choose. You can find the chapters (and the sourcebook in its entirety) HERE.

Adlatum PDF is here!
After many years of work, the Adlatum Team is proud to announce that the Adlatum PDF is here! We would like to thank all those involved with the project, the Whitestone Council, and the interest of the fans. If you would like to discuss Adlatum, follow the link HERE.

Lindsay Archer Artwork
Thanks to Margaret Weis Productions and talented Dragonlance artist Lindsay Archer, we’re able to present to you official artwork featured in the Dragonlance adventure Dragons of Spring. Without further ado, we present Serinda Elderwood! UPDATE: We’ve posted some more of Lindsay Archer’s artwork, including an awesome portrait of Theo Drawde and a hilarious picture featuring Lord Toede and Kitiara. Check out the new artwork HERE!

Dungeons & Dragons 4e Gift Set
We now have the Dungeons & Dragons 4e Gift Set in our product library. Remember that if you order through the Nexus, you help us to keep the Nexus on the web. Be sure to let us know how Dragonlance gaming in 4th edition works out for you!

Wizards of the Coast Changes Their Dragonlance Forums
Wizards of the Coast have merged their two Dragonlance forums along with the forums for the “Other Roleplaying Worlds” into a single Other Published Worlds forum. Just as a reminder, you can visit DragonlanceForums.com for the best Dragonlance discussion on the ‘net.

Dragonlance Canticle #16: Karl Preusser Interview!
Episode #16 of the Dragonlance Canticle has been released. Valharic interviews guest Karl Preusser, composer of the Dragons of Autumn Twilight Soundtrack.

Amber and Blood!
In case you haven’t noticed yet, Amber and Blood has been released. Mina’s fate is revealed in the conclusion to one of Margaret Weis’ best Dragonlance series. Be sure to order your copy through the Nexus and support the site!

Palanthas Herald, Crisis on Infinite Krynns – Daily Report
It’s me your lovable publisher of the Palanthas Herald bringing you the breaking news in the ongoing Crisis on Infinite Krynns. This week the Herald is a bit late as we have been deluged with stories from many different timelines. So to make things easier on the staff we are going to transition to a one article per day update for the rest of the month. Thats right folks starting tomorrow you will get a new article each day for the next 16 days! Tonight I am bringing you five articles just to get the wheels in motion. Check them out in the ongoing Crisis on Infinite Krynns.

Happy Mother’s Day!
We want to wish all of the great moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to call your mom!

Lexicon: New Articles
The Lexicon team has been hard at work creating important articles such as the Measure, and the Taladas elf Eldako. The School of the Games located in the Lordcity of Istar was created, along with the Dark Knight Theo Drawde. We hope you enjoy, and feel free to place comments HERE.

Crisis on Infinite Krynns!
The Crisis on Infinite Krynns has begun! Read all about these developments this week as alternate timelines bleed over into mainstream Krynn and vice versa. This event brought to you by the Palanthas Herald.

Draconians in 4th Edition Style
Courtesy of new contributor Argokirby, we present you with some fan-made baaz, kapak, and bozak draconians for 4th edition. These can also be used for the 3.5 ruleset with minor tweaks.

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 15 – Tracy Hickman
In Dragonlance Canticle #15, we talk with Tracy Hickman about the Dragons of the Hourglass Mage book controversy. We also discuss his other upcoming works including Dragonships which he is co-authoring with Margaret Weis and another forthcoming series Drakis which he is co-authoring with his wife Laura Hickman.

Amber and Blood Sample Chapter!!!
This is it! Wizards of the Coast has posted a sample chapter for the long-awaited conclusion of the Dark Disciple series, Amber and Blood, by Margaret Weis. Remember that you can support the Nexus by ordering through the product page.

Palanthas Herald, Yurthgreen 28th
There are only three articles in this week’s Herald. Next week begins the Herald event Crisis on Infinite Krynn’s. Keep those articles cranking. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Feril Pathfinder Conversion
I have just posted a conversion of Feril for the Pathfinder RPG system. Enjoy!

Boards Back Up
We’ve expelled the gnomes who got into the works, so the boards are back up and working just fine. Thanks for your patience.

Pathfinder RPG-style Race Conversions
For those who will be using the Pathfinder RPG rules for your Dragonlance games, we present some Pathfinder racial conversions. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald, Yurthgreen 20th
This week’s Herald is now ready for your reading pleasure. This week there are six stories including more news of the Dark Queen’s return, the end of the first Whitestone Council in recent memory, and Tarsis on fire. Enjoy!

Movie Soundtrack Available on CD
Margaret Weis has revealed that the music featured in the animated movie Dragons of Autumn Twilight will be available on CD. The release date for the soundtrack is May 13th and you can preorder your copy HERE.

New True20 Gaming Materials
Yours truly went on a binge today and wrote up five new items for the True20 System! First, I crafted two new supernatural items the Magic Eight Ball and the Mood Ring. Next, I wrote up the stats for a character I am unveiling in my True20 War of the Darklance campaign, Snowcat. Then, I wrote up a new supernatural power found in Snowcat’s write-up, Beast Shape. Finally, I capped off the evening by writing racial levels for the Lightning Draconian. Enjoy.

Lexicon Article #5,000 & #5,001: Shedara and Hult
Since the Dragonlance Lexicon was launched on September 16, 2005, we have all put in a lot of hours and work in this project. Here we are now, just over two and a half years later and we have hit a milestone. 5,001 articles to date are on the Lexicon. Some things are of the mundane and some of major characters and places in Krynn. I hope people find this a useful tool in their research of characters and places. Well, with no further ado, I would like to present our milestone articles, with artwork by PsychaDurmont, Shedara and Hult. If you wish to discuss, you may do so here.

Palanthas Herald, Yurthgreen 13th
This week’s Herald is now ready for your reading pleasure. The minotaurs of Ambeon celebrate Liberation Day while half a continent away the ship carrying their Ambassador was sunk by elven pirates. Tarsis is standing on the brink of a civil war between two factions of Dark Knights. But if that isn’t enough to grab you there is news from Palanthas that the Queen of Darkness has returned. Read all about these events in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Movie Soundtrack Announcement
Margaret Weis has passed on some info about the Dragonlance movie soundtrack. You can read it here.

Product Reviews Update
We’ve posted a bunch of novel reviews written by Beezer, including reviews for the first two Lost Chronicles novels and the first three Champions novels. Check them out HERE!

Palanthas Herald, Yurthgreen 7th
An Ambassador recalled, a draconian athletic champion, and lingering effects of Chaos. Read about these stories and more in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Dragonlance Movie Reviews!
I’ve just posted a ton of Dragonlance movie reviews. See why this movie has fans all over the board. Thanks to all of our reviewers for their submissions.

Dragonlance Canticle #14: Cam Banks Interview!
We have just released episode #14 of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast. Our special guest is none other than Cam Banks, author of The Sellsword. Be sure to grab your copy and support Cam!

April Fool’s!
We hope you had as much fun with our April Fool’s articles yesterday as we did. Apparantly, we tricked a few of you. Just so that everyone knows, all of yesterday’s articles were completely bogus. Though wouldn’t it be cool to play a dragonborn in Dragonlance?

Palanthas Herald, Yurthgreen 1st
A gremlin got into our gnomish printing press this week and created a bunch of bogus newsstories. Enjoy these articles whilst our gnome experts attempt to fix the problem.

Dragonlance Movie Recieves First Academy Award Nomination of the Year
According to unnamed sources within the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Dragonlance Movie, Dragons of Autumn Twilight is being considered a top nominee in two categories. These sources claim the movie is being considered for Best Animated Feature Film of 2008 and Achievement in Art direction. “Though the Academy Awards are nearly a year away, this is a great honor,” said Robert Nuwicky speaking on behalf of Wizards of the Coast. “To be considered a nominee this early in the season is unprecedented.” With the Awards still so far off anything can happen between now and the official nomination announcement. Still the announcement of the potential nomination has made Dragonlance Fans very happy. “I loved the movie,” said Gary Phillips of the Nexus staff. “It was easily the best movie of the year. Kudos to the brass at the Academy for recognizing its value so early on.”

Sellsword Sample Chapter!
Wizards of the Coast has released a sample chapter of Cam Banks’ premiere novel, The Sellsword. Check it out!

Mercidith Redic
Continuing with our plan to convert every major character from previous editions of Dragonlance, we bring you the Erogthian Mercidith Redic! We also present an alternative take on the Sun domain, as well as a new flaw, Spiritual Drain. Enjoy!

Iryl Songbrook’s Stats
Clive Squire and I have just posted a conversion of Iryl Songbrook from the DLE modules and Citadel of Light. Enjoy!

Class Errata: Knightly Orders of Ansalon
Take a look at this unofficial errata for the Knightly Orders of Ansalon sourcebook, courtesy of Whoisrube, which clarifies some prestige class information and provides tables for easier Clerist assembly!

Palanthas Herald, Brookgreen 24th
This week’s issue of the Herald is now ready for your reading pleasure. Check it out Here.

Lexicon: Istar and the Tower of Istar
An article of Istar in the Istar Province of the Holy Empire of Istar has finally been added to the Lexicon. Ambro has started working on the buildings of Istar, starting first with the Istar Tower, and Uziel has created an article on the Hulderfolk. Tavin has designed some crests for the Ackal Family and Knights of the Rose plus several others.

Palanthas Herald, Brookgreen 17th
This week we have four new articles for you. Check them out here.

Fear the Boot Movie Commentary Track
Our friends at Fear the Boot released bonus episode #22 of their podcast – a commentary track for the Dragonlance movie! Yet like all things Fear the Boot, the commentary should not be taken too seriously. Be sure to check it out and prepare to laugh!

Palanthas Herald, Brookgreen 9th
This week we stayed close to home. We bring you three articles: two from Palanthas, and one from Caergoth. Read all about them in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Lexicon: New Art and Articles
New articles on Solomirathnius, Holy Empire of Istar, Leciane do Cirica, Fianawar Dwarf, and Goblins have been completed by the Lexicon group. We also have new artwork with the additions of Dezra Majere, Barbarossa, and Ogmag. A new article on Bast was created and artwork was supplied for it!

D&D 4E Products Posted
We’ve posted some of the D&D 4e products that are scheduled for release later this year. So those of you who plan on using D&D 4e in your Dragonlance games, head on over to the D&D 4e product page and see which products might enhance your Dragonlance experience.

Order of the Stick Gary Gygax Tribute
Guys, check out Order of the Stick. There’s a really nice tribute to Gary Gygax. Enjoy!

Gary Gygax Passes Away
According to Steve Chenault at Troll Lord Games, the Great Dungeon Master, Gary Gygax, has passed away. Gary is the father of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG, and there would be no Dragonlance without him. The Nexus would like to offer its condolences to Gary’s family and friends. You can read the announcement on this thread. Est Sularus oth Mithas.

New Products Added
We’ve added a bunch of new products to the products section, including the long-awaited Amber and Blood, Cam Banks’ debut novel The Sellsword, Jean Rabe’s Death March, as well as a couple of Practical Guides to Dragons. On a more personal note, some people have received their copy of the last Dragonlance book published by Margaret Weis Productions – Dragons of Spring so don’t hesitate to order your copy of the book!

Palanthas Herald, Brookgreen 3rd
It’s been a busy week for us at the Palanthas Herald. What with Emperor Markham announcing the upcoming Whitestone Council and the 4th Legion assembling for a march on Lemish, you’d think there was plenty to concern ourselves with the city home. That isn’t enough for us. We went out and gathered strories from Caergoth, Tarsis, and Sanction as well. Read all about them in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

More Sorcerer Paths!
We continue with our series of character paths for sorcerers with the Enchanter and the Spectramancer!

Latest Gaming Materials
In the latest batch of gaming material we have a conversion of the strange dragon, Bloodtide, the Midnight Wish, taken straight out of the classic DL module, Dragon Keep. We also have a couple of pieces that didn’t quite make it into the final cut of Dragons of Spring … the spells – Magius’ Meteors and Queen of Darkness’ Spite & Venom; as well as two artifacts – Icon of Darkness and Staff of Fizban. Enjoy!

Dragons of a Fallen Sun – Japanese Edition
In Margaret’s Message blog, you can learn a bit about international editions of Dragonlance novels, and see the wonderful cover painting of the Japanese edition of Dragons of a Fallen Sun, by artist Kazumasa Uchio, featuring Cyan Bloodbane!

Mystics of Chaos
I’ve continued my Mystics of… series of articles with Mystics of Chaos (Children of Ionthas). This article expands on my original Children of Ionthas concept and incorporates information from Complete Divine.

Palanthas Herald, Deepkolt 25th
Its been kind of a slow newsweek for the Herald. This week we have only three articles for your reading pleasure. Check them out in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

New Fan Art!
We’ve posted a ton of new Dragonlance fan artwork depicting knights, wizards, minotaurs, and much more! Many of the submissions were from new staff artist Sticko. Check it out HERE and HERE!

Worlds of Dungeons and Dragons
Devil’s Due Publishing will be releasing a new comic series titled Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, which will include some Dragonlance short stories. The series will be edited by James Lowder, author of the Lord Soth Ravenloft novels. You can read more about it in this article.

Grenden Ravenseye as Duskblade
I’ve converted another character into a duskblade. This time, it’s Grenden Ravenseye, one of the pregenerated characters from the DLE modules.

Palanthas Herald, Deepkolt 18th
This week the steady stream of news slowed down for the Palanthas Herald. We have only four articles for you this week; but all of them are from areas outside the cityhome. First, the dispute between Jemtal Oermann and his first wife have been concluded. Second, the elf found frozen in the ice in Southern Ergoth has escaped and his identity stands revealed. Third, Bakali traders have begun trading with a small community in Abanasinia. Finally, a dozen elven slaves were saved by a hobgoblin. Read all about these articles in this week’s edition of the Palanthas Herald.

Sturm as PHB II Knight
I thought I would give my hand at reimagining another Hero of the Lance. Presenting Sturm as a Knight from the Player’s Handbook II.

Darkwatch Elves Race Write-up
I have finished the racial write-up for the Darkwatch Elves. Enjoy 🙂

Palanthas Herald, Deepkolt 10th
The news just keeps coming in here at the Palanthas Herald. We bring you six articles in this issue including the resignation of a Knight of the Crown, a polygamist mystic, and a controversial pardon by Emperor Markham. Read all about these stories and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Medusa Racial Levels and Character Write-Up
Here are a few new additions for the True20 system. The first are racial levels for the Medusa. Next, presenting Saige of the Dust Plains, a character written to accompany the Medusa racial levels.

Legend of Huma Comic – Finally in Trade!
Richard Knaak has announced in this thread that Devil’s Due Publishing is releasing a compiled Legend of Huma Trade Paperback, due out on March 20 – the 20th anniversary of The Legend of Huma! You can find out more info on Devil’s Due’s site and you can see the cover art here. Check out the story that I helped to adapt to comic format!

Gilthanas as Duskblade
I thought I’d give a try at writing up Gilthanas using the duskblade class from the Player’s Handbook II. Check it out!

Fan Rules Updates
Just a few rules updates to let you know about. First, we have two Sorcerer Paths; the Electromancer and the Hydromancer. Second, from the pages of the Palanthas Herald, we have the Thought Handler. Enjoy.

Palanthas Herald, Deepkolt 4th
another busy this week for the Herald field reporters. First, Solanthan Soldiers prevented the assassination of a local blacksmith. Next, a rune carved dwarven woman was discovered near Ak-Khurman. Then, kender are finally starting to leave Palanthas and the mission that brought them here appears to be over. Also, the 4th Legion will be reunited for the first time in many years. Finally, The Spears make a plea to Emperor Markham to allow locals to assist in rebuilding the Tower of the High Clerist. Read all about it this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Amber and Blood Cover Spotted!
Margaret Weis has passed along the cover art for Amber and Blood. Also, be sure to check out the Dragonships cover art. Dragonships is a new Weis and Hickman setting that looks to be quite good. Enjoy!

Lexicon: Art!
Thanks to all the artists participating in the Illustrate the Lexicon thread for continuing to give us great artwork for the articles! We have new artwork for Ariakas, Kirah DiThon, Forestmaster, Derek Crownguard, Eben Shatterstone, Aliona Damere, and Knights of the Crown. I hope you all enjoy what these artists are putting out!

Palanthas Herald, Newkolt 28th
Lots of news this week. Violence is escalating against the kender visitors to town, and one act of violence left one kender lass dead. On a good note, the lair of the necromancer causing both the kender problem, and the rash of undead has been found. The Palanthas Spears are looking for a few good men. Do you have what it takes to join the Spears? If so then maybe you can help them capture rum runners too. The Solamnic Legion finally arrives in Lemish and is greeted,not with weapons, but with open arms. Next, the Wizard’s Conclave has denied having any involvement in the attack on the Academy of the Dragon Mage. Finally, A Northern Ergoth Gladiator Arena is gonna allow normal folks to take on trained gladiators – for money. And you thought the Lemishans were crazy. Read all about these articles in this week’s edition of the Palanthas Herald.

Sorcerer Paths
Several of us are hard at work to bring you some character paths that can be used to help you craft that wild mage you see in your mind’s eye. Trampas brings you the Geomancer path. Clive brings you the Cryomancer path. Finally, I bring you Aeromancer path. We are working on completing Paths for the other eight Realms of Sorcery. Enjoy.

Revelations of Krynn’s Magic
We’ve got a nifty essay on Krynn’s magic from Cam Banks. Presenting Revelations of Krynn’s Magic. Enjoy!

Protecting Palanthas and Rebellion Reviews
Hey, gang, we have some new reviews in, courtesy of Lexicon guru Kranar Drogin. Be sure to check out his reviews of Protecting Palanthas and The Rebellion. We’ve got more reviews coming, including some more movie reviews. Keep watching!

Lexicon: Art and Articles
A lot has been added to the Lexicon as of late! New artwork by Darcwulf and Pyscha have been added for Verhanna Kanan, Dagamier, Dargonesti Elf, and Apoletta, plus many more from Darcwulf. The Taladas nation of Armach has been completed, and the Solamnic city of Solanthus has also been added.

Adjudicators in the Vineyard
Contributor Clark Valentine presents us with these rules for playing the Dark Knight enforcers known as Adjudicators of the Code, in the RPG “Dogs in the Vineyard” by D. Vincent Baker. Check it out!

Movie Soundtrack is a Go!
According to Margaret Weis, there is going to be a soundtrack to the Dragonlance Movie! According to Tracy Hickman, the soundtrack is ‘Oscar-worthy.’ You can find out more on this thread.

No Goldmoon Card in Dragonlance DVD
According to this thread, the movie doesn’t come with a Goldmoon promo card, as was originally expected.

Appreciate a Dragon Day!
Wizards of the Coast is celebrating Appreciate a Dragon Day, and they’re inviting you to join in on the fun. There’s lots of ways to celebrate. You may even want to give a dragon flowers. Here at the Nexus, we’re celebrating by appreciating Dragon Day, by Stan! Come join in on the celebration!

Margaret Weis Productions Says Farewell
Margaret Weis Productions have posted their farewells to Dragonlance fans. You can see Margaret’s farewell, and read Jamie’s farewell and Cam’s farewell. Read more on this thread. From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, I wanted to say thank you to Margaret Weis Productions and all those who worked with them over the years for bringing us the golden age of Dragonlance gaming. So long, and we’ll meet you at the Inn of the Last Home. Est Sularus oth Mithas.

Dragonlance Movie Released Today!
This is it, Dragonlance fans! The wait is over, and Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight has been released on DVD! You can view the trailer on You Tube. Plus, we’ve posted a copy of Tracy Hickman’s review. Feel free to discuss the movie on our movie forum. Be sure to order your copy through the Nexus and support the site!

Palanthas Herald, Newkolt 13th
Its been a busy week for the reporters of the Palanthas Herald. Some stunning revelations in the kender woes afflicting Palanthas. Undead attack a noblewoman’s carriage and at the same time it is discovered the kender are in the city to recover sacred relics, reputedly belonging to the Hero of the Lance, Tasslehoff Burrfooot. Lets hope they find them. Quickly! Ulin Majere’s Academy of the Dragon Mage is brought down to earth and receives the protection of Sanction’s guardian dragon, Crucible! Secret Projects in the sewers of Pashin have the Dark Knights of that city worried, and finally a five year old mystery is solved in Lacynos. Read all about these articles in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

First Movie Review!
Hey, gang, we got our first review of the upcoming Dragonlance movie! Thanks to Mel Odom for providing the review. See why he gives it 5 out of 5 stars! Click on the Amazon button in the review to order your copy.

Newsletter/Happy Nexus Day!
Hey, gang, just wanted to wish everyone a happy Nexus Day! We’re celebrating seven years of the Nexus today and the power of Dragonlance fans. Be sure to check out our latest newsletter for some various thoughts on seven years, as well as all the latest Dragonlance info. Thanks to all Dragonlance fans who have supported the Nexus. It’s because of you that we are celebrating seven years today.

Dragonlance Movie Released Next Week!
Hey, gang, we’re approaching the release of the Dragonlance movie, which will be out on January 15. Be sure to let us know what you think of the movie. Remember, you can order your copy through our product section, which helps to support the site.

Hourglass Mage Indefinite Delay?
Margaret Weis has mentioned on this thread that Dragons of the Hourglass Mage has not been started yet. Read posts #24 and 30 for more details. It is unknown at this time whether this news will result in a delay in publication, or if there is a possibility that Hourglass Mage will not be released at all. Stay tuned. We’ll post more information as it becomes available.

Palanthas Herald, Newkolt 6th
Kind of a slow news week. This week there are only two articles brought to you by our own roving reporter Darcwulf. Enjoy. Palanthas Herald, Newkolt 6th.

Darkwatch Elves: The Drow of Dragonlance
For those interested in playing Drow in Dragonlance game, here is one fans take on how to include them. Darkwatch Elves

Secrets of Pax Tharkas Reviews
We’ve had a few reviews come in for The Secrets of Pax Tharkas. Thanks to Kranar, Gerrin, and Beezer for the great reviews.

Warforged of the Lance
For those of you who are fans of warforged and want to know how to implement them in Dragonlance, we have an article for you! Presenting Warforged of the Lance.

Essence of Evil
WotC has posted a new Dungeon adventure, Essence of Evil. Note: you may need a D&D Insider account to download it, but accounts are free for the time being. We’re tickled pink, though, because WotC was kind enough to put in adaptation notes for Dragonlance!

Palanthas Herald, Frostkolt 30th
This holiday season we thought we’d keep close to the home front. This week there are more kender toubles for Palanthas, only this time Palanthas has egg on it’s face for putting Yarus in the path of the handling swarm. What is going on with our light-fingered friends? Finally, the ultimate act of desecration, on a holiday too! Read all about these stories in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

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