2007 News Archive

Happy New Year/Essay on the Nature of Wild Sorcery
I thought we’d kick off the New Year with a new article. Jaclyn Cashell, arcane historian of the Tower of Wayreth, has recently released an Essay on the Nature of Wild Sorcery to Mistress Jenna. Check out what wild magic is all about, and what the price of magic is. Happy New Year, everyone!

Merry Christmas!
From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas! Now why is Santa casting a fireball spell and looking for his hat? Hey, wait a minute, that isn’t Santa…

Merry Christmas from the Palanthas Herald
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas. This week we bring you some holiday related articles. First we have a gnome giving away toys in Tarsis. Hard to believe something so innocent as a toy could arouse the ire of the Dark Knights. Next, from Pashin we have reports of flying reindeer. Remember to look up to avoid falling objects. Then, in Daltigoth the city was attacked by snow-men. Sounds like a Frosty place to be. Finally, right here in Palanthas the troubles with the kender continue as the kender celebrate Re-Gifting Day. Read all about them in this special issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Lexicon: Wartide and Southern Hosk
An article on Southern Hosk from the Taladas Trilogy by Uziel has been added to the Lexicon. Also, an article by Ambro on Wartide from the book Alien Sea was also added.

Wizards/Mirrorstone Posts Warrior’s Bones Sample Chapter
WotC’s Mirrorstone imprint has posted a sample chapter of book three in the Goodlund trilogy, Warrior’s Bones.

WotC Posts Black Talon Icons, Wallpaper, and Sample Chapter
Wizards of the Coast has posted some icons, wallpaper, and a sample chapter of Richard Knaak’s first book in the Ogre Titans trilogy, The Black Talon.

MWP Posts Lost Leaves Previews
Margaret Weis Productions has posted some previews of the upcoming book, Lost Leaves From The Inn Of The Last Home. Enjoy!

Creating Monsters…Pathfinder Style!
If you’re a fan of Paizo’s Pathfinder line of modules, then check out Creating Monsters…Pathfinder Style! Check out some tips on how to take your monsters from drool to cool.

Interview with Dragonlance Movie Producers
Co-executive producer Cindi Rice speaks about the development of the Dragonlance animated film from her point of view over at IGN. Read all about it right here — including a short clip from the film itself!

Jamie Chambers Interview on Pulp Gamer “Inside Track”
The Pulp Gamer “Inside Track” podcast is known for interviewing folks from the game industry and getting them to spill their guts for the microphone. This time it was Jamie Chambers talking to the gang. The discussion includes Jamie’s start in the game industry, his association with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, the end of the Dragonlance license, and new things on the horizon for other licensed settings. Visit the podcast’s main page or just download the episode right now.

Web Enhancement: Artifacts of Winter
Cam Banks offers some magical items that your heroes might encounter during the course of Dragons of Winter with a new web enhancement – Artifacts of Winter.

Palanthas Herald, Frostkolt 16th
It’s been a busy week here at the Herald. This week we bring you FOUR articles! Firstly, the kender troubles continued this week when a kender got hold of a magic wand. Yikes! Lookout folks or you’ll find stuff floating off. Next, a recent divorcee has gone missing. Her former husband claims no responsibility, as she was last seen in the arms of a handsome elf (aren’t they all). Then, reports of the walking dead are on the increase. Something (or someone) must be disturbing their sleep. Finally, Ulin Majere and the Academy of Sorcery return in a big way. The school is now a flying citadel and he is offering it as a a home for sorcerers. Read all about these stories in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Weis & Hickman Interview on GameBanshee
The authors spend some time talking about Dragonlance in general, and the upcoming movie in particular, in an interview on GameBanshee.com. Read all about it right here!

Weis & Hickman Interview in Home Media Magazine
The authors discuss the Dragonlance animated film in this interview with Home Media Magazine, a trade magazine for the home video industry. Learn more or download the article right here!

The Black Talon Review
Check out this review of The Black Talon, courtesy of our friend Beezer! See why he gives it five out of five stars.

Beezer’s Dragonlance Reviews!
Our friend Beezer has submitted quite a number of reviews. We’ve posted the first few. Be sure to check out his thoughts on The Rebellion by Jean Rabe, Destiny by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook, and Protecting Palanthas by Douglas Clark. Be sure to check out The Beezer Review, which has a ton of reviews for Dragonlance and beyond. Check it out!

Dragonhearth Holiday Special (and movie update!)
Tracy Hickman gives his review of the Dragonlance movie in the Dragonhearth Holiday Special. Tracy gives his thoughts on everything done right, and a few things that could have been better! Remember, you can order your copy through the Nexus and support the site.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!
We have had a ton of reviews come in, including two from Lexicon guru Kranar Drogin – Alliances and Dragons of the Highlord Skies. Plus Gerrin sends us a review of The Secret of Pax Tharkas. We have more in the works, so stay tuned!

Palanthas Herald, Frostkolt 12th
Sorry for the delay with this week’s Herald. My new job has me working some late hours. Enough excuses though; on with the news barely fit to print. This week we have an exploding town, kender troubles for the cityhome, and the divorce of a prominent noble couple. Read all about these items in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Poll: Will you include the new 4th edition races in your Dragonlance games?
The new 4th edition D&D rules will include two races in the Players Handbook: tieflings and dragonborn. Which will you add into your Dragonlance game? Vote here!

Sorcerous Symbolism
As the power of Wild Sorcery was discovered in the Age of Mortals, some sorcerers discovered that visualizing the Realm of Sorcery they were trying to manipulate helped them to focus their magic. Sorcerous Symbolism is a way for sorcerers to gain a little flavor by visualizing their magic. This article is universal, usable in any game system.

Palanthas Herald, Frostkolt 4th
Fresh from our look back at the Age of Might, things are slowly getting back to normal at the offices of the Herald. This week we’ve only a few newsworthy items to bring to you. First, the body of a local hero, has disappeared prior to interment. Shenanigans are believed to be the cause of the body’s disappearance. Finally, a woman is mauled to death by a beast with only bite marks and a bloody hand print to tell the tale. Read all about these stories in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Rules System Tags
For those of you scouring the Fan Rules area to find rules for your particular game system, I recently added a new enhancement—the ability to filter the rules lists depending on the game system. This function is available in most of the fan rules sections, but not all of them at present. With the introduction of D&D 4th Edition, this will be more critical going forward, and will also help users using older rule sets find articles relevant to their games more quickly. Enjoy!

Dragonlance License Ends With Style!
The license to produce Dragonlance products for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 comes to an end with the new year. But fear not, Margaret Weis Productions end their Dragonlance product line with style! Dragons of Winter continues the epic tale of heroism, friendship, and sacrifice started in Dragons of Autumn and Dragons of Spring ends the tale with a climactic battle against the Dark Queen’s forces. Also, check out Lost Leaves From the inn of the Last Home a book filled to the rim with articles, recipes, music, and more written by authors, game designers, and fans of the setting. All three books are now available for preorder!

Palanthas Herald, Age of Might IV
This week we conclude our look back at news from the Age of Might. This crop of articles brings us revelations a plenty. Read all about them in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Lexicon: Crysania and Dalamar Artwork
Two new art pieces have been submitted to the Lexicon. The first was on the Reverend Daughter of Paladine, Crysania, and the other was on Raistlin’s apprentice Dalamar the Dark. If you wish to discuss the artwork, you can find that on this thread.

New Fan Art Added
I updated the Fan Art page today with 10 new additions. Notable items include Memories of Istar by Umari Solanthus, a piece depicting Zeboim and Chemosh , and a fantastic portrait of Raistlin Majere by PullenArt. Several other great pieces were also submitted by Remiel Van Uther, Marianne Gilliand, and CyanBlutgeissel. You can see them all on the Fan Art home page.

Tracy Hickman Ebay Auction – Elmore Concept Art!
Tracy Hickman is auctioning off one of the original concept sketches used to sell the Dragonlance idea to TSR! Find out more information in this thread. Be sure to let us know if you’re the lucky winning bidder!

Palanthas Herald, News from the Age of Might III
We continue with our look back at the Age of Might. The Dragon sighted at the Great Tourney is determined to be fake, a stable boy claims to have found the Crown of Power, and the Heresy Scourge continues. All in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Elven Exiles: Destiny Review!
I’ve just posted my review of Destiny, the conclusion of the Elven Exiles trilogy by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook. See why I consider this book a Dragonlance legend in the making!

Palanthas Herald, News from the Age of Might Part II
This week we continue our look back at news from the Age of Might. Read about a vampire terrorizing the wealthy of Tarsis. Marvel at reports of a dragon attack on Castle Ashward. Finally Give thanks, that the Kingpriest has taken steps to end the plague of cannibalistic elves. All in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Adlatum: FyxZharar Preview
The second web preview of our Adlatum PDF has been posted on the nation of FyxZharar. You can discuss the preview on this thread.

WotC Posts Protecting Palanthas Sample Chapter
Wizards of the Coast has posted a sample chapter for Douglas Clark’s latest novel, Protecting Palanthas. Check it out!

Dragonlance Gaming in Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Tale
Sometimes, an e-mail I receive will touch me profoundly. I recently received one from Jeffrey Empey, a soldier in Afghanistan whose fondest memories of his tour of duty include Dragonlance gaming. Check out his tale: Dragonlance Gaming in Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Tale. Jeffrey, we thank you for sharing your tale with us and for your service to your country. Many safe returns, my friend.

Dragonlance DVD Cover Update and Release Date
Tracy Hickman has stated in this post that the DVD cover is real! Plus, the release date is January 15, 2008! Be sure to order your copy through the site and support the Nexus!

Palanthas Herald, News from the Age of Might Part I
Last month we at the Herald uncovered evidence of a previous Palanthan newspaper that dated from the Age of Might called the Palanthas Times. This month we bring you some of the articles from that short lived publication. This weeks offering includes: some prophetic words from a gnome astronomer, a dragon sighting, and the disappearance of an entire town. All of this in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Lexicon Article #4,000: Fistandantilus
Uziel, Gerrin, Ambro, and I are happy to announce the 4,000th Lexicon article! One of the greatest Black Robes to have ever walked on Krynn, Fistandantilus, with an art piece by PsychaDurmont included! Also, to go along with the article, the magical artifact that assisted him in prolonging his life, the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus and his Spellbooks of Fistandantilus have both been written up.

Dragonlance DVD Cover?
Board member Toddler posted what appears at first sight to be the cover of the Dragonlance DVD on this thread. Check it out!

Happy Halloween from the Palanthas Herald.
This week our ghoulish reporters have scoured every graveyard and mausoleum on Ansalon to bring you this haunted issue. Enjoy this Halloween Special issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Dragonlance Canticle Episode #10: James Lowder Interview!
Episode #10 of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast has been released. To celebrate Halloween, we talked with James Lowder, author of the Lord Soth novels for Ravenloft. Did Soth go to Ravenloft? Find out what Jim says in the interview!

Jamie & Cam Board the Dragonhearth!
Tracy Hickman interviews Margareret Weis Productions’ game designers Jamie Chambers and Cam Banks on the latest episode of the Dragonhearth podcast.

Amber and Blood Release Date
According to Margaret Weis’ post on this thread, Amber and Blood will be out in May 2008.

Palanthas Herald, Gildember 23rd
Another busy week for the Herald. This week the dwarves of Hillhome discovered who was behind the owlbear attacks. The kender of Hylo announced plans for a new playtown. And a kids game turns into a route of a hobgoblin bandit. All this in this weeks Palanthas Herald.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Rough Cut Trailer!
Dragonlance fans finally have a chance to get a good glimpse of the movie Dragons of Autumn Twilight after a rough cut of the trailer has been uploaded to YouTube. Thanks to the guys over the official movie website, you can check it out HERE!

Palanthas Herald, Gildember 13th
All in all its been a pretty quiet week at the offices of the Palanthas Herald. This week we bring you two stories from the world at large. Our first story involves the increase in owlbear attacks in the dwarven town of Hillhome. The last story is a tale of murder from Khuri-Khan. All in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Palanthas Herald, Gildember 7th
It’s been a very busy news week. In Northern Ergoth several dozen people are being held for Heresy against the Empire of Istar. Meanwhile in beleagured Silvanesti, another elven landmark has been destroyed by the minotaur occupiers. In our own neck of the woods, more trouble is brewing in Lemish. All in this week’s edition of the Palanthas Herald.

Lord Venris Stormshield Artwork
Our good friend PsychaDurmont has submitted some artwork for a lesser-known death knight in the world of Krynn, Lord Venris Stormshield, Knight of the Blood Sword. Have some fun this Halloween and put your players up against the lord of Sorgaard Keep.

Coven of the Wolf Moon
Hey, all you ghosts and goblins! The Halloween season is upon us, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without some witches! So presenting a new organization for pre-Cataclysm Dragonlance games. Presenting the Coven of the Wolf Moon.

Palanthas Herald, Gildember 1
It’s been a quiet week in the Cityhome; not so in other parts of Ansalaon. In Silvanesti, a group of minotaur soldiers were defeated by squirrels! Meanwhile in Solace, a goblin artifact has been stolen from the Temple of Kiri-Jolith. Read all about it in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Lexicon: Rikali, Maldred, Ragh, Fetch, and Anaya
Uziel has been working on creating entries on a Keeper of the Forest, and some of Dhamon’s friends from his dark years. Entries in the Lexicon have been created for Maldred, Rikali Lockwood, Ragh, and Fetch. He has also created an entry for the wife of the great Kith-Kanan and Keeper of the Forest, Anaya. If you have questions or comments, please post them on this thread.

Great White Wyrm Review Posted (SPOILERS!)
I’ve just posted a review of The Great White Wyrm by Peter Archer. Check out my thoughts on the book, where it shined, and where it could be better. Note that this review contains spoilers.

Qualinesti Hymn From Dragonlance Movie
The Dragonlance movie site has posted the Qualinesti Hymn from the upcoming Dragonlance movie. With lyrics by Tracy Hickman and music courtesy of Karl Preusser.

Palanthas Herald, Reapember 24th
The Palanthas Herald this week published the first part of a five-part report on the crew of the Palanthas Star. In other news it would seem a crisis of temporal proportions is brewing. Read all about it in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Pathfinder Kobolds in Dragonlance
If you’ve ever played the Paizo publishing module Crown of the Kobold King, you know just how much fun their take on kobolds are. For those who want to bring them into Dragonlance, you might check out this article – Pathfinder Kobolds in Dragonlance. Enjoy, and be certain not to feed the little buggers. They’ll bite your hand off!

Ansalon Weather Map
In addition to the new site design, we’ve added another new feature to the site: a map depicting Ansalon’s current weather conditions. Have a look and let us know what you think!

New Nexus Site Design
If you’re reading this, you have probably already noticed what’s different—a new site design. We haven’t done much cosmetically with the site in the recent past, and felt that it was about time to give the old site an updated look. I know there are some issues with how some of the graphics display in Internet Explorer 6.0, but the new versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox handle things perfectly. Let us know what you think!

New Fan Artwork
We’ve just added three new pieces by Nilstria Archmagus, who is one of my favorite new fan artists. Check out these Sirines, the White Stag, and my personal favorite, the Royal Griffon. Thanks to Nilstria for the submissions!

Fantasy Author Robert Jordan Passes Away
While not a Dragonlance author, Robert Jordan has had a tremendous impact on fantasy literature for many years now. Today, he passed from our world into the next. You can read more about it here. From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, we want to wish Mr. Jordan’s family and friends all the best. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Est Sularus oth Mithas.

Palanthas Herald, Early Edition for Reapember 14th
We are having some issues with our gnome printing machine and so in order to ensure the news gets out on time, we’re putting it out a few days early to allow our gnome “geniuses” to iron out the bugs (whatever the heck that means). This week we have two news story brought to you by our field reporters out and about in greater Solamnia. First a blind woman is found wandering alone by a trapper. She claims to be part of an organization called the United Realms. Yeah we thinks she’s cracked up to, but the public has a right to know. Finally, the Mage War reared it’s ugly head again, only this time it got their favorite activity banned. Read all about it in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Palanthas Herald, Reapember 11th
A really busy week in Palanthas. The Palanthas Star is again in the news. It seems Emperor Markham has gone back on his word to remove bounty on the ghost ship. A mercenary band gets its tail handed to themselves to by a white dragonspawn, and a woman is assualted near the Shoikan Grove. All this and more in this week’s Palanthas Herald.

Nexus Ennie Award Pic
Hey, everyone, I thought I would show you a picture of the Ennie Award we won at this year’s Ennie Awards at GenCon. Thanks to all of you for making this possible.

Dragonlance Canticle episode #9 – GenCon Discussion Part II
You can catch the second part of our GenCon discussion on our podcast, the Dragonlance Canticle. We discuss 4th edition and how it will relate to Dragonlance, as well as the Dragonlance movie trailer!

Richard Knaak European Tour!
Richard Knaak asked me to pass this along…’Now is the opportunity for those of you in Europe to see me at one of three venues! First and foremost will be ISTROCON / COMIC SALON 2007 at the SUZA in Bratislava, Slavokia from September 14-16. One of the biggest SF and Comic events in Europe these days, some 4000 people are expected to attend. I will be a special guest of the convention and will not only appear on panels, but will be autographing! Come one, come all! On September 17th, join me for a special signing at Arrakis bookstore, located in Brno, Czech Republic at Veveri 24 from 2-5 pm! And just added for Germany, I’ll be signing September 4th in Stuttgart at Karstadt Stuttgart, located at Königstrasse 27-29! Signing time is 2:30 pm! The focus of most of the signings will be my Blizzard books, but others should be available! Come one, come all!

Adlatum: Avanesti Elf Preview
The first web preview of our Adlatum PDF has been posted on the Avanesti Elves. You can discuss the preview on this thread.

Palanthas Herald, Reapember 3rd
It’s been a busy week for our reporters. The Palanthas Star is once again in the news, this time coming to the aid of the Flaming Star. New Security measures enacted in Lemish. All this and more in this week’s edition of the Palanthas Herald.

Fan Content Update!
We’ve posted a bunch of artwork by Umari Solanthus. Check it out HERE. Also, for the DMs out there running the Key of Destiny adventure we’ve posted some writeups of the NPCs who weren’t originally statted in the adventure. You can find them HERE. More writeups are in the works!

WotC Posts Elven Exiles: Destiny Sample Chapter
Wizards of the Coast has posted a sample chapter of Destiny, book three in the Elven Exiles series. Feel free to discuss the sample chapter on this thread.

Palanthas Herald, Paleswelt 27th
More trouble this week for the legendary ghost ship, the Palanthas Star, and the Military Governor of Lemish and his family is found dead. All in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald.

Dragonlance Canticle Episode #8!
We’ve posted episode #8 of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast, this being part 1 of our GenCon special. Check it out!

DragonCon – Movie Preview and Promo Cards!
Margaret Weis will be showing the movie trailer (with some new material added since GenCon) at DragonCon. The time and location have not been announced. Stop by Margaret Weis Productions’ booth for details. There will also be three new promo cards: Caramon, Goldmoon, and Riverwind. Plus, the first-ever Dragonlance movie – Godzillalance! Find out more information on this thread.

Tracy Hickman Pens Lyrics for Movie Music
The Dragonlance Movie Site has posted the lyrics for a Qualinesti Hymn written by none other than Tracy Hickman! I got to hear the music at GenCon, and it is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald, Paleswelt 21st
It’s been a busy week here at the the Palanthas Herald Newsroom. Two stories come to us from travelers on the High Seas, one involving a famed Ghost Ship and the other the most unlikeliest of heroes. All this and more in this weeks issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Newsletter Posted
Guys, check out the latest issue of the Nexus News! This issue is our GenCon special issue, with info on the con, the Dragonlance movie, 4th edition, and more!

Wizards of the Coast Announces 4th Edition!
Wizards of the Coast announced at GenCon that they will release the 4th Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game in May 2008. You can read more about it on this thread.

The Nexus Gets the Gold at the Ennies!
Hey, gang, wanted to let you know that the Dragonlance Nexus won the gold for Best Fan Site at the Ennie Awards at GenCon! I wanted to say congrats to all of you for helping to make the site what it is. You have my heartfelt love and thanks. -Dragonhelm

Lexicon: Icewall Castle and Port of Schallsea
The Lexicon Aesthetics continue to be hard at work bringing information on the world of Krynn. Uziel has written an article on the Icewall Castle, while Ambro has written one on the Port of Schallsea.

Off to GenCon!
Hey, gang, the Nexus crew is off to GenCon! If you want to meet up with us, stop by Margaret Weis Productions’ booth (#2417) and see if we’re hanging around. You can also find us at the Dragonlance Q&A, Killer Breakfast, and the Podcasting Party. Stop by Margaret’s booth to meet her, Tracy Hickman, and actor Jason Marsden, the voice of Tasslehoff Burrfoot! I hope to see you there!

Palanthas Herald, Paleswelt 13th
It’s been a slightly busier newsweek this week. This week read about a merchant vessel that was attacked and a startling find at the former villa of Elstone Kinsaid! All in this weeks Palanthas Herald

Palanthas Herald for Paleswelt 8th
Greetings All. Apparently the first print run got stuck inside our gnomish printing device, necessitating the entire device to be cleaned and repaired. The jam has been cleared and the devicecleaned and repaired. It is now cranking out copies of the Herald for your perusal. The big news this week is Emperor Markham has instituted the draft!. Enjoy Palanthas Herald

Dragons of Krynn Available in PDF!
Margaret Weis Productions has announced that Dragons of Krynn, a detailed sourcebook on true dragons, dragonkin, dragonspawn, and more, has now gone to press and will debut at the Gen Con Game Fair on August 16th. The book will be available in the US hobby and book trades in early September. Fans of electronic books can purchase the eBook/PDF version right here!

Lexicon: Catchstar
An article about Catchstar was added to the Lexicon. Catchstar was a fellow Plainsman that traveled with Riverwind to find the Blue Crystal Staff. Included along with the article is artwork of Catchstar by Darcwulf.

The Rebellion – Sample Chapter and Wallpaper
Wizards of the Coast has just released a sample chapter and wallpaper for the first book in the Stonetellers trilogy, The Rebellion, by Jean Rabe. Remember, you can support the Nexus by purchasing your copy through the site. The Rebellion will be available August 7th.

New Fan Artwork
We have a few new pieces in our fan art section, including the Fetish Shaman and Ice Dragonette by Cyan. Plus a new artist on the scene, Nilstria Archmagus, sends us Canus Humanwolf and a personal favorite of mine, the Icewall Tiger. These pieces will be used to help illustrate our Bestiary. Thanks to all of our artists for their contributions!

Have you ever needed some ideas on how to play a mystic? We have a couple of articles that may be right up your alley. Check out Mystic of Air and Mystic of Storm. More articles in this series are forthcoming with tips on how to play a mystic of your favorite domain. Enjoy!

Return of the Weekly Herald
That’s right folks, the Herald is going weekly again. I’ve tried the monthly thing for a couple months but it just didn’t feel right. I’m sure many of you have missed reading the Herald every week and truthfully so have I. Article submissions are still very much appreciated and I urge you to make use of the Palanthas Herald Newsroom. It is with great pleasure I give you the first new weekly Palanthas Herald in a couple of months.

Boards are Back Up!
After some draconic ‘persuasion,’ those gnome engineers got the boards back up! Enjoy!

Cover Art for the Last Dragon Magazine Posted
The cover art for the final issue of Dragon magazine has been posted, and it’s by none other than Larry Elmore! Be sure to check out The Last Dragon Mage.

Cover of the Final Issue of Dungeon Posted
While not Dragonlance related, I thought I would pass on that Paizo has published the cover of the final issue of Dungeon. We here at the Dragonlance Nexus would like to offer our support and thanks to everyone who made Dungeon the great magazine it has been all these years.

Congratulations Tauren Kai-Jere and Pirategirl!
We at the Dragonlance Nexus want to wish Tauren Kai-Jere and Pirategirl many years of wedded bliss together. You can check out their Elvis-style wedding right here. Please offer your congrats to these crazy kids on this thread. Viva Las Vegas!

Fan Content Update
The bard Umari Solanthus has submitted two new songs, both of which have become all the rage in inns and playhouses throughout Ansalon. Check out Within and Inside My Golden Eyes. In addition, we’ve posted many of the magic items from the Holy Artifacts Challenge. You can find those items HERE.

Vote for the Dragonlance Nexus and Margaret Weis Productions at the Ennies!
Hey, gang, just wanted to let you know that the Dragonlance Nexus is in the running for Best Fan Site for the Ennie Awards, and Margaret Weis Productions is in the running for fan’s choice of Best Publisher. Be sure to take a moment to vote and show your support.

Dragonlance Movie Article in Dragon #358
I just got my copy of Dragon magazine #358 today, and there’s an article in there on the Dragonlance movie, including some nifty pics from the movie! Be sure to grab a copy!

Dragonlance Nexus Nominated for Ennie!
EN World has announced the nominations for this years Ennies. We are proud to have been named as one of the nominees for Best Fan Site! Thanks to all the fans who have contributed to this site to make this nomination possible! Knightly orders of Ansalon gets an honorable mention for Best Production Values, and Margaret Weis Productions is a nominee for Fan’s Choice: Best Publisher. Voting begins next week!

WotC Posts Highlord Skies Materials
Wizards of the Coast has posted some extra goodies for Dragons of the Highlord Skies. Check out the new screensaver, wallpaper, and the podcast. Plus characters and icons. Check it out, and remember that you can support the site by ordering your copy through our products section.

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest additions to our fan material. Dan Karmin expands our knowledge of Taladas with The Savage Lands. Tauren Kai-Jere expands on his Child of the Forest entry with the Accanthus template. Finally, our very own Kipper has graciously let us post his previous Origins and GenCon adventures Legacy of the Black Rose and Return to Skullcap, and some Pregenerated Characters not only for these, but for your other games as well. Enjoy!

Lexicon: Arrowthorn
Ambro continues his quest of documenting everything with the Plainsmen tribes. An article on the Chieftain of the Qué-Shu Arrowthorn, who was the father to Hero of the Lance Goldmoon. A big thanks to Darcwulf for providing artwork on Arrowthorn!

Dragonlance Canticle Episode #6/Heroes of the Lance Discussion
We have just released episode #6 of the Dragonlance Canticle. This episode, we talk about the Heroes of the Lance, whether we can move beyond them, or whether we should. Discuss the episode on this thread. Enjoy!

Kirath Characters
In the latest batch of characters for your DL campaign, and coming straight from the pages of Tree Lords, come members of the Kirath – one of the leaders of the Kirath Aleaha Takmarin, a kirath apprentice Torian Hartrunner, the veteran kirath Lareth Thlorendil and the cat’s paw kirath of the Unnameable Dara Silvareth.

Lexicon: Wanderer and Cloudhawk
We have just posted two articles to the Lexicon. One is Wanderer, the son of both Goldmoon and Riverwind, and Wanderer’s son Cloudhawk.

Races of Ansalon!
Per Jamie Chambers, Races of Ansalon is approved and soon going off to press. The product is now available to purchase in electronic (PDF) form over at DriveThruRPG.com. For more information, see this thread.

Tasslehoff at GenCon!
From Margaret Weis: ‘Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. is honored to announe that Jason Marsden, the voice of Tasslehoff in the DL movie, will be our guest at Gen Con. He will be appearing in the MWP booth, so please come by and say hello. (Tracy and I met Jason at Comic Con last year and Jason IS Tasslehoff!). MWP is working with Paramount to have other cool movie stuff available, so keep watching for more news!’ You can read more on this thread.

Fan Rule Updates
We’ve posted some updated characters for your viewing and gaming pleasure! Check out the intriguing Brithelm Pathwarden from the Weasel’s Luck and Galen Beknighted novels. In addition, if you’re running an Age of Mortals Campaign, you may be interested in Blythe, Captain Whyndam, Grace, Lieutenant Kaybrin, and Stallion character conversions. Enjoy!

The Palanthas Herald is Back!
It has been a long two weeks since the last issue and we have completed our renovations of the Newsroom. This month we bring you SIX articles written by our talented staffers! In this issue, we get a look at life in Solamnia post Rise of Solamnia trilogy. A man of dubious character is elevated to the nobility, the Crimson Eye mage school is attacked, and the repairs to the High Clerists Tower are proceeding rapidly, but at what cost? All this and more in this month’s Palanthas Herald

Lexicon: Majeres, Wayreth, and War
We have just posted an updated Lexicon article on one of the greatest mages on Krynn, Palin Majere, along with his former tower the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth . His sister Dezra Majere was also written up, along with Kirah DiThon and the Dwarfgate War.

Citadel Guardian Art
Our good friend PsychaDurmont has sent us a new pic, and one that demonstrates just what a fantastic artist she is. Presenting the Citadel Guardian, one of the guardians of the Citadel of Light. Thanks, Psycha!

Learn from Douglas Niles (Summer Camp for teens)
Dragonlance writer Douglas Niles will be teaching for a week (7/29-8/4) at the SHARED WORLDS writing and game design camp for teenagers at Wofford College. So will about 20 other writers, game designers, and artists. You can find out more here.

Lexicon: Quivalen Soth.
We have just posted a new Lexicon article on the bard of Ansalon himself, Quivalen Soth.

Poll: Which sorcerer organization would you join?
If you was a sorcerer in the world of Krynn, what type of organization would you join? Or would you join one at all? Vote here!

The Gods of Nordmaar
Kipper has sent us a write-up on the Gods of Nordmaar. This write-up was a little too late for Holy Orders of the Stars, so we’re presenting it here for fans to use in their games. Enjoy!

Dragonlance Canticle Episode #5!
We have just released episode #5 of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast! Includes a Herald’s Report on an astrological observatory, a review of Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, an article on One On One Gaming, and an interview with game designer Clark Valentine!

The Palanthas Herald on Hiatus
The Palanthas Herald is taking a little break. Fear not, this isn’t the end of the Herald, just a little break to recharge the batteries. We will return in two weeks on June 4th with the next issue, and the first Monday of the month thereafter.

Rules Update
Playing an aquatic-based Dragonlance campaign? Looking for an alternative character race to sea elves? Well, have we got something for just for you! Check out the Centaurcampi, the centaur of the high seas!

Academy of Sorcery Map!
Sean Macdonald, cartographer of Tasslehoff’s Map Pouches, has submitted a map of the Academy of Sorcery! Thanks to Sean for all his hard work on this gorgeous map.

Dragon Magazine Declares Cyan Bloodbane #2 Most Wanted Dragon!
Congratulations to our very own Cyan Bloodbane for making #2 on the ‘Top 10 Most Wanted Dragons in D&D’ article in Dragon Magazine #356! Plus, is it true that he’s become a dracolich? Discuss this very question on this thread.

Leaves III: Fan Submissions Wanted!
Margaret Weis Productions’ last Dragonlance product will be Leaves III: From the Inn of the Last Home. Margaret Weis has posted this announcement regarding the product and how you can contribute!

The Palanthas Herald on the 15th Day of Fleurgreen!
Emperor Markham’s tax collector and the collector’s escort meet an untimely demise, even as the Mass Transit System of Mount Nevermind grinds to a halt. All in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Happy Mother’s Day!
I just wanted to wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to call your moms, guys!

Church Istaran Language
Did you ever wonder how Chris Pierson was able to use the Istaran language throughout the novels of the Kingpriest Trilogy? We finally have the answer: the author’s own notes, along with an extensive list of 2,900 Istaran words with English translations! You can view the full article here. Many thanks to Kranar for working with Mr. Pierson to obtain his notes, and of course to Mr. Pierson for sharing his work with the Nexus! Also look for his forthcoming novel from the Taladas Chronicles trilogy, Shadow of the Flame, in July.

GenCon Game Events
Margaret Weis Productions has posted their full event list for the Gen Con Game Fair, including two classic Dragonlance events (in bold). Click here to see what MWP has in store!

Towers of High Sorcery Reprint
Jamie Chambers of Margaret Weis Productions has announced that they are planning to reprint Towers of High Sorcery in the next few months so that it can become available once again. This is perhaps the most requested gaming book to be reprinted, so be sure to grab yours and support Margaret Weis Productions!

Rules Update
Check out the latest batch of goodies, straight from the pages of Stormblade. We have the master dwarf Isarn Hammerfell, the forger of the Kingsword himself! And have you ever wonder what kind of wizard the flute wielding Piper was? Well check out the Sonomancer prestige class to find out.

Richard Knaak Appearances
Richard Knaak passed along the following information in this thread regarding his upcoming appearances. “Regrettably, at this point in time, it appears I will not be attending Gencon again. This, however, is due to the fact that I may be at the San Diego Comicon and in LA for Blizzcon the following week, both at the behest of publishers. This is barring unforseen circumstances. Also, for European readers, barring those same circumstances, I will also be a guest in Bratislava Sept. 14-16th for Comic Salon/Istrocon 2007. This is a rare European visit and I’d be happy to meet readers from anywhere nearby there!”

Adlatum Sourcebook Cover Posted
We have just posted the cover of the Adlatum sourcebook, a free online guide to Krynn’s newest continent. Thanks to Psycha Durmont for the wonderful cover, and to all the Adlatum contributors. Keep watching, as Adlatum is coming your way this summer!

Dragonlance Canticle episode #4
Hey, gang, we’ve released episode #4 of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast. We discuss what the non-renewal of Margaret Weis Productions’ license means for fans as we head into the future. Complete with discussion of the 5-year cycles of Dragonlance. Check it out!

Lexicon: Women of Power and Heroes of the Heart
We’ve added a couple of articles on two of the women who have had quite a hand in shaping the Dragonlance setting. First up is Crysania, the infamous Revered Daughter of Paladine from the Legends trilogy. Plus, the mistress of the Red Robes herself, Jenna. Plus, three of the Heroes of the Heart – Groller Dagmar, Shaon of Istar, and the not-for-the-world kender, Raph Tanglemop.

Neutral Dragons of Krynn
Take a look at the latest selection of updates to our rule section – The Neutral Dragons of Krynn details these elusive gemstone dragons and their history or why not take a look at an alternate version of the Heroine of the Heart, Ferilleeagh ‘Feril’ Dawnspringer, Mystic-Druid

Fan Rule Updates
Clive Squire has submitted a bunch of new Dragonlance gaming goodies. Check out the Paramander Substitution Levels, the paramander Sir Jaymes DeMattalio, the Mystic-Druid, the Hero of the Heart Groller Dagmar, and the vile Black Winds of Morgion!

Newsletter Special Edition
I’ve just posted the latest issue of our newsletter, with the announcement of the Dragonlance license as well as a few thoughts at the end.

Dragonlance Gaming License Comes to a Close
Margaret Weis Productions has announced that they will no longer hold the license to produce Dragonlance gaming materials after this year. We will have more on this story as it develops. You can discuss the subject here.

The Palanthas Herald on the 23rd Day of Yurthgreen!
A Nerakan nobleman seeks the secret of the famous bombards, the Palanthas Cup causes a boom in illegal gambling, and one of the famous dragon orbs is for sale. All this in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Lexicon Updates
The Lexicon has recently gone through some major upgrades. The first of which is that the home page has been changed a bit to allow for easier navigation. At the bottom you will find how to contribute, and a style guide to assist you on how to create an article. The last is that the first infoboxes have been created, for easier information gathering. You will have to give us some time in updating the pages we currently have, but we are hoping this will assist people in getting the information they need. Enjoy!

Paizo to No Longer Publish Dragon and Dungeon
After many years as a staple of the RPG world, Dragon and Dungeon magazines will be coming to an end with issues #359 and #150 respectfully. You can read the announcement here.

Pillar of Flame Review
We have just posted a review of Pillar of Flame, the young adult novel by Ree Soesbee. Thanks to Talinthas for the review.

Dragonlance Canticle Podcast: Episode #3
Episode #3 of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast has been posted! Includes the first part of Tal’s annual State of the Lance, news, trivia, and a Herald’s Report on a place called Mage’s Haven. All of this and more on the Dragonlance Canticle!

Tracy Hickman on Next Week’s Geeklabel!
Tracy Hickman will be a guest on next week’s Geeklabel podcast.

Fan Rule Updates
Take a look at the latest additions to our fan rules! Look in A Kender’s Pouch, play a True Renegade, check out Halthorne the Wise, play the new adventure Sacrifice of a Life, and check out the latest Castles & Crusades conversion with the C&C DL Player’s Adaptation. Enjoy!

The Palanthas Herald on the 9th Day of Yurthgreen!
The Legion of Steel honors the Parsons, Jaymes Markham sponsors new textbooks for the University of Palanthas, and the Palanthas Cup is announced. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out our newest batch of characters and fan rules! Take a look at characters Clearbrook, Cael Kiergard, Emilian Togh, Faros es-Kalin, and Klaudia Lorn for your games, as well as a possible Cleric of Raistlin pulled from the River of Time. Also check out these articles on using the Age of Worms in Taladas, and some Planar Campaign Seeds for Krynn. Enjoy!

New Herald’s Report and Raistlin Article
From the Dragonlance Canticle comes a couple of new articles. First up is the Herald’s Report, which has a new character for your D&D game. Then Valharic expands on his thoughts on favorite characters in Who’s Your Favorite Character?…The Evolution. Coming soon, Dragonlance Canticle #3!

Joe Murphy – In Loving Memory
Farpoint Media, the banner under which the Dragonlance Canticle flies, has lost one of its own yesterday. Joe Murphy, from Slice of SciFi, Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, Wingin’ It, and other Farpoint Media shows has lost his battle with leiomyosarcoma carcinoma. You can find out more at the Farpoint Forums. If you want to help with the costs of Joe’s medical bills, you can make a donation at the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund. From all of us here at the Nexus, I’d like to offer our condolences. Rather than mourn, I would ask that you join us in celebrating the life and works of Joe Murphy. We’ll meet again in the podosphere above. Update: Check out the Canticle for the Joe Murphy Tribute Show!

The Palanthas Herald on the 1st Day of Yurthgreen!
The Wizards’ Conclave is now hiring, the Senate returns power to the people, and evil surrenders. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Sorcerers to Wear Purple Robes
The sorcerers of Krynn will now be wearing robes, much like the Wizards of High Sorcery. According to an anonymous source, “Let’s face it, sorcerers are so drab! Why with the right colors and accents, they will be stars!” Sorcerers will now wear purple robes with pink tassles. Wizards of the Coast and Margaret Weis Productions were not available for comment.

Dragonlance to Advance Tech Level
After the success of the bombards in the Rise of Solamnia series by Doug Niles, sources have stated that the tech level will advance in Dragonlance. Changes will be minimal at first, starting with steam power, advancing over a 5-year arc to cyberware. No gnomes will be hurt during the transition. Maybe.

Review: The Measure and the Truth
I just posted a review of The Measure and the Truth (scroll down for my review). In the review, you will see not only my thoughts on the book, but also on the series as a whole. You can discuss the book and my review on this thread.

Tracy Hickman Guest Stars on Billibub Baddings Podiobook!
I thought I would let you know that Tracy Hickman has guest-starred on Tee Morris’ podcast novel, Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword. Tracy plays the part of an Irish cop, and boy does he ever do a great job! So check out what has been, to me, a really fun podiobook, and see what Tracy is up to.

The Palanthas Herald on the 26th Day of Brookgreen!
A new tournament sees the light of day in the minotaur arena, the empire of Ergoth launches a new trading union to rival the Palanthas Merchants Guild, and strange rooms have been discovered underneath the Palanthas City Jail. All this in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Dragonlance Canticle Podcast: Episode #2
This episode of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast is a roundtable discussion on Wild Sorcery. See what Tal, Valharic, Catherine, and I have to say on the subject.

Alliances Review
I have just posted a review of Alliances. Please note that there are SPOILERS within. Enjoy!

The Palanthas Herald on the 19th Day of Brookgreen
In Kalaman sorcerers protest against plans to build a Tower of High Sorcery in the city and in Palanthas the university has opened up a new line of study – dracology. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

WotC Posts Peter Archer Interview, White Wyrm Wallpaper, and Sample Chapter
Wizards of the Coast has posted an interview with Peter Archer, author of the new novel The Great White Wyrm. You can also check out The Great White Wyrm Wallpaper and a sample chapter. Check it out!

Art Added to Nexus Bestiary
Our goal of illustrating all the original monsters in the Nexus Bestiary is coming ever-closer. We would like to share with you some entries that now have art, including the Never Ending Skeleton, the Warrior of Shrouds, the Werekender, and the Desolation Brute (scroll down for illustration). Art courtesy of Kargin el Tomath. Plus, Umari Solanthas has provided art for James O’Rance’s kodragon and Clive Squire’s kodragon. Thanks to Kargin and Umari for all their help!

Happy Birthday Margaret!
From all of us here at the Nexus, I’d like to wish Margaret Weis a very happy birthday today!

Monthly Moon Forecast
Do you use the Nexus moon forecast in your Dragonlance game? Ever been frustrated that you can’t get more than the forecast for the upcoming week? Now you have your answer: I’ve updated the moon forecast page to include a full month at a time, and the ability to see the position of the moons for any given month five years before or after today’s date. Check it out and let us know what you think in this thread!

Editorial: 3 Topics That Should Never Be Brought Up on the Message Boards Again
Kendermage has submitted an editorial called 3 Topics That Should Never Be Brought Up on the Message Boards Again (One Fan’s Personal Opinion). Kendermage goes into why these three phrases are detrimental to the fan community. Agree? Disagree? Be sure to let your feelings be heard on this thread.

The Palanthas Herald on the 13th Day of Brookgreen!
A safehouse of the Lily Dragon Thieves Guild is destroyed in a raid by city guard officials and the Merchants Guild considers normalized trade relations with Neraka. All this an more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

The Hourglass ‘I’: Hegel’s Theory Applied to the Archmage Raistlin Majere
We have received a very special submission – The Hourglass ‘I’: Hegel’s Theory Applied to the Archmage Raistlin Majere, by Reggie Allison. The article was presented as a formal academic paper in Baltimore at the Northeastern Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Convention, the subject of which was the anti-hero. Thanks to Reggie for submitting the paper, and kudos on a job well done!

Movie Site Posts New Backgrounds and 3D Draconian Model
The Dragonlance Movie Site has posted some new images, including a 3D Draconian Model and two new background images. Slick!

Lexicon Article #3000: Dhamon Grimwulf, by Jean Rabe!
The Dragonlance Lexicon has posted its 3,000th article – Dhamon Grimwulf, by author Jean Rabe! Thanks to Jean for the article, and congrats to all the Lexicon team for a job well done!

Four Million Visitors and Counting!
It’s taken nearly two years since the last announcement like this (April 11, 2005 to be exact), but the Nexus has hit another milestone: 4 million visitors, according to the counter on the home page. It will be the 10 year anniversary of my starting “the World of Krynn”—the Dragonlance web site that eventually became the Nexus, and this is a great way to celebrate the site’s upcoming anniversary. Many thanks to all of the authors, artists, and other contributors to the site, as well as to all of you for coming back to visit time and again. I can’t wait to see what transpires between now and 5 million!

Staff Changes at Margaret Weis Productions
Margaret Weis Productions has announced on Dragonlance.com that there will be some staff changes. Sean Everette is leaving the company to pursue opportunities in Florida, while Cam Banks and Digger Hayes will be joining the MWP team. From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, congrats to Cam and Digger and we wish Sean the absolute best.

Weis and Hickman to Pen New Series
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman will be penning a new series of books called DRAGONSHIPS, from Tor books. The series is drawn amongst a back drop of Viking-like warriors, three opposing groups of Gods, and ships powered by dragons and the ultimate quest for salvation and survival.

Dragonlance Canticle Podcast Launches!
My friends, the Nexus has now joined the podosphere! Be sure to check out our brand new podcast, the Dragonlance Canticle! The Canticle is an unofficial fan podcast produced by the Nexus. Episode #0 is up now, giving a rundown of what to expect. Coming soon, our first regular episode. Check it out!

EN World Posts Knightly Orders Review
EN World has posted a review of Knightly Orders of Ansalon. See what reviewer JoeGKushner has to say and why Knightly Orders got four stars!

d20 Magazine Rack posts Dragons of Autumn Review
d20 Magazine rack has posted a review of the first update to the classic, original “DL” series of Dragonlance modules, Dragons of Autumn.

Fan Rule Updates
We’ve posted some new goodies for use in your Dragonlance campaign, including Citadel Guardian substitution levels, an article on Estwilde, and a bunch of SAGA NPCs converted to D&D 3.5 which can be found here. Enjoy!

The Palanthas Herald on the 5th Day of Brookgreen!
It has been a rather hectic week for the Senate of Palanthas with controversial votes and a repeal of the Kender Rehabilitation Act. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Fan Rule Updates
Get back in the action with our latest submissions! See what converted characters Drincabir Redstone and Scanion Ribtickler are up to. Scholarly sorts may seek to join the Library of Denlthor, wizards yearn to find the mysterious Tome of the Trusting Soul. Check them out!

New Alternate Timeline: The Supremacy of the Skull
Have you ever wondered what happens if the Age of Mortals campaign doesn’t have a happy ending? Well here’s your chance to find out. The Dragonlance Nexus presents the Supremacy of the Skull!

New Location: Stone Rose
Stone Rose, once known only as a mystical site, has developed into a small village. Both the village and the garden of petrified roses can be found here, written for use in your D&D game.

The Palanthas Herald on the 26th Day of Deepkolt!
Faros Es-Kalin, emperor of the minotaur isles, announces a new tournament called the Clash of the Champions, Grayson Haliwell vanishes during his own trial, and the Lost Wrights Company announces the premiere of the first play to take place in Manik’s Manor. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Movie News: George Strayton Interview
The Dragonlance movie site has posted an interview with George Strayton, who did the screenplay adaptation of Autumn Twilight. Check it out!

Movie News: First Animation Clip
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have seen the first animation clip of the Dragonlance movie. Margaret had this to say: “I’ve just this moment seen a small clip of some of the first animation of the opening sequence featuring dragons. All I can say is: WOW! It’s simply stunning. Tracy said he almost cried. Me, too.” You can join in on this discussion on this thread.

Spanish Dragonlance TV Spot!
Board member Daperdepa has spotted a Spanish Dragonlance TV commercial. Be sure to check out this thread for the translation. If anyone is interested, here is the Spanish Dragonlance site this video came from. Enjoy!

Raistlin Miniature Announced!
It was announced at the D&D Experience that the next D&D Miniatures set, The Night Below, will feature a Raistlin miniature. For a picture and more information, be sure to check out this thread.

Movie Site Posts Backgrounds
The Dragonlance movie site has posted a few backgrounds for the upcoming movie.

New Adventure Hooks
The internet is full of Dragonlance gems and we’ve just posted a bunch of them in the Adventure Hooks section. Do you have what it takes to face the Catyrpelius or survive a wintery grave?

The Palanthas Herald on the 19th Day of Deepkolt
Greetings citizens of Palanthas. In the latest issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a Palanthas covered in flowers, a thieves guild thwarted by the City Guard, a vigilante draconian wreathed in flames, and more!

Fan Rule Updates
After equipping your character with some Dragonlance Starting Packages, check out our new organizations and prestige classes! Help the Hawkstones build a Tower of High Sorcery, defend virtue as a Knight Templar or Rider of Ergoth, or worship the moons of magic as a Mystic of the Three Moons. Check them out!

The Palanthas Herald on the 13th Day of Deepkolt
A magic storm causes havoc in Palanthas and in Solace, the son and daughter-in-law of Palin Majere have mysteriously disappeared. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Lexicon: Artifacts
We have a few more artifacts in the Lexicon. There’s the Portals to the Abyss, the sword Mantooth, and the Gauntlet of Ventyr. Be sure to check out the Lexicon for more updates.

Art For The Nexus Bestiary
We’ve got a brand new project in the works for the Nexus Bestiary. Working with the artists in the fan community, we’re adding artwork to the new monsters. First up is the Minotaurtle and the Rage Fiend. Thanks to Kargin el Tomath for supplying those pictures. To learn more, be sure to check out this thread.

Tracy Hickman Featured on Pulp Gamer “Inside Track” Podcast
Tracy Hickman chats about the Dragonlance Movie, writing, books, and gaming with the folks at the Pulp Gamer “Inside Track” podcast. Click here to jump straight to the podcast!

Art of Keith Parkinson Celebrated in National Tour
The late Keith Parkinson, master artist and part of the original Dragonlance art team that also included Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell, and Jeff Easley, is being remembered in the Masters of Fantasy Art Tour. The art displayed will showcase material from different parts of Parkinson’s career, and will include a never-before-seen painting.

New Organization: The Black Bards
If you’re looking for someone to skew the truth, to say the right lies to bolster your image and to tear down the image of your enemies, then you need to hire the Black Bards. These evil bards put a public relations spin on your evil organization, causing all sorts of havoc for player characters. Can they work their way through the Black Bards’ web of lies? You decide!

Fan Rule Updates
Does your draconian really want some of Otik’s spiced potatoes? If so, then check out The Drac and Spiced Potatoes: A Parody of a Parody (with apologies to Monte Cook). Also check out the Child of the Forest template! As always, keep an eye on our Fan Rules section for the latest fan updates and submissions!

From the Pages of the Herald: the Minotaurtle!
From the depths of the Blood Sea comes a new terror – minotaurs in the service of Zeboim. Presenting, the minotaurtle! As seen in the Palanthas Herald.

Treatise of the Creation of the Solamnic Empire
Gerrin has just sent us a new article entitled Treatise of the Creation of the Solamnic Empire, which gives us a look at how Solamnia evolved from a feudal state to the empire we see in Doug Niles’ Rise of Solamnia trilogy. It’s definitely an interesting read and helps fill in some gaps.

Palanthas Herald: Back to Press!
Things are back to half-normal at the office of the Palanthas Herald. Our editor, Ravenmantle, is still having trouble opening his house door (stupid gnome remote control). However fear not, the Herald is in good hands with new assistant editor, Kendermage. This week – strange minotaurs appear in Palanthas, a local celebrity is arrested, and a beloved landmark is missing in Abanasinia. All in this week’s Palanthas Herald!

Movie: Production Journal #2
In case you missed it, the movie site has posted production journal #2 with Will Meugniot, director.

Lexicon: Crown of Power and Iconochronos
The Lexicon has been busy as a bee researching all things Dragonlance. And now, two new special items have been added – the Crown of Power, and the Iconochronos. Be sure to check the Lexicon for all the latest updates.

Lexicon: Brightblade and Stormblade
The Lexicon has a new article on the Brightblade, the legendary sword of Sturm Brightblade and his son, Steel Brightblade. Learn of the sword’s history and its final fate. Plus, we now have an article on the Stormblade Be sure to check out these swords of Legend!

Happy Birthday Talinthas!
We wanted to wish our good friend Talinthas a very happy birthday today!

Dwarven Trilogy – The Secret of Pax Tharkas
Doug Niles has given us the okay to announce that he is penning a new Dwarven Trilogy. The first book in the series is titled The Secret of Pax Tharkas. For more information, see the discussion thread on the boards.

Poll: If Dragonlance had a time jump…
It has been suggested that Dragonlance should have another time jump into the future. So if this was to happen, how far into the future would you place the setting? Vote here!

Lexicon: Disks of Mishakal and High King of Thorbardin
We have a couple of special entries in the Lexicon. First up are the Disks of Mishakal, which brought the knowledge of the gods back into the world. Then the High King of Thorbardin, Jungor Stonesinger. Keep watching the Dragonlance Lexicon for all there is to know about the world of Krynn.

The End of Gen Con So Cal
Peter Adkison has announced that there will be no more GenCon So Cal due to business reasons. Check the link for an open letter from Peter and details.

New Fan Art Added
I’ve added some new fan art to the web site today. Notable additions include several new pieces of artwork by PsychaDurmont, piece titled Lady by Kiyoshi, and several other pieces as well. You can see all of the latest additions on the fan art home page.

Hickman Points His Dragonlance at Slice of SciFi Show #093
Tracy Hickman will be on Slice of SciFi #93 on January 24th. Tracy will be talking about his works through the years, as well as the filmwork being done on the animated production of the Dragonlance movie.

Poll: Is the Clerist Balanced?
Knightly Orders of Ansalon introduces Clerist substitution levels for the Knight of the Sword prestige class. Do you think the Clerist is overpowered, underpowered, or just right? Vote here!

Saving Solace Review
Gerrin has just sent us a review of Saving Solace, the first book in the Champions series that continues the story of Gerard uth Mondar. Please note that this review contains some spoilers.

Fan Rule Update: A Price of Courage Follow-Up
Have your players finished Price of Courage already? Surprise your players with Theo Drawde, Death Knight! As always, keep an eye on our Fan Rules section for the latest fan updates and submissions!

The Palanthas Herald on the 15th Day of Newkolt!
The Garnet Thax crisis escalates and gnome scientists report that the Icereach is expanding at an alarming rate. This and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Poll: What term do you use for sorcery?
The magic of sorcery has had several names, from Wild Sorcery to primal sorcery, and so forth. So what term do you prefer to use? Vote here!

Karl Preusser to Score Dragonlance Movie
Dragonlance-Movie.com has announced the composer for the upcoming animated film, Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Karl Preusser has numerous film and television credits to his name and has worked with some of the top composers in the film industry. Read the official announcement here or visit Karl Preusser’s website to learn more.

Printable Dragonlance Product Lists
Have you ever wanted a printable checklist so you can mark off which Dragonlance products you have and which ones you need? If so, then check out the Printable Dragonlance Product Lists (in both English and German!), courtesy of Andreas Kunchintzki.

Character Conversions – Shen Korras and Camilla Weoledge
We have two new character conversions, this time from the pages of Citadel of Light. First up is Camilla Weoledge, who has become a Clerist after the War of Souls. Then we also have the mysterious merchant, Shen Korras, who is caught between light and darkness. We have a rather interesting take on his true connection to Khellendros.

Newsletter Posted – 6th Anniversary Edition
We have just posted the latest issue of the Nexus News, which includes a special tribute to six years of the Dragonlance Nexus. Long Live the Lance!

The Measure and the Truth Review
We just posted a review of The Measure and the Truth, courtesy of Paul Record. Paul has already finished the novel and was kind enought to pass this review on. Be warned, this review contains spoilers! Also check out the latest review by Gerrin on the same page.

Which novel are you looking forward to the most in 2007?
There are several great Dragonlance novels coming out this year. Which one are you looking forward to the most? Vote here!

The Palanthas Herald on the 8th Day of Newkolt!
Garnet Thax is in an uproar, shocked by accusations of smuggling contraband and the Botanist Thief has returned, stealing from Palanthian wizards. This and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest submissions! Check out the (re)appearance of the Coin of Luck, play a Bundesphar or Crown Knight with the Hunter of the Dark and Defender of the Crown options, take a look at Sir Farall Skycutter, or get a list of the Updated Nexus Feats. Check them out!

Margaret Weis Hawaii Library Talks
Margaret Weis is going to be traveling to Hawaii to speak at various libraries. For more information on her appearance schedule, check out this thread.

Movie News: Veteran Animation Producer Boyd Kirkland Joins Movie Crew
Veteran animation producer Boyd Kirkland has joined the crew for the upcoming animated Dragonlance movie.

Phaethonic Shadowdancers of Sirrion
Talinthas has just submitted a new organization for Phaethon characters. Presenting the Phaethonic Shadowdancers of Sirrion!

WotC Releases ‘The Measure and the Truth’ Sample Chapter
Wizards of the Coast has released a sample chapter of the final book in the Rise of Solamnia trilogy – The Measure and the Truth, by Doug Niles. ‘The Measure and the Truth’ will be released on January 9. Be sure to order your copy through the Nexus and support the site!

Clerist Prestige Class Variant
I’ve just posted the prestige class variant of the Clerist from Knightly Orders of Ansalon. Enjoy!

Poll: What Dragonlance New Year’s Resolution Will You Keep?
Happy New Year, everyone! With resolutions being made (and broken!), we’re curious to know which New Year’s resolution you think you will keep. Vote here!

The Palanthas Herald on the First Day of Newkolt!
Magistrate Jhonas Qerin has been assassinated and an expedition to Ithin’carthia has been announced. All this and more in the first issue of the Palanthas Herald in the new year!

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Trampas “Dragonhelm” Whiteman is best known for co-creating and administering the Dragonlance Nexus fan site. He is co-author of three Dragonlance books – Holy Orders of the Stars, Knightly Orders of Ansalon, and Races of Ansalon. When not evangelizing Dragonlance and other settings, Trampas is a husband, father, podcaster, and web designer. Trampas also enjoys reading comics, reading fantasy and scifi novels, and playing D&D.
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