2006 News Archive

Cole and Pegrin Expanded
Kendermage has written up alternate versions of Cole and Pegrin from ‘The Sylvan Key’ in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Add a bit more depth to your adventures!

Upcoming Products Added
I updated the Nexus product catalog earlier today… New books include the much anticipated conclusion to the Taladas trilogy, Shadow of the Flame, by one of my favorite authors, Chris Pierson. In addition, there are several new Young Adult novels, including two books from the new Elements series and one each from the Goodlund and Suncatcher trilogies: Warrior’s Blood, and The Ebony Eye. Finally, the paperback version of Dragons of the Dwarven Depths is slated to hit stores in May with the second volume, Dragons of the Highlord Skies set for a July 10 hardcover release. You can find all of these novels and more on the new and unreleased products page.

Dragonhearth Podcast: Laurana Interviewed and Highlord Skies Reading!
Tracy and Laura Hickman are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Dragonhearth Podcast. First they feature an interview with Caroline Gelabert, the voice actress who portrays Laurana in the upcoming Dragons of Autumn Twilight animated movie. Plus, Tracy reads a preview of book two of the Lost Chronicles, Dragons of the Highlord Skies, wherein we learn more about the mind of Lord Soth! Congrats to Tracy and Laura on the one-year anniversary of the Dragonhearth!

Lexicon Posts More Classic Characters
The Dragonlance Lexicon has posted a few new articles featuring some classic characters. Be sure to check out Ladonna, Par-Salian, Jasper Fireforge, and Reghar Fireforge. Check it out!

Bard on the Run: Tainted Black
We have a new Bard on the Run entitled Tainted Black. With apologies to the Rolling Stones!

Merry Christmas!
To celebrate the holiday, we have a couple of new items in our humor section – Twas the Night Before Yule, and The Toede Who ‘Borrowed’ Yuletide (courtesy of Sean Macdonald). Merry Christmas, everyone!

Lexicon: Porthios and Justarius!
The Lexicon has posted a couple of major characters from the Dragonlance saga. Presenting Porthios Kanan and Justarius! Thanks to our friend PsychaDurmont for the excellent picture of Justarius!

Fan Rule Updates
Stunspore has given us a few new entries for your holiday reading! Give some oomph to your Wizards of High Sorcery with Additional Order Secrets and Epic Wizard of High Sorcery entries, and check out how sorcery may affect your game with Sorcery in the Ages of Krynn. Check them out and have a happy holiday weekend!

The Palanthas Herald on the 19th Day of Frostkolt!
A political scandal is underway in Palanthas and in Gwynned a cult of Morgion has been discovered in the catacombs beneath the Academy of Ergoth. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Dragonhelm Guest Hosts the Signal #23.5!!!
Hey, everyone, be sure to check out The Signal episode #23.5. I do a regular gaming segment for Serenity on the podcast, but was given a chance to guest host with Doug Morran. Check it out!

Fan Rule Updates
The latest fan submissions have been posted to the Nexus. Check out this new take on a possible Krynnish Chronomancer, the ill-fated Tanin Majere, and a few updates from the Chaos War Adventures – Arentian, Fanthalas Karango, and Terrence Kanegrower!

Heroes of High Sorcery
As an unofficial companion to Towers of High Sorcery, we present to you Heroes of High Sorcery, a guide to prestige classes, substitution levels, and variant rules for wizard characters in your campaign. Enjoy!

The Palanthas Herald on the 11th Day of Frostkolt!
A strange well has been found in Palanthas and in Gwynned the discovery of an ancient relic has turned into a sinister mystery. This and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Canticle of Destiny
For those playing the Age of Mortals series of adventures, I’ve written a Michael Williams-style opening to add a bit of flavor to the campaign. Presenting the Canticle of Destiny. Enjoy!

Dragonlance Movie Site Posts Production Journal
Dragonlance-Movie.com has just posted the first production journal for the upcoming movie by co-executive producer Cindi Rice. Check it out!

Dragons of the Highlord Skies in Product Section
Just thought I’d let you know that Dragons of the Highlord Skies has been added to our product section.

The Palanthas Herald on the 4th Day of Frostkolt!
The Senate is hiring adventurers to help solve the Sorcerer Murders and Knights of Solamnia fight goblins on Knight’s High Road. This and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Dragonhearth Podcast to Interview Tasslehoff
Tracy Hickman has announced that he will be interviewing Jason Marsden, who does the voice of Tasslehoff in the upcoming movie, in an upcoming episode of the Dragonhearth Podcast. For more information and to submit your questions, check out this thread.

The Last Update of the Dragonlance Underground
The Dragonlance Underground has announced that the site has had its final update and will no longer be maintained. The site will remain up for archive purposes. As their last update, they have posted an interview with Dragonlance comic book adaptation writer Andrew Dabb. You can read the interview and find out more about Dragonlance Underground on this thread. From all of us here at the Nexus, we wish everyone at DLU the best. Thanks for all the laughs and all the fun.

Fan Rule Updates
Time for the latest updates! Clive’s been busy lately, giving us the unusual aurak Kylixillan and the Blooded Pinions organization (including Brightwing, an example of the Pinion prestige class). Also check out Cyrine by Raggart Knug, and the Mage Mirror by Trigot!

The Palanthas Herald on the 27th Day of Darkember!
A new mage school called the Crimson Eye is in the works and the latest victim in the series of sorcerer killings has been named. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Dragonlance Index Updated
Dragonhelm and Flint have updated the Dragonlance Index to include information from Dragons of Autumn, Knightly Orders of Ansalon and the latest web enhancements from Dragonlance.com! Also make sure to check out the Ecclesiast of the Living Krynn by Kendermage, and Valharic’s Primal Sorcerer class!

Snowflake, Winternorn Sorceress
We have just posted a new character for use in your campaigns – Snowflake, Winternorn Sorceress.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out our updates during your (hopefully) long Thanksgiving weekend! We’ve updated Clive’s Master Feats entry with a new feat and he’s given us another with Running Against the Grain. Kendermage is hard at work as usual, and gives us Bloodmail, The Wardens of Equivalence, and the numbers behind Sindri Suncatcher from the Young Readers novels. Check out Reinbowarrior’s conversion of Basalt Fireforge from the Chaos War Adventures, and Paul Record’s The Bündesphar Corps. Plus, Arcane Shaman substitution levels for the wizard. Finally, first-time poster George Velez gives us GURPS Dragonlance!

The Palanthas Herald on the 20th Day of Darkember!
An academy for sorcerers could soon become a reality and Adam Aazim’s murderer has been arrested. This and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

New 2007 Dragonlance Products
We have added three new products to our product library. Dragons of Time is an anthology that covers the stories of dragons from across Krynn’s history. The Great White Wyrm is Peter Archer’s first Dragonlance novel and book three in the Champions series, about one man’s attempt to take down a powerful white dragon. The Measure and the Truth is the stunning conclusion to the Rise of Solamnia trilogy.

Lucy Lawless Talks Dragonlance!
Lucy Lawless, who plays the voice of Goldmoon in the upcoming Dragonlance movie, has recently been interviewed on Sci-Fi Wire. Lucy Lawless is best known for her work on Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica. Check out what Ms. Lawless has to say about the voice of Goldmoon.

John Grubber’s Ancient Krynn
We have just posted a compilation of several of John Grubber’s articles on Ancient Krynn in PDF format. This document comes in at a whopping 223 pages, and includes several pieces of art, including medallions of faith, temple maps, and priestly vestments!

Dragonlance Nexus Mentioned on Dragon’s Landing Inn Podcast!
Board member Valharic passed on a note to me that the Nexus has been mentioned on the Dragon’s Landing Inn podcast, about 13:30 into the show. Thanks to the guys at Dragon’s Landing Inn for the mention!

Newsletter Posted
Issue #54 of the Nexus News has been posted.

The Palanthas Herald on the 13th Day of Darkember!
A strange plant infestation plagues the city and a long-dead merchant causes an uproar among the city’s youth. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Fan Rule Updates
We have lots of character updates this time around! Kendermage gives us three new True20 conversions with Dove, Master Yap, and Zoe Left-Hand, as well as a new (yet oddly familiar) character with Orko. Also, Rhiarion gives us Rhys Mason, RaggartKnug updates Kelwyn, and OldSchoolDL presents a 2nd-edition character with Lord Dane Falco. Check them out!

Fan Art Updated
I spent some time today adding a number of fan art submissions that have been in my inbox waiting to be uploaded to the site. I’ve added 10 new pieces of art from a variety of artists, and have a few more that I hope to add over the course of the next week. You can view all of the new pieces of art via the links on the fan art home page. Enjoy!

Heroes of Wild Sorcery
If you’re looking for some tips and guidelines for playing sorcerer characters, be sure to check out Heroes of Wild Sorcery. Enjoy!

The Palanthas Herald on the 7th Day of Darkember!
A unique replica of Palanthas has been unveiled and the Challenge of Champions has been postponed. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Lexicon: Weapons of Legend
The Lexicon has several new weapon entries, including Wyrmsbane, Wyrmslayer, Tideripper, the Sword of Tears, and Lost Star.

Pax Killburn, Desolation Ranger
From Heroes of Defiance comes Pax Killburn, an afflicted kender ranger who really has it in for Malys. Now that she’s dead, he may be found roaming the Desolation and helping heroes in Key of Destiny. Check him out!

Dark Knight Character Conversions
We have just posted a couple of character conversions, thanks to our friend Clive Squire! Check out Saraele Mellivaene, former Dark Knight ambassador to Khur, and Captain Darewind Waverunner, a Dark Knight mariner from the Chaos War. Enjoy!

Dragons of the Highlord Skies Cover Spotted!
Board member Malarick has spotted the cover to Dragons of the Highlord Skies! You can check out the cover on this thread. Be sure to check out the full cover version!

Price of Courage off to Press!
Jamie Chambers has announced on this thread that Price of Courage is off to press. According to Jamie, Price of Courage will ship from the printer on November 13, stands at 362 pages, and will be the first Dragonlance product under the banner of Sovereign Press’ sister company, Margaret Weis Productions.

The Palanthas Herald on the 30th Day of Gildember
Dragons fight in the skies and strange things happen to the trees of the Cityhome. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Movie News: Who is Rufus?
According to the IMDb site for the movie, there’s a character named Rufus, who is listed as a monk leader. Yet Rufus doesn’t appear in the novel Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Co-executive producer John Frank Rosenblum clears up the issue in this thread.

Alien Sea Review
We have just posted a review of The Alien Sea, courtesy of Lexicon guru Kranar Drogin. See why our local aesthetic gives this book four out of five stars!

Congratulations Paladin!
Hey, gang, I wanted to let you know that Paladin has finally tied the knot! After many years of adventuring, he was finally overcome by love. And we couldn’t be happier. Please join us in this thread on our boards in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Paladin the best of luck in their marriage and to show our appreciation for all Paladin has done for the Dragonlance community. Here’s to many years of wedded bliss.

Elven Exiles Book Three Title!
Paul Thompson, aka Mr. Apol on the boards, has announced in this thread that the third book of the Elven Exiles series is to be titled Destiny.

Technical Difficulties (Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes!)
Hey, everyone, I wanted to let you know that the Nexus has weathered its recent technical difficulties and is mostly back up. We may have a couple of bugs still, but we’ll be back to 100% in no time. Thanks, everyone, for your patience. Also, I wanted to give a big shout out to Paladin for all his hard work on the site so we can fly another day.

Fan Rule Updates
We have a few new submissions for you this week. Trigot has found Sunderer from the pages of The Qualinesti, Tauren Kai-Jere gives us Sturm Majere, and Reinbowarrior reveals the fate of his heroes as they face the Scourge of Ansalon. Check them out!

The Palanthas Herald on the 16th Day of Gildember
A lost treasure has been returned to Palanthas and the dwarves mourn their lost ones. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Raistlin’s Daughter: A Look Back
Throughout the years, there have been many debates over the validity of the legend of Raistlin’s Daughter. I wrote an article that gives a look back on the story and touches upon what fans consider to be canon. Check out Raistlin’s Daughter: A Look Back.

Reinbowarrior’s Anvil of Time Sessions
Reinbowarrior has submitted a campaign journal for his Anvil of Time sessions, using the Tracy Hickman adventure found in Legends of the Twins. Check it out!

The Palanthas Herald on the 9th Day of Gildember
A goblin sorcerer and a former Dark Knight plan to raise a sorcerers college in Palanthas and the Merchants Guild hosts a major competition, challenging would-be adventurers. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Movie Site Posts New Concept Art!
Dragonlance-Movie.com has posted some new concept art for the movie, including Riverwind, Pyros, and a very lovely Laurana! Check it out!

Fan Rule Updates
We’ve posted the latest batch of fan rules! Clive Squire shows us his Ring of Spell Influencing, Sir Sothus lets you play centaurs from the ground up with the Centaur Monster Class, and Kendermage adds some character with Chalcedony Rockdale, Lorekind. Maddy Mer-Dane, Lucy Torkay, and converts a Dark Knight Patrol Leader to the True 20 system. Check them out!

Practical Guide to Dragons Review
We have just posted a review of A Practical Guide to Dragons, courtesy of Weldon Chen. Check out what’s hot and what’s not in the book.

Platinum Mystics Posted
We have a new organization for your game, straight from the pages of the Palanthas Herald. Presenting the Platinum Mystics, a group of mystics following the tenets of Paladine after the War of Souls and seeking out all that is noble and good. Enjoy!

Fist Full of Comics (and Games) Reviews Dragons of Autum and Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Fist Full of Comics (and Games) has posted a review of Dragons of Autumn. As a companion to the game review, they have also posted a review of Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

The Palanthas Herald on the 2nd Day of Gildember
It has been a busy week for the City Guard and a sad one for the smiths of Palanthas. Read why in this issue of the Palanthas Herald!

New Additions to Products Section
I’ve added three new products to our products section today. Be sure to check out book two of the Elven Exiles series, Alliances. Plus, be sure to check out A Practical Guide to Dragons. This book is more of a guide to D&D dragons and isn’t Dragonlance specific, but it is narrated by Sindri Suncatcher, the kender wizard of New Adventures fame. And finally, we’ve added the leather bound Dragonlance Chronicles Special Collector’s Edition – truly a magnificent tribute to the late Keith Parkinson. Remember, you can order these products through the Amazon links, which helps to support the site.

Leather Bound Chronicles Preview!
I just posted some preview pics of the leather bound Chronicles up on our boards. The cover art includes pieces by the late Keith Parkinson, to whom this volume is dedicated. Check it out on this thread. Also, be sure to check out the Dragonlance Chronicles Special Collector’s Edition product page. Remember that you can support the Nexus by clicking on the “buy from Amazon” button on the product page. Thanks!

RPG.net Posts Spectre of Sorrows Review
Hey, gang, be sure to check out this review of part two of the Age of Mortals trilogy, Spectre of Sorrows. According to the reviewer, “Cam Banks took up the torch on the second part to this series and he more than delivered.” Check it out!

Elven Exiles: Alliances Preview Chapter Posted
Wizards of the Coast has posted a sample chapter of book two of the Elven Exiles series, Alliances.

Claudio Pozas Pic of Bahamut (Paladine)
Since Paladine is based on Bahamut, I thought I’d let you guys know that Claudio Pozas has posted a picture of Bahamut, as well as a wallpaper version. You can discuss this pic on this thread. Kudos to Claudio on a job well done!

The Palanthas Herald on the 25th Day of Reapember
Palanthian sorcerers are in a state of shock as a prominent colleague is found murdered and the Cityhome has been struck by a mysterious disease. All this and more in this issue of the Palanthas Herald! Plus, the return of the Eye in the Crowd!

Richard Knaak to Pen Ogre Titans Trilogy!
Richard Knaak’s recent newsletter states that he is at work on The Black Talon, the first book of the upcoming Ogre Titans trilogy! According to his website bibliography, it will be released late 2007. According to the bibliography, book two is tentatively titled The Fire Rose. While you’re there, check out the new look on Richard’s website as well as his blog.

Sovereign Press Posts Knightly Orders Web Enhancement
Sovereign Press has posted a web enhancement for Knightly Orders of Ansalon – the Knights of the Divine Hammer, courtesy of our very own rules editor, Joe Mashuga! This web enhancement expands on the information about the Knights of the Divine Hammer from Legends of the Twins.

Fist Full of Comics (and Games) Interviews Margaret Weis
Fist Full of Comics (and Games) has posted an audio download featuring an interview with Margaret Weis. Note that this is live from the GenCon floor, so the audio quality isn’t the best. There’s info on the podcasting of the book tour, the Dragonlance movie, the Serenity RPG, and the upcoming Battlestar Galactica RPG. Check it out!

Introducing the Last Heroes
Usually, adventuring bands are formed to acquire gold and magical items. Usually such bands do not have any higher goals and just drift from place to place disrupting the life of those who prefer to live mundane lives, but sometimes adventuring bands are formed with a higher purpose and a group of individuals can make a difference. The Last Heroes is one of such bands.

The Vanguard Posts Douglas W. Clark Interview
The Vanguard from the University of South Alabama has posted an interview with Douglas W. Clark. You can discuss the interview on this thread. Congrats to Jeff Roper, aka AutobotKender, from our boards on an awesome interview.

The Palanthas Herald on the 18th Day of Reapember
Sorcerers have taken center stage in Palanthas this week! In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about the disappearance of a prominent sorcerer, the Senate’s review of the current situation in Palanthian prison facilities, and a sorcerer duel which could have had disastrous consequences for the city!

Fan Rule Updates
The fan rules keep rolling on in! Clive Squire gives us Sir Borac Kyristian and Zandar the Magnificent from the Chaos Spawn module, as well as a conversion of the reclusive Aarakocra of Krynn. Kendermage’s Aglaya Darya shows how psionics can work in Dragonlance, Reinbowarrior reveals the latest travails during the Scourge of Ansalon, and KenderBryant helps out the Black Robes with the Greater Shield spell and Black Robes of Armor. Check them out!

Tanis in Blood War Minis (Sorta)
Check out the Blood War Preview 6. Though here the miniature is known as the Free League Ranger, it can’t be anyone else but everyone’s favorite half-elf, Tanis.

Knightly Orders Review!
FistFullofComics.com has posted a review of Sovereign Press’ latest sourcebook, Knightly Orders of Ansalon.

Adventure Locale: Relgoth
Local aesthetic Uziel has written an article on the city of Relgoth, which includes a complete description and several adventure hooks. Check it out!

Michael Williams Interview!
Recently, I had the chance to speak to the Bard of Krynn himself, Michael Williams. You can see what he has to say in this interview.

The Palanthas Herald on the 11th Day of Reapember
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a Solamnic Knight honored by a state funeral, a decision in the case about the Sirrionite, and the attack on our copyhouse!

A Celebration of Heroes
Today, the Nexus is having a celebration of heroes. In honor of our heroes, we have an article on Heroic Sacrifice in Your Game, which gives some tips on how to bring one of the noblest qualities of our real-life heroes to the characters in our games. We honor all those who fell five years ago today, as well as those who gave their all and continue to give their all for the sake of others. Est Sularus oth Mithas.

Poll: Who is Dragonlance’s Greatest Hero?
This week, we celebrate the heroes of Dragonlance. Which character do you think is Dragonlance’s greatest hero? Vote here!

UK Dragonlance Meet Update
Reinbowarrior has passed along an update on the Dragonlance meet he is organizing. It will be held Saturday 14th October 1-6pm in the function room at the BOATHOUSE public house, 14 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB4 3AX. If you are interested and are in the UK during this time, please check out the UK Gaming thread in the trading post or PM/email Reinbowarrior at reinbo17380 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Fan Rule Updates
We have some more fan rules for you, with more on the way! Clive Squire has converted Afftar Lane from the Chaos Spawn module, and gives us the scoop on Bast, Beast Lord of Cats. Tauren Kai-Jere also updates the Journal of Nathril Stoneshaper. Finally, our own Trampas Whiteman shows that Something’s Cooking for Dragonlance. Check them out!

The Palanthas Herald on the 4th Day of Reapember
In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a prison break from a naval ship and a development in the story about the Sirrionite who plans on freeing the Tower area of its curse and you can read an exclusive interview with the draconian connected to the Circle of the Living Krynn!

Poll: Would you play a noble?
We’re curious to know if the noble is the class for you! Vote here!

Astral Dragons and Secret Societies
Check out the latest submissions! Freshly converted from a 2nd edition module are the Astral Dragons by Clive Squire, and Raistlin’s Khellspawn brings to light the dangerous Bloodblade Confederacy. Check ’em out!

Ansalon Climate Maps
You may have noticed a significant number of new maps posted to the Nexus over the past few months. Today, I posted another set of maps, but this time it’s maps with a twist—climate data. Thanks to the hard work and analysis of Dan Spitz, we are proud to add temperature and rainfall maps, and a vegetation chart to the site. Enjoy!

Adlatum: Midland Guard
If you’re wanting to know what the latest is with the new continent of Adlatum, then check out the Midland Guard.

The Palanthas Herald on the 28th Day of Paleswelt
In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about vigilante behavior gone horribly wrong, strange red lights invading the Golden Estates, and the unlikely offer of a faithful of Sirrion!

Chaos War Conversions and Fan Rule Updates!
We’ve just posted a number of characters freshly converted to D&D 3.5 from the Chaos War Adventures modules. Check out the latest entries in our Characters and Bestiary sections, as well as the Conch Horn of Zeboim! Keep your eyes peeled to the Fan Rules section for more conversions over the next couple weeks!

Where would you vacation in Ansalon?
If you could take a vacation in Ansalon, where would you go? Vote here!

Leather Bound Chronicles to Honor Keith Parkinson
Margaret Weis has announced that the new leather bound edition of Chronicles is going to be a tribute to the late Keith Parkinson, including many of his paintings and a dedication from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Check out this thread for details.

New Organizations Section!
We have added something new to fan rules – an organizations section! With 23 contest entries plus various other organization write-ups already on the site, we felt that it deserved a section of its own. Check it out!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest round of Nexus fan submissions! KenderBryant has located the Seafoam Kender, Markus_Essers updates the gods of Solamnia with The Gods of Light, The Triumvirate & Shinare, Clive Squire shows the slithery Ooze Lich, and Dr. Teeth details the first entry in his Key of Destiny Journal. Check ’em out!

Unsung Heroes – Converted!
I am happy to announce that we have converted Unsung Heroes to the 3rd edition rules. Be sure to check out the conversion guide. Special thanks to Clive Squire, André La Roche, B’naa, Ravenmantle, Valharic, SephZero, and Shadowalk Nimblefeet, the unsung heroes who made this happen.

The Palanthas Herald on the 21st Day of Paleswelt
In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a a dragon turtle on a rampage in the Bay of Branchala, the Shadow Tower a masked, dragonriding sorceress, and more!

Seven New Reviews Posted
We’ve just gone through and posted a number of new reviews today. Among them are a review of Legends of the Twins. To go along with that, we have also added reviews written by Felix of six classic books: War of the Twins, Test of the Twins, the Second Generation, Dragons of Summer Flame, the Dawning of a New Age, and the Day of the Tempest.

Lexicon: Staffs of Legend
The Dragonlance Lexicon has added two magic items from the Dragonlance Chronicles. Presenting the Blue Crystal Staff and the infamous Staff of Magius.

Fun Fan Feats, Traits, and Flaws
I’ve just updated the Fun Fan Feats, Traits, and Flaws article with a few additions: Champion of Coryn, Eye of the Liger, and the Nexus Oblivion flaw. Enjoy!

Bard on the Run: Queen
We have added four new Bard on the Run submissions in our music section, all based on the music of Queen. Thanks to Crown-Keeper for the submissions. Check them out!

The Crown and the Sword Review
We have just posted a new review of The Crown and the Sword (scroll down). See why this is one of the most controversial Dragonlance books of the year.

Movie Site Posts Early Concept Art
The Dragonlance movie site has posted some early concept art for the movie. Be sure to check out Tanis, a draconian (Keith Parkinson style!), and an excellent-looking Sturm.

The Palanthas Herald on the 14th Day of Paleswelt
In an ever-changing world, one thing remains constant – the controversy that is the Senate of Palanthas! In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a very strange bill passed by the Senate, the hunt for Shoikan saplings, the end of the Shadowbrook manhunt, and more!

Sovereign Press wins 2 Ennie Awards
Congratulations to Sovereign Press on winning two Ennie awards at Gen Con! Sovereign Press won the Ennie for best production value with their Serenity RPG. On the Dragonlance side of things, SP and cartographer Sean Macdonald won the Ennie for best cartography for Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The War of the Lance. Congratulations!

Off to GenCon!
Hey, gang, if you’re going to be at GenCon, then stop by the Sovereign Press/Margaret Weis Productions booth and say hi! Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Jamie Chambers, and Sean Everette will all be there. Plus, meet Cam Banks, Joe Mashuga, Sean Macdonald, and yours truly from the Whitestone Council. Stop by and say hello!

UK Dragonlance Meets
Reinbowarrior is organizing a UK Dragonlance meet for those people in the UK who are fans of Dragonlance – whether just the novels, movie, gaming or just anything that is remotely near Krynn! The meet will be Saturday 14th October 2006 in Cambridge, venue to be confirmed. If you are interested and are in the UK during this time, please check out the UK Gaming thread in the trading post or PM/email Reinbowarrior at reinbo17380 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

The Palanthas Herald on the 7th Day of Paleswelt
In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about yet another attack by the Murderous Minstrels, a suspension of trade with Tarsis, a wanted Dark Knight turning himself in, and more. So be sure to pick up your copy of the Herald!

Kodragon Converted
For those who miss the cuddly little dragons from the Dragonlance Monstrous Compendium Appendix, you might want to check out the conversion of the kodragon, courtesy of Clive Squire. This is an excellent take on the kodragon, so check them out! While you’re at it, check out the new character conversions for Jungor Stonesinger and Brecha Quickspring, as well as the spellcasting article Legends of High Sorcery submitted by Bong Bellowsmoke!

Gold Lancers Expanded
I have recently finished a major expansion to my article on the Gold Lancers. The original prestige class remains, though now there’s an organization write-up as well, expanding on the history and leadership. The Gold Lancers make for an interesting group of Knights of Solamnia for your characters to be part of – one that may not always agree with the rest of the Knighthood!

New Fan Artwork
I’ve posted several fan artwork submissions we’ve received during the past month or so. Noteworthy items include a great drawing of Raistlin by Nanjo Koji, a Dark Knight by Longinuscraft a computer-generated drawing of the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas by jonrd463, and a Solamnic Knight by PsychaDurmont. See all these and more on the fan artwork home page.

Sons of Kiri-Jolith: The Order of the Divine Hammer
From the archives comes an article by John Grubber on ancient Krynn. Presenting Sons of Kiri-Jolith: The Order of the Divine Hammer.

Margaret and Tracy in the Dragonlance Movie!
If you’ve heard the Dragonhearth podcast, then you might have heard that Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are making cameo appearances in the Dragonlance movie! Check out Margaret and Tracy in the movie, courtesy of Tracy Hickman.

The Palanthas Herald on the 1st Day of Paleswelt
In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about the war crimes trials against Dark Knight prisoners of war as well as a strange discovery in Winegaard Copse and the construction of a new theatre in Palanthas. So be sure to pick up your copy of the Herald for the meager price of one copper!

Organizations Contest Winner!
Recently, we ran a contest on the boards – an original Dragonlance organizations contest. I’m proud to announce that Clive Squire is our winner with the Lómë-macil [night-blades]. Clive wins an autographed copy of Dragons of the Dwarven Depths and a custom board title! We also had a close runner-up – Sephzero, who came in at second with his Lost Wrights Company. Sephzero wins a custom user title on our boards as well. You can read about the other entries on this thread. Congrats on a job well done to our winner and runner-up!

Lexicon Posts 2,000th entry!
The Dragonlance Lexicon has posted its 2,000th entry, Silvanoshei Caladon! We have had an incredible amount of volunteers for the Lexicon project, who have put together the greatest Dragonlance encyclopedia project to date. Thanks to Kranar Drogin, Uziel, and all the other volunteers for all their hard work. Here’s to another two grand.

Adlatum World Map Posted
There’s been a lot of talk about the Adlatum project that the Nexus volunteers have been working on for a couple of years, but there has not been an easy way to find a high-quality map of the continent. We’ve remedied that problem today. Download the Adlatum map today!

Dwarven Depths is New York Times Best Seller!
Tracy Hickman has reported on his boards that Dragons of the Dwarven Depths has premiered as #31 on the New York Times Best Seller List! Click on the Amazon logo on the Dwarven Depths product page, and you can help support the Nexus.

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Review
After receiving my copy of the newest Weis & Hickman novel in the mail last week, I was finally able to finish up the latest addition to the Dragonlance saga, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. It was quite a good read, and I’d definitely recommend it for your collection—but you should be aware that it’s not just simply a re-telling of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Read the full review here.

The Remaining NexusCon Transcripts Have Been Posted
We now have the remaining chat transcripts from the NexusCon posted here on the Nexus. So if you missed the events you can check out the Art Workshop here, the ICRP Workshop here, the Dragonlance Debate here, the NexusCon Trivia Night here, the Nancy Varian Berberick Q&A here, and the Mary Herbert Q&A here!

Interview With George Strayton, Dragonlance Movie Screenwriter!
I recently had the chance to interview George Strayton, the screenwriter for the Dragonlance movie. See what he has to say about the Dragonlance movie, and learn more about this gaming veteran. Check out the interview!

The Palanthas Herald On the 24th Day of Fierswelt
It has been a quiet week for the City Guard of Palanthas. In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about twelve births in one day, a battle with the Storm Knights, a young boy saved by dolphins, and a dramatization of the War of the Lance receiving raving reviews!

Movie Report From Comic Con
Margaret Weis has posted this report from Comic Con. She mentions some of the cast and crew that she and Tracy ran into, as well as the animated storyboard. Plus she mentioned that Joss Whedon stopped by the Margaret Weis Productions booth! Check it out!

NexusCon Chat Transcripts!
We’re now three days into the NexusCon and it’s been a blast so far. On Monday we had a nice Q&A session with the folks at Sov. Press and the transcript of that chat can be found HERE. On Tuesday Doug Clark, author of Saving Solace, visited the NexusCon. The transcript of that Q&A session can be found HERE. Our next Q&A session will happen tonight at 6pm CST and it features Dragonlance artists Todd Lockwood, Jennifer Meyer, and Jeff Easley. Information on how to join the chat can be found HERE.

“Something Positive” Web Comic Mentions Dragonlance Movie
If you’re looking for something fun, check out the July 18 Something Positive webcomic. Check it out!

Weis and Hickman Chat Transcript Posted
If you missed the chat last night, then don’t worry! We’ve posted the chat transcript. Check out what Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman had to say about Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, the Dragonlance movie, the podcasts from the book tour, and more.

Weis and Hickman Chat Tonight!
Renowned fantasy authors Weis and Hickman take time out of their book tour to chat online about their latest offering, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, a lost tale from War of the Lance. Please join us Tuesday, July 18th at 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT in WotC’s RPG Live! chat. The chat requires registration of a screen name (WotC board members should be okay). For more details, check this thread.

Sovereign Press NexusCon Chat Transcript
We have just posted the transcript from last night’s NexusCon chat with Sovereign Press! If you weren’t able to make it, check out what you missed.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon Web Enhancement!
For those looking forward to Knightly Orders of Ansalon, be sure to check out the Ergothian Cavalier web enhancement!

Newsletter Posted
We have posted the latest issue of our newsletter, which includes info on the Dragonlance movie, NexusCon, the Dwarven Depths book tour, and more. Check it out!

The Palanthas Herald On the 17th Day of Fierswelt
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a strange birth in Northern Ergoth, a shocking announcenment by the Witches of the Circle of the Living Krynn, and a diplomatic crisis underway between Tarsis and Palanthas!

ENnie Awards ’06 Nominees!
The ENnie Awards (Annual GenCon EN World Awards) are a well-known form of recognition in the tabletop gaming genre. Among the nominees are Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: War of the Lance for Best Cartography, and the Serenity Roleplaying Game for Best Production Values. Vote for your Favorites Here!

The NexusCon Opens Today!
Today is the opening day of our NexusCon. Throughout the next seven days we’ll host several events including chat sessions with Dragonlance authors (such as Mary Herbert and Nancy Varian Berberick) and artists (such as Jennifer Meyer and Jeff Easley) but we’ll start it all at 6 PM CST tonight with a Q&A session featuring the publishers of the Dragonlance d20 gaming products – Sovereign Press. Check HERE for a list of events!

Weis & Hickman Virtual Book Tour
Authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have hit the road on their book tour for the new novel, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. In what may very well be a first in the publishing industry, Margaret and Tracy are broadcasting their book tour events on every stop as free, downloadable podcasts! Click here to download the episodes. Visit the Dragonhearth Productions website for more details.

Dragonlance Movie Cast Announced
The voice actors for the Dragonlance animated movie include Kiefer Sutherland as Raistlin, Michael Rosenbaum as Tanis, Lucy Lawless as Goldmoon, and Michelle Trachtenberg as Tika. Read the announcement, and more official information on the Official Dragonlance Movie site!

Winterwind Papers Posts Larry Elmore Interview
The Winterwind Papers has posted an interview with Larry Elmore.

Wizard’s Return Review
We have just posted a review of Wizard’s Return, book three in the Trinistyr Trilogy young adult series.

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Book Tour Dates Update
We have more confirmed dates and locations for the Dragons of the Dwarven Depths book tour. Check to see if there’s a location near you.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon Available on PDF!
You can now purchase a PDF copy of Knightly Orders of Ansalon, co-written by yours truly! Be on the lookout for the print version as well, coming soon!

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Released Today!
It has been over 20 years, but now Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman return to the era that started it all. Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, book one of the Lost Chronicles trilogy, hits shelves today! Check with your local bookstore, or buy a copy through the Nexus and support the site! The magic is back!

WotC Posts Lost Chronicles Interview, Book Tour Map, and Dwarven Depths Wallpaper!
Wizards of the Coast has posted several updates, including a map of the book tour, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths wallpaper, and a Lost Chronicles interview (which includes a very nice mention of the Whitestone Council and Nexus). Check it out!

The Palanthas Herald On the 10th Day of Fierswelt
Pirates raid Palanthian merchant vessels, a Solamnic auxiliary mage puts forth yet another controversial suggestion, and the many kender immigrants cause headaches for the City Guard. This and more in the latest issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Margaret Weis Podcast II
Wizards of the Coast has posted another podcast with Margaret Weis. Margaret talks about how Lost Chronicles came about, and gives a nod to Talinthas as well as the Whitestone Council. Check it out!

New Fan Submissions
We have received numerous submissions from dedicated Dragonlance fans over the last couple of months. Not only have we received new submissions, but some of you are even updating your old 3.0 Dragonlance submissions to 3.5! Take a look at the latest class and race submissions as well as new feats, spells and magic items; and the latest roleplaying articles and campaign journals to spice up your game!

WotC Presents Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Chat
Wizards of the Coast will be holding a chat with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman on Tuesday, July 18th at 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT. You can find out more information on this thread.

Castles & Crusades Dragonlance Adventures
Turambar has sent us a new submission, Castles & Crusades Dragonlance Adventures! This PDF download gives the Castle Keeper (Dungeon Master) enough info to run a Dragonlance game using the Castles & Crusades system by Troll Lord Games.

Sci Fi Wire Discusses Dragonlance Movie
Sci Fi Wire has posted comments of co-executive producer Cindi Rice on the upcoming Dragonlance movie, as well as the latest reactions from author Margaret Weis.

The Palanthas Herald On the 3rd Day of Fierswelt
It’s been a very interesting week in Palanthas as well as outside the city walls! In this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about yet another attack on Solamnic villages by the fearsome Storm Knights, a rust monster on the loose in the Palanthas Mint, disappointing news for the merchants of Palanthas, and more!

Dragonlance Movie Site!
For years now, Dragonlance-Movie.com has served as an unofficial home for Dragonlance movie news. Now it has become the official Dragonlance movie site! Be sure to check out the announcement and the movie section for the latest details of the Dragonlance movie!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest round of Nexus fan submissions! Check out Captain Arana of the Bundesphar, Teekli Quickstep, and Vattaan of the Light, make use of Teekli’s Periapt of Stamina, see how to use the Anagakok in your game as well as these Warlock Invocations, and take a look at two campaign journals: The Knight’s Test, and a new journal about the War of the Lance. Check ’em out!

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Comic Book Review
We have just posted a review of Devil’s Due’s adaptation of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Thanks to Archangel21 for the review.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight: The Movie
Margaret Weis has confirmed recent reportings of the Dragonlance movie! According to Margaret, Paramount Studios is making Dragons of Autumn Twilight as a full-length, adult, animated movie. You can find out more information in this thread.

Codex Infinitum Short Story Contest
The fine folks over at Worlds of D&D are running a short story competition, the winner of which will be published in an anthology. According to Aureon from Worlds of D&D, ‘Of course the short stories cannot be based upon the shared worlds of Wizards of the Coast, such as Dragonlance, but I still want them to be fantasy stories which have been inspired by those settings. The competition is open to anyone. We would love fans of Dragonlance to be a part of this and give us their own take on dragons and adventuring parties.’

The Palanthas Herald On the 26th Day of Holmswelth
Midsummer is upon us and the Witches of the Circle of the Living Krynn know how to celebrate in style! Last week also saw the opening of the first ever countinghouse in Palanthas, and on the Plains of Solamnia, several villages have been attacked by a group somehow connected to the Dark Knights of Neraka. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Draconian Costume!
We had a fan send in some pics and fun facts of a homebrew draconian costume. Words can’t describe how great this costume is, so have a look!

DL Movie: From Warrior Princess to Chieftan’s Daughter
According to the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club, Lucy Lawless will be the voice for Goldmoon in an upcoming Dragonlance animated movie. For more information, see this thread.

Create an Organization Contest!
We are running a new contest where you create an original organization for the world of Krynn! The booty is a custom user title on the boards, as well as a copy of Dragons of the Dwarven Depths autographed by Margaret Weis herself! For more information, see this thread on our message boards. Best of luck!

Lexicon: Cobalt, by author Mary Herbert!
We have just posted a new entry to the Lexicon – the dragon Cobalt, penned by none other than Dragonlance author Mary Herbert!

Dwarven Depths Book Tour and Other 2006 Appearances
We have just posted several dates for the upcoming Dragons of the Dwarven Depths book tour! We have also included other confirmed appearances. We’ll have more info when it becomes available.

Tracy Hickman Interview: Lost Chronicles Book Tour and Journeys Beyond!
I had the chance to speak to Tracy Hickman recently, which you can see in this interview. Topics included Lost Chronicles (along with podcasting from the book tour!), the Dragonhearth podcast, The Immortals podiobook, Bronze Canticles, the upcoming Serenity adventure, and more!

The Palanthas Herald On the 19th Day of Holmswelth
It has been a very interesting week in Palanthas with the founding of a new unit within the City Guard specializing in criminal investigation, an assassination attempt on the visiting Teyrian ambassador, and a collapse in the Tower area negotiations. All this and more in this week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald!

Fan Rule Updates
Take a look at the latest batch of fan entries! Follow the moons with the Krynnish Astronomy Worksheet, take a gander at the conversions of Emilo Haversack and Skie, see what adventure awaits in Gwynned, despair at the new Oblivion spell, and spruce up your clerics with Initiate Feats. Check ’em out!

Dwarven Depths Reading by Tracy Hickman
Tracy Hickman has just released a special DragonHearth podcast which includes a reading of the first part of Chapter 2 from the first novel in the Dragonlance: The Lost Chronicles trilogy, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. For more information, see this thread on how to subscribe!

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths sample chapter
For those of you who can’t wait until July 11 for the release of the latest Weis & Hickman effort, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, Wizards has posted a sample chapter on their web site. Along the same lines, you may be interested in a discussion on our message boards about the novel’s cover art. Finally, look for Weis & Hickman to be out on the road supporting the release of the novel. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more information on their tour schedule!

The Palanthas Herald On the 12th Day of Holmswelth
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about vandalism on a Solamnic recruitment center, A strange wave of wolf attacks throughout Northern Ergoth, a draconian ambassador coming to Palanthas, and more!

Dragonlance Lexicon Updates
We added some additional features to the Dragonlance Lexicon today. In addition to a re-designed home page, Kranar and I have been working to add several new features, including a daily feature article, an index of all articles, and a forthcoming “did you know?” trivia feature.

Crown and Sword Review!
We have just posted a review of Doug Niles’ latest book, The Crown and the Sword, book two in the Rise of Solamnia series. Be warned that the review contains SPOILERS, so enter at your own risk! You can discuss the review on this thread.

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Cover Info From Margaret Weis
Margaret Weis has posted some info on this thread about the cover of the upcoming novel, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. Margaret discusses how all is not as it seems with the cover. There’s a possible spoiler involved with the plot on the thread, so enter at your own risk.

Fan Rule Updates
Lots of updates this time around! Check out the submissions for Lleu Mason and the Resistant Burst feat, or take your chances with Branchala’s Chance and Hiddukel’s Joke. Also check out the Sorcerers of Primal Might, catch up on the Scourge of Ansalon, and take a peek at our conversion notes for the Burning Plague and Dark and Stormy Knight modules from the Wizards of the Coast website!

Knight Core Class and Dragonlance
MagusRogue has written an article giving an in-depth look at the Knight core class from the Player’s Handbook II. Presenting the Knight Core Class and Dragonlance.

The Triad of Mirrors
Have you ever wondered about the origins of the mirror in The Legend of Huma? If so, you might want to check out The Triad of Mirrors, written by Luis Fernando De Pippo (of Tobril fame!).

The Palanthas Herald On the Fifth Day of Holmswelth
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a gnomish invention which might actually work, a Herald investigator lost at sea, a new game that has taken Palanthas by storm, and more!

Editorial: Fire That Canon!
With recent debates on what is and what isn’t canon, I thought it might be good to share my views on the subject. Check out my latest editorial, Fire That Canon!

Crown and Sword Preview Chapter Posted
Wizards of the Coast has posted a preview chapter (scroll down) of The Crown and the Sword, book two of Doug Niles’ Rise of Solamnia trilogy. You can discuss the preview chapter on this thread.

Knights of the Storm
I’ve just written up an article about a new faction of Dark Knights who are fanatically devoted to the Storm Over Krynn. Presenting the Knights of the Storm.

Free Podiobook By Tracy Hickman
Tracy Hickman’s novel, The Immortals, is being released in podiobook format. Not only that, but Tracy and Laura Hickman are producing the podiobook. You can hear it being read chapter-by-chapter by Tracy and Laura themselves! The first five chapters have been fantastic thus far, and I’m anxiously awaiting future installments. I HIGHLY recommend this podiobook. Check it out!

Lexicon: Stanach Hammerfell
The Lexicon has recently added an article on Stanach Hammerfell, written by none other than author Nancy Varian Berberick! Check it out!

Expanding the Expanded Classes
I’ve just made some updates to my article on Expanded Base Classes in Dragonlance, which now incorporates classes from the Players Handbook II.

The Palanthas Herald On the 29th Day of Fleurgreen
It has been a very busy week for the City Guard of Palanthas. In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about several murders, a kidnapping, disturbing reports from Skullcap, and more!

Nexus Site Outage – Information
If you tried to access the Nexus this morning, it’s likely that you ran into a page saying that the server encountered a serious error and couldn’t display the page. Last night our hosting company upgraded the Microsoft server software that runs our site. Because of a bug in the new version of the software, it caused the server to repeatedly crash when trying to display the Nexus’s pages. I’ve updated the code this morning to work around the bug, so everything should be back to normal. If you run into problems, please let me know.

Lexicon Updates
The Dragonlance Lexicon has several new updates, including the High Clerist’s Tower, Missing City, and the Towers of High Sorcery. Thanks to Kranar Drogin, Uziel, and all the other aesthetics who contribute to the Lexicon.

Margaret Weis Podcast Interview
Wizards of the Coast has just posted a new books Podcast, with this installment featuring Dragonlance author Margaret Weis. Margaret talks about her latest Dragonlance novels, and the Dark Disciple trilogy. You can check get all of the details and the link to the Podcast here.

The Palanthas Herald On the 22nd Day of Fleurgreen
It has been an interesting week indeed for the merchants of Palanthas. In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a strange new metal in the Vingaard Mountains, shipwrights killed by a dragonspawn, merchants selling saplings from the Shoikan Grove, and more!

Fan Rule Updates
Here are the latest fan submissions! Take a look at Bram DiThon, the Detection Weapon Quality, and a new organization with the Children of Krynn. Check ’em out!

Tracy Hickman Podcast Interview
Hey, gang, if you’d like to hear an interview with Tracy Hickman, check out I Should Be Writing #36, the podcast by Mur Lafferty. Tracy tells a bit about the origins of Dragonlance, and the Lost Chronicles (Dark Chronicles). Check it out!

Nexus Product List Updated
I updated the product list today to include a number of novels and game books that weren’t currently in our index. New Dragonlance titles include a new novel in the young readers Trinistyr trilogy titled Wizard’s Return, as well as Alien Sea, the first book in the Champions trilogy, due in August. On the Dungeons and Dragons side of the house, we’ve added the recently-released Player’s Handbook II, and the forthcoming Monster Manual IV and Fiendish Codex I. For more information, please see the new and upcoming releases page.

Character Traits Added to Dragonlance Index
The character traits from Legends of the Twins have been added to the Dragonlance Index.

The Palanthas Herald On the Fifteenth Day of Fleurgreen
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a new development in the case about the Mishakite vigilante, mysterious statues in the mountains surrounding our fair city, a rather unexpected twist in the Red Marauder crisis, and more!

Happy Mother’s Day!
For all you moms out there, we at the Dragonlance Nexus wish you the very best Mother’s Day!

Lost Gems from Claren Elian
I’ve uncovered a couple of lost gems from Claren Elian while archiving that’s just perfect for monk fans. There’s a character by Cam Banks, Heramana Koras, the Flame of Claren Elian, a monk/sorcerer/war mage. Plus, Jeremy Forbing has allowed us to post some of his articles, including the Fighting Monks of Claren-Elian.

Knightly Orders Cover Art
Jamie Chambers is displaying a preview of the cover art of Knightly Orders of Ansalon. Congrats to Clark Valentine for his first Dragonlance RPG cover credit!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest submissions! Jamie Scamihorn updates Krynn’s new crystal sphere with Wrymspace, Clive Squire updates a few dragons from Unsung Heroes in the Bestiary, and Carteeg lets you put your characters to the test with his conversion of the Dargaard Keep adventure from World of Krynn. Check ’em out!

Song of Goldmoon
Tracy Hickman announced in the latest installment of the Hickman Newsletter than an old high school friend, Mary Kovarik, has recorded her version of ‘The Song of Goldmoon.’ You can listen to this recording by going to Dragonhearth Productions and clicking on the link to the podcast page.

Review of Tas’s Map Pouch: War of the Lance posted
This afternoon, I added a review of Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The War of the Lance, the most recent release from Sovereign Press. Reviewer Joel Sanda raves about the quality of the maps; having seen them myself, I have to agree with his assessment. Check out his 12 reasons to buy the map pouch here.

Firedancers of Sirrion
We have just posted an article for a new organization, the Firedancers of Sirrion. The Firedancers are a roving troupe of performers specializing in firedancing, spreading the word of Sirrion in the process. Be sure to check out the article!

The Palanthas Herald On the Eighth Day of Fleurgreen
After weeks of suspense the City Senate finally reached a decision about the controversial Mind Reading bill. In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about that decision, a very surprising move by the Thieves’ Guild, a dramatic séance in haunted Winegaard Manor, and more!

Lexicon: Palanthas
If you’re looking to find out more information about the city of Palanthas, then be sure to check out a new Lexicon entry by Ravenmantle. Presenting…Palanthas!

More Fan Rule Updates
We’ve posted some additional submissions! Tauren Kai-Jere helps your ranged characters with the Sniper feat, Clive Squire continues the Unsung Heroes updates with Morrandar, and KenderBryant’s Divine Mind Mantles of Krynn can help you use your Complete Psionic sourcebook. Look for more updates this weekend!

Reconciling Wizards’ Conclave and Towers of High Sorcery
Are you confused on how the Wizards of High Sorcery view sorcerers after reading Wizards Conclave and Towers of High Sorcery? The two positions may not be mutually exclusive. Check out my article on Reconciling Wizards Conclave and Towers of High Sorcery for one possible theory on how to mesh the two together.

Fan Rule Update
Check out the latest fan submissions! Tauren Kai-Jere has provided us with updates to The Journal of Nathril Stoneshaper, Crown-Keeper has given us d20 rules for Nightshade Pricklypear from the Dark Disciple books, and KenderBryant updates a feat from Dragon Magazine for use with Dragonlance, with Divine Sorcery and Krynn. Check ’em out!

The Palanthas Herald On the First Day of Fleurgreen
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a horrible attack on a hamlet south of Thelgaard, Crossing’s efforts to compete with Palanthas, our Lord Regent sending an ambassador packing, and more!

Search capability added to Dragonlance Lexicon
Given the ever-expanding number of articles that comprise the Dragonlance Lexicion (over 1,430 at last count), I’m pleased to announce that we have added a search feature to allow you to more easily search through this resource. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Newsletter Posted
Want to know the latest Dragonlance News? Be sure to check out the latest issue of our newsletter, which discusses the latest additions to the Nexus, Jean Rabe’s new trilogy, the Dragonlance movie, and more!

Dragonlance Nexus has new web address
In case you haven’t noticed, the Dragonlance Nexus now has a new web site address: www.dlnexus.com. We would ask everyone to update their bookmarks and favorites to use the new address, and also to encourage any web sites around the Internet to update their links to us. Both Dragonhelm and I felt that the new name better reflected the broader mission of the Nexus than the current web address’ allusion to 3rd Edition gaming did; thus the change. The old DL3e.com address will continue to work for the forseeable future (several years at least), but we would ask that you use the new address from this point on. Comments, thoughts, questions, etc.? Feel free to talk back in this thread.

Kender Nightstalker Pouch Grab Chart
Looking for a little something gloomy to give your favorite kender nightstalker? Look no further! Presenting the Kender Nightstalker Pouch Grab Chart! Or, if your kender likes to chase after dragons (and what kender doesn’t?), you might try the Kender Dragonhunter Pouch Grab Chart.

The Palanthas Herald On the Twentyfourth Day of Yurthgreen
Another week of diplomatic crisis and tension in Palanthas. In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a mercantile fleet exploding in the Bay of Branchala, a potential diplomatic crisis, disturbing news about the Shoikan Grove, and more!

Jean Rabe To Write Stonetellers Trilogy!
According to Jean Rabe’s blog, she is writing the first novel in a new Dragonlance series – the Stonetellers Trilogy. For more information, see this thread.

Missing Indexes now online
If you’ve purchased one of the Dragonlance game books published by either Sovereign Press or Wizards of the Coast, you may have noticed one feature that was absent: an index. A group of fans have come together to remedy that problem, by creating the indexes on their own. You can view those new indexes as well as all of the other new additions to the fan rules section of the site here.

The Palanthas Herald On the Seventeenth Day of Yurthgreen
The reporters of the Palanthas Herald bring you yet another intriguing issue! In this issue of the Herald you can read about the murder of a high-ranking Solamnic Knight, the White Veil, a mysterious donation to the University of Palanthas, and more!

Fan Rule Update
Check out the latest batch of submissions. Victor helps your necromancers a little boost with Create Boneclaw, KenderBryant introduces the Dimension Mage feat, and our own Shugi has decided to provide some “stats” for Lucanesti elves. Finally, Victor gives us the most complete rundown on the Master base class to date, with The Masters of Krynn. Check ’em out!

More Fan Art Posted
I’ve finally cleared out the backlog of fan art submissions from my inbox. At Dragonhelm’s request, I also dug up several pieces of art that had disappeared from the old Nexus site when we made the switch years ago. In any event, a couple of noteworthy pieces include a great drawing of the kender nightstalker, Nightshade, by new artist Ristalinthas, and two pieces from long-time contributor CyanBlutgeissel, titled Metallic and Belphegor. The rest of the new art can be seen on the fan art page.

Lost Chronicles Book Titles
Margaret Weis has given an update on the Lost Chronicles. Book one will be Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, book two is ‘Dragons of the Highlord Skies,’ and book three is ‘Dragons of the Hourglass Mage’ (formerly Dragons of the Dark Queen’s Temple). You can discuss the Lost Chronicles book titles further on this thread.

The Palanthas Herald On the Tenth Day of Yurthgreen
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a dramatic naval battle in the Bay of Branchala, a strange turn of events in the case about the Solamnic lineage scrolls, yet another controversial decision by the Senate, and more!

Ogre Racial Tree
Are you confused on how the various ogre races relate? Wanting to know more on how the Irda and Mischta relate? Then be sure to check out the Ogre Racial Tree by resident aesthetic Uziel!

Roaming Krynn (A Druid’s Tale): Merwellyn Wood
We have posted a new article for DM’s looking to expand the world of Krynn. Presenting Merwellyn Wood! I hope you enjoy our 5,000th submission.

Fan Rule Updates
We have a few new entries for you to check out over the weekend. Kalladius has found the Medallion of the Stars, and check out the latest additions to two campaign journals: the Scourge of Ansalon, and WagonLance: Carriage of Heroes! Check ’em out!

Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: War of the Lance is shipping now!
According to Dragonlance.com, Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: War of the Lance is shipping from the printer to Sovereign Press’ warehouse. According to Sean Everette, ‘This means that it will be shipping to distributors on April 17th and will be available in game stores shortly after that. Soon the poster-sized map of War of the Lance-era Ansalon will be yours!’

Tracy Hickman and Daystar West
Before Tracy and Laura Hickman were employed by TSR, they self-published modules. Now learn about Daystar West, and how it led to Dragonlance and Ravenloft.

Age of the White Hourglass
We have posted a new alternate timeline, the Age of the White Hourglass, in which Raistlin wears the White Robes. Age of the White Hourglass is created in the style of the alternate timelines in Legends of the Twins. Enjoy!

Old School Boards
Is d20 not your thing? Do you still prefer DLA to the DLCS, or just love the SAGA system? If so, then be sure to check out a new forum on the boards – the Old School Boards. If you’re itching to talk AD&D or SAGA, it’s the place to be!

Knight Core Class in PHB II
According to this thread on EN World, the Player’s Handbook II will include a new knight core class. To see how this may affect the Dragonlance setting, check out the thread on the forums.

Editorial: Labels
I’ve just posted an editorial called Labels, which discusses labels such as “official” and “unofficial,” and how they affect this site. Agree or disagree? Then voice your opinion on this thread.

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest batch of fan rule submissions. Rhiarion provides us with stats on Crynus, Eric Jwo introduces a new module with The Traveling Companion, Reinbowarrior introduces his Scourge of Ansalon Campaign, and Clive Squire gives us the Fire Whip spell. Check ’em out!

Taladas Trilogy Preview Chapter
For those of you anxiously awaiting the next installment in Chris Pierson’s excellent Taladas trilogy, Trail of the Black Wyrm, you will have to wait until April 11 to get your copy of the novel. However, if you want to read a preview chapter, you can download that from the Wizards of the Coast web site right now… You can download the preview chapter here.

Palanthas Herald: Ravenmantle on Vacation
Ravenmantle works really hard on the Herald, and it shows. Problem is, he doesn’t know when to take a break! Since Ravenmantle is out on vacation, I got a guy from the temp agency to take his place. I’m sure it turned out fine. Maybe you should check out the Palanthas Herald, just to make sure.

Interview With a Tarrasque
We have just posted a rather…strange interview with our special guest – the Tarrasque from DL16: World of Krynn!

April Fool’s Rules!
Happy Raindrum Fool’s Day! We’ve got some goodies for you, including a conversion of the dragonflail, the werekender, Kitiara as a pennaggolan (from DL16 World of Krynn!), a new spell – Dalamar’s Platinum Locks (which explains his appearance in Wizards’ Conclave!), a swarm of kender, and a new organization – the Children of Ionthas! Enjoy!

Lexicon: Odd Elves and Goldmoon’s Ancestor
We’ve got a couple of new entries to the Lexicon – the Lucanesti elves, and Stormlight, who incidentally is an ancestor Goldmoon. No, really.

Bard on the Run: Jenna’s Got a Gun
We have a new Bard on the Run submission – Jenna’s Got a Gun, with apologies to Aerosmith.

Lexicon: Lord Ausric Krell
Krynn’s newest death knight gets his own entry in the Lexicon! Check out Lord Ausric Krell, straight from the pages of Margaret Weis’ Dark Disciple trilogy. Be sure to check out the artwork, courtesy of Sticko!

Devil’s Due to Publish Dragons of Winter Night Comic Adaptation
GamingReport.com has reported that Devil’s Due Publishing will be continuing with its comic book adaptation of the Chronicles trilogy with Dragons of Winter Night. There will also be a hardcover edition of Dragons of Autumn Twilight, a 192-page graphic novel with elegant dust jacket priced at $34.95. For a preview of the covers of Winter Night, click here.

Pen & Paper Fan Awards
The Pen & Paper Fan Awards are in full swing, and we’re asking for your support! To see how you can help Dragonlance make a good showing, check out this thread. Also, be sure to vote for Tracy Hickman for the Lifetime Contribution category! Thanks in advance!

Dragon’s Rest Conversion Document
After looking at the preview chapter for the Taladas Chronicles trilogy, you might want to check out the Taladas adventures. You’re in luck, because Carteeg Struve just provided us with his conversion of Dragon’s Rest, the last part of the Taladas adventure trilogy!

WotC Posts Trail of the Black Wyrm Preview Chapter
Wizards of the Coast has posted a preview chapter of Chris Pierson’s Trail of the Black Wyrm, book two of the Taladas Chronicles trilogy.

New Web Site Design
I’m pleased to announce that the Nexus has been updated today with a whole new layout and design. Both Dragonhelm and I hope that the new layout will make using the Nexus easier for our visitors. Comments? Thoughts? Let us know in this thread.

The Palanthas Herald on the 27th day of Brookgreen
After months of worry and fear the citizens of Palanthas can finally see some sunlight among the dark clouds. In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about a breakthrough in the Hawkstone investigations, a conclusion to the draconian port dispute and more!

World of Krynn
We have posted a write-up of the world of Krynn, including some maps detailing known realms as well as unofficial takes on how Adlatum and other areas would related. Enjoy!

Fan Rule Updates
There are about a dozen new submissions this time around… check out the Gods and Magic section for 9 new spells by Clive Squire and Rhiarion. In addition, Rhiarion gives us some character updates for Buoron from The Legend of Huma, and Belize from Night of the Eye!

Dragonhelm’s Campaign Journal
I’ve posted the latest campaign journal from my game. If you think this is just the last chapter of Key of Destiny, think again! I rewrote that chapter, sending the party to rescue the kender and Phalanx queen. Plus dragonspawn galore, the return of Wolfchaser and Zoe Left-Hand, and Willim the Black. Plus, a Beloved of Chemosh and a surprise! Check out the campaign journal for more.

Robert Jordan Health Issues
Though he isn’t a Dragonlance author, Robert Jordan nevertheless has had a massive impact on the fantasy genre. I wanted to pass along some news on his recent health issues. I have only recently discovered the world of the Wheel of Time myself, and I can already say that it’s great. Wheel of Time is a setting that many Dragonlance fans would enjoy. From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, we offer our thoughts and prayers to Mr. Jordan and his family, and wish them the best. Est Sularus oth Mithas.

Adventures From the Archives!
In our continuing search for lost gems, we’ve come across five adventures by Eric Jwo that we have added to our modules section. Be sure to check out Chaos Blood, Dragon Hunt, Lure of Danger, Ruins of Methgarrath, and Seeing is Disbelieving.

Items of Earwig Lockpicker
Throughout our journeys, we’ve discovered some lost, er…, ‘artifacts’ of Earwig Lockpicker. Presenting the Bottomless Pouch of Earwig Lockpicker and the Lockpicks of Earwig Lockpicker. These items were said to be highly magical. Of course, this came from a kender, so the truth may be something different entirely!

The Palanthas Herald on the 20th Day of Brookgreen
The past seven days have been dominated by controversial decisions made by the authorities of Palanthas. As such this latest issue of the Palanthas Herald is filled with reports from protests and demonstrations. You can also read about a financial dispute, the imminent Spring Dawning celebrations and strange wheat from Solace.

Poll: What is your favorite organization?
Dragonlance is known for its organizations. Which one is your favorite? Vote here!

Massive Fan Rule Updates!
We’ve added a plethora of new submissions today – check out the Classes, Equipment, Bestiary, and Characters sections for the latest updates! Plus, a new artifact – the Kenderstone!

Lexicon: Silvara!
The Lexicon has a new entry, none other than our favorite dragon-in-disguise, Silvara! This entry includes another great pic by Nick Barfuss!

Unsung Heroes Conversions Continue!
We’ve added several new Unsung Heroes conversions, including Gilidarius, Nomscul, Santis, and Khisanth (Onyx).

Lexicon: Alhana Starbreeze
The Lexicon has just posted a new entry – Alhana Starbreeze! Included in her history is another great piece of art by Nick Barfuss. Enjoy!

Another Exciting Issue of the Palanthas Herald!
This past week has been a hectic one for the reporters from Palanthas Herald. In this latest issue you can read about magic causing chaos in the Song of Life tavern, draconians taking over the Palanthas Harbor, a Mishakite vigilante and a damaged water reservoir, and more!

Tal’s State of the Lance 2006
Talinthas presents his thoughts on the state of Dragonlance in 2006 with his State of the Lance. There’s a lot of things to think about, so check it out. Then head over to the forums, where you can discuss his article on this thread.

Sovereign Press Posts Price of Courage Preview!
Sovereign Press has posted a preview of the third and final chapter of the Age of Mortals campaign trilogy, Price of Courage!

More Fan Rule Updates!
Take a look at the latest batch of submissions! Clive Squire updates Palin’s Elemental Summoning spell, Victor gives us Master Horkin, Master-at-Wizardry, Richard Littles shows us the secretive Knights Draconis: Solamnus. In addition, Kendermage presents Lord Guy Avondale, and both Kendermage and Nael present the January Character Spotlight winner with Jaymes Markham, Lord of the Rose! Check ’em out!

Richard Knaak on Minotaur Diet and Feet
As I continue with the archive project, I found this lost gem – Richard Knaak on Minotaur Diet and Feet. Enjoy!

Richard Knaak Announces Ogre Titans Trilogy!
Richard Knaak announced on this thread that he will be penning the upcoming Ogre Titans trilogy. You can read more about it here. Ogre titans were introduced in the module Rise of the Titans. The first book, tentatively titled The Black Talon, is due out in December 2007

Fan Rule Updates
Take a look at the latest batch of submissions! Clive Squire introduces the unique Agharpulter prestige class, Crown-Keeper helps you bring Rennard into your game, and Lorekeeper has found the little-known Blue Crystal Hoopak! Check ’em out!

Dragonlance Index – Updated!
Flint has graciously helped us update the Dragonlance Index with material from the recent Legends of the Twins sourcebook. Find that key spell, creature, or prestige class more easily!

Ulin Majere Stats!
We have just posted stats for Ulin Majere, circa the end of the Dragons of a New Age trilogy. Ulin makes use of the new dragon mage prestige class. Told ya Ulin was coming soon!

Dragon Mage Prestige Class
We’ve posted a new prestige class, the Dragon Mage! Dragon Mages are sorcerers who bond with a dragon to produce greater magical effects. Can stats for Ulin Majere be far behind? Keep watching!

Sanctuary Review
I’ve just posted a review of Sanctuary, the first book in the Elven Exiles trilogy (scroll down for my review). We have been posting several other reviews as well in our reviews section, including several older books and even some game books. There’s more to come!

The Latest Issue of the Palanthas Herald!
The sixth day of Brookgreen brings yet another issue of the Palanthas Herald. Read all about spiders, election fraud, mind reading, and more!

Bard on the Run: The Who
If you’re a fan of The Who (and who isn’t?), then you should check out our latest three Bard on the Run submissions: Tasslehoff the Kender, Raistlin O’Majere, and a classic in the making – Red Robed Wizard. Enjoy!

Fan Rule Updates
The holidays may be over, but the submissions keep coming in! Carteeg Struve continues his 3rd-edition conversions with Dragon Knight. KenderBryant gives us Faith Tokens and a 3.5 revision of Solinari, Weldon Chen clues us into the Blind Insight Trait, and Victor shows us where Dunbar Mastermate has been hiding. Finally, Clive Squire has converted Fester as part of the Unsung Heroes conversion! Check ’em out!

Rise of Solamnia Book Three Title Revealed
Nexus staffer Kranar Drogin has learned that the title of the third book in the Rise of Solamnia trilogy will be The Measure and the Truth. For more detail, check out this thread.

The Latest Issue of the Palanthas Herald Now Available!
The latest issue of the Palanthas Herald is now available! Within its pages you can read about some controversial decisions made by the City Senate, a strange incident in the harbor, the grand opening of Palanthas’ first sandwich shop, and more!

The Crown and the Sword cover sighted.
Board member Dante has spotted the cover of the next installment in the Rise of Solamnia series – The Crown and the Sword. Feel free to discuss the cover on this thread.

Tracy Hickman on the Signal
If you’re a Tracy Hickman fan, a Browncoat, or both then you will want to check out The Signal. Tracy has not only been doing a new segment on role-playing adventures in the Serenity ‘verse, he also guest stars as co-host for episode 2. Shiny!

Tas Map Pouch: War of the Lance Preview #2 – Dargaard Keep!
Sovereign Press has posted a second preview of Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The War of the Lance, the home of Lord Soth himself – Dargaard Keep!

Tracy Hickman Presents Update
Tracy and Laura Hickman’s Dragonhearth podcast of Tracy and Laura Hickman had a special guest on it, none other than Jamie Chambers, whose novel in the Tracy Hickman Presents books will be launching that series. Jamie said that the series will be focusing on some lesser-known characters in the Dragonlance universe who might have been lost to history otherwise. One such character in Jamie’s book is going to interact with a major Dragonlance character (Sturm or Raistlin?) in a major organization (Knights of Solamnia or Wizards of High Sorcery?). You can discuss the latest developments on this thread.

Map of Ansalon: War of the Lance Era
To accompany the PC Map of Ansalon we recently added to the site, we’ve added a War of the Lance-era map of Ansalon, drawn by Robert Lazzaretti to the site. In addition to this map, Mr. Lazzaretti has also done cartography for a number of other published books, including Map Folio I and many others. You can view his work on his web site. Enjoy!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest fan updates: Tauren Kai-Jere continues the Journal of Nathril Stoneshaper, and Ravenmantle gives us an unsung “hero” in the form of Tatanya Elnohar. You may also be interested in the Krynn Calendar and Moon Tracker by Soulsong. Check ’em out!

Lexicon: Linsha Majere, by Mary Herbert!
The Lexicon has posted a special new entry – Linsha Majere, by none other than Dragonlance author Mary Herbert!

New Organization: The Parsons
From the pages of the Palanthas Herald comes a new organization for your games – the Parsons. The Parsons are a group of nobles, bards, and mystics who worked as a resistance movement during the Dark Knight occupation of Solamnia, and try to keep order afterwards. Enjoy!

Another Week Another Palanthas Herald!
This week’s issue of the Palanthas Herald has been released and I’m glad to say what crime is in for a fight! Read about the rescue of Revered Daughter Clarissa Thurston, a brave adventurer rescuing two children from the sewers, a bunch of baffled Solace farmers, and more!

Richard Knaak to appear in New York!
Richard Knaak, author of the New York Times best-selling The Legend of Huma, will be a guest of Tokyopop and Pocket Books at the NY Comicon February 24-26, located at the Javits Center. He will also be talking at the Teen Central Library on Thursday at 4 pm. For more information, check out this thread.

Lexicon: Vinas Solamnus
The Dragonlance Lexicon has just posted an entry on the founder of the Knights of Solamnia himself, Vinas Solamnus.

Black Moon Rising
We’ve added a new Bard on the Run – a parody of a classic Creedence Clearwater Revival song that we like to call Black Moon Rising.

Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: War of the Lance Preview!
Sovereign Press has posted a preview of Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The War of the Lance, the city of Haven.

Fan Rule Update
We have two new fan updates for you. Henrad provides us with stats for Argyle Hulsey from the novel Saving Solace, and The Arcanist gives us the Initiates of Vox Arcana. Check ’em out!

The Latest Issue of the Palanthas Herald Hits the Streets!
In this issue of the Palanthas Herald you can read about the Murderous minstrels, the Harnkeggerfest, a task force investigating the murder of Gaston Antiquitus, and more!

Tracy on the Gods
Margaret Weis has posted an excerpt from a conversation regarding the gods that she had with Tracy Hickman over e-mail recently on the boards. We have also posted Tracy’s comments here for Nexus fans. Enjoy!

Lost Gems: Chat Transcripts
We’ve uncovered a few lost gems recently and have posted them for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out Doug Niles on Chaos Spawn, Miranda Horner on Rise of the Titans, and Margaret Weis on The Soulforge.

Academy of the Dragon Mage
The Academy of the Dragon Mage is an institute of study for the sorcerers of Ansalon. Enemies of the Wizards of High Sorcery and with an aggressive agenda, are they friend or foe? You can decide for yourselves with this organization for use in your own games. Enjoy!

Amber and Iron Released!
Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the release of the second novel in the Dark Disciple trilogy, Amber and Iron. Well, wait no longer—the new novel by Margaret Weis is finally in stores! Check your local bookstore for a copy, or order it online here!

Lexicon: Coryn Brinefolk, by Doug Niles!
We have a new update in the Lexicon: Coryn Brinefolk, the heroine of Wizards’ Conclave and supporting character in Lord of the Rose. This entry is penned by none other than author Doug Niles!

Amber and Iron Wallpaper and Screensaver!
Wizards of the Coast has posted Amber and Iron wallpaper and an Amber and Iron screensaver.

This Week’s Palanthas Herald!
The latest issue of the Palanthas Herald has just hit the streets! Read all about a tragic kidnapping, progress at the High Clerist’s Tower, an exciting new artist holding an exhibition, a cleric of Takhisis who can heal wounds, and more!

Unsung Hero: Ian Chandler
We’ve posted another conversion from Unsung Heroes. This time we present Ian Chandler, a Healing Hand of Mishakal (prestige class from Holy Orders of the Stars). Enjoy!

Fan Rule Updates
Check out the latest batch of fan submissions! Clive Squire gives us Noble Draconian Monster and Substitution Levels, new contributor Brett Schofield updates the Wild Mage for Dragonlance, and Henrad gives us some Spell-Like Ability Feats. Finally, Carteeg Struve has provided us with a 3rd-edition conversion document for the old Dragon Dawn adventure. Check ’em out!

Dragonlance Archives
We’ve opened up a new feature on the Nexus – the Dragonlance Archives. Sometimes, a website is no longer able to be hosted on the web. Here at the Nexus, we are committed to hosting these old sites so that Dragonlance fans can still enjoy the material. Included are Richard Connery’s classic Ansalonian Gazetteer, Matteo Banchio’s excellent Knights of Solamnia site, and James O’Rance’s Taladas: Time of the Dragon Lords site. Enjoy!

Lexicon 1,000th Entry: Huma Dragonbane!
The Lexicon has posted its 1,000th entry, and who better to commemorate the occasion than Huma Dragonbane! Special thanks to all the Lexicon’s contributors, especially Uziel, Granak, Heron, Gerrin, Shugi, Paladin, cartographer Aslan Uth Tallshire, artist Nick Barfuss, and Lexicon editor Kranar Drogin. Keep watching for further updates!

Amber and Iron Review – MAJOR SPOILERS!
We have just posted a review of Amber and Iron, book two of the Dark Disciple trilogy. See why Amber and Iron got 5 out of 5 stars! Be warned, though, because this review has major spoilers!

The Palanthas Herald This Week!
The Palanthas Herald has just been released. Read about a murder at the University of Palanthas, a strange auction, a tournament at the High Clerist’s Tower, and more!

PC Ansalon Poster Map!
As many adventurers in Krynn know, trying to find a reliable map of Pre-Cataclysm Ansalon has always been a challenge. While many old maps are accurate, there was never enough detail for a DM or a player to utilize the map in their game. I’m pleased to announce that this problem has finally been resolved. Thanks to the hard work of our staff cartographer, Aslan Uth Tallshire, the Nexus is proud to present the first downloadable poster map of PC Ansalon, circa 550 PC. Get your copy of this exquisite map of the world during the Age of Might today!

Renegade Wizard Substitution Levels
If you’re looking for a way to spice up renegade wizards in your game, then check out the new Renegade Wizard substitution levels by Nighttree. Enjoy!

New Character: Northrain
Looking for a new NPC to throw into your game? Look no further! Presenting Northrain, the illuminator of the Order of Majere and an artist whose works are known as far away as Palanthas.

Amber and Iron Preview!
Wizards of the Coast has posted a preview chapter of Amber and Iron. You can download the preview chapter by clicking here.

Even More Fan Rule Updates
Here’s another round of fan submissions! Read the latest entries in Tauren Kai-Jere’s Journal of Nathril Stoneshaper and check out OldSchoolDL’s Adam the Light Hand, as well as Kendermage’s monthly Character Spotlights: Verden Leafglow and Wyrmfather. Check ’em out!

Purifier Substitution Levels
Continuing the tradition of the Moon Disciple, we present to you Purifier substitution levels for the druid class. Enjoy!

This Week in the Palanthas Herald!
This week’s Palanthas Herald has just been released. Read about the first ever draconian trade caravan to enter Palanthas, another grizzly Hawkstones attack, a disturbing report from the City Watch, and more!

Fan Rule Updates
We keep getting more fan submissions! Henrad gives us three cleric prestige classes with the Advocate of the Six Transitive Forces, the Champion of the Six Holy Blessings, and the Defender of the Six Dark Curses. In addition, KenderBryant gives us the Blazing Heat spell, and Nael continues his Taladas updates with information on the Dwarves and Minotaurs of Taladas. Check ’em out!

Lexicon: Caramon and Raistlin Majere!
The Lexicon has posted two entries on Caramon Majere and Raistlin Majere. Both articles include art by the talented Nick Barfuss. You’ll especially enjoy the Raistlin pic!

What if Dragonlance creators were Dragonlance characters?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if one of your favorite Dragonlance creators was a Dragonlance character? We’ve just posted a submission that does just that. Presenting the talented Jennifer Meyer as a centaur artist!

Bard on the Run: The Beatles Collection
Crown-Keeper has sent us in three new Bard on the Run submissions, each of which is based on a song by the Beatles! Be sure to check out Knightly War Machine, Black Robe Raistlin’s Lonely Mages Band, and Kenders in the Sky with Monkeys. Enjoy!

Elven Exiles Book Two
According to Amazon.com, book two of the Elven Exiles series will be called Alliances, and will be released October 10.

Moon Disciple Substitution Levels
While all Wizards of High Sorcery cast arcane spells, there are some who wish to have the same connection to their deity as clerics do. Presenting Moon Disciple substitution levels. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald Cast of Characters
The Palanthas Herald has introduced quite a number of characters for Dungeon Masters to use in their games. It can be a little confusing remembering who is who, so we’ve gathered everyone together in a Cast of Characters (alpha by author). Ravenmantle will be working hard on updating the article each week to reflect the latest additions. Enjoy!

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Preview in Amber and Iron!
Margaret Weis has announced in this thread that the first chapter of Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, book one of the Lost Chronicles trilogy, will be included as a preview in Amber and Iron.

Lexicon: Usha Majere, by Nancy Varian Berberick!
The Dragonlance Lexicon has added a very special new entry: Usha Majere, by none other than Dragonlance author Nancy Varian Berberick! Our thanks go to Nancy for the entry. Enjoy!

Palanthas Herald This Week!
Another week, another Palanthas Herald. This week is packed with news from everyone’s favorite city – Palanthas! Read about mysterious temple guardians, poisonous gasses, assassinations and more in this issue fresh off the press! Also, this week sees the debut of Eye In the Crowd, a weekly column written by our very own JoshuaSigEp44 who braves the streets of Palanthas and asks relevant questions!

Lexicon Articles With Fan Art
We’re adding some visual reference to our articles in the Lexicon, and what better way than to feature some of the best fan art? Here’s some sample articles with art by Nick Barfuss: Goldmoon, Kitiara, Laurana, Sturm, Tanis, and Tika. Enjoy!

More Unsung Heroes Posted
We have three new conversions of characters from Unsung Heroes, including Grindelthorpe, a mad gnome renegade illusionist; Kimmil, a nomad human who has become a Knight of the Gold Lance; and Siriath Leafwine, a plant mystic who aids the exiled elves in Khur. Update: Just added Calandria, a Red Robe mage.

Tracy Hickman Presents Update
Though there hasn’t been any official annnouncement about the upcoming Tracy Hickman Presents series of novels, Margaret Weis has given us a bit of a heads-up on what we should expect. According to Margaret, “They will be set in various time periods, and relate the stories of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. Tracy will be working with the authors on the plots. One of the first authors is our own Jamie Chambers!” For more information, check this thread. Congratulations to Jamie, and we’re all looking forward to the new series!

Sovereign Press 2005 Report and a Look Ahead
Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press has posted a summary of the company’s year in 2005 and he talks about what’s next. Click here for more information.

Thank You For Five Years
I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your support of the Dragonlance Nexus. Truly, this is a site by the fans, for the fans, and we wouldn’t be here without you. Thanks, everyone, and here’s to the next five years!

Newsletter Posted – 5th Anniversary Edition
We have just posted a special 5th anniversary edition of our newsletter, which includes upcoming releases for the next several months, the Dark Chronicles name change, and my thoughts on five years of the Dragonlance Nexus. Enjoy!

New Palanthas Herald Out Now!
The latest issue of the Palanthas Herald has been released. This week’s issue features riot arrests, an announcement by the Senate, a troupe of elven musicians remembering Quevalin Soth, priests of Mishakal. All that and more for a copper piece!

Fan Rule Updates
We have a lot of fan updates this time around! Take a look at Clive Squire’s latest feats with Alternate Spell Focus Feats, Birthright Reclaimed, and Domain Pact, and his article on Krynnspace titled The Barrier and the Interloper. Next, check out KenderBryant’s tips on Updating Feats for Kender Use, and finish off with two new items submitted by Ravenmantle: True Heart and the Wrath of Takhisis!

Fan Artwork Posted
I finally had a chance to clear up the backog of artwork submissions to the site this afternoon… Thanks to all of the artists who have submitted material in the last month or two, as it’s all been posted. Notable new pieces include: a portrait of the kender, Nightshade, by PsychaDurmont, a drawing of Raistlin in Red Robes by Rolando Rios, and a portrait of Laurana by Nick Barfuss. All of the other new additions are available on the fan art main page.

Legends of the Twins Preview #4
Sovereign Press has posted the fourth preview of Legends of the Twins, an alternate timeline called “Kingpriest Ascendent.”

Domain Sorcerer Variant Classs
For those of you who want a sorcerer that functions a bit like the mystic, we present to you the Domain Sorcerer. The Domain Sorcerer makes use of the domains from the domain wizard in Unearthed Arcana, and expands on it to incorporate the realms of sorcery, making a fun variant sorcerer for your games. Enjoy!

Unsung Heroes Conversions
As you may have noticed lately, we’re working on converting the pregenerated characters from Unsung Heroes. We’ve added a few more lately – Estheria by Ravenmantle, Nerrinth Yd, by Shadowalk Nimblefeet, and Rikar of the Red Robes, by yours truly. Enjoy!

Dark Chronicles Changes Name to Lost Chronicles
According to Margaret Weis on this thread, the name of the Dark Chronicles trilogy has been changed to Lost Chronicles. According to Margaret, “The reason is due to the fact that the former turned out to be a registered trademark of another author. Also both Tracy and I agree that Lost Chronicles actually suited the series better!” Margaret mentions how the end of Amber and Iron will contain a startling revalation. Check out the thread for more info.

Unsung Heroes: Lafallot Reyelhart and Steveck uth Drastin
We have just posted a conversion of Lafallot Reyelhart and Steveck uth Drastin from Unsung Heroes. Lafallot is a bit of a jester who uses his talents in the modern day to aid the elven cause, courtesy of Shadowalk Nimblefeet. Steveck uth Drastin is a member of the little-known Knights of the Gold Lance, a minor knighthood that has opposed the Knights of Solamnia. Steveck is the last Gold Lancer, and he’s looking for new recruits. Are you up to the challenge? Enjoy!

Finkle of the Green Robes
I’ve updated another SAGA character tonight – Finkle of the Green Robes. He’s a sylvan mage with the propensity to rhyme. Check it out!

Fan Rule Update
We have new fan material for the new year! Nael details the Elves of Taladas for us, and Epoch provides us with A Dozen Wizard Robes. Check ’em out!

First Palanthas Herald In the New Year!
The first issue of the Palanthas Herald in the new year has been released. Read about Solamnic Knights returning to the High Clerist’s Tower, civil unrest, a new monument to the victims of the Dark Knight occupation, and more!

Jaclyn Cashell, Red Robe Historian
From the pages of The Last Tower – The Legacy of Raistlin and Heroes of Sorcery comes the head librarian of the Tower of Wayreth – Jaclyn Cashell. Jaclyn has been converted to 3rd edition rules for DM’s to implement in their games. Enjoy!

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Trampas “Dragonhelm” Whiteman is best known for co-creating and administering the Dragonlance Nexus fan site. He is co-author of three Dragonlance books – Holy Orders of the Stars, Knightly Orders of Ansalon, and Races of Ansalon. When not evangelizing Dragonlance and other settings, Trampas is a husband, father, podcaster, and web designer. Trampas also enjoys reading comics, reading fantasy and scifi novels, and playing D&D.
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