2004 News Archive

Alternate Mystic Spell List and Happy New Year!
Rules Editor Joe ‘Shugi’ Mashuga is kicking off 2005 with a special treat for Dragonlance fans – an alternate mystic spell list! This spell list taps into the themes of the spheres of mysticism. Thanks to Joe for his hard work. From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, I want to wish you a very happy New Year!

Campaign Journal Section
If you’re looking for a place to write down the tales of your adventuring party, then you should check out our Campaign Journal section. This is a great way for DM’s and players to look over past adventures, and for people to see what other groups are doing. And, if you’re playing published adventures such as Key of Destiny, you can see what other DM’s have done with the module. For an example, see Dragonhelm’s Age of Mortals Campaign.

Product Reviews Added
I’ve completed and posted two new reviews: a review of Complete Arcane and another of Races of Destiny. Both are appropriate for a Dragonlance campaign, though both rules supplements are very specific in their focus. Make sure to check out some of our other product reviews, and feel free to submit your own as well!

Expanded Cleric Domain List
We’ve just posted a new article – an expanded domain list for clerics of Dragonlance. Thanks to Sir Sothus for the submission.

Two New Products Added
I’ve added two new products to the site today. Empire of Blood is the final volume of Richard Knaak’s Minotaur Wars trilogy, and will be available in May 2005. Dragon Knight is the seventh volume in the New Adventures series for young readers, and will be released in early May as well. You can see all of the current new and upcoming Dragonlance product releases here.

Merry Christmas!
We’ve got a couple of Christmas goodies that you might remember, including a prestige class by Kipper Snifferdoo and yours truly – Santa’s Little Handler! Plus, a fun adventure – How the Grinch Stole Christmas. From all of us here at the Dragonlance Nexus, I want to wish you all a Cool Yule and a very Merry Christmas!

Tracy and Laura Hickman GenCon Socal Pics
Tracy and Laura Hickman have posted some pictures from GenCon Socal. A couple of pictures are with Nathan Fillion, who played Captain Mal Reynolds on “Firefly” (which I HIGHLY recommend). Enjoy!

Merry Yule
A merry yule to you! And what better way to celebrate than with a whole bunch of monstrous additions to the site. Check out the newly expanded Bestiary with a number of new additions (to the site anyway) from James O’Rance.

Updated Dragonlance Character Sheet
Ema’s Character Sheets has updated their Dragonlance character sheet with information from Key of Destiny, Towers of High Sorcery, and War of the Lance. You can download these sheets through our gaming utilities page. Enjoy!

GamingReport.com Reviews: Dragonlance Dungeon Master’s Screen and War of the Lance
GamingReport.com has just posted a review of the Dragonlance Dungeon Master’s Screen. There is also a five-star review of War of the Lance. Check out what they have to say!

Editorial: Dragonlance Sorcerers and Identity
When you compare wizards and sorcerers in Dragonlance, do you sometimes feel that sorcerers are lacking something? Or do you feel that they’re fine just the way they are? I’ve written my thoughts down in this editorial. Agree or disagree? Discuss your point of view on this thread.

Updated Layout
If you’ve visited the site’s interior pages in the past couple of hours, you may have noticed the new layout of the site. We did a little bit of experimentation with different things, and while we kept the vast majority of the layout the same, we tweaked the background and page rendering to make the site even better. Hope you like it! As long as we’re on the subject, you can also change the font and the date format you view the site in. For details on how to do that, see the bottom of the help page.

New Rules and Artwork Posted
Two new rules items and some new fan artwork have been added to the site in the past couple of days. First, there are two new spell lists that have been added to the gods and magic rules section of the site. In addition, I added several new pieces of art by Cell to the site.

Sovereign Press Posts Spectre of Sorrows Preview
For a preview of part two of the Age of Mortals campaign trilogy, click here.

News from Around the Web
We’ve added a new feature to the Nexus: a news syndication service. Currently, we’re displaying headlines from both Wizards of the Coast and EN World, in an effort to provide you with the latest information on the Dragonlance and current D&D news. Have a look! In addition, we hope to expand the service as more Dragonlance sites offer RSS news feeds, like the ones we host here on the Nexus.

Amber and Iron
According to Margaret Weis, the second book in the Dark Disciple trilogy will be called Amber and Iron. You can discuss the topic on this thread.

Character Profile: Kiya and Miya
Wizards of the Coast has posted a character profile for Kiya and Miya. Also a bibliography of Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook Dragonlance novels.

Newsletter Posted
For the latest in Dragonlance, check out our newsletter – the Dragonlance News. This issue has the latest happenings, plus my thoughts on 2004 and the year ahead.

Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance
Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance is a MUD looking for players. Find out more here.

Artwork and Product Updates
I posted three new pieces of fan artwork today, and also added some books to the products section of the site. The most notable new addition to the site is a great piece of art titled Laurana, by Cell. New books include the paperback of Amber and Ashes, a reissue of the Love and War anthology, and a new addition to the New Adventures series. Also check out The Qualinesti, part three of the reissued (and must-read) Elven Nations trilogy.

Compiled Feat List and Updated Compiled Class List
We have updated the Compiled Class List to include the Citadel Guardian, recently posted on Dragonlance.com. Plus, we’ve created a Compiled Feat List, which shows you where you can find each official Dragonlance feat.

Legend of Huma Comic Cancelled
Les Dabel of DBPro has announced the cancellation of the comic adaptation of The Legend of Huma. As the adaptation writer for the series, I wanted to present to you my own thoughts on the series. Enjoy!

Talinthas’ Raistlin Collection
Our good friend Talinthas has posted some pictures of Raistlin he has collected from artists at GenCon throughout the years. There’s art from Aaron Williams, Todd Lockwood, Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, and various others. Thanks to Tal for sharing his collection with us. Enjoy!

Richard Knaak Book Signings
Richard Knaak will be signing books at the following locations: HARRISON, AR — TREASURE BOOKS from 10am-1pm (12/4), DENTON, TX — BARNES & NOBLE from 5pm-8pm (12/9), ROUND ROCK, TX — BARNES & NOBLE from 5pm-9pm (12/10).

Legends Trilogy Hardcovers
Wizards of the Coast has announced that Test of the Twins is now available in hardback.

Compiled Class List
We have just posted an article that compiles together the base and prestige classes of Dragonlance. Be watching, as there will be other similar lists coming in the future.

New Character: Vallo Downyheels
We’ve posted another character conversion from Unsung Heroes, but with a twist. Vallo Downyheels is a kender who serves the Legion of Steel as a Legion Scout. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us at the Dragonlance Nexus, we want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

Complete Arcane and Dragonlance
Are you itching to use Complete Arcane in your Dragonlance game? Daedavias has just submitted a fan article that may be right up your alley. Presenting Complete Arcane and Dragonlance.

Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The Age of Mortals
Jamie Chambers has announced a new map-based Dragonlance product by Sovereign Press – “Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The Age of Mortals – This is a collection of maps from the Age of Mortals, including the War of Souls. These dozen maps include a poster map of Ansalon, locations of places familiar and mysterious, and a few ‘kender’ maps for good measure.” This new product is being discussed on this thread.

Dragonlance E-Tools
Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press has announced an e-tools dataset for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. For more information, see Jamie’s announcement on this thread.

Two New Sorcerer Feats
Looking for a little something more for your sorcerer? Look no further! We have just posted two new sorcerer feats by Cam Banks. Be sure to check out his Elemental Sorcerer and Wild Sorcerer feats!

Dragonlance Adventure Game Development Halted
Wizards of the Coast and Sovereign Press, in a joint decision, have determined that production of the Dragonlance Adventure Game would cease. Check out the announcement for more details. (Further clarification from Jamie Chambers: “The only product this announcement affects is the Dragonlance Adventure Game, the introductory product we had planned to release this month. All of our other sourcebooks, adventures, campaign expansions, etc. will still be produced as planned.”)

Elven Nations Reprint and Sample Chapters
Wizards of the Coast has posted some sample chapters from the Elven Nations Trilogy reprint. You can read the sample chapters here.

New Products Added
I added a number of products to the new and unreleased page this evening. Highlights include Chris Pierson’s novels in the forthcoming Taladas Chronicles as well as a number of core D&D products.

Weis and Hickman in the Archives
Wizards of the Coast has posted an article on their site called Weis and Hickman in the Archives, which details Weis and Hickman’s various Dragonlance credits, as well as showcasing WotC’s web archives regarding the duo. This article ties into the new anthology by Weis and Hickman – Dragons in the Archives: The Best of Weis & Hickman.

RPG Consortium Relaunch
For those of you who’ve been around on the site for a while, you may recall the old RPG Consortium web site. For those of you (relatively) new to the Nexus, the RPGC has supported the Nexus with server space over the years. So, since the RPGC has released a brand new version of its web site and is trying to rebuild its online roleplaying community, we thought it would be appropriate to give it a mention and recommend that everyone check it out. (Note, however, that the Nexus’ message boards will remain on Dragonlance Forums.com.)

Free Mina Miniatures at Dragonlance.com Online Store
Dragonlance.com has announced free Mina miniatures at their new online store. Check Dragonlance.com for full details on this offer.

Margaret Weis Forms New Company
From Dragonlance.com…”New York Times best-selling author and game publisher Margaret Weis starts a new venture with the formation of Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. Sovereign Press will still move forwarding, publishing Dragonlance products under license from Wizards of the Coast, while the new company will bring out exciting new titles in both games and books. Read the full press release here.”

Ariakan for Emperor of Ansalon!
Today is election day in the United States, so if you’re a United States citizen, please go out and vote! We at the Dragonlance Nexus are happy to support our candidate, Lord Ariakan of the Knights of Takhisis for Emperor of Ansalon! Be sure to go out and cast your vote today!

Dragonlance.com Posts Official Dreadwolf Rules
From The Legend of Huma comes the vile servants of the renegade wizard Galan Dracos – the dreadwolves. The dreadwolf is created using the dread beast template from Towers of High Sorcery. Happy Halloween, and enjoy!

New Artwork Posted
I added a bunch of new artwork to the web site this evening, including a new piece by Kelly Ishikawa called Blue Dragon II. You can find the rest of the artwork on the fan art page or the latest additions page.

Dragonlance: Fifth Age Design Team Interview
Recently we had the chance to sit down and talk with Sue Weinlein Cook, Miranda Horner, Steve Miller, and Stan! See what they had to say in our Fifth Age interview!

Character Profile: Dhamon Grimwulf and Jean Rabe Author Profile.
Wizards of the Coast has posted a character profile for Dhamon Grimwulf, hero of Jean Rabe’s latest novel The Lake of Death. Plus, Wizards has posted an author profile for Jean Rabe.

DL.com Article: Bozak Draconians, A Player Character Race
Sovereign Press has just posted an article on how to play bozak draconians as a player character race on Dragonlance.com. Check it out!

Tobril #8 Released
Issue #8 of the Tobril has been released, including articles on kender nobles, the sla-mori, Roaming Krynn, and much more! You can download issue #8 at TobrilMagazine.Com.

Sovereign Press Posts Key of Destiny Errata
Sovereign Press has posted errata and and bonus material for Key of Destiny. You can see the errata by clicking here.

Original Dragonlance Artwork on E-bay
If you’re a collector looking for some original Dragonlance artwork, you may want to check out some auctions on E-bay. Pieces include Crown of Power (the cover for Dragonlance Adventures), Kitiara at the Shoikan Grove, and Griffon Flight. The same seller has a couple of Darksword pieces as well. All pieces come with a hefty price tag, so be forewarned!

Dragonlance-L Mailing List Fifth Anniversary
We at the Dragonlance Nexus wanted to wish the Dragonlance-L mailing list a happy fifth anniversary! The Dragonlance-L mailing list is one of the best kept secrets of the web. It’s a great place to meet new friends, and to discuss Dragonlance. (The original version of the list was hosted elsewhere, so it’s the 5th anniversary of the WOTC incarnation of it.)

Towers of High Sorcery Review
Tobin Melroy has just submitted a review of Towers of High Sorcery. Be sure to check it out!

Poll: Favorite Towers of High Sorcery Prestige Class Part I
Towers of High Sorcery has 8 new prestige classes, so we want to know which is your favorite. This week is part I of our poll. Vote here!

Dragonlance Book Club Special Guest – Margaret Weis!
This month, the Dragonlance Book Club will be discussing two novels – Amber and Ashes and The Second Generation. Special guest this month is Margaret Weis!

Knight of the Blood Sword
From the halls of Sorgaard Keep comes a new death knight – Lord Venris Stormshield. Turning from the Order of the Sword, this death knight now follows the path of Sargonnas! But wait! Haven’t we seen this guy before? Do your players have the courage to face off against the Knight of the Blood Sword?

New Reviews, and Dragons in Novels
Clarion has just submitted a couple of reviews, including Chosen of the Gods by Chris Pierson and Wizards’ Conclave by Doug Niles. Plus, Jonesy has updated his article on Dragons in Dragonlance Novels. Thanks to Clarion and Jonesy for their contributions.

War of the Lance Preview #6
Sovereign Press has posted the 6th preview for War of the Lance. Take a look!

Poll: Who should be dragon mages?
The dragon mage role is one from Heroes of Sorcery, and discussed in the Dragons of a New Age trilogy. With the end of the War of Souls, we would like to know who you think should become dragon mages. Vote here!

Sovereign Press Transcript
If you missed the chat with Sovereign Press last night, check out the transcript.

Bladesingers of Ansalon
Have you ever wanted to play a bladesinger in Krynn? Need some tips on how to do it? We’ve just posted a new fan article by Baron the Curse that gives you some tips – Bladesingers of Ansalon.

Wizards of Takhisis During the War of Souls
We have a new article in our fan gaming section. This article gives the option for playing a wizard who gains his magic from Takhisis during the War of Souls. It also gives some background for the future of Takhisis’ wizards had she won the war. Check out the article here.

Poll: Which Dragonlance Logo Would You Prefer?
Our weekly poll this week centers around the Dragonlance logo itself. Which do you prefer – the classic logo or the new logo? Or do you think it’s time that we had a new logo? Vote here!

Sylvan Mage
We have posted a conversion of Jessie from Unsung Heroes using the new sylvan mage prestige class from Towers of High Sorcery. Enjoy!

Book Tour Update
Margaret Weis has posted an announcement regarding the cancellation of her book tour.

Dan Willis Interview
We recently spoke to a new Dragonlance author, young adult novelist Dan Willis! Check out the interview here!

Unofficial DLCS Errata Ver. 2.0 and Legion Mage Prestige Class
We’ve posted a brand new prestige class in our fan rules section – the Legion Mage! Plus, we’ve posted version 2.0 of Tobin Melroy’s Unofficial DLCS Errata.

Character Profile: Usha Majere
Wizards of the Coast has posted a character profile for Usha Majere, written by Nancy Varian Berberick.

Amber and Ashes Review!
We’ve just posted a review by Clarion of Margaret Weis’ latest book, Amber and Ashes. There’s a few spoilers for those who have not read it yet, so be forewarned. Enjoy!

Newsletter Posted
If you missed our newsletter, then be sure to check it out here. We have news on Amber and Ashes, upcoming novels and d20 products, and tons of surprises.

Poll: Sorcery and Mysticism Sourcebook
With the release of Towers of High Sorcery and the upcoming Holy Orders of the Stars, we’re wondering if you would like a similar sourcebook on Sorcery and Mysticism. Vote here!

Monster Manual III Review
For those who are thinking of picking up the Monster Manual III, we present a review.

War of the Lance Preview #3
Dragonlance.com has posted the third preview of War of the Lance. This week, it’s a look into the geography section as we take a look at Solamnia.

Margaret Weis Book Tour Revised Schedule
For those wanting to meet Margaret Weis on her book tour, check out her revised schedule. There will be special promotional miniatures of Mina, so be sure to stop by!

Legion Knight Prestige Class
We just posted a new prestige class in our fan rules section. Check out the Legion Knight!

Doug Niles Interview!
I had the opportunity to talk with Doug Niles about Wizards’ Conclave, the upcoming trilogy on Solamnia, 20 years of Dragonlance, and more. Check out the Doug Niles interview!

Glitterback, the Master Professional
With the release of War of the Lance at GenCon, we thought we would do a conversion of Glitterback from Unsung Heroes using the new master class. Presenting – Glitterback.

Margaret Weis Book Tour
New York Times best-selling author Margaret Weis intends to take a trip to a few places, and you should certainly take advantage of this by getting some books ready for her signature. Check here for locations, dates, and times.

Poll: Favorite Tower of High Sorcery
With the release of Towers of High Sorcery, we’d like to know which of the five towers is your favorite. Vote here!

War of the Lance Preview #2
Sovereign Press has just posted the second preview for War of the Lance. Check out their War of the Lance web enhancements page.

Amber and Ashes Wallpaper
Wizards of the Coast has posted some wallpaper for Margaret Weis’ new book, Amber and Ashes. Be sure to grab a copy of the book, because Margaret Weis will be the special guest of honor for the Dragonlance Book Club in October. See you there!

Poll: Favorite Dragonlance Sword
Dragonlance has a number of infamous swords. What’s your favorite? Vote here!

The NEW Dragonlance.com!
Dragonlance.com is taking a new direction with a new look and is hosted directly by Sovereign Press. The site functions as the home of official Dragonlance gaming materials. The fan materials you have come to know and love will remain here on the Nexus, and the two sites will continue to work in partnership. Check out the new Dragonlance.com!

Fan Artwork Posted
I’ve added 16 new pieces of fan artwork to the art gallery this evening. Two pieces of particular note, from new contributors to the site: a drawing of Laurana by Tinwillow and a pencil drawing of a nightmare by Nephera. Enjoy!

Amber and Ashes: Margaret Weis Explores Her Latest Novel
Margaret Weis tells us a bit about the background of Amber and Ashes on Wizards of the Coast’s website. Margaret talks about the gods who play a part in the story, and about how she learned about herd dogs when writing this book. Learn more by clicking here. Also, be on the lookout for Margaret’s book tour.

GenCon Newsletter and Bard on the Run
I’m back from GenCon, and happy to say I had a blast. I just sent out the latest newsletter, which details all the activities. Also, check out the Bard on the Run I sang at Tracy Hickman’s Killer Breakfast! Needless to say, I died quickly.

What did you buy at GenCon?
We know Dragonlance fans well enough to know that you probably spent all of your money at the Sovereign Press booth. We want to know what you bought. Vote here!

Ennie award winning game designer Cam Banks is working on a new role-playing game called Gloriana, an Elizabethan Dark-fantasy RPG based on the d20 Modern rules. Gloriana is slated to be released in 2005.

Bestiary of Krynn Wins Two Silvers!
The Bestiary of Krynn has won not one, but two silvers at the Ennies at GenCon, for best interior art and best monster supplement! Congratulations to all who worked so hard on this book. I’ll have a GenCon report soon, so keep watching!

New Message Boards and the New Dragonlance.com
We are happy to announce the new Dragonlance.com message boards at DragonlanceForums.com! The new boards features software by VBulletin, the same software used by Wizards of the Coast. Plus, Dragonlance.com will soon have a new look. Keep watching for the new Dragonlance.com!

Amber and Ashes Prologue
As a follow-up to the latest edition of ‘Bard on the Run’, you can also read the prologue to Margaret Weis’s latest novel, Amber and Ashes. The full text of the prologue is available on her web site. Look for the book itself in stores early next month.

Bard on the Run
Thinking about Margaret Weis’ upcoming book, Amber and Ashes, I was inspired with this little ditty to the tune of “Beth”, with apologies to KISS. Check out our latest Bard on the Run.

POLL: What’s in your pouches?
Kender carry the most interesting items. We’re all a little kender at heart, so we want to know – What’s in your pouches?

New Products Released
I added a number of new products to the site today so that we keep pace with the new books announced on the WOTC product catalog. New items include Return of the Exile, book 3 of the Linsha trilogy, re-issued books from the Tales trilogy, a couple of books in The New Adventures series, and a new series called the Empire Trilogy by Douglas Niles. I’ve also added some new books to the 3rd Edition D&D area.

ENNIES: Vote for the Bestiary of Krynn
Voting for the Ennies is open, and the Nexus is throwing its support behind the Bestiary of Krynn! Be sure to vote for it for Best d20 Monster Book, Best Licensed Product, and Best Internal Art. Vote here!.

Dragonlance Adventures NWN Profile
DragonLance Adventures (DLA) is NWN’s biggest mod team working who are working on an expansion pack for NWN specifically focussed on the War of the Lance as well as a NWN module of DL1: Dragons of Despair for Neverwinter Nights. BioWare, the developers of NWN, have a profile on the project up on their website this week and next. Profile features a NWN shot of Parkinson’s famous Lord Soth’s Charge.

Margaret Weis ‘Bookwrapped’
If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Amber and Ashes or the second book in Margaret Weis’s Dragonvald series, The Dragon’s Son, you’ll definitely want to check out this bookwrap. There are several short videos of Margaret discussing her new books, as well as some other topics of interest. Definitely worth a look (and a bit of a preview/spoiler into what the books are about)!

Poll: Best Ingredient for Gully Dwarf Stew
We thought we’d try something new this week for our poll, so we grabbed the first person we saw and ran with it. Problem is, we grabbed a gully dwarf, and he was in the middle of making stew. Then he asked us what we wanted in it. So we thought we’d ask you – What’s the best ingredient for Gully Dwarf Stew?

Bestiary of Krynn Nominated For Three Ennies!
EN World has reported that the Bestiary of Krynn has been nominated for three Ennies, including best d20 Monster Book, Best Licensed Product, and Best Internal Art! Public voting will begin in a few days, so keep watching for more information. Congratulations to Cam Banks, André La Roche, Sovereign Press, and all those who contributed on a job well done!

Character Profile: Coryn the White
Wizards of the Coast has posted a character profile for Coryn, the heroine of Wizards’ Conclave.

Dragonlance Book Club – August Books
It’s August, and the Dragonlance Book Club is in full swing with two fantastic novels. Our new release of the month is Wizards’ Conclave, and our classic novel of the month is Kaz the Minotaur. Be sure to join the discussion!

Author Profile: Douglas Niles
Wizards of the Coast has posted an author profile for Douglas Niles. Niles discusses Wizards’ Conclave, and gives us a glimpse into the future of Solamnia, with the upcoming novel Lord of the Rose, book one of the Empire Trilogy (formerly Rise of Solamnia Trilogy).

Towers of High Sorcery Preview Poll
Sovereign Press has recently released some previews for Towers of High Sorcery. We’re curious to know which one you like best. Vote here!

More New Reviews
I added two new reviews to the site tonight. The first is my review of Wizards’ Conclave, which I highly recommend. And, in the first time reviewer category, Madrigal_of_the_Ogre has submitted a review of Prisoner of Haven.

New Reviews and Dragonlance Calendars
I’ve posted several new additions to the site in the past couple of days. New this morning: reviews of Temple of the Dragonslayer and The Dying Kingdom, both by Darlaten. Also of note: Tobin Melroy’s eight different 3 year calendars to cover the whole lunar/planetary cycle have been posted as well.

New Class – the High Sorcerer!
We’ve posted a nifty new base class for your enjoyment – the High Sorcerer! This class combines the best of both worlds, with the spell selection of a wizard and the flexibility of a sorcerer. Check it out!

New Poll: Favorite Wizards’ Conclave Character
After the release of Wizards’ Conclave, we want to know what your favorite character is. Vote here!

Temple of the Dragonslayer Review
I’ve posted Shivam Bhatt’s review of one of the first Dragonlance Young Reader books, Temple of the Dragonslayer, by Tim Waggoner. While definitely not an ‘adult’ Dragonlance novel, Bhatt says that it’s at least worth picking up. You can read the full review here.

New Fan Rules
We’ve got some new additions to our fan rules section, including Noble Draconian Monster Classes and a new prestige class for one of Ansalon’s lesser knighthoods – the Knight of the Gold Lance. Check out our other latest additions as well. Enjoy!

Towers of High Sorcery Preview #4 – Renegade Hunter!
Sovereign Press has just posted preview #4 of the upcoming Towers of High Sorcery. This week, they present the prestige class that fans have demanded – the Renegade Hunter!

Unsung Hero
We’ve posted a new character conversion – Alyssa Glanowin, a healer of Mishakal. Alyssa is a character that you can use in your campaigns, and uses the healer class presented in the Miniatures Handbook.

Poll: What Type of Solamnic Are You?
We’re continuing with a theme on our poll this time, and want to know which of the three orders of the Knights of Solamnia you would belong to. Or would you go a different route and be a Solamnic Auxiliary Mage? Let us know by voting here.

Wizards’ Conclave Review
I just finished reading Wizards’ Conclave today, and have posted a review. Check out the review and be sure to grab a copy.

Towers of High Sorcery Preview #3 – Timereaver
Sovereign Press has posted the third preview of Towers of High Sorcery. This preview focuses on a classic Dragonlance spell – Timereaver. Check out the Towers of High Sorcery previews here.

DLE Hero Conversions
We’re happy to announce that we have unofficial 3rd edition conversions of all the pregenerated heroes from the DLE series of modules, courtesy of Bestiary of Krynn designer, Cam Banks! Be sure to check them out in our characters section.

Poll: Which Robes Would You Wear?
With the release of Wizard’s Conclave, we’re curious to know which robes you would choose to wear if you were a wizard. Would you choose the white of Solinari, the red of Lunitari, or the black of Nuitari? Or would you take a more sinister path and wear the grey robes of the Knights of the Thorn? Or would you act outside the orders and go renegade? Vote here!

New Section – Gaming Utilities!
Looking for a character sheet in your game? Need a better way to track the moons? Look no further! Paladin has been working in his secret lab, avoiding gnomish committee, and has cobbled together our brand new Gaming Utilities page. This page includes an Ansalon and Taladas moon tracking chart, a moon tracker program, and character sheets courtesy of our friend Ema at Ema’s Character Sheets.

Legion of Steel Poll
There’s a debate on the Wizards of the Coast boards on whether or not the Legion of Steel is a knighthood. Decide for yourselves and cast your vote.

Wizards Conclave and Kaz – in stores now!
I noticed at my local bookstore that Wizard’s Conclave and the re-release of Kaz the Minotaur were on shelves. Check to see if these books are available at a bookstore near you!

Towers of High Sorcery Preview #1 – Daltigoth, the Crimson Keep!
Dragonlance.com has posted the first preview of Sovereign Press’ upcoming book, Towers of High Sorcery. Check out Daltigoth: The Crimson Keep.

Bestiary of Krynn Review
EN World has posted a review of the Bestiary of Krynn.

New Poll: Mind Powers in Krynn
A new discussion on mind powers in Krynn has popped up on our boards, and we’re curious to know if you would ever incorporate them. Would you use psionics? Would you stick with some form of magic, such as the mystic sphere of mentalism? Or would you not use them at all? Cast your vote by answering our latest poll, then be sure to stop by the thread above to discuss your opinion.

Back to the Classics
Time travel is a staple of Dragonlance, and as such, we decided to give it a try, circa 1992. First, check out this review of the classic adventure, Knight’s Sword. Plus, we’ve taken one of the pregenerated characters from the module and thought we’d see what she looked like in a modern light. Check out Jilani!

Ashes and Amber Release Date & Book Tour
Margaret Weis has announced that Wizards of the Coast has set the release date of Ashes and Amber, the first book in the Dark Disciple trilogy, at August 27th. A book tour to promote this book and her novel Dragon’s Son will be following. Wizards hopes to have copies of Ashes and Amber at GenCon. Feel free to discuss this news on this thread on our message boards!

Dragonlance Nexus Launches Major Redesign
I’m pleased to announce today that the Dragonlance Nexus has launched a major redesign of the dlnexus.com web site. The new Nexus site expands a content-sharing agreement between Dragonlance.com and the Nexus, and includes many of the features of the existing Dragonlance.com site. Please have a look at let the Nexus Staff know what you think!

Wizards’ Conclave – First Impressions
I received an advance copy of Douglas Niles new book, Wizards’ Conclave in the mail the other day. After a couple of nights of solid reading, I’ve finished it. For those of you looking for a highly entertaining and all around excellent read, definitely pick it up when it hits store shelves on June 29. I hope to have a review (albeit with spoilers) up in the next couple of days. Five out of a possible five stars.

D&D Miniatures – Lord Soth!
If you haven’t checked out the latest line of D&D miniaturs, you should! Not only have there been some draconians, but now WotC has released the Giants of Legend Set, which includes the fearsome death knight, Lord Soth!

Legend of Huma #5 Released
The comic adaptation of the classic novel continues! Issue number 5 of The Legend of Huma is now available at your local comic book stores.

Dragonlance DM Screen Review
EN World has posted a review of the Dragonlance Dungeon Master Screen. Check it out!

Reference Articles and Reviews
Three new items of note were added to the site this morning. The first is a new reference article by A.J. Dembroski titled A Brief History of the Measure, detailing the history of the Measure of the Knights of Solamnia. The second is another reference article by Uziel that I dug out of old emails (apologies for taking so long to post it!) with a complete line of the Emperors of Ergoth. Finally, I posted an excellent review by Darlaten of the latest Dragonlance Anthology, The Search for Power.

New Elmore Dragonlance Prints
For those of you interested, you can pre-order two new Elmore Dragonlance prints and be guaranteed a low number! These two new prints will ship the first week of July. Each print will run $45 or purchase both for $75. More details are available on Elmore’s site.

Knowledge Arcana
Wizards of the Coast has released Knowledge Arcana (see archive section), their new online community newsletter. Dragonlance gets a mention in an article by yours truly – Dragons of a Legend Reborn. Enjoy!

Remodeling At The Message Boards!
We’ve done a bit of reorganizing on our message boards. Be sure to stop by and join in on the discussion and the fun!

Product Reviews Posted
I posted a number of product reviews this afternoon. Among them: my review of Complete Divine, Darlaten weighs in on City of the Lost, Selwyn comments on the entire War of Souls trilogy, Lei rates Dragons of a Fallen Sun and Akira reviews The Legend of Huma.

Need a custom large-scale prints?
If you’ve got a big map of the world that you use for your games or some other artwork, that you’d like to see printed full-size in all its glory, check out Maps and Things.com. They’ll print your map on large-format paper in full color. They’ve also got some nifty posters akin to the ‘Successories’ posters you see all over corporate walls—but with an RPG twist!

Novel Release Schedule Updated
I’ve updaed the New & Unreleased products page today with a bunch of new releases. Details on the Elven Nations reprint top the list; there’s a best of Weis & Hickman as well as three new young readers novels. Other noteworthy: part two of the Linsha Trilogy, an unofficial sequel to the Dhamon Saga, part three of the Ergoth Trilogy and new Heroes releases.

Key of Destiny Release Date Announced
Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press has announced that Key of Destiny will hit store shelves on May 24!

Taladas to be Written by Chris Pierson!
Margaret Weis announced today on the Dragonlance-L mailing list that Chris Pierson would be writing a series of Taladas novels, which will be supported by a Taladas game product by Sovereign Press.

Dragonlance Book Club
Looking for some in-depth discussion of your favorite Dragonlance novels? Then be sure to check out the Dragonlance Book Club. This month’s discussion centers around Chosen of the Gods. Plus, join in on the new classic novel discussion series with nothing short of The Legend of Huma. So stop by, and join in on the fun.

Bestiary of Krynn Table of Contents
Jamie Chambers has just passed along the table of contents of the Bestiary of Krynn. Click the link, and check out what monsters await inside.

Fan Art and Music Posted
I added twelve new pieces of fan artwork to the gallery today. Notable additions include pieces by CyanBlutgeissel, Kaeren Anderson and a fantastic Raistlin drawing by Mizu-Gon Jinn. If you submitted material and do not see your artwork posted, it is for one of two reasons: either you did not include the necessary submission information, so please resubmit your work, or you submitted a photo (we don’t accept photos—even if they’re re-touched in Photoshop). Thanks! I also added several pieces of new fan music by Retribution, The Dark Bard. Definitely worth a listen.

Key of Destiny: Off To Press
Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press has announced that Key of Destiny is off to the presses. He will announce a firm release date after the pre-press process, but is estimating the release date to be mid-May.

Tobril Issue #7
The Tobril guys have released issue #7 of the fan magazine. This month’s issue includes articles on Kender Mariners, the summer Dragonlance product schedule, dragon sorcerer, character sheet, and an article on the Fields of the Dead and the Ancient Dead of Krynn. Also have a look at the new Tobril web site as well.

Server Downtime Notice
You may experience intermittent outages in the availability of Dragonlance.com, the Dragonlance Nexus, and the DL.com message boards over the next day or so. The server is moving to a new data center and will be down while it is being transported.

New Poll: Favorite Forum
While we always hope that you will visit Dragonlance.com’s boards, we realize there are some other established Dragonlance forums out there. We’re curious about which ones you frequent, and which are your favorites. Let us know by voting here.

Neverwinter Nights Developer Tools
Bioware has posted an interview with NWMax of the Dragonlance Adventures team, which is creating a persistent Dragonlance settings for Neverwinter Nights. The article is specifically designed for module writers/builders, but the DLA project should be of interest to anyone who loves Dragonlance and enjoys NWN.

Bestiary of Krynn Preview, Week 6
The sixth and final installment of the Bestiary preview is now available. If you can’t wait for the official release date of April 26th, make sure to check out the Daemon Warrior, a nasty gargoyle-like creature of Chaos War fame. Also, make sure to check out the other creatures in the online preview in advance of the book’s release date.

Bestiary of Krynn Release Date!
Sovereign Press has just announced an April 26th release date for the Bestiary of Krynn, by Cam Banks and André La Roche. Want a taste of what’s to come? Then check out the online previews. Be sure to reserve a copy of the Bestiary of Krynn at your local gaming store!

Bestiary of Krynn Preview, Week 5
This week we’re putting the spotlight on a particularly fearsome brand of monster, known as the Ankholian Undead. The short version is that it’s an undead mixed with the properties of a fireshadow, and the sample monster—an owlbear—is a formidable opponent indeed (as my adventuring party found out during a playtest for the Bestiary!)

Nephera Character Profile
If you’re a fan of Richard Knaak’s Minotaur Wars series, you may be interested in a character profile of Nephera, Hotak’s wife, by Mr. Knaak himself and courtesy of Wizards.com. Also look for the second volume of the trilogy, Tides of Blood, set for release later this month.

Book Club: Book of the Month
The Dragonlance Book Club has started discussions on the book for April – The Middle of Nowhere. Feel free to stop by and join in the discussion. Special guest is none other than the author, Paul B. Thompson!

Bestiary Preview Poll!
We’ve hit week 4 of the Bestiary of Krynn previews, and we know you’re all excited. So which one is your favorite? Or can you even decide? Cast your vote!

Bestiary of Krynn Web Preview, Week 4
The fourth installment of the Bestiary of Krynn web preview is now online! This week it’s the Child of the Sea, a rare and mysterious race of faerie folk that rely on surface dwellers to reproduce. You can read all about them, as well as the previews from the past three weeks, right here. (The PDF will go online at midnight PST.)

Legend of Huma #3 Preview and Wallpaper
Dabel Brothers Productions have opened a new website, including a Legend of Huma comic web page. Scroll down to the bottom, and you can see a preview for issue #3 as well as some wallpapers for the comic. Check it out!

Bestiary of Krynn Web Preview, Week 3
The countdown to the upcoming Bestiary of Krynn continues with this week’s preview! This week, we get a glimpse of the Whisper Spider, a 900-pound nasty big enough to eat livestock! Download the Bestiary preview, and be sure to check out the previews from previous weeks – the Forestmaster and the Noble Draconians!

DMG Prestige Classes in Dragonlance
Ever wonder how the prestige classes fit into Dragonlance? If so, you may want to check out a new fan article by yours truly on that very subject. Check out the article by clicking here.

Legend of Huma #2 Released
Issue #2 of the comic book adaptation of The Legend of Huma has hit shelves. The legend continues, so grab your copy at your local comic book shop.

Unearthed Arcana and new reviews
I added several new reviews to the site today. We received reviews of several books, including The Odyssey of Gilthanas, Time of the Twins, and Dragons of a Fallen Sun. I also added a review of mine, for the new Wizards sourcebook, Unearthed Arcana—or better known as the ultimate variant rules handbook. If you’re looking for a new take on some of the traditional D&D rules, it’s definitely worth a look.

Bestiary of Krynn Web Preview, Week 2
It’s Wednesday again, and that means it’s time for week two of the Bestiary of Krynn preview. This week we’re featuring the Forestmaster, which is both the unicorn introduced in Dragons of Autumn Twilight and a template that can be applied to other creatures! Download the Forestmaster preview and the Noble and Venom Draconians from last week.

New Poll – Favorite Spellcaster
Krynn is a world filled with magic, and we’re curious as to which spellcaster is your favorite. Do you prefer the Wizards of High Sorcery, or sorcerers from Palin Majere’s Academy of Sorcery? Or perhaps you’re geared more towards the divine cleric or a mystic who wields the Power of the Heart. Let your voice be heard. Vote here.

Dragonlance Comic Interview
Comicon.com has posted an interview they conducted with our very own Trampas Whiteman, who is writing the comic adaptation of Richard Knaak’s The Legend of Huma.

Bestiary of Krynn Web Preview, Week 1
Welcome to Bestiary Wednesday, week one! If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a copy of the forthcoming Bestiary of Krynn from Sovereign Press, you will have to wait a little longer—the product will be available on store shelves beginning in May. However, each week for the next six weeks, we’ll be releasing a new monster from the Bestiary on Wednesday. This week’s monster: the Noble Draconian and Venom Draconian!

New Fan Artwork
I posted some new fan artwork on the site today, including new pieces from Cyan Blutgeissel, Nunes and Saga. You can see all of the latest additions on the Fan Art page.

Fan Fiction Poll
We’re curious to know whether you read fan fiction, only the official authors, or if you’re somewhere in between. Check out our latest poll.

Key of Destiny Web Enhancement
A message from Jamie Chambers, Vice President of Sovereign Press: We are working hard at Sovereign Press to bring Dragonlance fans excellent gaming products for the revised d20 System. Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the release of Key of Destiny, and to reward fans for the great patience and to give them the tools to start playing immediately, we are posting a free web enhancement that includes the entire first chapter of the adventure! Use it as an immediate follow-up to “The Sylvan Key” in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting or use alternate adventure hooks to start playing right away. Thanks to everyone for their support! Download the adventure here!

Dragonlance Novel News
A few random tidbits from Wizards.com related to recent and forthcoming Dragonlance novels… First, you may be interested in the author profile of Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook, and the screensaver for The Wizard’s Fate. There are also some Night of Blood goodies for the forthcoming paperback edition of Richard Knaak’s novel. You can also find the Spanish translation of Age of Mortals.

New Fan Rules
Shugi has posted a number of fan rules lately. There’s a void drake, random kender item list, new magic items and prestige classes, a new spell, and much more. To see more, check out our fan rules section.

Ashes and Amber Cover Painting
Margaret Weis has just posted the cover of Ashes and Amber, the first book of the Dark Disciple series, on MargaretWeis.com. You can check out the picture by clicking here. Plus some information on Ashes and Amber, including two new characters!

Poll – How often do you use fan rules?
We’ve got a new opinion poll up. We’d like to know how often you use fan gaming rules in your games. Do you use only official products or do you use fan rules all the time? Or do you fall in between? Share your vote and see how others vote by clicking here.

Margaret Weis.com Store Updated
The store over at Margaret Weis.com has been updated with new products listed in the inventory. Among the notable items for sale is the Dragonlance Dungeon Master’s Screen as well as a number of other hardcover Dragonlance novels and some of Margaret’s other work. You can see the full list here. Also check out the screensaver from Wizards.com for the newly released novel, The Wizard’s Fate.

Inquest Gamer Fan-Awards
Show your support for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting! The Dragonlance setting has been nominated for the Inquest Gamer fan-awards as Best RPG Supplement. (On the voting page, you’ll find the other finalists in the lower left-hand corner.) Click here to vote for the winners, and make sure to pick Dragonlance!

Monks of Majere Contest Prizes
I received word today from Jamie Chambers that Sovereign Press will be sending out copies of the Dragonlance DM Screen to everyone who entered the Monks of Majere contest. Congratulations to all of the winners! On an unrelated item, if you’re into comics you might want to check out a review of the first Legend of Huma comic, which comes highly recommended…

Legend of Huma Comic Is Released!
I wanted to give everyone a heads up that The Legend of Huma #1 has been released, and should be at your local comic book store. Be sure to stop by and grab a copy!

An Early History of Dwarves
Wizards.com has posted a short article by Janet Deaver-Pack, titled An Early History of Dwarves, for those that are interested. It’s a good article, though fans that are familiar with the ‘canon’ debate will find numerous inconsistencies between this article and previously published materials.

Dragonlance Book Club Begins February 1st!
The Dragonlance Book Club will be launching on February 1st! Book of the month is Dark Thane, by Jeff Crook. Jeff Crook will be joining in on the discussion as well, so you can get the author’s viewpoints. Membership to the Dragonlance Book Club is open to the public. Be sure to grab your copy of Dark Thane, and stop on by!

Gaming Books at 60% off
I picked this tidbit up from the Dragonlance-L mailing list, but thought it was worth passing along. If you haven’t picked up your copy of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, now might be a good time. Amazon.com is selling the book for 60% off. Round out the collection with the Age of Mortals at 30% off, and you can get free shipping. I also noticed the excellent Draconomicon on the 60% discount rack, as well as the Complete Warrior handbook.

Less Than Zero
If you’re looking for a new adventure to play, then you should check out Kipper’s new module – Less Than Zero! There’s a sea monster terrorizing ships. And how do gnomes fit into the equation? Check out Less Than Zero and find out!

Dragonlance Adventure Contest Winners
The Dragonlance Short Adventure Contest has ended, and we’re pleased to announce the winners. Contratulations to Ogre Bane and his winning entry, The Cult of Death and Decay! First and second runner-up went to Traded Dilemma by Rooks and The Trettar by Josh Wilcox. See the contest page for the full list of excellent entries. Thanks also to Larry Elmore.com and Sovereign Press for providing the prizes for the winners!

Newsletter Posted
We’ve just posted the latest issue of our newsletter, with the latest novel, gaming, and comic book news for the Dragonlance setting. Check it out by clicking here.

From Tika’s Cookbook
Tika loves to collect new recipes for her cookbook, and has added a few pages recently. Be sure to check out our recipes section and see what Tika is cooking!

‘Amber and Ashes’ and other books
I’ve updated the products section this evening, adding a number of upcoming novels. Most notable is the new hardcover from Margaret Weis, Amber and Ashes, the first novel in the Dark Disciple trilogy. There are also reprints of the Heroes series, two new additions to the Age of Mortals series, and two books in a young readers series called The New Adventures. Check out the new and upcoming releases page for more details on all of these upcoming novels, or see the Wizards catalog for a large size version of the Amber cover (though reports indicate this is not final art but only a concept piece). Also, I’ve heard that the DLCS will be translated and available in French bookstores in April.

Paths of Magic and ‘Huma’
If you’re playing a spellcaster in the Age of Mortals, you may be interested to check out the Paths of Magic article by Trampas. The article contains spell lists re-aligned into the Realms of Sorcery and Spheres of Mysticism, among other things. On another topic, you can download a 9-page preview of the forthcoming Legend of Huma comic from Roaring Studios. (Note that the PDF is a 5.2 MB download.)

Dragonlance 20th Anniversary
Yes, you read that correctly—2004 is the 20th anniversary year for the Dragonlance Saga. To start the celebration, you might be interested in reading a short article written by Janet Pack on the Wizards.com web site, appropriately titled Two Decades of Dragonlance. Enjoy the article, and look for more updates and features on the site here to celebrate the anniversary of the series!

Legend of Huma Comic Preview!
Newsarama has posted an 8-page preview of the upcoming comic adaptation of The Legend of Huma. You can check it out by clicking here. Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger picture.

Dragonlance Book Club
If you’re interested in discussing the latest Dragonlance novels each month, then you may be interested in Dragonlance.com’s brand-new Dragonlance Book Club! Each month, a new book will be discussed in detail. Plus, the occasional author may drop in as well. Membership is free and open to the public. We’re going to start with Dark Thane on February 1 with our very special guest, Jeff Crook!

Legend of Huma Comic – Ashcan Edition
Devil’s Due has put out some new ashcans – one side being G.I.Joe, and the other being The Legend of Huma. Most retailers have received a few copies. Be sure to stop by your local comic shop and pick up one of these ashcan editions. Not only is it a taste of what’s to come, but it will make a nice collector’s piece.

About Dragonhelm

Trampas “Dragonhelm” Whiteman is best known for co-creating and administering the Dragonlance Nexus fan site. He is co-author of three Dragonlance books – Holy Orders of the Stars, Knightly Orders of Ansalon, and Races of Ansalon. When not evangelizing Dragonlance and other settings, Trampas is a husband, father, podcaster, and web designer. Trampas also enjoys reading comics, reading fantasy and scifi novels, and playing D&D.
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