2003 News Archive

Legend of Huma Comic Adaptation Preview
Roaring Studios has posted preview art for the upcoming Legend of Huma comic adaptation. Check it out by clicking here. Be sure to reserve your copy at your local comic book store!

Newsletter Posted!
We’ve posted the latest issue of the Dragonlance News, the newsletter for Dragonlance.com and the Dragonlance Nexus. Check out issue #38 by clicking here.

Dragonlance Adventure Contest Deadline
Just a friendly reminder from all of us here as we come back from a short break from updates over the Yule holiday… If you’re working on an adventure for the Dragonlance Short Adventure Contest, please make sure that you get it in to us by the deadline at 11:59 PM Wednesday night, December 31st. Depending on the number of entries, we should be announcing the winner in the next week or two. On a side note, my new year’s resolution is to answer all of the email that has accumulated in my inbox over the past couple of weeks, so if you’ve dropped me an email and are still waiting for the answer, I’m working on it!

Merry Yule
From all of us here to all of you out there, Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year!

Draconian Feats Web Enhancement
Here’s a little holiday treat! Jamie Chambers sent us a list of Draconian feats that were cut from his article in Dragon #315, which should provide some cool new options for draconian characters. You can see the list of feats here.

DL Comics – Author Update
For those of you following the development of the Legend of Huma comic book series, you may be interested in this thread which announces some changes in the lineup of people working on the project. You’ll likely note that our very own Dragonhelm is co-writing the series, beginning with issue #3. Congrats, Trampas! Stay tuned for future developments, which we’ll post here as we hear about them.

Updated d20 Product Schedule
It’s been requested for quite a while now, but I recently got confirmation from Sovereign Press about new updates to their product schedule. Briefly, the new dates are: DM Screen (Dec 03), Key of Destiny (Jan 04), Bestiary of Krynn (Mar 04) and Towers of High Sorcery (May 04). More details about each product are available here.

Site Outage – Explained
You may have noticed that we’ve been off the air as it were for the past day or so. The reason for the outage is that one of the fans in the server died late yesterday, so the server has been off the majority of the day today while we waited for a replacement to be installed. Everything should be back up and running at this point, though if you tried to send any of us email it probably bounced and you should try re-sending it. Thanks for your patience!

New Elmore Prints and Upcoming DL Product List
Larry Elmore.com has announced several classic new Dragonlance prints. They’ve also posted the full version of the DM Screen cover art. You can find more details on Larry’s Site. Speaking of the DM screen, make sure you submit your work for our short adventure contest. On another note, you may be interested in the upcoming DL products list, with new additions through August 2004 (see the bottom of the page).

Monks of Majere Contest Closed
FYI, the Monks of Majere contest has officially ended. I have sent all entries, approximately 25 total, to Margaret Weis for judging. We would like to thank all of our contestants, and we wish you the best of luck.

Bozak Draconians and Taladas Articles in Dragon #315!
Dragon #315 is dedicated to classic D&D campaigns, and Dragonlance is amongst them! Jamie Chambers brings us an article on playing bozak draconians. Plus, from the mysterious lands of Taladas….angry dead gnomes and sinister walking sharks! Check with local hobby and book stores and reserve your copy today!

New Product Reviews
I added five new product reviews to the site over the past couple of days. I’ve written reviews for the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Handbook as well as the Book of Exalted Deeds. Three of our other contributors also added their comments on Brothers In Arms, Dragons of Autumn Twilight and The Legend of Huma. Have a look at any of these or our over 125 other reviews!

Tobril November Issue
Issue number 6 of the Tobril e-zine is out. So what can you find in the 28 pages of this month’s issue? Well, how do undead monsters sound? What if they were kender undead? Sean Macdonald breaks some stereotypes and describes seven kender monstrosities. If you’re a player, then take a look at Racial Levels for Dragonlance races ALA Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed. Trampas Whiteman provides you with more advancement options when building your character.

Legend of Huma Comic – Reserve Yours Today!
The comic book adaptation of Richard Knaak’s The Legend of Huma will be available in comic book stores soon. Be sure to have your local comic book store reserve a copy, and tell your friends. If you’re looking for a comic shop near you, you can call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK or go to the Comic Book Locator Service. The legend begins in January!

New Writing Posted
Lestah, our fan writing editor, dropped me a line the other day to let me know that she has posted quite a few new pieces in the writing area of the site. Of particular note are Tears of a Unicorn The White Rose of Adamina Nuitari’s Magic. If you’re a Spanish-speaker you may also be interested in the first part of a novella called Sombras del Corazón, which currently weighs in at over 150 pages.

Upcoming Interview: Chris Pierson
With the release of Sacred Fire this December, it seemed appropriate to follow up last month’s Jeff Crook interview by interviewing the author of Sacred Fire, Chris Pierson. Do you have a question about any of Mr. Pierson’s books? If so, please submit your questions! You can also see the author profile of Chris Pierson on the Wizards web site, as well as an article about the rise and demise of Istar.

Dragonlance Short Adventure Contest
It’s been a while since Dragonlance.com has run one of our own contests, so I’m pleased to announce our latest one! To celebrate the release of the Dragonlance DM Screen in mid-December, Dragonlance.com is sponsoring a Dragonlance Short Adventure Contest. Entries are due December 31. Grand prize is a signed first print (1/100) in the limited print run of the DM Screen poster, courtesy of Larry Elmore.com. Second and third prize are copies of the DM Screen, courtesy of Sovereign Press. Get all the contest details here-we look forward to reading your entries!

Jeff Crook Interview
I had the pleasure to sit down with Jeff Crook over the past couple of days and ask him some questions about his new novel, Dark Thane. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s definitely worth a read. (I hope to have a complete review up in the near future but in the meantime, know that I recommend it!) You can read the interview here.

Signed & Numbered DM Screen Prints
Larry Elmore.com is accepting pre-orders for a signed and limited edition (only 100 prints will be made!) of the artwork featured on the forthcoming Dungeon Master’s Screen that will be released next month. The limited edition print will be 24″ x 72″ and retails for $150. More details and the link to the order form are available on Larry’s web site. Also look for something special on Dragonlance.com in the next couple of days as well!

Richard Knaak Book Signing
Richard Knaak will be appearing in three Waldenbooks located around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He will be signing Night of Blood for Dragonlance specifically, but they will also have Warcraft, Diablo and Ragnarok, plus other things. The dates and places are as follows: (1) The Parks at Arlington, Arlington — Thursday, Dec. 11, starting at 3:00pm; (2) Ridgmar Mall, Ft. Worth — Friday, Dec. 12, starting at 3:00pm; (3) Willow Bend, Plano — Saturday, Dec. 13, starting at 1:00pm.

Monks of Majere Contest!
Margaret Weis is asking you, the fans, to come up with the fighting styles and weapons used by the monks of Majere! Read all about our latest contest!

Map of Ansalon!
Wizards of the Coast has posted a Dragonlance Campaign Setting web enhancement – a map of Ansalon! You can view the map a piece at a time, or you can get a one-page map.

Dragonlance DM Screen Cover Art
I received the final cover artwork for the Dragonlance Dungeon Master Screen from Jamie Chambers earlier today. Also of note with regard to the DM screen is that we should be able to give you an updated ship date for the product sometime in the very near future as well.

‘Sacred Fire’ Released
The third novel in Chris Pierson’s Kingpriest trilogy, Sacred Fire, went on sale today at Amazon.com. I hope to start the book a little bit later this week and have a review up within a week or so. I’ve been waiting for the third installment since the first book-the trilogy really is that good. Currently, I’m mid-way through Jeff Crook’s newest, Dark Thane, the continuing story of Tarn Bellowgranite and the dwarves. Quite good so far, and worth a read. You may also be interested in the final few novels in the reissued edition Preludes series which should also be on store shelves now.

Character Profile: Tarn Bellowgranite
Wizards of the Coast has posted a character profile of Tarn Bellowgranite, written by Jeff Crook. This character profile ties into the novel The Dark Thane. Enjoy!

Klank – The Minotaur Raised By Ogres
We’ve updated one of our pregenerated characters in our characters section. Be sure to check out Klank, a barbarian/mariner. Klank makes use of the rules presented in the DLCS and Age of Mortals.

Larry Elmore art for sale
This tidbit courtesy of Larry Elmore.com: Larry Elmore is selling some of the orginal paintings done for the new Dragonlance RPG. They should go on sale in just a few weeks. For more info log on to Larry’s site. Pictures include Fisban, Laurana and Chinara. On a somewhat related note, Wizards has posted Draconomicon desktops and Windows themes on their site for download.

Age of Mortals Art Gallery
In a related follow-up to my last news item about the Draconomicon art gallery, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve posted one of our own! As one of our web-exclusive features on the site, Jamie Chambers sent me the artwork today for the Age of Mortals art gallery. See 60 pieces of artwork from the first major Dragonlance sourcebook published by Sovereign Press in September! Like what you see? Let us know what you think in the forums.

Dark Thane Released
Jeff Crook’s latest Dragonlance novel, Dark Thane has made its way to store shelves. We’re conducting an interview with Mr. Crook… If you’ve read the book and have questions about the plot, or about some of his other novels, send us your questions here!

Draconomicon Art Gallery
Wizards of the Coast has posted an art gallery featuring art from the newly released Draconomicon. Quite cool. Also, if you’re looking for a different sort of challenge to throw your players off, you might want to check out WotC’s Elite Opponents: Kobolds by Andy Collins.

Dragonlance Article in Dragon #315!
Dragon #315 will have a “Classic Campaigns” theme, including a Dragonlance article by Jamie Chambers. This article will include “information on playing a draconian character, as well as some feat options for your favorite draconian.”

New Fan Rules
We’ve recently posted more submissions for your viewing pleasure. Check out two different dragon slayers, more draconian racial classes, an order of Majeran monks, and more in our gaming section!

Dragonlance Gaming Product Release Updates
According to Fast Forward Entertainment’s latest Friday Fax, the Dragonlance GM Screen from Sovereign Press will be released on November 24th for $14.99. Also, Key of Destiny, an introductory Dragonlance adventure, is slated for a December 1 release and will retail at $24.99.

Secrets of the Kargatane Closing
It has come to my attention today that the official Ravenloft website, Secrets of the Kargatane, is closing it’s doors. Secrets of the Kargatane has been both a model and an inspiration for all of us who work on Dragonlance.com and the Dragonlance Nexus. From all of us here at Dargaard Keep to all of the Kargatane crew at Nedragaard Keep, we wish you guys the absolute best. Est Sularus oth Mithas.

Review of the ‘Draconomicon’
I received a package in the mail today, and was pleasantly surprised to find three upcoming D&D products enclosed: the Book of Exalted Deeds, the Draconomicon, and the Underdark. I’ve already posted my review of the Draconomicon, a book definitely worth picking up when it comes out next month! Speaking of those types of books, the latest R.A. Salvatore novel, The Lone Drow, was released Tuesday, and is also quite good (though somewhat predictable) if you’re into Drizzt’s adventures.

Newsletter Posted
Looking for the latest Dragonlance news items? Look no further! Check out our Halloween edition of the Dragonlance News!

EN World – Update
The online community came through… despite the scare of a full system shutdown that Morrus posted about yesterday, EN World raised enough money through donations of time and cool prizes to pay the bills and stay online. Nice work, guys.

Skip Williams Chat
Wizards of the Coast is hosting a chat with game designer Skip Williams on their chat site this coming Tuesday the 28th from 5-6 PM PST.

Legion of Steel Poll
We recently asked you which of five prestige classes was your favorite. We’re following that up with a new poll, based solely on Legion of Steel prestige classes. Be sure to vote for your favorite Legion of Steel prestige class by clicking here.

Dark Disciple Teaser!
MargaretWeis.com has posted a teaser of Ashes and Amber, book one of the Dark Disciple trilogy! Margaret says that the book is very different from any other Dragonlance book she has ever written, and has a Stawicki cover. Be sure to check out what Margaret has to say about the protagonist! Click here for the teaser.

Product List Updated
I’ve added a number of new items to the products section of the site today. Most notable are the D&D Miniatures, including the new Miniatures Handbook, which has quite a bit of good information, new feats, spells and a few new core classes for those playing even without miniatures in a D&D campaign. Another new add is the Book of Exalted Deeds, for those characters of that particular alignment.

Legend of Huma Comic Feature
Comics site Newsarama has a feature on the upcoming Legend of Huma comic book limited series by Roaring Studios. There’s some sample artwork as well, so be sure to check that out.

Sister Blister
What happens when you put a kender in a locked room with some sheet music? You get a Bard on the Run, of course! Kipper Snifferdoo gives us this new song spoof about a kender very near and dear to his heart. Presenting Sister Blister!

Annotated Legends and other reviews
Just an update on several reviews you may be interested in reading. I’ve posted my review of the excellent Annotated Legends. Also noteworthy are reviews posted on RPG.net of both the DLCS and the Age of Mortals.

Upcoming interview with Jeff Crook
Jeff Crook’s new novel, Dark Thane will be released next month, and what better time to sit down with the author and ask him a few questions about it! As usual, we’re taking your suggestions for things to ask him, either about Dark Thane, or some of his other novels like Conundrum or The Rose and the Skull.

New Opinion Poll
Now that Age of Mortals has been out for a while, we want to hear some of your thoughts on the book. Our latest opinion poll presents five of the prestige classes from Age of Mortals. Feel free to vote, and let us know which one of those you like the best.

Annotated Legends – Review
I finally received my copy of The Annotated Legends in the mail the other day, and I must say that I’m not at all disappointed. The story book is great, and the annotations really give the reader a deeper understanding of the text (and there are a TON of biblical references and symbolisim in the notes). Look for my full review of the book later this week once I’ve had a chance to go through the appendices. I also received copies of The Nightmare Lands and To the Gates of Palanthas, the young readers version of Dragons of Winter Night. I should have an article on the young readers’ versions in general posted sometime later this week as well.

Margaret Weis Signing in San Diego
Margaret Weis will be doing a signing at Borders Books in the San Diego area on October 16 at 7:00 pm. Address is Borders Books, 159 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon, CA 92020. Phone# is 619-593-5119. If you’re in the area, stop by, say hello, get your books signed, and be sure to tell Margaret that Dragonlance.com sent you!

New Fan Rules
We’ve posted several new rules in our Unofficial Fan Rules section. There’s draconian monster class levels, an article on spell storage, and several new classes and prestige classes. Check it out!

Fan Art, Music and Reviews Posted
I finished adding the rest of the art, music and product reviews I had in my inbox to the site today. Notable art additions include a new piece from Icegal, several from Orphinelle and a piece called Red Moon by arcmage. Mike Bullian sent in the Dwarven Marching Song, and there were several new reviews for Paul Thompson’s novel, The Middle of Nowhere.

New Fan Recipes
Looking for something delicious to eat while reading the latest Dragonlance novel? Look no further! We have a couple of new submissions in our Fan Recipes section. Be sure to check out Otik’s Famous Dinner. Beware, though, for if Caramon is coming to dinner, you’ll need to make double portions!

New Fan Writing
Some new fan writing was added to the site today. Of the new submissions, two really stand out: a tale by Seasar Bladebreeze, called The World’s Smallest Dragon and a poem entitled Tears by Howlingcoyote. Also of note are five submissions in Spanish by Bardo Deneb. You can find all these and more on the fan writing home page.

E-Mail and Forum Issues
A brief update on two technical issues with the site recently. We are currently having trouble sending and recieving e-mail, including new sign-ups confirmations for the message boards. I suspect that the reason for this is Verisign’s new SiteFinder service, though we’re doing some more checking into it on this end and working on a solution. Thanks for your patience as we work on the email issue-I will post an update here when I know more. We also had a problem with the display of threads and posts on the message boards that cropped up on Sunday, and was resolved later in the day; thanks to those that reported it. Now back to your regularly scheduled program…

Knight of Solamnia Article on WotC’s Site
Wizards of the Coast has posted an article on the Knights of Solamnia, by Janet Deaver-Pack. This article describes the three orders as well as the Solamnic Auxiliary, talks about the revised Measure, and has lots of other goodies as well. Enjoy!

Upcoming Dragonlance Products
I’ve added several upcoming Dragonlance products to the site this evening. Looking out into 2004, the list includes Richard Knaak’s Tides of Blood, the final two books in the Chronicles young readers version, and the hardcover edition of Time of the Twins. Additionally, the second book in the Ergoth Trilogy, The Wizard’s Fate, and a re-release of Stormblade are on the list as well.

New Fan Art Posted
I added a good chunk of the submissions of fan artwork that have been sitting in my inbox to the site this evening. Currently, I’m halfway through the backlog, so expect another 15 to 20 pieces online in the next few days. Of specific note this time around are two new pieces by Icegal, as well as a fantastic drawing of Dalamar by new artist Chelsea Conlin. See the rest of the new items on the fan artwork page.

Signed Annotated Legends at Margaret Weis.com!
The book just about every hardcore Dragonlance fan has been waiting for is now available. The Annotated Legends hardcover has recently been published. If you’re looking for a signed copy of the book, Margaret Weis.com has copies ready for immediate shipment. Be sure to get yours today!

Tobril #5 Released!
Dragonlance.com’s bi-monthly e-zine, the Tobril, has just released the latest issue. Check it out by clicking here.

Dragonlance.com Message Boards!
If you’re looking for other Dragonlance fans to chat with, now’s your chance! Dragonlance.com has just opened a brand-new forum, where you can chat with other fans, as well as some of the creators of Dragonlance. Margaret Weis will be there, as well as the other good people at Sovereign Press. We’re going to try to get the other authors involved as well, and the Roaring Studios folk will be there too. So stop on by, and check out the Dragonlance.com Forums!

Newsletter Posted
If you’re looking for the latest and greatest of Dragonlance, then check out our recent newsletter.

Poll: What do you think of the DLCS?
Now that the Dragonlance Campaign Setting has been out for a while, we’d like to know what you think of it. Check out our latest poll.

Character Profile: Linsha Majere
Wizards of the Coast has posted a character profile of Linsha Majere, who is featured in Clandestine Circle and the newly-released City of the Lost.

Age of Mortals Review
EN World has posted a review of Age of Mortals. Check it out!

Age of Mortals: September 2nd
Gaming Report has reported that the DLCS companion book, Age of Mortals, will be available September 2. Make sure to look for it online and in book and hobby stores beginning next week!

Dragonlance Unearthed: Racial Classes
If you’re a fan of Monte Cooks’ Arcana Unearthed, you may have wondered how racial levels would apply to Dragonlance races. I worked up a quick write-up on a Minotaur Class as well as a Kender Class. Be sure to check them out!

DLCS Web Enhancement – Minor Dragon Overlords!
Wizards of the Coast has posted a web enhancement for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. This enhancement details the minor dragon overlords of the Age of Mortals. Be sure to check out this enhancement by Margaret Weis, Cam Banks, and André La Roche!

DLCS In Stores
The wait is finally over! The Dragonlance Campaign Setting went on sale yesterday at stores. Interestingly, you can’t order it from Amazon.com yet, but you can pick up your copy from Barnes & Noble, though it will cost you a couple bucks extra.

Unofficial DLCS Errata
This evening, I received a copy of the unofficial DLCS Errata document, v1.0 from Tobin Melroy. I’ve posted it on the site here. Without going into a lot of detail about its contents, the document covers some of the changes and minor fixes Tobin found when reading through the DLCS, due out today. You can find more details on exactly what the errata document covers here.

Are you a DL Fan Quiz Re-launched
If you haven’t played our Are You A Dragonlance Fan? quiz lately, you may want to try your hand at it once again. In addition to new artwork by Cell, the number of questions in our database has nearly tripled to 650, which should make things a bit harder as well. I’ve also streamlined the process to report ‘bad’ questions so that we can get those fixed more easily. Try the new quiz out and let me know what you think!

Margaret Weis.com Relaunched
If you haven’t been over to Margaret Weis’s web site lately at MargaretWeis.com, you should go have another look. In addition to some new content (such as items from Margaret’s Desk, and some other biographical information), you can also purchase copies of the Age of Mortals prior to its release date in the next couple of weeks.

WotC Posts Dragonlance Wallpaper
Wizards of the Coast has posted some Dragonlance wallpaper, featuring art from the Dragonlance Campaign Setting!

Mortality Radio interview with Margaret Weis & Jamie Chambers
Mortality Radio has posted a 2.5 hour interview with Margaret Weis and Jamie Chambers. Highlights of the interview from this past Friday include the official street date for the DLCS (Aug. 22), more details on the DM Screen (which will include racial weapon stats, such as the hoopak), and some of the changes to the Dragonlance pantheon post-War of Souls. They’ve also announced a Sovereign Stone elf sourcebook, and a book about the Empire of Vinnengael.

Legend of Huma Comic Artwork Posted
If you’ve been keeping up with recent events, you know that Roaring Studios has been working on a graphic novel version of Richard Knaak’s classic, The Legend of Huma. You can view some of the artwork for the book on the WotC message boards.

Margaret Weis on Mortality Radio
This from EN World: “This friday, at 8PM EDT, Mortality Radio will have its 39th broadcast. Their guest will be Margaret Weis.”

Age of Mortals Preview in Game Trade
Game Trade Magazine will be featuring a preview of Age of Mortals in their August issue. Be sure to check it out!

‘Towers of High Sorcery’ and New d20 Cover Art
I’ve just received new details from Jamie Chambers on some of the new products that Sovereign Press is putting out, including the forthcoming Towers of High Sorcery sourcebook. Towers will hit shelves in January, and features a new painting of Raistlin and Dalamar by Larry Elmore. I’ve also posted new Jeff Easley cover art for The Bestiary and Key of Destiny!

DLCS Screensaver
If you’re still waiting for your copy of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting which is due out later this month, you can’t get the real thing… but you can get fairly close with a new screensaver from Wizards of the Coast.

‘Legend of Huma’ and Heroes Re-release
Although it hasn’t been officially announced, I received a promotional paperback cover for Richard Knaak’s classic novel, The Legend of Huma, in the mail the other day. Huma will be the first re-release in a new production run of all of the books in the Heroes series. I didn’t see an artist signature on the piece, but the new Huma art (large version here) looks like Stawicki’s work, so I think it’s a safe bet to say that he’ll be doing all the covers like he did for the re-issue of the Preludes series.

WotC Posts DLCS Art Gallery!
Wizards of the Coast has posted the art gallery for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting! Interesting to note is that some of the pics from the top two rows did not make it into the DLCS. Enjoy!

GenCon 2003 Photos & Update
One last update from the GenCon front. First, you can find some of the photos I took at the convention online right here. You’ll also notice a picture from the D&D 3.5 press reception on Thursday; look for a review of the new Wizards miniatures on the site in the near future. Secondly, if you went to GenCon on Saturday and stood in line for a one-day badge that you purchased on site, you should read this thread on Wizards’ message boards to learn how to get a partial refund to compensate you for standing in that insanely long line. (The link will only work until Friday, so check it out soon.)

City of the Lost Now Available
City of the Lost, the first book in the Linsha Trilogy by Mary Herbert is now available. I received the book in the mail today, so look for a review of that as well as soon as I finish up Paul Thompson’s The Middle of Nowhere!

Roaring Studios Dragonlance Boards
If you’re interested in speaking to the guys at Roaring Studios about the new Legend of Huma comic series, you can meet them on their new message boards.

New Dragonlance Articles
Wizards of the Coast has posted two articles on the D&D home page. The first is an interview with the designers of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, and the second is a preview of the Knights of the Crown and the Baaz draconians.

DLCS Preview: Blood Sea Isles
Wizards of the Coast has posted a preview of the Blood Sea Isles on their site (written by yours truly), which you can find by clicking here.

New Fan Artwork Posted
I added a number of new pieces to the Fan Art gallery this evening, including several really good pieces by Icegal. You can see all of the new additions to the fan section of the site on the latest additions page.

Newsletter Posted
The latest issue of the Dragonlance News is here! Be sure to check out all the latest updates in Dragonlance, including some nice tidbits on the Age of Mortals sourcebook. Plus, info on GenCon. Be sure to check out the newsletter by clicking here.

Dragonlance.com’s DLCS Review
While I realize that in the past few days there have been no shortage of previews and reviews of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, there is another one that you may want to read. You can read my review of the new Dragonlance sourcebook here. The book is beautifully done, the contents are excellent, and overall it’s definitely worth picking up. Have a look!

Games Unplugged #27
The latest issue of GU is out! The article with the most interest for Dragonlance fans is a sneak peek of Richard Knaak’s new novel, Night of Blood. Also of note are some materials for BattleTech and Shadowrun, a short story by Dragonlance author Stephen Sullivan, and information on R.A. Salvatore’s DemonWars. There is also a Game Table Online Convention Calendar, for those of you joining the convention circuit this year.

DLCS First Look!
GamingReport.com has posted a preview of the DLCS, including some of the artwork. If you want to get a glimpse of the book itself, click here.

Kender Race Statistics Posted
Wizards of the Coast has posted the statistics for the Kender from the forthcoming Dragonlance Campaign Setting online in their In the Works section of the D&D web site. Look for it about a third of the way down the page. You can also find the draconian racial traits there as well.

Another DLCS Review!
d20 Magazine Rack has posted a review of the DLCS. Check it out by clicking here.

D&D 3.5 Core Rulebooks On Sale
The Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 core rulebooks are now on sale online and at your favorite game and hobby stores. You can find more information about all of the books here.

DLCS Review!
We’ve just run across a review of the DLCS on Monte Cook’s boards, giving not only the reviewer’s opinions, but also a good summary of the book. Check it out by clicking here.

DMG 3.5 and Dragons of Winter Night Reviews
I’ve posted a review of the new Dungeon Master’s Guide for the D&D 3.5 edition rules. Additionally, I’ve also added a review of the hardcover edition of Dragons of Winter Night.

MargaretWeis.com Update – DLCS Copies!
Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press has just informed me that copies of the DLCS that are on sale at MargaretWeis.com have sold out, and are now on backorder. All orders will be fulfilled once new copies are in stock.

Wizards.com Chat with Peter Adkison
Going to GenCon? Chat live tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific (8 PM EST) on Wizards Chat Site. Make sure to register early, as it will take about an hour to get your password if you haven’t already registered. For more information GenCon Indy, you can see their web site.

Player’s Handbook 3.5 Review
In addition to three other reviews, two for Dragons of a Fallen Sun and one for A Warrior’s Journey, I posted my review of the forthcoming revised Player’s Handbook, which uses the D&D 3.5 rules. The revised book looks really good, and is a worthy follow-up to the initial 3rd edition PHB. Look for reviews of the new Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual later this week!

New Fan Writing Posted
A number of new pieces of poetry and writing have been added to the Fan Writing section over the past couple of days by Lestah. Of particular note, she tells me, are two items: a poem by Talonor Shadowsong called Hymn of the Kender II and a short story entitled Winds of Change by DS1.

Night of Blood Wallpaper
If you’re looking for some artwork to grace your computer’s desktop, you might want to consider some wallpaper featuring the cover art from Night of Blood. You can find three desktop patters on the Wizards of the Coast site.

New Poll
Now that we’ve got an idea of which of the upcoming d20 Dragonlance sourcebooks you’re interested in, we want to know what types of sourcebooks interest you. Take our latest poll.

A Great Time for Young Readers
With the Harry Potter series of novels, children are more enthused than ever about reading. Yet does it have to end with Harry Potter? Check out our latest editorial – A Great Time for Young Readers.

Tobril Issue 4 Online
The fourth issue of the fan Dragonlance e-zine, Tobril is now online. Have a look at the latest 35-page installment!

DL Adventures NWN Module
See a preview of the work that Dragonlance Adventures has done in converting DL1 through DL14 to a Neverwinter Nights module! You can view the interviews and screenshots at the NWVault.

Dragonlance.com Site Design Updated
I’ve been working on the redesign of the web site for a little over a month now, and it’s finally finished. There were a couple of bugs with the way the site’s layout worked with Internet Explorer 5, but I believe those are resolved. If you run into any problems with the site (any strange error messages, things not looking right, etc.), please send me an email with as much detail as you can provide so that I can look into it. Thanks for all your help, and I hope you like the new look!

Want a copy of the DLCS?
If you’re at Origins this weekend, make sure to stop by the Sovereign Press booth. Margaret, Jamie, Chris & co. will be hanging around and will also have a limited number of copies of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting for sale. Get there early to make sure you can be one of the first to get your hands on the book!

DLCS Preview in Game Trade/MYSTICS and NOBLES!
Game Trade Magazine will have a preview for the up-and-coming DLCS, but you can catch the preview on their site as well. Two new Dragonlance classes are presented for the first time – the Mystic and the Noble! Check out the preview by clicking here (PDF download).

Knaak Book Tour!
Richard Knaak will be on tour promoting Night of Blood, the first book in the Minotaur Wars series! For information on tour dates, please click here.

Wizards of the Coast has posted a preview of the minotaur stats from the upcoming Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Check them out by clicking here!

Bard on the Run
Sometimes, a wandering bard will bring us a song from a far-away land, telling of the races of Krynn. Some songs are best left forgotten! Check out our tribute to the Monkees with – “The Gullies Theme”.

Character Conversion
We have a new character conversion, from the pages of Knight’s Sword, Flint’s Axe, and Unsung Heroes. Presenting Galenye Faelern, 4th-level human rogue.

Moons of Magic Calculator
With all the recent discussions on the Dragonlance-L mailing list and the online message boards regarding the positions of the various moons circling Krynn, our own Granak Red-Silver has put together an Excel spreadsheet to simplify matters. The Wizard Spell Bonus Calculation Spreadsheet will allow DMs to calculate pretty much everything they’d need to know when it comes to the position of the moons.

Aerial Combat Rules (‘In the Works’ DLCS Preview!)
Wizards of the Coast’s In The Works column today has several items of interest. Amongst those are a preview of aerial combat rules from the DLCS. Scroll down a bit to see the DLCS preview!

Sovereign Press Interview
This is it! This is THE interview that you’ve been waiting for! Dragonlance.com has recently sat down with Jamie Chambers and Chris Coyle from Sovereign Press. There’s tons of info on the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the Age of Mortals companion book, and we also get a glimpse of products to come. A few secrets are revealed as well, so have a look! You can check out the interview by clicking here.

Newsletter Posted
We’ve posted the latest issue of the Dragonlance News. Check it out by clicking here.

Bestiary of Krynn Authors Named!
Sovereign Press has recently announced that the Whitestone Council’s own Cam Banks and André La Roche will be the authors of the upcoming Bestiary of Krynn! Congrats to Cam and André!

D&D 3.5 Live Chat – Tonight
For those interested, you can chat live this evening with the designers of the forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game system. The chat is scheduled for 5 PM Pacific time (8 PM Eastern). More details can be found here!

Annotated Legends Update
From Tracy Hickman’s latest newsletter: I have finished my work on the Annotated Legends … including three new appendices for publication in that work. The first appendix regards the concept of mythology and how all of Legends relates to that epic form. The second appendix attempts to explain just how time travel works in Krynn and why Kenders are such a bother to the timeline. Finally, the third appendix addresses the central question of faith in Dragonlance Legends. Each of these appendix are written entirely from my perspective and attempt to answer questions as to just what was I was thinking about while Margaret and I were writing this story.

Monster Submission
We have a new monster submission – the Chaos Knight.

Profile on Hotak
Wizards of the Coast has a profile on Hotak from Night of Blood. You can check it out by clicking here.

Poll: Most Anticipated Dragonlance d20 Book
We’re curious to know which of the products on our d20 Dragonlance Products page you’re most interested in, beyond the initial sourcebook. To cast your vote, click here.

New Prestige Classes
We’ve had two new prestige class submissions – the Archimandrite Woodshaper and a new take on the Wizard of High Sorcery, complete with a moon tracking chart.

Night of Blood Available… Now?
Richard Knaak’s Night of Blood isn’t slated to be released until June 17th. However, a recent search for the book on Amazon.com shows that they’re currently shipping it, and at 30% off the cover price. Here’s a direct link to the book on Amazon’s site.

50 Questions
Kipper has compiled a list of 50 questions answered by Chris Coyle of Sovereign Press. You can check it out on Kencyclopedia.com by clicking here. Also, keep watching Dragonlance.com for an upcoming interview both Jamie Chambers and Chris Coyle from Sovereign Press.

Games Unplugged #26
Games Unplugged issue #26 has been recently released to newsstands! The new issue is the first sporting the magazine’s new format. Of particular note for Dragonlance fans is an interview with Margaret Weis about the future of Dragonlance gaming; Jamie Chambers gives a run down of specific products coming from Sovereign Press. There are also short interviews from some of the people that helped keep Dragonlance gaming alive over the years. Articles on ‘Shadowrun’, the new ‘DemonWars’ RPG, ‘Battletech’ and several other topics round out the issue. More information is available at GU’s site.

Richard Knaak Interview
Wizards of the Coast has posted an interview with Dragonlance author Richard Knaak on their site. Knaak discusses the new book, Night of Blood and talks about his work (somewhat cryptically) on the second and third installments in the trilogy.

Summer Convention Update & new Elmore Trading Cards
For those of you attending some of the summer gaming conventions like Origins or GenCon (and GenCon So-Cal in December), make a point of lookup up the Sovereign Press booth. They’ll be at all three, and you can stop in and get more details on their Dragonlance materials (and maybe even playtest some!). Also of note, Tintagel Media has announced a series of 90 collectible trading cards featuring the artwork of Larry Elmore.

Moon Tracking Chart
If you’re looking for a good moon tracking chart for your Dragonlance games, look no further! Paladin has worked up a Moon Tracking Chart based off of the one in Dragonlance Adventures. Did I mention it was in color? Be sure to check it out!

Prestige Class: The Emissary
We have a new fan prestige class submission – the Emissary. The Emissary serves as the mouth, eyes, and ears of the dragon he or she serves.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes
If you’re looking for something good to cook, have we got a treat for you! We’ve got three new submissions for our Fan Recipe section. We’ve got Raisin Toast, Shredded Venison (a draconian treat!), and Otik’s Spiced Fried Potatoes!

Dragonlance Articles From WotC Books
Wizards of the Coast has posted two new Dragonlance articles on their site. The first is Ergoth: Empire of the West, written by Dragonlance Fifth Age game designer Steve Miller. The second article is The Minotaur Legion, written by none other than Richard Knaak!

Margaret Weis Radio Interview
Margaret Weis recently did a radio interview, which you can check out by clicking here. Scroll down to where it says “RealAudio Interviews”.

Knight Base Class
There’s an interesting discussion on the Dragonlance message boards on whether or not there should be a knight base class. We’ve posted one knight base class submission, which you can see by clicking here.

New Artwork and Music
I added 25 pieces of fan artwork to the Fan Artwork gallery today, and cleared out my backlog from the past month. If you submitted art and have been waiting for it to up, have a look! I also posted one new song by Retribution, the Dark Bard, and three new ‘Bard on the Run’ parodies in the Fan Music section of the site.

Monsters Posted
We’ve got two new fan monsters for your Dragonlance games. Check out the Tower Guardian and the Clockwork Falcon. Thanks to Joseph Mashuga for the submissions!

New Recipe and New Fan Rules
I’ve just posted a few fan materials recently. If you’re looking to try out a new recipe, try Caramon’s Quick Chicken, courtesy of Zarrick. If you’re looking for some new rules for your Dragonlance campaign, check out our Fan Rules section. There’s a new spell, a new monster, and a new prestige class – the Initiate of the Platinum Dragon!

Night of Blood Review Posted
If you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next major Dragonlance novel, you will have to wait a little longer: Night of Blood won’t be released until June. However, you can find a little bit more information about the novel (some spoilers, but not much more detail than what’s covered on the back of the book) and learn why you should hit the bookstore on the day it’s released by reading my review of the novel. Another excellent work by Richard Knaak.

Annotated Legends and More!
I’ve gone through the Wizards online catalog and added a number of new books to the site this evening. Annotated Legends is probably the most anticipated, as well as the hardcover version of Spring Dawning and the next 2 installments of the young readers series. I’m personally looking forward to getting my hands on Sacred Fire, the third installment in the Kingpriest trilogy. Also look for reprints of the Preludes series. Finally, I grouped the forthcoming 3rd Edition products-the DLCS, the Age of Mortals, and ‘Key of Destiny’-under their own category.

New Poll
Kender carry any number of items in their pouches. If you were a kender, what would you carry in your pouches? Find out what other Dragonlance fans think by voting here.

A Warrior’s Journey and new reviews
Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook’s new Dragonlance novel, A Warrior’s Journey, is now available in paperback. The new novel is about the founding of the Ergothian empire, far in the mysts of Krynn’s past. Also be on the lookout for another new novel by Paul Thompson, when The Middle of Nowhere is released in July. In addition to the new Dragonlance novels, I’ve also posted reviews of two Forgotten Realms sourcebooks: Unapproachable East, which was released yesterday, and Races of Faerûn. While not specifically Dragonlance books, both contain some good information that might be useful to players and DMs running a Dragonlance campaign and looking for some additional roleplaying options.

Submit Questions to Mary Herbert
Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for our upcoming interview with Jamie Chambers & Christopher Coyle. Next up is Mary Herbert, the author of several Dragonlance books, including the forthcoming City of the Lost, the first book in a new trilogy about Linsha Majere. She has also written a number of other books including Dragon’s Bluff and The Clandestine Circle. Have a question you would like to submit?

Wild Magic in Dragonlance
We’ve just posted a new article that adapts Sean K Reynolds’ rules on wild magic to Dragonlance. This article is especially useful to sorcerers in the Age of Mortals. How do the Wizards of High Sorcery look at wild magic? Read the article and see for yourself!

Eye of the Beholder
Cam Banks has come up with a a new villain for your Dragonlance games. Check out Idosklepas the Wicked Eye!

‘Age of Mortals’ Goes to Press
I spoke with Jamie Chambers this evening, and he’s informed me that the forthcoming Age of Mortals sourcebook by Sovereign Press has been completed and sent to the printer. Unfortunately, the book won’t be available in final form until the official release date later this summer…

Bards of Krynn: Options for Bardic Magic
If you’re looking to play a bard in Krynn, and don’t know where a bard’s magic should come from, check out Bards of Krynn: Options for Bardic Magic. This article gives some tips on playing bards using any of the four types of magic, as well as the option of a non-spellcasting bard.

New Recipes and Rules
We’ve got a few new recipes, including a couple of great ones by Jolly! Plus, we’ve got a few new rules submissions. Thanks to all our submitters!

New Art and Fiction
I posted several new pieces of artwork this evening, and Lestah let me know that she also added another seven or so items to the writing area. You can find links to those and to all of the other most recent postings on the Latest Additions page.

Knight of the Heart Revised
We’ve made some revisions to the Knight of the Heart prestige class. Check it out!

Dragonlance News Posted
We’ve posted our latest issue of the Dragonlance News. There’s tons of news items this issue, so be sure to check it out!

Knight of the Divine Hammer Prestige Class
From the pages of Divine Hammer comes the Knight of the Divine Hammer prestige class! Thanks to regular contributor Joe Mashuga and Dragonlance author Chris Pierson for the submission!

New Poll: Beyond Ansalon!
We’re curious to know what fans think about gaming beyond the borders of Ansalon. What do you think? Let us know by clicking here.

Sovereign Press Dragonlance Product Catalog
We’re please to announce that Sovereign Press has released additional details on forthcoming products in the d20 Dragonlance line. You can find additional information about Age of Mortals, the Dungeon Master Screen, an adventure entitled Key of Destiny and the Bestiary of Krynn on the d20 Dragonlance page!

Tobril April Issue
The April edition of the Tobril e-magazine is now online, with an article on Kender monks, a kirath prestige class and an article on giants, among others.

Taladas Trilogy and Dark Disciple Announcement
Due to divorce, Margaret Weis and Don Perrin will no longer be writing the Taladas series as previously announced. Margaret Weis will be writing a new Dragonlance trilogy called Dark Disciple, detailing the further adventures of Mina in the Age of Mortals. The first book, Ashes and Amber, is scheduled tentatively for release in Fall, 2004. Sovereign Press will continue operations as normal. Plans to publish the Dragonlance D20 RPG material which the company has licensed from Wizards of the Coast remain on schedule, with our first release, The Age of Mortals, due out at Gen Con 2003.

Fiend Folio Review
For the DMs out there that are looking for new challenges to put in front of their players, look no further than the Fiend Folio. The book should be in stores in the next few days, but while you’re waiting to find it on store shelves you can read a review of it here.

Richard Knaak Interview!
Dragonlance.com speaks to Dragonlance author Richard Knaak on The Legend of Huma, the upcoming Minotaur Wars series, and the definition of honor! Check out the interview by clicking here.

Mystic Theurges of the Dragonlance Setting
If you’ve seen the Mystic Theurge on Wizards of the Coast’s site, then you may be asking yourself how this class fits in the Dragonlance setting. We’ve got an article that shows you how to do just that. Check out Mystic Theurges of the Dragonlance Setting.

Arms and Equipment Guide Review
This evening, I posted a review of the new Arms and Equipment Guide, an excellent sourcebook for those players and DMs who have exhausted the item lists in the PHB and the DMG. You can read my review here. I will also be posting my review of the forthcoming Fiend Folio in the next couple of days as well.

Raindrum Fools!
The first day of April, or Raindrum to the kender, is always a time for celebration. Who better to celebrate the first day of Raindrum than the Raindrum Fool! And what happens when kodragons learn the secrets of creating dragonspawn? Find out, as André “Kodragon” La Roche presents – Kodragonspawn!

Rare Elmore Art
A number of rare, original Larry Elmore pieces (including a first-run 1984 Dragonlance calendar) will be going up for auction over the next month or so on eBay. If you’re interested in a bit more detail about the items up for auction, you can find it on Larry’s Site.

Poll – What race would you import into Dragonlance?
If you had the power of the High God, which race would you import into the Dragonlance setting? See what other people think by clicking here.

Author Interviews
We’re pleased to announce interviews with several more Dragonlance authors! Next on the interview circuit after Richard Knaak are Jamie Chambers & Christopher Coyle of Sovereign Press, who have done an extensive amount of work on the forthcoming Dragonlance Campaign Setting and the Age of Mortals Sourcebook. In addition, Mary Herbert and Jeff Crook have confirmed that they would sit down with us later this summer. Be sure to check the main interviews page to keep current on new interviews, or to read ones that we’ve conducted in the past!

New Fiction Posted
Lestah dropped me an email this evening to let me know that she had posted a number of new pieces of fan writing this evening. Two pieces of particular note: From Above by Dragontamer, and Laberinto de Oscuridad, a nearly 200 page epic by Pirotesse Del`Armgo (written in Spanish).

Newsletter Posted
Our latest newsletter is now online, with info on the Kencyclopedia, interviews, and the upcoming message boards. Check out the Dragonlance News!

Kencyclopedia: The Kender Sourcebook
I’m very pleased to announce that my good friend, Kipper Snifferdoo, has completed and posted what can only be called THE definitive kender resource on the web today. The Kencyclopedia is a collection of all things kender-the 116-page sourcebook includes racial stats for seven different types of kender, new kender prestige classes, new kender monsters, kender magic items, articles on roleplaying kender effectively and oodles of detailed information on EVERYTHING kender. Download the Kencyclopedia here!

Age of Mortals Sourcebook Details
Wonder what the future of Dragonlance gaming looks like? Sovereign Press has formally announced the Age of Mortals: Dragonlance® Campaign Setting Companion sourcebook. The Age of Mortals contains an immense amount of additional information to supplement the materials that will be found in the forthcoming Dragonlance Campaign Setting from Wizards of the Coast.

New Poll – What is Mina’s Fate?
We’ve got a new poll on our site, where you can vote for what you think Mina’s fate will be after the War of Souls. Check it out by clicking here.

‘Vanished Moon’ Paperback
For those of you who were waiting for Dragons of a Vanished Moon to be released in paperback, your wait is over-it’s now available at your favorite bookstore!

Pre-order ‘Night of Blood’
Want to be among the first to own a copy of ‘Night of Blood’, the forthcoming Dragonlance novel from Richard Knaak? You can visit his web site here to get a large view of the cover, as well as details on how to get your very own copy of the novel… signed by the author himself, of course.

Having Class in Dragonlance
We’ve had a few submissions for our Fan Rules section lately. Included in which is an article by our own André La Roche, titled Having Class in Dragonlance. This article explores adapting existing prestige classes to Dragonlance, and also gives three examples. Be sure to check it out!

Best Wishes for Larry Elmore
Larry Elmore has suffered a heart attack recently. Larry is doing well, and should be returning home shortly. If you wish to send Larry a get-well card or if you wish to see more on this story, please click here. All of us here at Dragonlance.com and the Dragonlance Nexus wish Larry the best of luck, and many years of good health. Get well soon.

Douglas Niles Interview
This evening I’ve posted the Dragonlance.com / Nexus interview with Dragonlance author and game designer, Douglas Niles. Most recently Mr. Niles has worked on the Icewall trilogy, and has worked on a number of past novels and sourcebooks in the Dragonlance saga. Click here to read the interview!

Tasslehoff vs. Hasslehoff
Our friends at Kencyclopedia.com have one of the funniest Dragonlance rumbles to date! You musn’t miss the fun of Tasslehoff vs. Hasslehoff!

Dragonlance Survey: Closed
As indicated here yesterday, I removed the Dragonlance Merchandise Survey from the web site today. Many thanks to all the fans that took the time to complete the survey-your responses will certainly be taken into account. Thank you!

Richard Knaak Poll
With the upcoming interview with Richard Knaak, we thought we could get your opinion on which of his Dragonlance novels is the best. You can vote for your favorite right here.

Upcoming Interview: Richard Knaak
Dragonlance.com and the Dragonlance Nexus will be interviewing Richard Knaak, author of The Legend of Huma. Knaak has written several other Dragonlance novels, including Kaz the Minotaur, Land of the Minotaurs, Reavers of the Blood Sea, The Citadel, and a number of anthology stories. Knaak’s latest series, The Minotaur Wars, will take the world of Krynn beyond the War of Souls, which begins this June in Night of Blood. If you’ve got a question for Mr. Knaak on minotaurs, Huma, honor, or whatever, do so right here.

New Fan Art Posted
I added 23 new pieces of fan artwork to the site today. Most notable among the new additions (you can view the 10 most recent right here, are an amazing picture of your favorite archmage’s hourglass eyes and pictures of both Laurana and Palin. Tassana Burrfoot and arcmage submitted a number of new pieces as well.

Night of Blood Description
We’ve managed to get a copy of book description from for the forthcoming Night of Blood, the first novel in the Minotaur Trilogy by Richard Knaak. In addition, we were able to find out a bit more information, from Mr. Knaak himself, about the trilogy: “The Minotaur Wars will show you the events within the empire leading up to and going beyond War of Souls and how they affect Krynn as a whole. NIGHT OF BLOOD will introduce the inner turmoil of the empire, including revolt and civil war and lay hints of what is to come on the mainland.” (Thanks to Nick for the scoop!)

Annotated Legends Update
This bit courtesy of the Tracy Hickman newsletter:
Margaret and I are working right now on the annotations for … what else? … the Annotated Dragonlance Legends for Wizards of the Coast … ‘Legends’ is very different from Chronicles and this is reflected in the nature of the annotations. ‘Legends’ is far more identifiable as a mythic tale of a hero’s quest and allows a deeper investigation of storytelling and mythology than Chronicles … I am hoping, in addition to the margin annotations, to write three appendices on the subjects of the structure and nature of mythological stories, time travel in fantasy and the nature of faith as posed by the books. I am working through the first book now and will be moving to the second book shortly. I hope you’ll enjoy new insights into the book as a result.

Newsletter Issue #31 Published
Dragonhelm finished up Issue #31 of our semi-monthly newsletter today. Some of the highlights worth mentioning: a DLCS update, as well as some information on another forthcoming Dragonlance sourcebook, entitled the Age of Mortals. Also of note, Wizards of the Coast is advertising an open position for a novels columnist, and some news on DL articles that will be published in future issues of Games Unplugged magazine. Get caught up here!

New Reference Encyclopedia Articles
One of the things that I’ve received several requests about is a request for an article detailing the dates in the Dragonlance Saga. I’m please to announce that a short article on the Ansalonian Calendar is now online. You may also want to have a look at a new article on Dragonspawn by Uziel as well.

Dragonhelm’s Guide to Krynnspace
If you’re a fan of both the Dragonlance and Spelljammer setting, have we got a treat for you! Dragonhelm’s Guide to Krynnspace expands on materials presented in SJR7 Krynnspace, while updating Krynnspace to reflect materials in the War of Souls series.

The Gods of Krynn
We have a new submission on the Gods of Krynn. This submission details all 21 of Krynn’s gods, as well as Chaos and the High God.

More Artwork Posted
I added several new pieces of art to the site today; most notable were a drawing and a paining by Cell: a line drawing entitled My First Goldmoon and a color piece called Elven Princesses. Definitely worth a look! Also make a point of having a look at some of the other recent submissions of art.

Southern Ergoth
Check out Ferratus’ latest submission on Southern Ergoth.

Updates, Updates, Everywhere!
We’ve had a flurry of updates of late, and I wanted to update you on the latest and greatest. Ferratus’ up first with his write-up of Southern Ergoth. Next up is a new recipe for Otik’s Spiced Potatoes. Also, we’ve had some updates in our fan fiction and fan art sections recently as well. Plus, a new gnome poll. Check it out!

Elven Royal Family Tree Posted
Researched by Ben Jacobson, this Excel file contains the family trees of the elven nations’ royal houses. Gaps in the trees are clearly noted, and the connections between the various branches over the course of the history of Krynn are very interesting. Have a look here!

New Artwork and Recipe Posted
I posted eight new pieces of artwork to the site over the weekend, including two from Desmond Tung and two from Silvara. I also added a new recipe for cream puffs to the recipes section.

The Magic of Souls
From the War of Souls comes a document I’ve written up on the magic of Krynn, based off of the appendix to Dragons of a Vanished Moon. Part of my upcoming magic guide, you’ll get a good description of Krynnish magic. Presenting The Magic of Souls.

Margaret Weis Interview
I had the chance to sit down earlier this week with infamous Dragonlance author Margaret Weis, and to ask her some questions about her current and upcoming projects. You can find the interview right here. Thanks to all the fans who submitted questions through the web site for Ms. Weis!

New Dragonlance Novel Releases
Three new Dragonlance novels have been released and are available in your favorite bookstores now: Players of Gilean: Tales from the War of Souls is a collection of short stories edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. In addition, the hardcover printing of Dragons of Autumn Twilight is now available, as well as the reprint (with new cover art) of the first volume of the Preludes series, Darkness and Light.

Savage Species Core Rulebook
While you’re waiting for the forthcoming Dragonlance Campaign Setting to be published (and you can also get an amazing close-up of the cover art here), you may want to have a look at the Savage Species core book that should be published shortly. If you’ve ever wanted to play a monster, from a treant to a triton, this book has the rules you need to do it. I’ll be posting my review in the next few days.

Dragonlance Merchandise Survey
With the forthcoming release of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting in July, Sovereign Press is looking for your feedback about other related Dragonlance products you might want for your collection. A t-shirt? A coffee mug? Maybe a CD of music or a cookbook? Make your voice heard by completing the online survey!

Douglas Niles Interview
Douglas Niles has agreed to be the next author on the list in the Dragonlance.com / Dragonlance Nexus interview series. Mr. Niles is the author of a number of Dragonlance books, most recently the novel Winterheim, which is the third part in the Icewall trilogy. Do you have a question you’d like to submit? Feel free to do so right here!

Wild Sorcerer Posted
The sorcerer of the Age of Mortals is a bit of a different beast than the sorcerer of the Player’s Handbook. Check out the Wild Sorcerer!

If you want to play a Mystic and can’t wait for the DLCS to come out, we’ve got a treat for you. Presenting the Mystic class!

What kender would you play?
Like a kender, our curiosity is getting the best of us. We want to know just what type of kender you play in your games. Check out the Dragonlance.com kender poll!

Upcoming Interview: Margaret Weis
I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be conducting an interview with renowned Dragonlance author Margaret Weis in the next couple of weeks. We do want to make this a participatory event, though-if you have a question you would like to ask, feel free to submit your question to us. We’ll sort through the questions and forward the best ones along to her after about a week. Also look for other upcoming interviews with other Dragonlance authors and artists in the near future!

Pre-order ‘The First Ingredient’
If your walls are looking a little bare, you may need some Dragonlance artwork to help liven things up a little bit. You can pick up a limited edition, signed and numbered copy of The First Ingredient from Larry Elmore.com as soon as they are released for pre-orders. (You can also see a large version of the picture, which will be featured on an upcoming Sovereign Press d20 Dragonlance product!)

Elven and Dwarven Nations Petition Sent to Wizards of the Coast!
Over 1,500 voices will be heard as the Elven and Dwarven Nations Trilogies petition has been sent to Wizards of the Coast! This petition seeks to see both trilogies in print once again. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we hear back from Wizards of the Coast. We wanted to give a big heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed. Long Live the Lance!

Matt Stawicki DL Artwork
If you’re interested in viewing some of the artwork that will be appearing on a Dragonlance book near you in the near future, you should head on over to Matt Stawicki’s Dragonlance art page where you can find the covers for the new Chronicles and Legends series, as well as the DLCS cover (titled “Battle Among the Clouds”) and those for the following books: Darkness and Light, City of the Lost, Brothers Majere, Dark Thane, Empire of Blood and “Various and Sundry” depicting Mina and the One God from Dragons of a Vanished Moon.

“One Dragon, One Bane”
Darthsylver has sent us a new prestige class – the Dragonsbane! These elven and half-elven warrior-magi hunt down the most dangerious of prey – dragons! Do they have what it takes? You decide!

New Artwork Online
I had the chance to post nearly ten pieces of new artwork today. Of particular note: a fantastic drawing of Raistlin by Rob Thomas, a portrait of Laurana by Chiara ‘Kit’ Pasquini and head shots of Raistlin and Riverwind by Fflewddar, as well as several other excellent pieces. Take a look at the Fan Art home page for all of the latest additions!

Knights of Hylo
Kipper and Tavin have come back from Wanderlust with news of a knighthood just for kender. These dimunitive heroes are more than a kender version of the Knights of Solamnia – they’re the Knights of Hylo!

New Races & Classes Online
I added a number of new races and classes written by André La Roche to the Rules section today. New articles include one on Afflicted Kender, another on the Irda and an article on Thinker Gnomes.

If you’ve been waiting for stats on the lizard-folk of Krynn, you’re in luck. Ben Thompson sends us his stats on the Bakali!

Rumor Mill Updates
We posted an update to the Rumor Mill today, with the tentative Dragonlance 2003/2004 Product Schedule that Craig J. Ries compiled on the Dragonlance-L mailing list. We’ll keep you posted as we know more!

Tobril Issue #2 is online
The second issue of the Dragonlance e-zine, Tobril, has been posted. This issue features articles on Sancrist, High Ogre war drums, and the kender barbarians.

Product Reviews Updates
I added several new product reviews to the site today. Make sure to have a look at Darlaten’s reviews of both The Dragon Isles and The Odyssey of Gilthanas. I also made some changes to the display and function of the review pages as well.

Ferratus’ Bards
Ferratus has sent us an article he wrote on the Bards of Krynn. Ferratus’ article includes notes on bardic magic as well as bardic colleges. Thanks Ferratus!

Dragonlance Rumble
If you have any kender blood in you, you might consider wandering over to the Dragonlance Rumble on the Kencyclopedia … the current rumble includes a score of wizards from Raistlin to Gandalf. A wizards’ duel not to be missed!

New Dragonlance Anthology
We’ve finally found further details (and cover artwork) for the forthcoming Dragonlance anthology titled The Players of Gilean: Tales from the War of Souls. The collection of tales is edited, of course, by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, with a forward by Margaret Weis. Release date slated for February.

Options for Bardic Magic
Having a hard time figuring out where your bard gets his magic from? If so, check out my article on Options for Bardic Magic. This article presents the various options for the origins of a bard’s magic, as well as some perks and flaws. Enjoy!

Sovereign Press Dragonlance Product Schedule
I saw a thread on the Dragonlance Gaming Boards about Sovereign Press’ Dragonlance product schedule, which Jamie Chambers has confirmed. You can check out the thread by clicking here.

Winterheim Released
The new Douglas Niles novel, Winterheim, has been released. Winterheim is the third part of the Icewall trilogy.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, everyone! There’s lots of good things coming out this year, including a new trilogy by Richard Knaak, other books to take the setting forward, and the long-awaited d20 Dragonlance Campaign Setting! Let’s make 2003 the Year of the Lance!

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