2002 News Archive

New Fiction Posted
A number of new short stories and poems have been posted in the Fan Writing section of the site this evening. Make sure to have a look!

Knight of the Heart Prestige Class!
Beyond the Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Neraka, there are other knighthoods on Ansalon. The Knights of the Heart are a small band of knights who struggle for survival, championing the causes of healing and compassion in a world filled with war.

Tika’s Fruity Bread
Looking for a variation on that holiday fruitcake that you avoided over Christmas? Give our newest recipe, Tika’s Fruity Traveling Bread, a try!

Merry Christmas!
From all of us here at Dragonlance.com and the Dragonlance Nexus, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful New Year! Let’s make 2003 the Year of the Lance!

Half-Dwarf Stats
If you’ve ever read The Soulforge, then you’ve seen mention of a Half-Dwarf who took the Test of High Sorcery. If you’ve ever wanted to play out his story or that of any other half-dwarf in your games, then check out my Half-Dwarf stats!

Santa’s Little Handler
Ever wonder how Santa delivers toys to the good kender girls and boys without having his toy bag disappear? Why, he gets the kender into the act, of course! Check out Santa’s Little Handlers for some holiday fun. Thanks to Kipper for the assist on this one!

Make a stop in Whoville
Here’s something for the Dungeon Masters out there. If you’re looking for an adventure with a little bit of holiday spirit, have a look at an adventure that we posted just a little over two years ago. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a short adventure for low-level PCs, perfect for the holiday season. You may also want to check out an homage (of sorts) to Dr. Seuss with the latest ‘Bard on the Run’ submission, done by some of our staffers: War of Souls and Ham. There are a couple of spoilers in it, so if you haven’t read Vanished Moon yet, you may want to skip this one for now. You might also check out the Kencyclopedia’s The Toede who “borrowed” Yuletide.

Bards of Branchala
If any of you are fans of Monte Cook’s alternate bard, I’ve written up a brief article on how to adapt his version of the bard to the Dragonlance setting. Check out the Bards of Branchala!

Revised Moon Disciple
Do the Gods of Magic have clerics? We won’t know until the DLCS comes out. In the meantime, you can check out my take, which I have recently revised. Presenting the Moon Disciple!

More Writing Posted
I added another several items to the Fan Writing portion of the site this evening. There are another three or four poems, as well as several short stories and a novella (previously three short stories) that are quite worthwhile. You can see these new additions and some of the other new additions to the Fan section on the latest additions page.

Dragonlance Campaign Setting Cover Art Posted
Wonder what the cover artwork for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting will look like? If the artwork distributed in the Wizards of the Coast product release schedule is correct, then there is a thumbnail version of the Matthew Stawicki cover art right here. (Thanks to P.K. for submitting the thumbnail.)

The Enlightened Veil
The Gods of Light had the holy city of Istar. The Gods of Darkness had the cursed city of Neraka. Ever wonder what holy place is dedicated to the worship of the Neutral gods? The answer is The Enlightened Veil, brought to life in a short write-up of the location by Shivam Bhatt.

Magic of the Dark Lance
For those of you who have checked out the War of the Dark Lance alternate campaign setting, you may be interested in a new addition I’ve written up. Magic of the Dark Lance is designed as an optional view on magic for the War of the Dark Lance campaign setting, and gives tips on how to create your own mystic class within minutes. Enjoy!

DLCS Release Date Confirmed
I spoke with Jamie Chambers from Sovereign Press today and he confirmed that the release date for the forthcoming Dragonlance Campaign Setting will be August of 2003, as we previously reported in a posting on December 7. As soon as we hear any additional details, we’ll be sure to let you know!

New Fiction Posted
Lestah sent me an email today to let me know that she has posted nearly 20 new pieces of fan fiction online in the Fan Writing section of the site. Most of the new pieces are poetry (like The Three Thousand Falls of Istar and Tears), but there are a few pieces of short fiction in the mix as well.

New Fan Artwork
I posted a number of fan art pieces today. Of specific note: Chris Untch’s piece entitled Raven’s Company, a picture of Raistlin by Galder, and two new pieces from Fflewddar Fflamm: Goldmoon and Three Moons.

DLCS Release Date: August 2003?
Based on an unofficial report seen in a thread on the EN World forums, it seems to indicate that the forthcoming Dragonlance Campaign Setting will be released in August 2003. We’ve also been informed that the Wizards release catalog (which game stores receive in advance) also lists the DLCS as being released then and includes cover artwork for the book. No official confirmation of this yet from either Sovereign Press or Wizards, and release schedules are subject to change.

Covert Legionnaire
The Legion of Steel needs to be aware of the goings on throughout Ansalon. Who better to gather this information than a Covert Legionnaire? André La Roche brings us this prestige class designed to be a spy for the Legion of Steel. Thanks André!

A ‘Divine’ Update
I posted a number of ‘divine’ items to the site today. Spyros submitted his review of Chris Pierson’s novel Divine Hammer; it sounds like an excellent read. There are also two new entries in the reference section on the Higher Powers of Krynn: the High God and Chaos. Retribution, the Dark Bard also sent in his latest composition, Momentum, which is definitely worth a listen!

Accidental Heroes and More…
Hullo! Have you ever wondered how a kender always manages to pull out the right item from her pouch just in the nick of time? We have a brand new kender Prestige Class from Joseph Mashuga called the Accidental Hero that just might help to explain it. Plus we have new magic items from Damien to boot. We have the Axe of Kagonos and even some stats on Solamnic Chainmail. Thanks to you both!

New Magical Items & Artifacts
If you’ve ever been curious what the game statistics for some of the items that have been featured in the Dragonlance novels, Wizards has posted a few new items on their web site that may be of interest to you. Sean K. Reynolds’ Dragonlance Magic Items document includes rarities such as the Sword of Tears and Truth’s Guardian, as well as the infamous Miceram (the Crown of Power).

Mashuga’s Magical Weapons
Mashuga’s Magical Mystery Tour continues, as he brings some of his finest magical weapons from his magic shop. Check out our Unofficial Rules section for the Most Recent Additions. Mashuga brings us 8 Dragonlance weapons of lore.

Items From Mashuga’s Magic Shop
From Mashuga’s Magic Shop in Palanthas comes several new magic items, which you can see in our most recent additions in the Unofficial Rules. New items include the Brooch of Imog, Dalamar’s Bracelet, Dream Stones, Flute of Wind Dancing, Ring of Shapechanging, and the Singing Statue. Keep watching, as Mashuga has some magic items coming our way as well.

Are You A Dragonlance Fan?
I’ve updated the Are You A Dragonlance Fan? quiz this weekend, with about 60 new questions submitted through the suggestion form. Try your hand at the new and improved quiz, and continue to send along those question suggestions!

Recommended Reading List Updated
For those of you Dragonlance novel fans out there, I went through today and completely rewrote the site’s Recommended Reading List of books and novels in response to some of the questions that I’ve gotten from site visitors. I hope the new format for the reading list explains the logic behind the picks a little bit better, as well as answers some of the common ‘what should I read next’ type of questions that I often recieve via email.

Discounted Elmore Materials
If you’ve ever been interested in a piece of artwork by Larry Elmore, now is the time to have a look. Larry’s site is offering most of the catalog at up to 25% off, so have a look at the prints, the stock clip art book & CD, and all of his other stuff. You can also pick up a collection of 7 Sovereign Stone game products if you’re one of the first 100 to order it.

Oriental (Dragonlance) Adventures
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in an Oriental Adventures-style campaign set in the Dragonlance world? Now you can! Have a look at Jeremy Forbing’s Oriental Dragonlance Adventures, a 40-page supplement that will enable you to play a samurai, ronin, or any other number of different oriental-style characters.

Dwarven Drunken Beef!
From the halls of Thorbardin comes a new recipe – Dwarven Drunken Beef! This recipe is rumored to be a favorite of Flint Fireforge’s, although Flint would never admit to it.

New from Damien’s Armory
Hullo! Damien has paid us yet another visit and has brought with him a plethora of new equipment. From elven bows and swords to axes and armour Damien is well stocked and willing to display his items right here on our site. Check out the Most Recent Additions section of the Fan Gaming Rules for more information.

More Poetry and Fiction Posted
Lestah has posted a number of new fiction and poetry items to the site over the past couple of days—in excess of 10 new poems and short stories. I’m quite impressed with some of the latest poetry. You can get the list of the most recent posts on the Fiction & Poetry home page.

Solamnic Outfitters
Looking for the latest in knightly fashion? No problem Damien has seen fit to supply us with the latest in Solamnic Shields, Armor, Swords and Solamnic Helms. To found more great equipment for your campaign check out the fan equipment section.

Elven & Dwarven Nations Petition
There’s been a lot of talk on the various mailing lists and message boards about putting together a petition to send to Wizards of the Coast to reprint both the Elven Nations and Dwarven Nations trilogies. Well, the people at Dragonlance.com want to do something about it. If you want to read the trilogies, go ahead and sign the petition. The list of signatures will be submitted to Wizards of the Coast in an attempt to have them reprint both trilogies.

New Fan Writing Posted
Lestah sent me an email today to let me know that she has posted six new poems and a short story in the Fan Writing section of the site today. Take a look when you get a chance!

More Fantastic Equipment
Dragonhelm dropped me an email today to let me know that he had posted a number of items in the site’s equipment section today. You can see all of the latest items right here. Make a point of checking out the Staff of Chislev as well!

New Fan Artwork Posted
I posted eight new pieces of fan artwork today, including several from atongwali. You may also want to give a look to Sandara’s Dalamar and Roses, grivage’s excellent new drawing, A Taste of Power, and a new piece entitled Kagonesti by Ashtaroth.

The Tobril Launches
After several months of hard work, the first issue of the Tobril was released today. Tobril is our bi-monthly e-zine published by several of our editors and some of the fans in the Dragonlance community. Have a look!

Sovereign Press Chat
The monthly Sovereign Press Chat is scheduled for tomorrow night (Wednesday, Nov. 6) in the #dragonlance channel at irc.rpgconsortium.com. For more details, have a look at the chat page.

It’s a Magical Day!
Raistlin Majere… Third Edition Stats… need I say more? Ok maybe I do, heh. We have new Fan Submissions including an extensive write up and 3E stats for Rasitlin Majere submitted by Bennet Oppel including a detailed look at many of the artifacts he was associated with. If that’s not enough magic for you we also have a new look at the Wizards of High Sorcery Prestige Class by Darthsylver. Thanks to everyone for your contributions!

Looking for a fun prestige class to play in your Dragonlance games? Trying to find a way to give the gnomes in your campaign new life? Look no further! Yours truly has worked up a new prestige class – the Gnome-At-Arms! Be wary, though, for this isn’t your average gnome. This clockwork combatant is a technological terror in battle. Whether this is through his advanced weaponry or the fact that his armor is exploding, nobody knows. One thing is for certain, though – never cross a Gnome-At-Arms!

New Poetry Online
Lestah finished up a couple of new poetry submission she received in her inbox the other day. Have a look at Raistlin Darkmage’s The Shadow Mage and Shane Half-Elven’s The Heroes Still Live.

Happy Halloween!
Looking for something dark an spooky for this holiday? Take a look at the stats for Lord Verminaard by Bradley Potts. Throw him at your players or if he’s not bad enough you can slip in a Razor Feeder by me!

View from the Cubicle
A reference to cubicles may be a little out of place on a Dragonlance site, perhaps, unless it’s a short article on Wizards.com written by Jean Blashfield Black, who was in charge of the TSR book department when Margaret Weis brought her the original manuscript for Dragons of Autumn Twilight. If you’ve never heard the story of the origins of the Dragonlance saga, this is as good a place as any to begin learning about it!

Defender of Qualinost by Colin Goodman
Hidden among the trees of the forests of Qualinost are the staunch elven defenders. These warriors protect Qualinost for imminent danger and harass the Dragon Armies that remain in the area after the exodus of thier people. Colin Goodman gives us a New Prestige Class based on the Defenders of Qualinost.

Kirath Prestige Class and Equipment by Eidolon
The Kirath, the Vanguard of Hope. These are the brave elven warriors that are trained in the skills to battle the nightmare left behind in Silvanesti by the twisted dreams of King Lorac. Joseph Eidolon has provided us with his version of the Kirath Prestige Class and the special equipment they use.

Otik’s Spiced Potatoes
Looking for a recipe for Otik’s famous spiced potatoes? TheraVenn sent along her recipe for the famous dish from the Inn of the Last Home, which you can find here.

Dragonlance Stats by True Raistlin
Looking for stats for the ultimate weapon of dragon destruction? We have posted the third edition stats for the Dragonlance, thanks to True Raistlin.

Dragonlance Moontracker
After a bit of searching around the Internet, I stumbled on the perfect tool for Dungeon Masters running Dragonlance campaigns involving Wizards of High Sorcery. You may want to have a look at Robert Madsen’s Moon Tracker for Dragonlance, which takes any starting position and calculates the position of Krynn’s three moons. A must for any Dragonlance DM.

New Recipes Posted
I posted two new recpies from Emowin. Both of them look like they’ll be excellent desserts, so if you’ve invited a befuddled old wizard or a group of kender coming over for dinner, you may want to have a look!

Wind Rider Prestige Class by Joseph Eidolon
Since the first Dragon War the elves have long relied on the wings and courage of griffons for protection, travel and companionship. The Wind Riders are an elite group of eleven warriors with a strong bond to the great winged beasts. Eidolon has developed a Prestige Class based on the elven Wind Riders, check it out in the Fan Rules section

New Equipment and Items by Damien
We have a selection of Minotaur Shields, Ogre Hide Armour, Sivak Chainmail, Qualinesti Leather Armour, and the toughest Dwarven Mail. Damien the merchant has traveled all over Ansalon to bring you curiosities of all types. It’s even rumored he has information on the fabled Quiver of Silvanos and Axe of Sargas, plus much more. To peruse these items check out the Most Recent Additions list to the Fan Rules section.

The Revised Ranger by Cam Banks
Need a new spin on the traditional Players Handbook Ranger? Cam Banks has developed a revised version of the standard Ranger that is designed with the intent was to provide a flexible, options-heavy class which allows players to pick and choose their way through various ranger paths, while still being able to go toe-to-toe with the other warrior classes. Sound interesting? Check it out in the Gaming Rules section!

Games Unplugged Issue #21
If you haven’t seen the October 2002 issue of Games Unplugged on the shelves at your favorite store, you should make a point of searching it out, since it features Dragonlance (and the new painting by Matthew Stawicki) on the cover. The issue contains an article on the past, present and future of Dragonlance by Jamie Chambers and some comments about what makes Dragonlance gaming special from Margaret Weis. To view a picture of the cover artwork, click here.

Sovereign Press Monthly Chat
Hullo there! There is a monthly chat for Sovereign Press tonight on IRC channel #dragonlance on server irc.rpgconsortium.com at 8pm-9pm CST. Christopher Coyle says it will be more of a social gathering this time, so bring a beach blanket and something to drink. To find out more about how to attend check the chat page. Addition: You can find the transcript of the chat here.

Andras, Villain of Divine Hammer
Wizards has posted an article from Chris Pierson where he discusses the main villain of his latest novel, Divine Hammer. He talks about how Andras came about and what makes him tick. If you want to know more check it out over at wizards.

The ‘Four Powers’ of Magic
We recently posted a series of six articles in the Reference Encyclopedia portion of the web site, detailing one possible explanation for the way in which the magic of Krynn operates for the four major spellcasting classes.

Origin of the gods of Krynn
Jeff Grubb reveals the behind the scenes information on the formation of the gods of Krynn, from why the gods are named as there are to why their are only 21 in all. He goes over how they evolved and what changed and stayed the same. It’s a fascinating read on the Origin of the gods of Krynn.

Divine Hammer released
The second book in Chris Pierson’s ” Kingpriest” trilogy, Divine Hammer, has been released. If you haven’t read the first installment, Chosen of the Gods, you should as it is an excellent read. From the ratings people been giving the new book thus far, it looks like the sequel is a worthy follow-up that should be on your list as well!

The First Sorcery Academy of Krynn
So you thought the teachings of sorcery started with Palin Majere? Think again, Darthsylver has submitted a new article on the very first Sorcery Academy of Krynn. The one created by the mysterious Scions on the continent of Taladas. Check it out!

Magical Theory of Krynn
Who’s casting what? It makes this old kender’s head spin thinking about divine magic, arcane magic, sorcery, wild sorcery, mysticism… Who can keep it all straight. Thanks to Darthsylver now you can figure out which way is up! We have just posted a new article from Darthsylver on the Magical Theory of Krynn. Check it out!

Margaret Weis Chat
Margaret Weis will be participating in an online chat sponsored by Wizards of the Coast at 7:00 PM CDT on October 13, 2002. You have to register in order to participate on the chat, which you can do here.

Istar: Land of the Kingpriests
Hullo there! Want to know more about Istar? Well check this out! Wizards.com has posted an article on Istar by Steve Miller. It has great regional descriptions of the areas central to and surrounding the ancient city of Istar. To find out more about the nation of Istar and its Kingpriest, you can check out the latest novel in the Kingpriest Trilogy, Divine Hammer by Chris Pierson. You can also read the first novel Chosen of the Gods.

New Site Online!
Welcome to the new and improved Dragonlance.com! We’ve been working on the new site for the better part of the summer, and finally were able to release it after some testing this weekend. If you have any comments on the site, please let us know!

The Moons of Magic
We’ve posted a new submission called The Moons of Magic. This submission is absolutely huge, and includes info on the moons of magic, plus 21 new feats, and a Wizard of High Sorcery prestige class! Special thanks to Bennett Oppel for this outstanding submission.

Masters of DL Art
I was at the bookstore yesterday, and picked up my copy of Masters of Dragonlance Art. I’m very impressed with the book—it includes all of the Stawicki covers (Chronicles, Legends, War of Souls, etc.), as well as a good sampling from the other artists of Dragonlance. Definitely worth a look.

Legends Gift Set
If you’re looking for that perfect Dragonlance gift for someone, then check out the Legends Gift Set. In stores now!

2003 Novel Releases
Mark S. of WotC’s book dept. posted some info on the Dragonlance message boards about the 2003 Dragonlance novel release schedule. Check out the thread by clicking here.

Legends Gift Set
If you’re looking for that perfect Dragonlance gift for someone, then check out the Legends Gift Set. In stores now!

2003 Novel Releases
Mark S. of WotC’s book dept. posted some info on the Dragonlance message boards about the 2003 Dragonlance novel release schedule. Check out the thread here.

Soverign Press and WOTC to partner on DL Novels and Games
The official press release announcing the parternship between Wizards and Sovereign Press, as well as the Taladas trilogy of novels.

Quote of the Day
I added the ‘Quote of the Day’ feature to the site’s home page today. Thanks to everyone who has submitted quotes thus far; we’re still short of the total by several quotes, so if you’ve got any good ones you’d like to submit yet, please feel free to do so!

More Fan Art Posted… and new fan writing soon!
I posted another 8 pieces of fan artwork to the site today. After speaking with Lestah this evening, there should also be some new fiction & poetry posted to the site in the next couple of days as well. I’ve also got some book reviews that I’m in the process of posting.

Do the gods of magic have clerics?
This is an age-old question, so I worked up one possible answer to it. Check out the Moon Disciple!

Well of Moons
We’ve got a new feature on the Nexus – adventure locales. These are places to insert into your game so that you have new places to adventure. Check out the first of which, the Well of Moons. Thanks to Chief Acquisitions Officer Kipper Snifferdoo for this submission!

New Fan Art
I posted 7 or 8 new submissions to the Fan Artwork area of the site this evening, including a cool render of the Staff of Magius and several new drawings by Icegal. Enjoy!

Newsletters Posted
I’ve posted the last two newsletters. Go to our newsletters page and you can check them out, as well as look at old issues. Our last issue had many announcements, so check it out.

War Wizard
Like the war wizards from Brothers in Arms? Want to play your own? If so, check out the War Wizard!

What secrets do the Wizards of High Sorcery possess?
We’ve recently uncovered another “lost leaf” from the pages of DLA3e. Check out Cam Banks’ Wizards of High Sorcery. Before you can join the Conclave, though, you will need the High Sorcery feat. Enter the portal to adventure, and see what secrets only a Wizard of High Sorcery may possess!

Elmore DL Site Online
Larry Elmore.com has updated the Dragonlance section of their site today. Included in the new section is a Dragonlance art gallery as well as a feature showing the progress on Elmore’s newest Dragonlance painting, “Raistlin’s Keep”.

New Rules Submissions
Yours truly has been a bit busy lately, adding three new submissions to the site. First up is a new wyrmslayer paladin prestige class, the Draco Paladin. I’ve been “tinkering” some as well, and have stats on Gnomes, including both the Tinker and the Thinker Gnome. You can’t have a Gnome without a Gnomish Mishap Table, though, so I included that. Coming soon is something very special from Cam Banks, a lost page from DLA3e! Keep watching!

More Questions Answered
We had to push the aesthetics to work overtime due to the number of question we got. So here there are 20 new questions answered by our aesthetics.

Bertrem’s Funeral – Transcript
We’ve managed to put together a number of the eulogies read at Bertrem the Aesthetic’s funeral. In case you missed the services at Gencon, or if you didn’t see the entire service, you can do so here.

Two Reviews Posted
I posted two product reviews today — one for the D&D Epic Level Handbook and a second for Dragons of a Vanished Moon

New Fan Art Posted
I went through and posted the last 15 or 16 submissions I’ve received through the Fan Art section of the site. I was very impressed with a number of the pieces submitted, so make sure to take a look!

GenCon Update (DL Movie)
A number of things were revealed tonight at Bertrem the Aesthetic’s funeral. The first among them was that the option for a Dragonlance movie has been excercised — so with any luck we will see a DL movie in the not-too-distant future. In addition, Margaret Weis & Don Perrin will be writing a new trilogy based on the continent of Taladas. Annotated Legends is slated for fall ’03, and a hardcover edition of Chronicles with new cover art for spring ’03. There will also be a new draconian book at some point in the future. All from Milwaukee for now!

Update From GenCon (DL Movie!)
A number of things were revealed tonight at Bertrem the Aesthetic’s funeral. The first among them was that the option for a Dragonlance movie has been excercised — so with any luck we will see a DL movie in the not-too-distant future. In addition, Margaret Weis & Don Perrin will be writing a new trilogy based on the continent of Taladas. Annotated Legends is slated for fall ’03, and a hardcover edition of Chronicles with new cover art for spring ’03. There will also be a new draconian book at some point in the future. All from Milwaukee for now!

You got Questions, We got Answers
10 new questions have been answered in Aesthetic Advice. If you sent a question and is not there, and answered, send it again as we have to keep our Aesthetics busy!

See You at Gen Con!
The Dragonlance.com staff is off to Gen Con! Don’t expect any real updates to the site for the next couple of days while we’re hanging out in Milwaukee. We hope to have photos and coverage of the event when we get back. If you’ll be there, stop by the Sovereign Press booth and say hello! (We’ll get to any emails and posting the backlog of reviews, artwork, etc., when we get back!)

Adventure Hooks!
Looking for adventure in the War of Souls and beyond! You got it. We’ve got a War of Souls adventure hook called Kender Nightstalker, and two adventure hooks beyond the War of Souls – Brothers of Magic and Grave Danger. Will your heroes prevail?

Knight of Solamnia Prestige Class
From the lost pages of Dragonlance Adventures 3rd Edition (DLA3e) comes the Knight of Solamnia!

“The Lioness” Released
Nancy Varian Berberick’s latest Dragonlance novel, The Lioness has been released. It is the story of Gilthas’ wife, the Lioness, and tells the story of her life.

Solamnic Knight Prestige Classes
We recently got a new submission for a Solamnic Knight prestige class by Joseph Mashuga. Check it out by clicking here.

Dragonlance Quote-a-Day
What is your favorite Dragonlance quote? Whatever it is, we want to hear it! We’re putting together a “quote a day” feature for the site, so we’re looking for 365 of your favorites that we can rotate through on a daily basis. Submit your favorite quotes here!

In-Depth Vanished Moon Review
Another review of Dragons of a Vanished Moon has been sent our way, this time going very in-depth. Scroll to the bottom, and you can check out this very detailed review of Vanished Moon!

Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals Campaign Setting!
Rooks decided that he couldn’t wait for the DLCS, so he’s done his own sourcebook – Dragonlance: The Age of Mortals. This sourcebook is a mountain of information for playing in pre-War of Souls Ansalon using 3rd edition rules. Check it out!

22 Book Reviews Posted
I went through the log of emails today and posted 22 new book reviews (including several for Dragons of a Vanished Moon). Look for a couple more in the next few days, as well as updates to the “Are you a Dragonlance Fan?” quiz.

Kender Feats
Kipper and Tavin have some neat things in their pouches from their wanderings. Check out the new Kender Feats.

New Magic Item
If you’re going to Icewall, or if you are adventuring in the War of the Dark Lance, then you may want a pair of Boots of the South. Made from the hide of polar bears, these boots will keep any adventurer warm.

New Feats
We have a few new materials today, courtesy of yours truly. The Lucky feat is good for characters who barely avoid danger, and Kender Luck is a version just for Kender who are quick on their feet.

Tracy Hickman Gen Con Schedule
In his semi-monthly newsletter, Tracy Hickman outlined the events that will be attending or presenting at during Gen Con 2002. You can view the schedule of these events (current as of this writing) here.

Open to Business
After a series of unforeseen circumstances, such as a little War for the Souls of the people, the Aesthetic Advice section of the library has been updated with more than 8 questions that remained in the backlog. Keep them coming.

More Reviews & Quiz Questions
I have another round of emails in my inbox that include a good number of book reviews and quiz questions that have been submitted over the past couple of weeks. Look for an update to the site with the latest additions in those two areas very soon.

Magic Items from the Dhamon Saga
If you’re looking for some new magic items for your Dragonlance game, and if you’re a fan of the Dhamon, then you’ll want to check out the Magic Items from the Dhamon Saga!

Vanished Moon #10 NYT Bestseller
Dragons of a Vanished Moon has debuted at #10 on the New York Times bestseller list, as well as the Publisher’s Weekly list. It also made the Wall Street Journal list at #8. Read the full press release on Wizards.com.

New Fan Art & Music
I added a number of new submissions to the fan art gallery today. Also make a point of checking out the new additions to the music section of the site. Enjoy!

Upcoming DL Books Added
I added a number of upcoming Dragonlance releases to the New & Unreleased page of the site today. Among the forthcoming books are new installments in the Crossroads, Kingpriest and Bertrem’s guides series, as well as a new book of artwork with a forward by Margaret Weis.

AFDL FAQ Updated
Spirit sent out an update to the alt.fan.dragonlance FAQ to all of the various locations on the Internet, and our copy is no exception.

Dragons of a Vanished Moon Released!
Dragons of a Vanished Moon, the final installment of the War of Souls series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, is now available!

Dragons of a Vanished Moon
After a long wait, the final installment in the War of Souls trilogy has arrived. Dragons of a Vanished Moon, by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, is now available at all major retail stores and online stores.

Sovereign Press Chat Log
The monthly Sovereign Press chat took place Wednesday night at 8 PM Eastern time in the #dragonlance channel on the RPGConsortium server. Couldn’t make the chat? View the log (80 KB).

Vanished Moon Book Review
Dragonhelm finally had a chance to finish reading the book we’ve all been waiting for, Dragons of a Vanished Moon, and was kind enough to write a review of the novel for us! Fear not, there aren’t any spoilers contained in the review, so even those who don’t want the book spoiled can check it out right here.

Will your world be the next ‘Dragonlance’?
Do you think you have what it takes to create the next Dragonlance setting? Peter Archer gave Tracy Hickman a call, and invited him to send out information on how to submit your campaign setting to Wizards of the Coast with the possibility of getting published (and the royalty checks that go along with that!). For more details, download the PDF file from Tracy’s site!

New Sites!
Hey, guys, we have a couple of new links up in our Links Section. The first is to Majere Dragonlance Campaigns for 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons, an adventure site, and the second is to Cyan Bluestone’s 3e Dragonlance Homepage, where you can find some neat 3rd edition gaming materials.

More Elmore Original Prints
Remember the good old days when gaming was simple and there were just three box sets needed to play D&D? You know the box with red dragon jumping out at you, or the one with a yellow dragon attacking a guy on a horse, or the third box with the green dragon and the knight with a big ‘ol sword! Well, at Elmore Productions, we remember those days fondly and plan to bring back a little of this gaming nostalgia buy releasing these Classic D&D Box Set cover illustrations as limited edition lithograph prints by Larry Elmore! This August we will release Basic D&D: Ancient Red, then in October you can purchase Advanced D&D: Air Attack, and on December 1, 2002, you can complete the set with Companion D&D: Dragon Blade. Visit Larry Elmore.com for more information!

Features Updates & Book Reviews
I just wanted to let everyone know that I currently have 50+ emails in my inbox that are a combination of book reviews (some of which look excellent) and comments and new content for the site’s quizzes. I’ll be working through those this week and this weekend, so please bear with me!

Original DL Artwork for sale
Alan Pollack has put an original Dragonlance oil cover painting up for sale in Larry Elmore’s Classified ad section. It’s a cover painting for “Heroes and Fools” painted in 1998. More information is available here.

Adventure Portal Rumblings
One little proclamation and all my aesthetics sent into a panic! Still, after calming the worried nerves of several of my best employees (if I never hear the words ‘severence pay’ again, I’ll die a happy man), we finally managed to get some work done. Check out the fruits of Bradley Potts’ continued journal right here.

DL Campaign Setting Art Poll
If you could choose the artist whose art would be used as the cover of the forthcoming Dragonlance gaming product, whose art would you want to see? Vote in DL.com’s poll right here!

Minotaur Trilogy Vol. I Information
I was just perusing on Richard Knaak’s site, and found some new info on his new series about minotaurs. Volume I of “The Minotaurs Trilogy” is called “Empire of Blood” and is scheduled for a May 2003 release.

Vanished Moon Sample Chapter – SPOILERS!
Anxious for Dragons of a Vanished Moon? You can read a sample chapter of it by clicking here. Be warned, though, as there is one major spoiler in this chapter. Enjoy!

DOVM Sample Chapter – Spoilers!
Anxious for Dragons of a Vanished Moon? You can read a sample chapter of it by clicking here. Be warned, though, as there is one major spoiler in this chapter. Enjoy!

New Dragonlance Boards at WotC!
Wizards of the Coast has expanded their Dragonlance message boards into three different ones: the Dragonlance General Discussion Board, the Dragonlance Gaming Board, and the Dragonlance Novel Boards.

Dragons of a Vanished Moon Book Tour
Margaret just passed along dates for the Vanished Moon book tour, which you can look at by clicking here. Please note that some tour dates will only feature one of the two authors.

WotC Expands DL Message Boards
Wizards of the Coast has expanded their Dragonlance message boards into three different ones: the Dragonlance General Discussion Board, the Dragonlance Gaming Board, and the Dragonlance Novel Boards.

Vanished Moon Tour Dates
Margaret just passed along dates for the Vanished Moon book tour, which you can look at by clicking here. Please note that some tour dates will only feature one of the two authors.

Elmore Looking for Models
Larry Elmore is looking for beautiful, handsome, rugged and unique looking people to model for upcoming paintings. Larry is looking for all types of people, so if you think you fit the above description you can contact us at larry@larryelmore.com. Upcoming paintings include a fantasy version of Betty Page, and new Dragonlance D20 covers.

Send your name, age, where you live, a 500k (or less) JPEG, and tell us if you have the ability to travel to Kentucky or near-by conventions. You must be 18 years old! You should not send any nude or risqué photos! Looking forward to seeing you!

Newsletters Posted
If you missed the last two issues of the Nexus News (and shame on you if you have), now is your chance! There’s info on Dragons of a Vanished Moon, plus the latest on the New Continent.

Sovereign Press Chat Log
The chat log for the Sovereign Press monthly chat has been posted here, for those of you interested in learning a little bit more about the forthcoming Dragonlance gaming product line!

Sovereign Press Chat!
From Christopher Coyle at Sovereign Press… “On Wednesday, May 1st, Sovereign Press will be having its monthly chat from 8 PM EST to around 9 PM EST. In attendance, Margaret Weis, Don Perrin, Jamie Chambers, and Christopher Coyle will be answering questions regarding the future of Sovereign Stone, as well as possibly answering what questions they can in regards to the upcoming Sovereign Press d20 Dragonlance game line. Additionally, there are a few surprises in store for those who attend, including a contest and reward! Access to the chat can be gained through the Sovereign Stone website (http://www.sovstone.com) by accessing the Temple link.”

Sovereign Press Monthly Chat
On Wednesday, May 1st, Sovereign Press will be having its monthly chat from 8 PM EST to around 9 PM EST. In attendance, Margaret Weis, Don Perrin, Jamie Chambers, and Christopher Coyle will be answering questions regarding the future of Sovereign Stone, as well as possibly answering what questions they can in regards to the upcoming Sovereign Press d20 Dragonlance game line. Additionally, there are a few surprises in store for those who attend, including a contest and reward!

Access to the chat can be gained through the Sovereign Stone website by accessing the Temple link. If there are any questions regarding the chat session, please feel free to contact Christopher Coyle at ccoyle@sovpress.com.

DL Movie Trailers Online
Head on over to Trailerproject.net to download the first of three trailers the team has cooked up for the “Chronicles” movie. Of course, as the project suggests, they’re just making the trailers and not the rest of the film, but check it out for yourselves!

New Webring Sites / Fan Art Update
Two of the sites that recently applied for membership in the Dragonlance Webring were added to the ring tonight. Make sure to check out Dragonlol and Il Magico Universo di Dragonlance. As far as fan artwork goes — I got through about half of the backlog over the weekend, but I’ve received another 4 or 5 since then. I’ll post those very soon!

Music Contest Winners
Congratulations goes out to Whitefire, the winner of the music description contest for his description of “Riverwind”. Make sure to check out his winning entry here, and also read over the other submissions. Thanks also to Mark Boehnlein for sponsoring the contest.

Limited Edition Elmore Lithos
Due to popular demand, Larry Elmore will be releasing limited edition lithographs of the original covers of Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Winter Night and Spring Dawning. These are near-poster size prints that look absolutely fantastic. Take a look — more information is available here.

Fan Art to be Posted
I’ve got a backlog of about 15 or 20 pieces of fan art, as well as some quiz category submissions that I plan to sort through and post this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

New Poll Online
We posted a new poll today. Weigh in on what order of High Sorcery you would belong to if you were to go and take the Test of High Sorcery! You can find the poll right here.

So you are mad enough to travel to kender lands?
If you are foolhardy enough to travel to Goodlund, you should consult the guide by Kipper Snifferdoo and David Caveney. If Hylo is more of your liking, then you should also check Kippers guide. Both can be found in The Atlas of Krynn

Vanished Moon Release Date
Wizards of the Coast has announced “D-Day” for Dragonlance fans: the day that Dragons of a Vanished Moon, the 3rd volume in the War of Souls series will be released. The official date for the novel’s release is June 18, 2002.

Newsletter Issue 21 Posted
I posted Issue #21 of the Dragonlance.com newsletter this evening. For more info check out the newsletter itself!

Two new musical selections
I posted two new pieces of fan music this evening. Speaking of which, the Mark Boehnlein fan music contest is ended. We should get those entries posted and notify the winner in the very near future. I also have some fan art to post, and I hope to get around to that very soon as well!

How about some rules from the fans?
With the announcement of the new gaming licence from Sovereign Press, a new era has dawn on Dragonlance game. The Fan Submission Editor would like to announce that over fifteen submissions from fans are now available for the public in the unofficial rules section of the Nexus. Enjoy!

So, You Want to Play a Kender Wizard?
If you ever thought it was impossible to play a Kender wizard, think again! Check out an article by yours truly called ‘So, You Want to Play a Kender Wizard?’. This article gives tips and tricks for playing a successful Kender wizard. Also, be sure to check out the Kencyclopedia, where you can also find this article, as well as others by Kipper on playing Kender of various classes. His Kender barbarians are already up, so check those out!

New Nexus Design
As you can probably tell, I posted a new design for the Nexus this evening. If you run into any problems or get any errors, please let me know right away and I’ll fix them. Thanks!

NWDL Fan Fiction Contest
Hey writers! NWDL.net is running a short fiction contest, with a bit of a twist. The goal is to write a portion of a larger story. Prizes include signed copies of Dragons of a Fallen Sun and Downfall. More information is available here!

AFDL FAQ Updated
I posted a couple of changes to the alt.fan.dragonlance FAQ today. Mostly revisions to the “product list” area where current and forthcoming books are listed. You can check it out right here.

Sovereign Press to Publish DL!
Sovereign Press, owned by authors Margaret Weis and her husband, Don Perrin, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to publish the Dragonlance campaign setting using the d20 rules published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc… Read the complete press release here!

Dragonlance/Oriental Adventures Link
Fans of both the Dragonlance and Oriental Adventures settings will want to check out the latest site in our Links section, My Krynn. This site has a section called “Wu-Di: The Five Lands of Krynn’s Asia”, where Dragonlance and the Oriental Adventures meet!

New Fan Art Posted
I posted about 15 pieces of new fan artwork today. Make sure to check out new submissions by Icegal and Ricky D, among others!

Blind Guardian are “Soulforged”
Never heard of Blind Guardian? They’re a German metal band, who just happened to have recorded a new album called “A Night at the Opera”. For those wondering what this has to do with Dragonlance, the album has a song called “The Soulforged” about Krynn’s most famous mage. I had the chance to preview the album — read my review here!

Dragons of a Lost Star paperback
After a long wait, the paperback edition of Dragons of a Lost Star is now available from Amazon.com or your favorite local retailer. Make sure to pick this up and read through the 2nd volume of the War of Souls so you’re ready for Vanished Moon in June!

Adventure Portal Rumblings
It turns out our adepts have made a meal of their snow-shoveling duties just as an excuse to read the latest instalment of Bradley Potts’ War of the Lance journal during extended ’thawing-out’ breaks! Hmm – either that, or Dragonbane’s new Knight’s Test narrative has also got them hooked. I despair sometimes.

Adventure Portal – War of the Dark Lance!
We thought there was something very wrong when the Portal disgorged a massive blizzard into our midst recently – but it merely heralded the arrival of the hefty tome that is War of the Dark Lance! It’s taken our mitten-clad adepts days to dig every page of the this alternative Dragonlance campaign setting from the snowdrifts which buried the Grand Hall – dare you look beneath its frozen facade?

‘Gathering’ Issue 3 Published
The third (and, sadly, final) installment of the Gathering e-zine of Dragonlance writing has been published! The third issue contains 29 pages of fan fiction by 5 authors, including a story by the editor himself, Samuel Marshall. Definitely worth a look.

Jean Rabe Interview Posted
Join Nuitari as he interviews Dragonlance author Jean Rabe about her newest book in the Dhamon Saga series, and about her writing in general!

Art of the DL Saga Vol. 2
No, that’s not a typo — you read it correctly! According to what’s printed in the back of The Golden Orb, a new edition of the best selling Art of the Dragonlance Saga should be expected sometime in September, and features artists like Stawicki, Elmore and more…

New Product Ratings
I added the ability to rank products (just like the ratings system in the Fan Art, Writing & Music sections of the site) to the site this evening. Now you can rank your favorite Dragonlance products and easily let other people know what you think of them!

Four New Books Published
Looking for a (late) Valentine’s day gift for someone? Try one of four new Dragonlance novels now available: reprints of “Dragons of Summer Flame” and “The Second Generation”, as well as “The Best of Tales 2” and new book “The Golden Orb” are now available. Click here for details!

Novellas Problem Fixed
If you tried to access the novellas in the Fan Writing area of the site in the past day or so, you will most likely have noticed that an error message has been displayed rather than the story itself. The problem is now fixed and everything should be working normally. Thanks for your patience!

New Music & Rating System
I’ve added three news songs to the Fan Music area of the site this evening. In addition, I reworked the way the music section operates and added the ratings capability (by request of one of the composers!) so that you can rank the music just like the Art and Writing sections. Enjoy.

Music Description Contest!
Do you think you have an ear for music? Check out the Music Description contest! Mark Boehnlein contributed one of his newest compositions to Dragonlance.com and has given you a challenge: guess which character the music describes and write up a description of what you think is happening. The winner gets a CD of Mark’s music and their description posted with the piece. Good luck!

A Dragonlance “Rumble”
Check out the Kencyclopedia for the latest “rumble” going on over there… the Dragonlance Saga vs. Lodoss Wars. At one point the DL guys were actually *losing*, so make sure you get over to Kipper’s domain and cast your vote for Tanis and the rest of the Companions!

New Art & Music
I posted about 10 new pieces of artwork on the site today, as well as 2 new musical selections by The Dark Lord. Check them out!

Newsletter Issue #20 Published
The long-overdue 20th issue of the Dragonlance.com Newsletter went on its way out the door this evening. If you’d prefer to read the issue online, you can view it right here!

Weis & Hickman chat transcript posted
The transcript from the author chat co-sponsored by the Nexus and Dragonlance.com has been posted! Check out responses to a number of excellent questions from your favorite Dragonlance authors right here.

New Links and a Submission
Our Links page has been updated! We now have links to the other Official Sites and have added new Game Designer Links, such as links to Monte Cook’s site and Sean K. Reynold’s site. Also, we have a new submission – Guy Avondale’s Dragon Highlord prestige class!

Vanished Moon Update
Wizards of the Coast has put the product description and the actual cover of Dragons of a Vanished Moon on their online catalog. Release date is set for this June. For more information on the third part of the War of Souls — check out the very interesting description of the book — click here.

Ansalonian Gazetteer
I know it may be a bit late to be announcing it, but Richard Connery’s infamous Ansalonian Gazetteer is now back online. After a brief hiatus where the Gaz was without a place to call its own, Richard asked us if we’d give it a permanent home for him, and so here it is. Enjoy!

Vanished Moon Cover Online!
Margaret Weis announced to the Dragonlance mailing list yesterday that the new cover artwork for the third part of the War of Souls trilogy was online. You can check out the cover art for Dragons of a Vanished Moon here!

Dragons of a Vanished Moon Cover!
The cover to Dragons of a Vanished Moon has been revealed! Check out all the dragons, the dragon skulls, the dragon caves, and that brilliant flash of light in the upper left-hand portion of the pic!

Happy b-day to the Nexus
Just a quick congratulations to the Dragonlance Nexus on the first anniversary of starting the site after the announcement that Wizards of the Coast would no longer be producing Dragonlance gaming materials. Congrats!

Weis and Hickman Chat Update
The Nexus and Dragonlance.com are co-sponsoring a chat with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Saturday, January 26, at 4pm Eastern time. For information on how to get hooked up, go to the Weis and Hickman Chat Info page. Got questions you want to ask the authors? Feel free to send them to Dragonhelm, and we will get in as many as possible!

Adventure Portal Rumblings
We’d much prefer them to be getting on with some work, but our adepts seem engrossed in the latest instalments of Bradley Potts’ War of the Lance Campaign Journal, hot out of the murky depths of the ever-infathomable Portal. See what all the fuss is about here – and while you’re around, drop a few hints about how dusty this place is getting, would you?

New DL Trivia Game Online
In addition to the updates to the Fan Art section, we’ve also been working the Games area of Dragonlance.com — make sure you check out “Knight’s Council”, our newest trivia game. We also want your suggestions to help us make the game better. Check it out and let us know what you think!

New Artwork Online
One of our new year’s resolutions here was to clear out the backlog of artwork that’s been piling up here at Dragonlance.com. Our apologies for taking so long to post it online, but here it is! More than 30 new pieces of artwork were posted today, with highlights from atongwali, Phiria, Sandara, MAL and Stargazer!

More updates!
For those interested, I have updated the Heroes & Villains part of the Reference section in a big way. Not only have I finally completed the ‘Highlords & Henchmen’ section to my satisfaction, but I have also added a slew of new mages into the ‘Wizards & Mages’ section. Pls let me know if there are further bios you would like to see, and I’ll add them as fast as I can.

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