2001 News Archive

A Heroes & Villains Project
Unique Writings about Dragonlance has released the first version of their Heroes & Villains Dragonlance project that has been in the works for several months. The project has over 40 write-ups of the bios of famous Dragonlance heroes and villains, and is definitely worth a look!

More DL Books Listed
Dragonbane and I have been working lately to get the remainder of the Dragonlance-back catalog of books online, and are getting close to nearing our goal with the 10 or so books we posted today. Also look for some “new” entries in the near future as well as an expose on DL video games!

Here They Are – new Fan Fiction!
Thanks to everyone for your patience over the last few weeks – not only are we all busy in the run-up to the festive season, but everyone seems to have got the contributor bug this month – we’ve been deluged! This update sees the addition of several more contest entries from our recent fiction competition – catch up with them, as usual, on the Latest Additions page. Enjoy… and if I don’t see you before, have a fantastic Yule!

New Sections Added in Palanthas Reference
We have added two new sections on Palanthas Reference: How to play classes and How to play a DL race. Go there for reference information. To celebrate we have added a new article by Trampas Whiteman, check the Bard of the Song here.

Adventure Portal Rumblings
Our adepts are looking nervously askance at the Portal this week as it disgorges more quality material for your pleasure. First up is the proud addition of our first Fifth Age adventure – Chaos Reaver to the AP Modules section, while over on the Journals bookshelf you’l find the first few chapters of one intrepid party’s 3ed journey through the Dragonlance Classics. Much more to come from that record, so stay tuned.

Aesthetic Advice
We are proud to open Aesthetic Advice, a place where you can ask any question about gaming on Dragonlance. Do you have a doubt? Do you want to know how much damage a Dragonlance does? Then head over to Palantha Reference and ask our aesthetics here.

Will Lord of the Rings help DL?
With the impending release of the new film and all the excitement/hype following, there is talk that this will help the case of the DL screenplay and finally get DL onto the big screen. Check out our poll and tell us what you think! Also be prepared for the largest quiz we have on our site. A new quiz is looming my friends, it will be even larger than our current DL quizzes. Be prepared, for in a week or so, you must be ready to test your knowledge. Stay tuned!

Updates are coming!
Apologies for the lack of updates lately! The holiday season is upon us, and there hasn’t been much in the way of news lately. Behind the scenes, however, we are working on a new game for the Features Section, which should be released early next week, and we’re also putting the finishing touches on an interactive story feature as well. So bear with us and look for that in the near future!

Annotated Chronicles in Paperback – October 2002!
I got the word from WotC that there has been some confusion on the release date of the Annotated Chronicles. This is set to come out in October 2002.

Council Member’s Avatar!
Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the first of many Krynn Avatars of the Whitestone Council Members. Dragonbane has traveled the Dragonlance world for many years as his alter ego, Auld “Dragonbane” Draken. Check him out here.

New Poll Online
I thought this one was appropriate in between the release for Harry Potter and for Fellowship of the Ring. Do you think those two movies will have any impact on the production of a Dragonlance movie? Vote here!

Adventure Portal Rumblings
The latest update to the Adventure Portal sees Cam Banks’ conversion of classic module DL2 – Dragons of Flame available for download. Also be on the look-out for our first Fifth Age adventure, to be published in the next few days…

Chris Pierson Interview
Wizards recently published an interview with Chris Pierson, the author of the new Dragonlance book Chosen of the Gods, about the Kingpriest of Istar. I especially thought where he got his inspiration to become a writer was really interesting. You can view the interview here.

Revised Links Section/Remodeling the Inn
Tika said that the Inn needed a little work, and who am I to argue with someone who specializes in frying pan? Bard on the Run has split from Kender Tales, which is now pure humorous material. To top that off, we’ve reorganized our Links section. We’ve even added a few new links, including ones to Steve Miller’s and Larry Elmore’s websites!

“Conundrum” now available
Remember that gnome that was always following Goldmoon and Tas around in the War of Souls trilogy? Jeff Crook tells the story of that gnome, Conundrum, prior to his run-in with the Heroes of the Lance in the War of Souls. Read about it here!

Dragonbane Prestige Class
Dragonbane and I decided to pay tribute to Huma Dragonbane by creating the Dragonbane Prestige Class! This prestige class is a dragon slayer for the world of Krynn. Check it out!

Vanished Moon Completed
According to Hickman Newsletter #66, the manuscript for Dragons of a Vanished Moon is now complete, and has been sent for editing. Tracy Hickman is also collaborating with Matthew Martin on “The Progression of Souls”, the appendix to Dragons of a Vanished Moon. Dragons of a Vanished Moon was originally slated for April release, and last reports have it as a Summer 2002 release.

Vanished Moon & Appendix Complete!
According to Tracy Hickman’s latest newsletter, the manuscript for Dragons of a Vanished Moon is now complete and has been sent for editing. In addition, he notes that his work with co-author Matthew Martin on the DL appendix, entitled “The Progression of Souls”. At this point, the book (to the best of our knowledge) is slated for a Summer 2002 release, though Tracy promises to share some of his comments on his first full read-through of the book over the holidays. Looking forward to that!

Contest Entries On Show!
We’re going to be drip-feeding you the cream of the recent contest entries in this and the next couple of updates, so be sure to drop by the Latest Additions page to catch them as they go by (letters of sympathy about how hard it must have been to choose the winners would be greatly appreciated – because it was!).

So, you want to play Raistlin’s Daughter?
Here’s your chance! The Nexus has posted a new submission on Half-Irda. Players and DM’s can use these rules to make up their own stats for Raistlin’s Daughter, or any other half-human/half-Irda they so desire. Enjoy!

Another poll and new reference material
I have added another new poll for you all and also updated a lot of the Reference material. The Heroes of the Lance are now all updated to the War of Souls time, and there are many new entries for you to enjoy. And if you want to try my new poll….then just Poll Me!

Author & Artist Links
Did you ever wonder about what other work the authors and artists of the Dragonlance saga have done? A little bit about each of them? Well, we’ve just opened the Authors and Artists links section, with links to many of their home pages. Have another one for us to add? Let us know here.

Majere Family Tree
Did you ever wonder how all of the people in the ever-expanding Majere family are related to one another? Wizards has posted a family tree for the most famous family on Krynn, with dates of birth and all the other information you’d need to know. Check it out here.

Fan Writing Contest Winners Announced
After a difficult time judging all of the entries, we wish to offer our congratulations to our the winners of the Dragonlance.com and Raistland.com fan writing contest! First place goes to Pete Kim for A Dragon in the Night; second place to Arlin Brewster for Players and Pawns, and Balance by Robin Seabaugh was the third place entry. Thanks to the 40+ people participating in the contest — we will be posting all of the contest entries on this page as soon as we get them online. Thanks again, and nice work!

“Chosen of the Gods” now available
Chris Pierson’s new novel, Chosen of the Gods is now available. The book is the first in the Kingpriest Trilogy, which explores the time of Istar’s dominance in the world in detail.

New Recipe!
Nuitari’s been in the kitchen of the Inn of the Last Home again cooking up Solamnic Helm Cake. One of my favorites!

New Artwork Posted
I posted four new pictures in the Nexus Art Gallery this evening. Among them are Caramon, Tika, and a picture of the Tower of the Stars. Take a look!

New Article Section!
We have a new section in the Features area. It is known as Articles and Editorials. To check it out go here: Features. This section will house new articles about all things Krynnish. Of course at the moment all it has is one lonely article by myself. Enjoy! Oh and btw, I’ve added another poll for everyone’s polling pleasure.

Poems – And a Musical Interlude
As well as new poetry, the latest update to the Fan Section also includes two excellent new midi’s in the shape of The Bard’s Song by Blind Guardian, and Tears of a White Mage by Cyber. Thanks to all our contributors for this update – and as always, more to come…

New GenCon Material
Want to see some new material on GenCon 2001? Nuitari takes some time to tell his account of events at GenCon 2001. Lots of links to WotC’s Virtual GenCon pages, including the Dragonlance Author And Designer Reception, Killer Breakfast, and a few pics of the Whitestone Council.

Hall of Heroes
Need a character for use in your Dungeons & Dragons game? Check out our very own Hall of Heroes, where we’ve got a large repository of PCs and NPCs for your use. Thanks to the people at Hall of Hero.com for helping us put this together!

Another DoVM Update
From Tracy Hickman’s latest newsletter: “The final novel in the War of Souls Trilogy is moving ahead quite wonderfully. We are under strict deadline and should have this manuscript ready to roll by the first week in November… I am currently working with several fine people on the appendix for the book. We are all very excited about this appendix, which deals with the roots of the War of Souls, the cosmology of Dragonlance and its foundational roots. Once we get past this deadline, I’ll introduce you to those who are assisting on this project … names which are most likely familiar to many of you.”

Fiction Fraction!
The fiction section machine is once more fully oiled with several new poems and stories on-line – as always the Recent Additions page is your gateway to the latest and greatest. Honorable mention this update goes to Michelle Smith for both innovation and imagination in her pieces Amber by Moonlight and The Majere Project. Much, much more to come over the next few days, so be sure to check back regularly. (As an additional note, please make sure when submitting to the Fan Section that your e-mail address is correctly entered in the form).

Adventure Portal Open For Business!
The Adventure Portal is now open for business! Come inside the portal, for new adventure awaits! Includes conversions of DL1 by Cam Banks, a preview of the War of the Dark Lance, and a War of Souls adventure hook!

New Artifacts!
Dragonbane has been hard at work again. His latest creation are the Staves of the Gods of Magic. Check out the Staff of Lunitari and the Staff of Nuitari right here!

Fan Fiction Contest Judging
Due to the 44 or so entries that we received for the Fan Fiction contest, the judges are a little behind the planned October 15th deadline of finishing up the contest judging. The announcement of the contest winners will take place before October 31, so look forward to that in the next week or two. (Thanks for your patience.) Personally, I’m about 2/3 of the way through the stories and so far I’m really impressed — which just makes the decision that much tougher!

Dragon Rider Prestige Class!
Wish to soar through the air while riding on the back of a dragon? Now you can! Our very own Dragonbane has created a new prestige class, the Dragon Rider! This prestige class is great for Knights of Solamnia, Knights of Takhisis, the Dragonarmies, and throughout all of Krynn!

Live! Dragonlance Quiz this Saturday
There’s a general Dragonlance quiz to be held this Saturday in the DL chatroom, so check the chat schedule for further details. The live quizzes are back, prepare to be vexed by our questions!

Art Blitz
We’ve updated the Fan Art section with reams of new submissions over the past few days so be sure to check the Latest Additions page for the full list. Highlights include the magnificent Boys In Black by Liz and Young Tanis by pencil wizard Kalisto.

Two New Dragonlance Books
Need some new reading material? Then you may want to check out two new Dragonlance novels, The Search for Magic: Tales from the War of Souls and the first volume of Bertrem’s Guide to the War of Souls. The former is a collection of stories edited by Weis & Hickman, and the Guide has been compiled by Jeff Crook, Mary Herbert and Nancy Varian Berberick. Check them out!

New Recipe!
Come to the Inn of the Last Home and have a helping of Tas’ Tot ‘N Cheese Bake! Tika got this recipe from Tas, and it is said that she raised all of her children on it!

Dragonbane’s Spellbook
The mysterious Dragonbane reveals some of his arcane secrets for the very first time. Check out Dragonbane’s Spellbook! A must read for wizards everywhere, complete with new spells!

Who is Bertrem?
Learn more about the history of Bertrem, keeper of the Great Library of Palanthas, in WotC’s article “Who is Bertrem?”.

More Polls added!
Well folks, I’ve added two more polls for your interactive pleasure. One is a serious question posed to you all in regards to a Dragonlance tv series….and the other…well is not so serious. Check them out by clicking here!

New Links Section Online
Looking for an interesting place to go on wanderlust? You might consider the new and improved Links section (formerly Fan Resources). We’ve got 150 places for your feet to wander already, and we always welcome new additions to the list!

Dragon Knight Prestige Class
Taladas fans rejoice! From the DLA series of modules comes the new 3e Dragon Knight prestige class!

We’ve got some new 3e Artifacts! Take a look at the Helm of Griffon Mane, Huma’s Shield, Tasslehoff’s Magic Mouse Ring, and Warbringer!

Dragons of a Vanished Moon Update
This bit of news straight comes direct from Tracy Hickman’s newsletter. (You can subscribe here.) “Dragons of a Vanished Moon is being finished even as we speak. Margaret informs me that the manuscript is galloping along to its conclusion. I have to finish the appendix for that as well but it will need to await my rewrite on the Starcraft novel.” Tracy also notes that the book will probably be released in early summer 2002.

Dragonlance Rumble
Leave it to Kipper to come up with something totally outrageous. Check out the Dragonlance Rumble — this time around it’s Lord Soth vs. N*Sync. Who will win?

Kencyclopedia Creature Creator!
Want to create some original monsters? Kencyclopedia.com has a new Creature Creator! Just fill in the fields, and the Creature Creator will do all the rest!

Gaming Industry Disaster Fund Auction
If you haven’t checked out the GIDFA web site to benefit the victims of the September 11 disaster, now might be an even better time. They’re running an auction whose proceeds will benefit the victims, and one of the recent donations is “The Dragonlance” (the cover art of Annotated Chronicles) by D&D and Dragonlance artist Todd Lockwood. Please stop over at the GIDFA web site at http://www.gidfa.org.

Download the Trailer
For those of you hoping for a Dragonlance Movie, I have bad news — there won’t be one. That doesn’t mean that the people over at Trailerproject.net aren’t happy to provide you with a trailer for the non-existent movie. Check it out at the link above — but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got Flash and QuickTime installed first.

Dragonlance and Darklance Stats Added!
Looking for a preview of the upcoming War of the Dark Lance campaign setting? Look no further! We’ve got early concept stats on Dragonlances and their corrupt counterparts, the dread Darklances! The War of the Dark Lance is coming. The world of Krynn will never be the same!

Half-Kender Stats
We’ve got new Half-Kender stats! Presented is a second variant by yours truly on how to play Half-Kender!

Nexus News #’s 8 & 9 posted.
If you missed the Nexus News, then click here. We’ve posted our monthly newsletter (#8), and our special edition (#9) with some pointers on how to help out on disaaster relief after the tragic events of September 11.

Tragedy in New York & Washington
I know this is definitely not Dragonlance related, but I wanted to help in some way. Quite simply, this is a tragedy. For those of you closer to home, if you would like to help with the relief effort, Amazon.com is collecting monetary donations for the Red Cross. Our deepest sympathies go out to all the families and friends to those involved in the events of the past day.

Best Dragonlance Death Scene?
Check out the Kencyclopedia for information on how you can enter their contest for the best Dragonlance death scene and your chance to win an autographed copy of Dragons of a Fallen Sun.

For the DMs: Check out “Errata”
If you’re a DM, you will probably want this download from the Wizards web site. This is an update to the Dungeon Master’s guide, with some rules clairifications and other miscellaneous items. Click here to get it.

River of Time Update
The River of Time has some new updates and material, including characters and artifacts. And if you’ve ever wondered if Tanis is a ranger or a fighter, we’ve got the answer for you here.

Flint Artwork!
We’ve got a new pic up in our gallery of Flint Fireforge. Special thanks to Drew Johnson for the piece!

New Material in the Inn
We’ve got some new additions to the Inn. First, we have posted the last few issues of the Nexus News. Be certain to resubscribe if you haven’t already. Second, we have a new Bard on the Run called Searching For A Prayer, a spoof of Living on a Prayer that ties into War of Souls! Finally, Mrs. Dragonhelm has given us a new birthday cake recipe in Tika’s Cookbook. Only this recipe is a story of disaster! Check out Mrs. Dragonhelm’s Birthday Cake Adieu!.

Dragonlance Videogame Poll
Check out our latest poll on Dragonlance videogames! What do you think would happen if they put out a Dragonlance videogame along the lines of Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale? Cast your vote here!

Douglas Niles Interview
Submit your interview questions to us so that we can ask them of Douglas Niles, author of The Messenger and the forthcoming The Golden Orb, both part of the Icewall series. Go ahead and ask them here!

New Look & Site Reorganization
After about a month of work behind the scenes, the new design for the Nexus has been unveiled! We sincerely hope you like it. In addition, we changed the way some of the items on the site were organized, so it should be more logical and easier to navigate. Enjoy.

The Villains Quiz!
A new dark quiz has arisen from the pits of the Abyss to emerge onto dl.com. If you have ever wondered which villain you are most like, or what Soth eats for breakfast, then enter into our new quiz.

Fan Fiction Contest
Dragonlance.com and Raistland.com are co-sponsoring a fan fiction and poetry contest. The grand prize is an autographed copy of the Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles. If you’re an aspiring writer, then check it out!

Fan Poetry Update
The first wave of a massive update to the Fan Section is upon us – several superb new poems including some real gems by new contributor Mike Mineau. Thanks to everyone for your submissions – and please keep ’em coming!

Nancy Berberick Interview
Check out our most recent interview with Dragonlance author Nancy Berberick!

You’ve Lost That Fourth Age Feelin’
For those of you who missed out on GenCon, specifically the Dragonlance Authors Reception, we present you with a special treat: Tracy Hickman’s You’ve Lost That Fourth Age Feelin’

Brother of the Dragon Released
The newest Dragonlance book, Brother of the Dragon by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook has been released. Brother is the second book in the Barbarians series, so make sure to check it out!

Gen Con 2001 Update
Interested in what happened on Friday at Gen Con? While I can’t speak for everyone else, I can tell you how I spent my day with members of the Dragonlance Nexus’ Whitestone Council. Read my report from my Friday at Gen Con right here.

New Fan Art Online
I added a number of pieces of fan artwork to the site today. If you’re interested in checking out ten (there are more!) of the most recent arrivals, try the Latest Additions page.

Gen Con 2001: Thursday – Sunday
Yes, friends, it is time for Gen Con 2001! The event runs from August 2 to 5 in Milwaukee, WI, and will feature a ton of cool fantasy and sci-fi guests. Look for Tracy Hickman’s infamous Killer Breakfast Friday morning, a book signing over lunch and a Dragonlance author reception on Friday night. You might also look for a couple of the staff of the Dragonlance Nexus and a few other notables around as well!

New chat schedule
After the recent successes of my last couple of quizzes, I’ve updated the chat schedule to highlight all the upcoming events I’ll be doing. More tricky quizzes are in store, spawned from my mischievious mind.

Two new songs posted
We posted two new songs by “Mantis” to the Music Section of the site today — “The Lost Star” and “Entering the Abyss”. You might also check out the music section so that you can listen to Dragonlance music while you browse!

Tracy Hickman Chat Log
Last night’s author chat with Tracy Hickman was a resounding success! A big thank you to Mr. Hickman for taking the time to stop by and chat for an hour with over 70 Dragonlance fans. Thanks also to the Dragonlance Nexus for co-sponsoring. Interested in the chat log? See what you missed right here!

The d100 Contest
The people at Gaffleknot.net are hosting an ongoing event called the 1d100 Contest, where prizes will be distributed for submissions. There’s a catch, however: they’re listed on a random encounter table. Want more info? Check it out here.

Weis & Hickman Chat server moved!
Due to an hardware configuration problem on the Internet backbone that serves trinet.org, we have been forced to move the location of tomorrow night’s chat. (The location, not the time.) Please point your IRC clients to the following server: irc.rpgconsortium.com and join #Dragonlance, or log in using the standard Java client available from the Chat Page. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to see you on Friday at 9:00 EST!

Fan Writing Ratings
We’ve added the capability to rate your favorite stories in the Fan Writing section! Everything should be working, but if you find any bugs in the system, be sure to let us know. We should be adding this feature to both the Fan Art and Music sections very soon, as well as detailed reviews of each piece. Look for that soon!

Elven Nations Available Again
According to Paul B. Thompson, one of the authors of the Elven Nations trilogy, Wizards will be making the entire trilogy available from their web site as text download files as of August 31. The price for each will be $4.99. While that may be as much as you would pay for a paperback copy, I highly recommend the series (and it’s much cheaper than you would find on eBay).

Submit Questions for the Chat!
If you have a questions you’re dying to ask Margaret Weis or Tracy Hickman during the chat session that Dragonlance.com is co-sponsoring with the DL Nexus, then make sure to submit it in advance. Why? To make sure we get around to it, of course! Submit your question here!

Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman Chat
Dragonlance.com and the Dragonlance Nexus have teamed up to present to you an author chat with Dragonlance writers Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman on Friday, July 20! See the chat page for more information.

New Design Up
As you’ve probably noticed, I changed the look and feel of the site around today. There are a couple of more changes in the wings that I think will make the site that much easier to get around, so look for those soon.

It’s uh, for school! *slam*
My parents’ reaction to my DL reading was rather poor. So what’s your story? Check out the latest poll, and if you have any thoughts on future poll ideas, please email Sara. She could use the mail.

Dragon’s Bluff now available
Looking for new Dragonlance reading material (in addition to the Zeroes of the Lance)? You might be interested in Dragon’s Bluff by Mary H. Herbert, part of the Crossroads series.

Zeroes of the Lance
Think you’ve got the Dragonlance gaming group from hell? Well, then you haven’t met the ‘Zeroes of the Lance’, the characters in a new comic put out by some of the people over at Dragonlance Online and NWDL.

New Fan Artwork Online
I added ten or eleven new pieces of fan artwork to the site today. (This clears up the backlog from the past couple of weeks!) I must admit, I was very impressed by some of the work. You can check it all out here.

This Saturday’s Live Chat Session 5pm PST
My live quiz/chats will be held on every second Saturday at 5pm PST from now on. This week I will quiz you all on the geography of Krynn. Last time Paladin and Trampas, two of the biggest DL names on the web, tied first place and beat all the other contenders. Can you do better than them in my quizzes?

A DL Movie Trailer?
There have been rumors about a Dragonlance movie for a long time. While we can’t verify any of those rumors, we can point you to an unofficial movie trailer being put together by some fans. Interested? Check it out here.

Dragonlance Rumble!
Who’s the best of the best? Check out the Dragonlance Rumble on Kencyclopedia.com and see!

A Dragonlance ‘Rumble’?
Like “Celebrity Deathmatch”? You haven’t seen anything yet! You might want to check out the Kencyclopedia’s Dragonlance Rumble, the definative test of courage, strength, endurance, brains, and popularity. Heroes of the Lance pitted against one another in a no holds barred contest to end all contests. Who is the “True” Hero of the Lance? You Decide! First up this week is Tanis Half-Elven vs Gilthanas. Let the battle begin!

Updated Links Page!
Check out our Links page for links to WotC’s Dragonlance novel page and Community Boards.

Der Drachenlanze Nexus
German-speaking fans, check out Der Drachenlanze Nexus, the German translation of the Nexus! This site joins the ranks of the sites that translate the Nexus into other languages!

Live Chat – This Saturday 1pm PST
This week’s quiz is on the gods of Krynn. So break out your books and start studying for another of my fiendish quizzes! The quiz will be followed by a discussion on Fourth Age magic vs. Fifth Age magic. It’s a live chat, it’s DL, it’s fun!

Check out the new 3e portion of Kencyclopedia.com by clicking here

Essential to DL or Completely Overdone?
This newest poll might not be for everyone, but, when it comes to polls, the only thing worse than the predictable and mundane is nothing. Example: “If a DL movie was made who- blah blah Danny Devito blah blah.” So, we [DL Staff: no no, just Sara] decided upon this gem.

Nancy Berberick Interview
I know we recently announced the Richard Knaak interview that we recently completed, but I thought that it would be a good time to announce the upcoming interview with the author of The Inheritance, Nancy Berberick. Have questions you want to ask her? See the interviews page.

Richard Knaak Interview
I’ve just completed an interview with Dragonlance author Richard Knaak. He answered a lot of your questions (and some of mine as well!). Take a look here!

Are you a true fan?
Are you a true Dragonlance fan? Test your knowledge against our Dragonlance trivia quiz! This has been in the works for some time, and we were finally able to finish everything up today. Check it out!

Palanthas Reference Update
The Palanthas Reference section has been updated! We’ve added a number of new articles to the library there, and re-configured the layout of the shelves a bit… but nothing too major. Updates to the library should be a bit more frequent now! Thanks for your patience.

Fan Fiction, anyone?
If you’re an aspiring writer or artist, you may want to look into contributing your work to the forthcoming issue of Gathering, an e-zine of Dragonlance art & writing. On a related note, I added a number of new pieces of fan art to Dragonlance.com this past week, so you will want to check those out as well (and submit your own)!

Nexo Dragonlance
We’ve updated the link to Nexo Dragonlance – The Spanish Nexus! Check it out by clicking here.

Author Dan Parkinson dies
Sad news today. Via the DL mailing list, it was reported by Steve Miller’s message boards that Dragonlance author Dan Parkinson died Thursday at the Methodist Hospital in Houston of cirrhosis of the liver. He was 66. Parkinson wrote the “Dwarven Nations” trilogy and a number of other books and short stories (both DL-related and not).

Alt.Fan.Dragonlance FAQ Updated
I finally put the finishing touches on the AFDL FAQ that Cassandra so kindly passed along to me earlier. You can check it out in the FAQs section of the site.

New Submissions added to Core Rules section!
Over 15 submissions have been added to the Core Rules section of the site, including rules for the Heroes of the Lance, the nefarious Fewmaster Toede (ooh!) Many racial conversions by Jeremy Forbing, a wonderful set of gnome conversions by Gnomelord, Half-Kender by our very own Trampas and Nuitari, new Deity Domains, and lots of other stuff!

Another New Scandalous Poll Added
Ok, perhaps that’s a huge exaggeration, but it’s still a poll…and it’s new! You can’t beat that. Thanks to Falconer for the submission. Click here to vote.

What a cliffhanger!
Real LifeTM finally slowed down long enough to give me a chance to finish ‘Dragons of a Lost Star’ today. The only thing I have to say about the book is that ‘Dragons of a Vanished Moon’ and next April will not come soon enough!

Another Proposed Chat!
After the downtime last Saturday and also the downtime at the RPG Consortium, many people couldn’t access the chat. So I’ll be hosting another general Dragonlance chat this Saturday in the Dragonlance.com IRC chatroom at 4 PM Eastern time. This one is sure to be big! If you like Dragonlance, don’t miss it! For more information, click here.

Assistant Palanthas Reference Editor Announced
The Nexus is pleased to announce that Richard Connery has joined the Nexus staff as Assistant Palanthas Reference Editor. Richard also works on the Ansalonian Gazetteer. Welcome aboard Richard!

Sorry for the downtime…
Just a quick apology for the downtime this past weekend. Unfortunately, the web server decided that it didn’t want to cooperate and crashed sometime Saturday morning… but things are back to normal now. Thanks for your patience!

Dragonlance Chat Today!
I’ll be hosting a general Dragonlance chat today in the Dragonlance.com IRC chatroom at 4 PM Eastern time. Anyone interested in Dragonlance who wants to attend is welcome! For more information, click here.

Nexus News Issue 3 Online
The third issue of our online newsletter is now online! You can check out the complete text of it online in the Inn of the Last Home section, or by clicking here.

Jeff Grubb Interview Posted
The Nexus recently conducted an interview with Dragonlance author Jeff Grubb. You can check out the results of our interview here.

New Dragonlance Books Announced
Three new Dragonlance books were announced recently. They are: ‘Chosen of the Gods’, part of the Kingpriest trilogy, ‘The Search for Magic’, from the Tales from the War of Souls series and Bertrem’s Guide to the War of Souls. All three are slated for release in the fall. You can find more details on them here.

‘Lost Star’ Makes Best-Seller List
According to Tracy Hickman’s newsletter, Dragons of a Lost Star will be listed as #12 on the New York Times bestseller list for April 29. Lost Star will also be listed as #9 on the Wall Street Journal list and in USA Today’s top 50.

“It’s not canon!” “Yes, it is!” “Troll.” “Sheep.”
The contradictions found in many of the Dragonlance novels have been debated for awhile now on mailing lists and various forums. Many fans refuse to acknowledge newer books because of the blatant and unexplained differences in the characters and plots. Others find that this takes nothing away from their reading experience and shun the Canon Starchpants of the Dragonlance community. So, tell us, what type of reader are you?

More Art Online
I added several new pieces to the fan art gallery this evening. Check them out!

D&D Movie Fan Art Contest
Are you an artist? Well, if you are, then you’ll want to consider entering the DND Movie fan artwork contest. They’ve got some fantastic prizes for the winners — so check them out! We’d also love to get your submissions of fan art; if you’re interested in getting your work in our gallery, see the submissions page.

DL-L FAQ Updated
The Dragonlance-L mailing list frequently asked questions file was updated with some new information today. You can see the changed version of the file here. Any questions should (as always) be directed to Edward, the Moderator guy.

Critics of Krynn, gather to me!
Greetings friends, are you looking to review your favorite Dragonlance Novel? Click here to write a review of any Dragonlance novel that you so dearly love. If you have any questions email Nuitari. Thanks!

You’ve Done It Again
Well, you guys have done it again. My inbox is once again overflowing with at least 10 submissions of fan artwork to post. I haven’t had a chance to look it over yet, but I will hopefully find some time to do so in the next day or two. Stay tuned!

Dragons of a Lost Star Released!
The newest installment in the War of Souls trilogy, Dragons of a Lost Star, is available today. For more information on the book, click here. You might also want to check out some free desktop wallpaper featuring the cover artwork that Wizards has released as well! (Thanks to NWDL.net for the link.)

Artistic Desires, anyone?
I’ve posted a number of new items in the fan art gallery today! I was very impressed by a piece called Raistlin & The Dragon Orb. You can check out some of the other excellent work by looking at the Latest Additions right here.

Fiction Injection
Several pieces of great new fiction and poetry have been added to the site – check them out via the Latest Additions page. We’d like to apologise for the delay some of these have endured since submission – but we’re back on top of things now so feel free to inundate us with more of your fanfic.

Dragonlance paraphernalia?
Personally, I’ve always wanted a set of Flint jammies myself, but what’s your preferance? Would you like to walk into a Superfresh and see Tanis notepads or pencil cases? What about wallscrolls and posters? Or maybe you cringe at the very thought of it. Either way, make your opinion known by voting here!

Anvil of Time
The Anvil of Time, Tracy Hickman’s original 3rd edition Dragonlance adventure, is now in print in the most recent issue of Dungeon magazine. I’m planning on picking up mine at the local bookstore soon — and I’d suggest anyone interested do the same!

Palanthas Reference Section: Official Submission Guidelines Online
Submission guidelines for the Nexus Reference section are online! Take a look by clicking here and submit your material today!

April Fool’s!
Happy April Fool’s day! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get in on the act here, but both Eric Noah and Wizards of the Coast found a couple of minutes to doctor up their pages. Maybe next year…

Newsletter #2 Updates
Nexus Newsletter #2 has been published! In addition, we’ve posted our interview with Jean Rabe, and some other special goodies in the Inn of the Last Home.

Matthew Stawicki Interview Posted
Dragonlance illustrator Matthew Stawicki was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to answer some questions that we had, as well as some that you submitted! See the results of the interview here.

Weis and Hickman to Tour!
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have been announced to go on an author tour for their new book, Dragons of a Lost Star, which is being released April 10, 2001. Click here to view the offical schedule of where they will visit and when!

Jim Butler leaves Wizards of the Coast
Jim Butler, Director of RPG Licensing at Wizards of the Coast, has announced that Wizards has eliminated his position. Jim’s last day will be March 30. Jim is starting his own RPG company called Bastion Press. Please join us in wishing Jim well on his new endeavor.

Artist Poll Added
If you could discount overall popularity (and if you can’t, don’t let that stop you from voting), which Dragonlance artist would you consider to be the most artistically gifted? Vote here. Kudos to Frank!

Dragons of a Vanished Moon
Tracy Hickman’s newsletter #54 confirms that the third book in the War of Souls trilogy will be called Dragons of a Vanished Moon, which will be released in 2002. Also check out his latest Dragonlance adventure in the forthcoming Dungeon magazine!

DoaVM Confirmed & More Info…
According to the 54th edition of Tracy Hickman’s newsletter, the third book in the War of Souls trilogy will be called ‘Dragons of a Vanished Moon’, which should be released in spring of 2002. Also look for his Dragonlance adventure in the forthcoming issue of Dungeon magazine in the very near future! (And if you’re interested in contributing to Dragonlance gaming, check out the guidelines posted by the Dragonlance Nexus!)

Dragons of a Vanished Moon?
As the release date for Dragons of a Lost Star approaches, speculation has begun to arise as to what the title of the third book in the trilogy will be. At this point rumor has it that the title will be “Dragons of a Vanished Moon”. We’ll update you as we find out more!

New Layout
The public has spoken, and we have listened. Check out our new layout!

Dragonlance Adventures 3rd Ed.
One project that the people at the Dragonlance Nexus are working on is creating the complete Dragonlance 3rd Edition sourcebook… DLA3rd Edition. If you want to help with the project, check out the announcement for more details.

Adventure Module Guidelines Online
The guidelines for Adventure Modules are now online. Click here to take a look.

New Poll Added!
I’ve decided to finally do something with my life! Here’s a new poll. If you have any ideas for a topic you’d like to see in the future, email me.

New Poetry Goodness
We’re gradually working through something of a submissions backlog and a number of excellent new poems have been added to the Fan Section. You can check them out via the Latest Additions page. There’s a lot more new fiction to follow – and stay tuned for some interesting announcments regarding the Fan Section, coming your way soon.

Dragonlance Bibliography Online
Ever wonder about that obscure Dragonlance book that you could never seem to find? Wizards of the Coast has just published the complete (or as close as possible!) Dragonlance bibliography online. You can see it right here.

New Fan Artwork Online
I’ve uploaded a number of new graphics that I’ve received in the past couple of weeks. Apologies for the delay in getting these online. You can see the latest additions right here. I also have some fan music that I have to put up as soon as I get a chance.

Release Date for ‘Lost Star’ set
It appears that the release date for Dragons of a Lost Star has finally been determined. The book should be released on April 10, 2001. The book is really good — you can read Nuitari’s review here.

Richard Knaak Interview
Check out the Amethyst Circle e-zine for an interview with Dragonlance author Richard Knaak here.

Dragonlance Nexus Becomes Official Site
Jim Butler, Director of RPG Licensing at Wizards of the Coast, announced that the Dragonlance Nexus is now the official Dragonlance gaming website.

Official Gaming Site Announced!
Due to the cancellation of Dragonlance as a gaming line, Wizards of the Coast has decided to name a fan site as the “official” gaming site. So make sure to check out dlnexus.com, or the Dragonlance Nexus, the new official site as of this evening!

Interview with Richark Knaak
The Amethyst Circle recently conducted an interview with author Richard Knaak, of Dragonlance fame. Knaak has written several DL books as well as a number of other projects. If you’re interested in reading the interview, you can find it here (look under the “in the spotlight” link).

HOTL for D&D 3rd Edition
Tobin has begun work on converting the Heroes of the Lance to 3rd Edition D&D stats. Look for that soon!

Tracy Hickman Newsletter #52
Here are some relevant Dragonlance bits of news from Tracy Hickman’s newsletter:
DRAGONS OF A LOST STAR SET FOR RELEASE: The second book is gonna blow you away… Several advanced copies of ‘Dragons of a Lost Star’ have apparently gone out for review … so there are people out there somewhere who have actually seen and read the book that is about to come out. Slated for an April release, I am perhaps even more excited about this book than the first in this series. Margaret and I have a tendency to produce really ‘strong second acts.’ This book brings a pivotal point to the ‘War of Souls’ storyline and, hopefully, answers a lot of the questions you’ve had.

Happy Valentine’s Day
The Whitestone Council welcomes new members David Caveney and Josh Fink. Welcome!

Tracy Hickman Interview Online!
Have you been interested in what Dragonlance author Tracy Hickman had to say to the questions you asked? Read an interview we conducted and see his answers today, just click here. Also, don’t forget to read the accompanying review of Dragons of a Lost Star, as well.

Want to Volunteer?
The Fiction & Fantasy Network is on a recruitment drive, to this end we are looking for people with an interest in all things Science Fiction & Fantasy related to join the volunteer staff, become FFN Game Specialists and join the FFN Review team. There are benefits for all three postions, although not paid, you can expect to be rewarded for your help in other ways. If this interests you, please drop by the FFN Forum.

Announcement From Margaret Weis
This is in response to those who are wanting to pre-order autographed copies of Dragons of a Lost Star through eGameGuild. We now have the book available for pre-order on our website at eGameGuild.com. Please remember to note the name of the person for the autograph. Thanks for your support! – Margaret

The Anvil of Time
Be on the lookout for Tracy Hickman’s latest Dragonlance adventure in the May/June issue of Dungeon.

D&D TV Series?
The producers behind the D&D movie are now looking at the possibility of creating a live action television series based on D&D. No setting, characters, or premises have been decided yet, because the producers have specifically opted to seek player input before going into development on the series.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the producers on what you would like to see in a D&D based TV series, you can take a quick survey here. This is a major opportunity for the fans to shape the entire project from the beginning.

Message Boards Back Online
After a brief hiatus, the message boards are back up and online. So, if you’re one of those who’ve been waiting anxiously for them, they’re up. (And with a spiffy new design.) Never been there? Take a look — click here.

Message Boards Down
I regret to report that the message boards are currently down. We’re doing an upgrade to the software right now, and they should be up sometime tomorrow or in the near future. Thanks for your patience.

New Dragonlance Books Available
Douglas Niles’s new book, “The Messenger” is now available. It is the first novel in the new Icewall series. In addition, the new edition of the classic Legends trilogy by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman is also available.

‘Otherlands’ Adventure Available for Download
Wizards of the Coast released the first of a series of classic Dragonlance adventures available for download today. The “Otherlands” accessory is available for free download. Interested? Click here for the link to the file.

Art & Stories in Queue
I would like to apologize for the delay in getting recent submissions online. I have literally 20 or so pieces of fiction and probably half as many for the art section that I have to put online. My goal is to finish that up by the beginning of next week, so look for those soon.

Internet Link Netbook
The ILN is a new project managed by mailing list regular Clogar, designed to collate the entire on-line Dragonlance gaming presence. If you’d like to see just how much material is out there, give it a visit.

We Are Go
It’s been an intense day but after a frantic bout of effort we’ve got the new Gaming Section on-line. Several links are disabled to reflect the fact that there are no articles in those sections yet, but otherwise everything is up and running. Now we just need material to fatten it out! Feel free to have a browse – and then, if you’ve got something you’d like to share, send us a submission or two. Deluge us. We can take it.

Dragonlance Gaming Update
According to WoTC’s Jim Butler, a number of old and out of print Dragonlance publications will be put online for download in the next couple of months. The tentative release schedule is published here. Some of the products will be released for free while others will be on a pay-per download basis.

Dragonlance 3e Campaign World – DOA
It was posted to the Dragonlance mailing list today that Wizards of the Coast has decided to cancel Dragonlance as a viable setting for D&D 3rd Edition. Novels will continue to be published for the setting however. We’ll give you more details as events warrant.

New Writing and Artwork Online
I added a number of pieces of writing and artwork to the site today, including an absolutely teriffic painting of Caramon and Raistlin by firMonkey. I’ve also added a lot of well-written poetry submissions as well, so you will certainly want to see that as well.

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