12 Days of Krynnish Yuletide

On the 12th day of Yule
My True Love gave to me…

Twelve Minotaurs Howling
Eleven DL Movie Threads
Ten of Linsha’s Beaus turned Evil,
Nine Gnomish Explosions,
… (Wait, where’d the kender go?)
Eight Silvenesti Star Jewels,
Seven Arcane Bastions
Six knights a-slaying,
(Found the Kender)
(Kender voice) Five shineeyy rinnnggss!
Four centaur herds,
Three dragon dens,
Two magic gloves,
And a kender in a pear tree!

12 Days Variant #1

Editor’s Notes: Our Carolers got into Flint’s special eggnog, so they decided one version wasn’t enough.

12 brand new novels
11 elves singing
10 griffons screeching
9 dragons flying
8 ogres bashing
7 kender stealing
6 fried potatoes
4 peasants running
3 knights riding
2 terran wraithes(props if you get that)
and a drunken gnome in a pear tree.

12 Days Variant #2

Editor’s Notes: Flint’s going to be so mad at me…

12 Houses flaming
11 Goblin’s raiding
10 Women screaming
9 Dragons flying
8 Men a-killing
7 Kender stealing
6 Swords a-stabbing
5 That kender took my riiiiiiiiings (With apologies to the original DL 12 days)
4 Gnome inventions
3 Heads a-rolling
2 Ogre’s named Grog
And a Fizban’s befuddled sorceryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

12 Days Variant #3

Editor’s Notes: I told them to stop. Really, I did.

On the twelfth day of Dragonlance my true love gave to me

Twelve loony gods
Eleven gnomes inventing
Ten dwarves a gripping
Nine elves a piping
Eight goblins belching
Seven wands a waving
Six dragons slaying
Five kender pouches
Four dragon orbs,
three magic moons,
two Majere twins
and a house in a vallenwood tree.

12 Days Variant #4

Editor’s Notes: ‘Tis the season!

Twelve maces a-thumping
Eleven snipers sniping
Ten Solamnic Lords marching
Nine ambushes springing
Eight barmaids serving
Seven whips a-flaying
Six draconians a-slaying
Five highlords green!
Four dwarves hauling stones
Three henchmen
Two roasted doves
and an elf sitting in an oak tree!

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