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Guide to Taladas

Step into one of these portals to learn more about the continent of Taladas!

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Continent of Taladas

Taladas is often considered the unknown continent, since very few inhabitants of Ansalon, the larger land mass, know of Taladas. Taladas was struck by the Cataclysm, although not with the same effect as was Ansalon. Taladas suffered from a single tremor, which left the eastern part of the continent totally uninhabitable. In it’s relative seclusion, …

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Deities of Taladas

The people of Taladas and the idols that they venerate are very different to those of Ansalon. Can these truly be the same gods? The colourful religions of these lands are detailed within. Deity Alignment Domains Typical Worshipers Mislaxa Lawful good Good, Healing, Protection, Trickery Humans, kender, monks, paladins, rangers Qu’uan Lawful good Law, Protection, …

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Maps of Taladas

Taladas Poster Map Circa 351 AC For those people looking for a reliable Taladas map for use in their Dragonlance campaigns, we managed to smuggle a kender over the ocean and back with several maps of the “unknown” continent. This map was originally created by James O’Rance for his excellent Taladas site (archived on this …

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