“Steal? What? I would never! I was just handling it! You must’ve dropped it back in that last chamber. It’s a good thing I picked it up!” — Blargh Barrington, Kender Rogue Kender are fearless, charming and amusing. Just ask them. Small but Boisterous Despite their small stature, Kender love… Read More

Basil Kendermage

Male Afflicted Kender Red Robed Moon Disciple (Expert 4/Adept 8 ) Strength -1 Fortitude +3 Armor Class NA Dexterity +4 Reflex +7 Flat-footed AC NA Constitution +0 Will +9 Touch AC NA Intelligence +3 Alignment NA Base Attack +3 Wisdom +0 Speed 30 ft. Melee Attack +8 Charisma +2 Initiative… Read More