Half-Ogres, Kender, and Minotaurs

Half-Ogre Racial Traits Half-ogres possess the following racial traits: Ability Adjustments: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence. Hulking Brute: Half-Ogres are considered as Large creatures when it is to their advantage (e.g. +1 to CMB). They are intimidating due to their size, which grants them a +2 racial bonus on… Read More

New Phaethon Racial Traits

Blood of the Phoenix (Su): The phaethon can use her own blood to heal her companions. She must deliberately cause an injury to herself and allow her blood to fall on the wounded character. The amount of damage healed is equal to the injury to the phathon. For example, Shayera sliced… Read More

Playing 3e Sorcerers in Dragonlance


The new edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game has given some new possibilities of classes to play, including the sorcerer. Born with natural magical talent, the sorcerer casts spells without the use of spellbooks.

But how does this work in Dragonlance? Read More

Aarakocra, Bullywugs, and Centaurs

Aarakocra Ability Score Adjustments: +1 Dexterity (maximum 18), -1 Strength and Constitution (maximum 16 each). Player Classes: Aarakocras can be warriors, barbarians, clerics/tribal shamans, and thieves. Hit Dice: Aarakocra receive Hit Dice by class. Alignment: Aarakocras tend towards neutral good. Aarakocra PCs can be any alignment. Natural Armor Class: AC 7. Monstrous Traits: Broken speech; aarakocra… Read More