Mystic Sorcerer (Sorcerous Origin: Mysticism)

Citadel Mystic

by Dragonhelm and Sallis Sorcerous Origin: Mysticism Your innate magic comes from the power of life itself, strengthened by your heart and soul. Through introspection, you can access your divine spark, and connect yourself to the living web of energy of the world. Mystics are on a continual journey of … Continue reading

Sylvan Mages: Warlocks of the Archfey

The natural world holds a particular fascination for some warlocks, who hold the arcane powers of its more elusive inhabitants in high regard. The study of the fey and their secrets often brings a warlock closer to the wilderness, unlocking mysteries usually reserved for the faerie folk or the chosen … Continue reading

Academy Sorcerer

Academy Sorcerer

“Nobody ever truly stops being a student of sorcery.” Academy Sorcerers are dedicated students who have whole-heartedly embraced the tenets, guidelines, and philosophy of the Academy of Sorcery. Sorcery cannot be studied in the same way as one might learn a language. Sorcery is more of an art than a … Continue reading