Zhakar Lizard

Zhakar lizards are lean, powerful creatures with muscular hind legs, dextrous foreclaws, and talons that can grasp any extruding pieces of rock, allowing them to climb vertical cliffs with great ease. Read More

Trapian of the White Robes

Male Civilized Human Wizard 4/White Robe 3 Strength 11 Fortitude +3 Armor Class 16 Dexterity 14 Reflex +4 Flat-footed AC 14 Constitution 13 Will +7 Touch AC 12 Intelligence 17 Alignment LG Base Attack +3 Wisdom 15 Speed 30 Melee Attack +3 Charisma 13 Initiative +2 Ranged Attack +5 Hit… Read More

Lleu Mason, Beloved of Chemosh (3.5)

Spoiler Warning:

Rhys’s brother from the Dark Disciple trilogy. Warning: Reading about this character might spoil some surprises that you would find in Amber & Ashes.

Once, a cleric of Kiri-Jolith…now, a Beloved of Chemosh, promising young women beauty and life unending in service of his new lord. Read More