Trapian of the White Robes

Male Civilized Human Wizard 4/White Robe 3 Strength 11 Fortitude +3 Armor Class 16 Dexterity 14 Reflex +4 Flat-footed AC 14 Constitution 13 Will +7 Touch AC 12 Intelligence 17 Alignment LG Base Attack +3 Wisdom 15 Speed 30 Melee Attack +3 Charisma 13 Initiative +2 Ranged Attack +5 Hit… Read More

Lleu Mason, Beloved of Chemosh (3.5)

Spoiler Warning:

Rhys’s brother from the Dark Disciple trilogy. Warning: Reading about this character might spoil some surprises that you would find in Amber & Ashes.

Once, a cleric of Kiri-Jolith…now, a Beloved of Chemosh, promising young women beauty and life unending in service of his new lord. Read More