Playing 3e Sorcerers in Dragonlance


The new edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game has given some new possibilities of classes to play, including the sorcerer. Born with natural magical talent, the sorcerer casts spells without the use of spellbooks.

But how does this work in Dragonlance? Read More

Knowledge (Astrology) Skill

Knowledge [Astrology] (Int; Trained Only) Characters with this skill have a general understanding of celestial bodies, and the influence of that movement upon the beings of Krynn. The astrologer can identify the constellations, and knows legends associated with the constellations. Check: A character who makes a successful check sees a general… Read More

One Hundred and One Krynnish Adventure Hooks

Contributors: Morten Brattbakk, Weldon Chen, Dragonlancelot, Matt A. Lynch, Doug Meerschaert, Matthew Pittard, Stefan Schoberth, Andrew Solow, Rohan Tolstrup, and Dominik Zentarra. Compiler: Miranda Horner So, you need an episode to help the characters in your Dragonlance campaign kill some time between heroic super-adventures. Or perhaps the heroes are resting… Read More

Catherine ‘Cat’ Maria Consuella Alvarez

  Female Civilized Human Swashbuckler 2 Strength 14 Fortitude +5 Armor Class 15 Dexterity 16 Reflex +6 Flat-footed AC 12 Constitution 14 Will +1 Touch AC 13 Intelligence 16 Alignment CG Base Attack +2 Wisdom 12 Speed 30 Melee Attack +4 Charisma 16 Initiative +3 Ranged Attack +5 Hit Points… Read More


The ‘wari is a ground-dwelling bird that forages for insects, grains, and small rodents. A creature of legendary stupidity, ‘wari are flightless birds that stand six feet tall, with a bulky body and bronze, gold, or blue feathers. Read More