Circle of the Living Krynn

Entry in the 2006 Nexus Organizations Contest. "Once I wore robes of white, But now I’ve seen That Krynn cries for a champion To make her green Tempered by sorrow, I’ve learned a new knack; Know that Finkle, now of Green Robes, Has finally come back!" History The story of… Read More

Firedancers of Sirrion

Firedancers of Sirrion

“Fire is more than flames. It is our inner passion and creativity seeking to grow from a tiny spark to a roaring blaze.” -Yoranda Ek Zhira, Firedancer of Sirrion The Firedancers of Sirrion are a traveling troupe of performers who specialize in firedancing. The Firedancers convey the messages of creativity,… Read More


“Steal? What? I would never! I was just handling it! You must’ve dropped it back in that last chamber. It’s a good thing I picked it up!” — Blargh Barrington, Kender Rogue Kender are fearless, charming and amusing. Just ask them. Small but Boisterous Despite their small stature, Kender love… Read More

Morinesti, Darkwatch Elves

"I watched as the stricken elves turned on each other, their ebony skin merging with the shadows, and their white eyes glowing with barely restrained hatred." – Corilanthas the White With the end of the War of Souls, both of the elven homelands of Qualinesti and Silvanesti were lost to… Read More